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  1. That’s a very accurate description, I’d agree with this. You will always have some who don’t agree with you, which is perfectly understandable, but where these issues with our club are concerned, better for all to recognise that the guy they may disagree with in a forum or at the pub is not the problem that needs to be addressed.
  2. I never actually accused anyone of being boring, I did say I felt that many members in this forum would bore me, I was basically saying I’m quite set in my ways when it comes to what I consume online Ive spoken to lots of folk on this subject from many different backgrounds & the vast majority share concern over this group, the MSP & his political party Ill be extremely frank This forum is the only place I’ve actually encountered anybody making an issue over the wording or intentions of the petition, everyone else that I’ve either spoken to directly or simply received a tip from or a nod to a potential source of info, has said absolutely nothing about the wording of the petition or has raised any questions as to why the petition was raised in the first place. i suppose the several thousand people who signed their name to the petition & contacted me directly to speak could all be guilty of misunderstanding the basic principles behind the petition but, if anybody had a problem with it, I’m afraid to say I’d lean more towards the members of this forum who made such an issue of absolutely nothing at all as being the ones who probably need to reassess their thought processes, not those who saw what was done & simply recognised that the idea itself was worthy of consideration & support. As I said previously, I’ll be here till tomorrow to receive any condemnation or support anyone wishes to give & then I’ll be off, I don’t wish to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of their forum & while I can be very diplomatic, some opinions don’t sit well with me, I wouldn’t last a week on this forum & I don’t intend to sit & pick fights with forum members.
  3. Apologies are never needed m8, not for me at least 👍
  4. I don’t know anybody in the VB & im not a member of the VB The closest I’ve ever been to the VB is to follow their twitter page This is why I posted a reply to this thread m8 I didn’t really have any great desire to join this conversation beyond feeling that the VB seem to be getting a fair bit of bad press in this thread from some of your forum members re: the petition The VB will have RT’d the petition in twitter, like a load of other folk have done, where else it’s been posted, who knows bud, all I’m here to say is that it wasn’t the VB’s petition If you’ve any other issues with the VB, that’s between you & them, but you shouldn’t have any issues between them re: the petition, because it’s nothing to do with the VB, which is the reason why I’m still in your forum If you’ve got a problem with the petition, send me your problems & I’ll deal with them 👍
  5. Indeed And it is my intention to do so m8 As loudly & often as I can manage
  6. Absolutely not Bill. Ill talk to Rangers fans everyday of the week about anything, whether I agree with their opinions or not, in fact, I love to hear an opposing opinion. If the VB hadn’t been so unfairly treated by certain individuals, I would not have bothered to post on this matter, there would have been no need, by discussing the matter, whether you were in favour of it or not, the forum members were contributing & adding to the debate. They still are, it’s still being discussed, I’m glad to see it, it’s an issue that is worthy of discussion.
  7. The petition, as I said, is largely irrelevant. Its still being signed, it will continue to be so as it’s reposted when the time is right or when any others wish to do so, which happens regularly, the numbers who sign are only really important to show others the depth of opinion against the man in question. Im not going to send it to anyone or present it to someone & expect them to take any real action. The point of the entire exercise was to raise awareness of the MSP & his intentions, the exercise was successful & continues to be so ... The arrow hit its intended target in exactly the way it was designed to do. It still is as we speak. Im well content my friend.
  8. The barb was intended gaffer I was fully aware that the length of the post could put some off There’s nothing like a bit of anger to grab someone’s attention, indignation, in my experience, always arouses a level of interest. i agree with you re: our fan base A petition, whatever it’s intention, aimed at someone like James Dornan, is a worthy endeavour everyday of the week imo the reaction of some didn’t offend me in any way, like yourself, I merely shook my head & thought, not for the first time, that some people just don’t get the point Better to put aside petty differences &, if you have the club at heart, be a bit more open to others & their actions, groups like the VB & the UB or whoever have good intentions, back them, focus on the enemy instead of our own I’ll send no apologies to the “many” I spoke of, anyone who chooses to focus on such a narrow minded aspect of anything rarely interests me, I’m sure there’s many of your members who’s opinion would interest me, I, unlike some, would respect all opinions, whether I had zero respect for the authors of the opinion or not. What’s said is said. I won’t dwell on it. There’s far more important issues to be addressed.
  9. It was an opening statement & in effect a closing statement i don’t really care what others may think or believe i read through the thread on the petition, it doesn’t bother me that some used it to further their own agendas, as Rangers supporters, I really don’t think it’s neccesary to point out that the man in question does not hold any of us in any particular regard whatsoever. Im not seeking personal support, nor do i intend to contribute to your forum, as I said, like this sectarianism group, the petition itself was just a tool, I don’t care what it actually amounts to. It fulfilled its intended purpose & it will continue to do so, whether you agree or not with it, or me, it will generate discussion, & that’s all it was ever meant to do, if certain members of your forum choose to make an issue based on the petitions title instead of just recognising & acknowledging the basic reasoning behind it, that’s up to them. If, as Rangers fans, we havent recognised by now that the man in question & his party mean us no goodwill whatsoever, well, we’ll deserve whatever we get if we stand by & say & do nothing. Keep people talking, & by extension, thinking. Leave your personal opinions on others at the door & focus on those who mean your club harm instead of those who have it at heart. Infighting is pointless, support groups like the VB, we’re all Rangers supporters, our goals should be one & the same. Have a good day
  10. I’m not a member of this “forum”. I’m glad this is so, tbh, having read through this thread, I have absolutely no doubts at all that many of the contributors would bore me to death. But, I digress ... The VB did not contribute to, or publish, the petition to remove James Dornan from the “National Anti Sectarianism Group”. It was strictly my own doing. I was present in the thread James Dornan posted on Twitter re: his harrowing ordeal in the fabled saga of the “smash a ******” day email he was supposedly “sent”. I only saw lies, I only saw a sitting MSP who was quite clearly “at it” & was foolish & reckless enough to weaponise the sectarian issue for what, imo, then & now, could only be for personal gain. I called him out, I asked specific questions when his target audience were fawning over him & sending him their sympathy, I pointed out a few inescapable facts that, imo, could only lead to the conclusion that his email ordeal was a total sham. If I’m mistaken, which I don’t believe I am, and I wasn’t in fact the first to publicly state my disbelief of his story, I’m quite sure it wouldn’t have taken others too long to reach the same conclusion I had, let’s be honest, it was very poorly contrived, if it could be questioned & doubted so soon into the charade, well, the chances of it ever standing up to serious, directed questioning was very slim indeed. He was not pleased when I stated my doubts, from the tone of his tweets, it seemed to me that he was enjoying the attention & was very pleased to be receiving it. I was quickly rounded on by the usual suspect types, as does of course occur in twitter, they leapt to his defence but, I stood my ground, stated again my opinions & reiterated that imo, James Dornan was taking the piss, & he was manipulating the sectarian issue to do so. What happened with that particular episode ? tbh, it doesn’t really matter, imo, it was a poor attempt in political manoeuvring at a time where a “sympathy vote” could have been very useful to the MSP for Cathcart in the SNP deputy leadership race, but who knows ?. Im in absolutely no doubt at all that the subsequent negativity he received on twitter & other platforms was a factor in changing his tune re: the sectarian email. Nothing much was said or heard about it after the initial furore, he received a fairly hard time over his claims, others obviously reaching their own conclusions had by then added their thoughts to the mix, & whether there ever was any substance to the claim or not, the issue was pretty much dead in the water. It was no surprise at all to see the same media outlet & journalist publishing another online piece 2 months later, where the MSP clumsily, & with little in the way of imagination, backtracked on his initial claims. Since then, ive listened to what the MSP has to say & i came to the conclusion months ago that James Dornan was, imo, an extremely disreputable individual & entirely unsuited for the office he holds, but in his defence, so many “politicians” are these days. Basically, I concluded that being a nasty, poisonous, wee man with very questionable morals was, for a politician, & especially one who was an SNP member, essential, & not in the slightest unlawful, so, why bother with him ? Simply because, imo, he really is not a fit & proper person to be the convener of an Anti Sectarianism Group which can, & will, influence & dictate Scottish policy on sectarianism at the National level. The petition itself is irrelevant, as was pointed out, the group in question does not exist under that name, those who have taken issue with the fact that the petition was improperly titled will, if they have looked to see for themselves, know that the group in question has, according to its official ScotGov website entry, met only once, in June 2018, to constitute the group & set the ball rolling. It hasn’t officially met since then & has no date established for any further meetings, in essence, though the group consists of 4 SNP MSP’s & 1 Labour MSP, for all intents & purposes, any statements made in this groups name are very likely reflective of the personal opinions of one man only, James Dornan, & by extension, the SNP, & not, as many may be led to believe, an opinion formed by an impartial group who have been meeting & discussing the sectarianism issue, seeking the views of other interested parties & formulating a progressive policy designed to help alleviate the sectarianism issue in Scotland. The Anti Sectarianism Group is more or less a group in name only, so I had no qualms about titling the petition as I did, I was quite sober when I published it & ive never in my life drank buckfast, I prefer a more subtle vintage. I had titled it as I did simply to illustrate to anyone unfamiliar with the issue of the breadth & scope that this “group” would look to extend its influence towards, so I send my apologies to those who misunderstood my intentions. The petition in itself is useless. It was published with the sole intent of raising public awareness of the actions of James Dornan, to shine the spotlight on his many lies, & to be a focal point to encourage debate on the issue as a whole, with the intention it be brought forth anytime anyone felt that the MSP was again stepping over the line & others should be made aware of his latest deeds, the point of the petition was, fundamentally, simply to get people talking at pivotal moments &, more importantly, to get people thinking. People are intelligent, some, of course, more than others, but, I’ve always found that everyone gets there in the end eventually. So ... I thank you all for stepping up & doing your part in highlighting the actions & intentions of James Dornan by discussing him in your forum & by doing so, adding your voices to the many voices on other platforms discussing him, & ensuring that others continue to keep thinking about what’s really going on wherever the MSP for Glasgow Cathcart is involved. Regards CK
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