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  1. Thanks for the helpful analysis. How is Protestantism to be defined? It seems to me a nebulous concept today. I am Reformed and Presbyterian. No victims here. Apart from Christ Himself, that is.
  2. Victims are cultivated because victims need protection. The State as mother and father provides that protection. The climate of fear drives the victim into its arms.
  3. Any institution that gives too many people a shared sense of value, identity and belonging and is contrary to the developing and prevailing dominant leftist ideological paradigm will be relentlessly attacked. Whether that Is religious, sporting or a cultural. That is the way Woke ideology functions. This IS the reality. I really don’t need your help.
  4. If you think those that those who hate Rangers, the history and the political tradition it represents, will take any cognisance if a woman’s team or the diversity hoc the squad, you are incredibly naive. This will be dismissed as mere window dressing. Just as Everyone, Anyone has been. This is a serious wake up call. They will yet destroy the club, given the opportunity.
  5. The institutional corruption in Scotland is systemic. It’s like a hive mind.
  6. “Thank you for reading this article. We're more reliant on your support than ever as the shift in consumer habits brought about by coronavirus impacts our advertisers. If you haven't already, please consider supporting our trusted, fact-checked journalism by taking out a digital subscription.” That, at least, raised a laugh.
  7. It’s naked “othering”, the dehumanising and delegitimising of those you hate. It’s what leftist nationalists do. Even the “civic” ones. It always ends in the gulags, concentration camps or gas chambers, if left unchecked. It is increasingly unchecked in Scotland.
  8. This is classic leftism. Obtain video or audio footage. Doctor it. Use fraudulent material to establish a false narrative. Mobilise the political response. Mobilise the media response. Mobilise the law enforcement response. This can only work where all the necessary institutions have been ideologically captured. Rangers have to go in HARD on this and expose it. Platitudes and politicking will achieve nothing. That’s if we can even trust the judicial system. This has played out out many time in the US in recent years. Mainly against Trump and and those who associated with him. It’s boilerplate left wing tactics to discredit political opponents. That’s what Rangers are. Political opposition who must be destroyed. White, Male, Protestant. We have to be taken down.
  9. Any media outlet showing the video should be banned from Ibrox. Whatever the cost.
  10. If Liverpool join the proposed Super League but this results in a boycott by the overwhelming majority of Liverpool fans how would this affect Steven Gerrard’s desire to manage the club? It seems to have the potential to set up a tremendous conflict.
  11. I’m far from perfect. I’m maybe just overly sensitive to language exhorting such improvement these days (especially in white male contexts) as it tends to emerge out of the CRT paradigm. I well understand my own heart and the darkness within it. Again, apologies. I was seeking clarification. My misreading. .
  12. Are we all racists now? I only ask because this sounds like Critical Race Theory speaking. If I’ve got this wrong, apologies.
  13. That can’t fly. The same rules would have to apply to every game of a season, especially if some member clubs had already breached said regulations. Otherwise the competition would necessarily be completely vitiated.
  14. Fine by me. I stand by the email. Rangers have thrown female supporters under the bus chasing woke points. You cannot promote trans rights without vitiating women’s sex-based rights. Indeed, without vitiating woman as an ontological category. Let’s just call female Rangers fans womxn and be done with it. The leftists will just LOVE it.
  15. Generally the left are pretty indifferent to black-on-black murder and violence. Indeed, they seem to encourage it.
  16. Interesting. I didn’t know that. Is there any such thing as an anti-racism campaign without added anti-Semitism?
  17. One thing these threads prove is that Black Lives Matters as an organisation and an idea divides. I don’t remember any such furore over Kick It Out. The thing is conceived with the purpose of fomenting division and discord under the banner of anti-racism. It is a kind of genius. We are being played.
  18. The thing about public gestures is that other people have an equal right to contextualise such gestures according to their own understanding and interpretation. You can’t make a public political statement and be surprised that others interpret such gestures within their own political framework. If you can’t handle the pushback then don’t play the game. We have as much right to criticise the naivety or otherwise of a gesture as some one has to denounce that criticism. A black power gesture to a Jewish person is a very different thing to a black power gesture to a white man.
  19. Indeed. Control is the issue. Controlling what must be believed and what can be said. The influence of the agenda is evident even here in this discussion. There are those who are congratulating themselves on their right-think. Mission accomplished. Institutions that pursue woke points today will discover that when those who seek control are in a position to exercise it tyrannically it will all count for nothing in the end. Rangers will be cancelled for their problematic past. The club's capitulation is just another brick in the wall.
  20. This may be a seminal moment: the point at which the primary working class cultural institutions capitulated to the neo-Marxist agenda. Racism is evil. It is possible to agree on that but disagree profoundly on the best methods of addressing the issue. It doesn’t make any of us better or worse. There is a tendency to view and speak of those who disagree with the BLM agenda as if it is some evidence of animus against other races. That is to fall into the trap that has been set for us and proves the fact that the agenda is intended to divide.
  21. Diversity and inclusion are Marxist categories. Rangers have a Diversity and Inclusion Charter. The thing is as plain as the noses on our faces. Rangers are advancing a Marxist agenda, like all useful idiots in history, without a clue that they are doing so. Every Communist revolution has been fomented by an academic/social elite and then that elite has ruled with an iron fist over the population. The primary difference between Marxism and Fascism is that one is internationalist in its spirit and the other is national. In terms of their modi operandi they are almost exactly the same.
  22. I take BLM at their word and assume that what their website indicates as their cardinal aims characterise the nature of the organisation. These aims are explicitly Marxist, specifically neo or cultural-Marxist. The Frankfurt School and those who have followed them have sought through Critical Theory to deconstruct the Western capitalist edifice. They have succeeded not by challenging capitalism - BLM are working hand in glove with corporate America and increasingly the UK (including now Rangers) - but rather by undermining the fundamental cultural institutions that bound Western civilisation together. The family, the nation state/patriotism and Christianity were the bulwarks they had to destroy. The most powerful vehicle for this spirit has been the sexual revolution. Anyone Everyone is an almost perfect synthesis of neo-Marxist axioms. It's ironic that many Rangers fans gave their lives to prevent fascism conquering the United Kingdom. Our generation welcomes it in with a flag and a scarf. There are things you can no longer say in this country. Why is that? Because were functionally under the sway of Marxist political correctness and hate speech laws. Marxism is just fascism with better propaganda. It is fascism. The straight arm salute, the raised fist, it's all the same.
  23. There are plenty other very serviceable anti-racist campaigns in football that the club could promote. By adopting the insignia of a Marxist organisation you are furthering their ends. Gramsci called for a long march through the institutions in order to achieve hegemony in the culture. Sadly, Rangers are now part of the process. I am not taking it too far at all. Indeed, given the urgency of the hour and the extent to which this ideology already dominates Scottish public discourse, I am not taking it far enough. Black Lives Matter (that black lives matter I will defend to the uttermost) is a trojan horse. We have now legitimised it institutionally as a club. Rangers - the friends of Marxists. How our forefathers would weep. Indeed, the Frankfurt School would happily endorse some of the principles of Anyone Anywhere. Marcuse, the father of the sexual revolution, would be delighted to see his values and principles realised by a football club in Scotland. Principles designed to deconstruct western civilisation, injected into the cultural bloodstream by neo-Marxist theorists. Do some research, look it up. We are being played.
  24. You cannot promote equality by advocating for just one ethnic group to the exclusion of others. Marxists understand this perfectly, for their design is not to solve problems but to foment division. It takes a particular kind of genius to foment division by promoting equality. This they have succeeded in doing. Every knee that bows is another brick in the wall of division as it births another radicalised white person who previously had no real sense of racial division. The whole thing has been brilliantly conceived and executed. All Marxism requires to prosper are enough useful idiots to advance the cause without understanding that they are being played. Evidently, we have enough of those. BLM is the antithesis of What Rangers are committed to achieving. That the club can’t see that is regrettable.
  25. Well done GersNet on the freedom of speech front. I posted the same message that started this thread the same day on Follow Follow and they had me banned from the site within ten minutes. A badge I will wear with pride. Kudos to you. I only wanted to start a debate
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