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  1. If I was Newcastle United I'd be trying to gazump this deal.
  2. I'd like to think we were better than the likes of Jim Spence! Absolutely cool, no worries at all.
  3. I should also say that I'm not comfy with the dehumanising language of 'hate filled maggots'. Nasty, infantile stuff which only detracts from the point. Now this isn't my site and if that's cool fair enough. But it's not for me.
  4. For the life of me I could never understand why Jim didn't realise that his relationship with Thomson was identical to the one he chastised others for having with David Murray. I know he's not a cretin so this lack of self awareness is quite mystifying. Whatever the explanation, Jim doesn't come out of this well, but I doubt he'll care. A strange tale.
  5. He made a fool of himself, not for the first time. But whatever the merits or otherwise of independence or unionism I refuse point blank to use Hillsborough to make a point one way or the other and I really hope Gersnet is the same.
  6. I really enjoyed his schtick when he took over. I was super low (I'm sure we all were) at the time and he cheered me up with his cobblers. Certainly had to pay one hell of a price for it but I'd be lying if I said I twigged him right from the start.
  7. Enjoyed the OP, frustration at being served by a media seemingly designed for the lowest common denominator has long bugged many fans (of all clubs, I bet). Thankfully traditional media is dying on it's backside and any social media which apes the Record or the Herald is likely to disappear up its virtual fundament pdq as well. I think what the next step has to be is engagement by clubs, players and officials, with the best kind of online platform. This very board, nurtured over 15 years by people plainly dedicated to keeping it well above the level of the papers and broadcasters, would be an ideal candidate. Getting the clubs to agree, though, I think that'd be hard.
  8. Thought Burt looked good in those clips, also McLeod's goal was beautifully taken. At the very least there's some good prospects knocking on the door for the coming couple of years.
  9. He'd have needed a run in the side imo Ian. Maybe he'll get that depending on Waghorn's injury but I think there's a decent striker in there. If we go up though, I'd definitely be looking for better.
  10. I dunno about that BG, back in the late 19th century bus companies laid on football omnibuses at special rates to take advantage of the first football boom, I could see the likes of Easyjet organising flights to Stockholm or Amsterdam (even more cheaply than usual) if they could be guaranteed filling the seats. Would likely see some serious policing though.
  11. Hadn't occurred before but I wonder what effect a vote to leave the EU might have on football.
  12. Because it will be used by those who wish to sow discord - look, there's those RST people sticking their noses in! Merger? it's a take-over! And it's all the usual suspects, look!! Cards on the table I don't care - I'm not going to vote, the constant bitching and whining and nose-tapping and look-what-I-know just leaves me feeling like fan ownership would be a nightmare. So I've as little right to be posting as the people I'm having a go at.
  13. For goodness sake - must be a quiet night! Zappa, you genuinely can't see any reason, given the history of Rangers fans' groups, why RST people shouldn't comment on the RF Elections thread? Chris G has just set out his own position of steadfastly refusing to comment on it - I think that's the best policy.
  14. Iirc you are quite right. My gripe is that it's in the RF election thread, and his being a big wheel in the RST makes that awkward. But it's only a small matter & I don't think anyone much other than myself will give two hoots.
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