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  1. Caught the end of it when they brought up the league table. No mention of Rangers being top and 13 points clear, straight onto talking about hibs in 2nd place.... Maloney's analysis of how a team stops this Rangers side is ....exactly what you would expect from bbc.
  2. As mentioned above, McCann is spot on. I actually liked his take on telling our full backs to stay a little deeper to allow Kent and Barker to attack and take on a man from a wide position. Just to change up a bit and instead of them recieving the ball with their back to goal.
  3. Spot on. If selling morelos means covering the fees for incoming players then who cares. The Scottish media may paint whatever picture they like but the bottom line is, as already said by someone else, he is going to be a great profit for our club.
  4. Fair and totally agree. Although, I tend to think this supports the view that our team are better at being underdogs than handling the pressure of being out in front. The difficult thing for our club is that we cannot buy 'winners'. We need to rely on developing players into winners. Whilst I cannot deny the improvement under SG, only time will tell if he is capable of turning our squad into 'winners'...
  5. I reckon our players get devalued because they haven't won anything yet. Perhaps this is justified given the post winter break meltdown the past two seasons. Which is worrying me slightly because the pressure is already being lumped on us to stop 10 by the media. (Note that most media outlets have already moved on from the fact that last season was awarded and not won). It would be interesting to get everyone's opinion on whether they think our players will be able to handle the pressure this year?
  6. Given the new season is due to start next weekend, does anyone know when the arbitration process is expected to conclude? If Hearts and Thistle are successful, do they win compensation but still get relegated?
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/transfernews/alfredo-morelos-transfer-latest-as-rangers-star-knocks-back-lucrative-qatar-move/ar-BB168Csw This would suggest that Rangers accepted a bid but likely just another rumour.
  8. Does anyone know if there has been any genuine interest in Buffalo? I know a few decisions against him have been a dubious but those decisions will likely continue into next season. Can Morelos be our number 9 next year? IMO, if we go with Morelos, it is essential that we bring in at least another striker of first team quality (not squad player) for both back up and to challenge for the starting spot.
  9. Crispy hips 🤣🤣 I didn't realise the big clubs were interested in him and, finance aside, I would have thought we that our lure, Gerrard et al, would be bigger than that of the mid-PL clubs.
  10. I see Ryan Fraser has rejected a short term deal at Bournemouth. He has been playing at a fairly high level for a good few years now, still only 26 and in his 'prime' years. Do you think we would be interested in him and would he upgrade our current squad?
  11. It's not like Walter to come out and do interviews like this. Have we heard anything from Rangers on this since the "The status quo can't hold" statement?
  12. With the way this whole escapade played out together with the issues of refereeing and the compliance officer... I already get the feeling that it may be a little more difficult than we think to stop 10.
  13. It was interesting to hear on Sportsound today that the Hamilton chairman doesn't think that fans in stadiums will be allowed until next year and that he hoped most of the games next season would be played in 2021 when crowds return. Like you Gaffer, I hope a plan is in place...
  14. What support from other clubs do Rangers need to obtain in order to get an independant investigation? (I'm sure I read this in this thread somewhere but I can't find it)
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