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  1. Great pod again, as always the guests and host shows the best of the Rangers support, very well done guys, enjoy the pods every week
  2. Surely if you've tabled a resolution and show votes cast before every club has voted, which could sway what way a club is thinking, should it not then be thrown out as it could potentially influence the clubs left to vote? Utter shambles of an organisation
  3. Does this mean it's going to get passed or what? From the chart that the SPFL put up it's been voted for with votes so far or am I picking this up wrong?
  4. Not read through this thread but gonna put my opinion out on tonight's game. First half we didnt get in their faces, wasn't up to much and penalty kinda mucked us up a bit but second half I felt we gave them more of a game, beaten by a quality side and obviously a step too far. Not too disappointed in team tonight considering how form has been of late, been a good run and should be proud of that. Seen a few fans slating team tonight, one saying it was embarrassing which I don't agree with, interested to see what the forums take on it is
  5. In his post match interview Gerrard saying the dressing room was quiet, they should be tearing shirts of eachother in there, there should be square go's left right and centre, how many of these guys can we say actually give a fuck? Shagger maybe? Went absolutely nuts at Goldson and only one who actually shows a bit of passion and emotion, feel totally lost tonight
  6. Sick to the back teeth of this team, had enough, what an utter shit show
  7. Seen a couple posts on twitter about what we/Gerrard needs and someone suggested we need a proper Rangers man on board the backroom staff. May not be the answer but I would bring back Barry, after listening to him on the football daft podcast I would have him back at the club in a heartbeat. The exact mentality and drive we need at this club and would push what we, as Rangers should be going for, he's a respectable enough guy to not undermine Gerrard but a solid back up to drum in to the players what it means to play for that badge. Shoot me down if you's want but something needs to change
  8. duffman1872


    After FARE retweeting this, surely now this lot can be held to account the clear as day bias against Rangers and the Rangers fans? Wether it was an individual employee or not, this is what we are up against but like I've seen many say before, we need to get our house in order before we can go after them. Just a matter of biding our time providing we don't give them any ammo in the meantime?
  9. Very disappointed after that tonight, after going 2 up I thought we could of been on to another hammering, lose a poor goal and let them back in to it when they really shouldn't of. 2nd goal just as poor and we never looked like scoring in second half. What more does Stewart need to do to get a game? Also Flanagan was absolute dug shite tonight. Hopefully stiffen up and take the first half performance in to Sunday.
  10. Just finished watching his AGM speech there. Fantastic what he has done for our club in the years as chairman. For me, he's given us our club back, back to where we belong and will be forever thankful to him and the others for this. You can tell how much the club means to him in his final words and emotion he showed. Thank you Mr King.
  11. Listen to the pod every week, Colin a great host, always enjoy listening to him and Stewart Weir especially. Keep up the good work 👍
  12. Not as good as previous Xmas ads but I still thought it was decent enough 😄
  13. Absolutely sickening news, really don't know what I feel about this all.
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