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  1. Only downside was Balogun's injury. Wish we hadn't let Katic go now on loan.
  2. Actually Alex Rae corrected him before it was official, saying it was the head that counted, not Roofe's back which was offside!
  3. I'm starting to get twitchy now. If we don't improve quickly I suspect SG might think he'd taken us as far as he can - and in a way he'd be right I see we are linked with a Blackburn player called Rothwell in January - yet another midfield player. Maybe to replace the Lily of Bacuna?
  4. Their troubles sound remarkably like our own this season.
  5. Correct. They are just pretending that they don't know that the booing was directed against Kamara.
  6. He is maybe Scotland's Gavin Williamson...
  7. Adolescents are confused enough. I think we are in danger of creating an entire generation of totally confused young people with serious mental health problems, with conversion therapy and medication and suchlike. It's no surprise that I read yesterday that fertility rates are at the lowest they've been since records began.
  8. Apparently Superman is now being presented as bi-sexual. Wonder what Louis Lane thinks about that? (Apologies, I nicked that joke from elsewhere).
  9. Second halves only against Israel and Faroe yes. But they are playing winning football. Many times in the past Scotland have played the beautiful game and got thumped, but the present lot are getting the job done. Our boy Patterson made the goal last night.
  10. Read a lot about Johnny Hubbard - South African, I think - and I feel as though as I had seen him. Likewise Don Kichenbrand, though I think both were living still when I was growing up. (You can tell it's international break, can't you?)
  11. It is difficult though, isn't it? Nobody wants to be called a hypocrite but yet.....
  12. I wonder how Rangers fans would feel if we were to be taken over by a Saudi consortium?
  13. I'd be very disappointed, given what he's said, if he decided on Newcastle. If it was Liverpool, then he would go with my blessing, as that is where his heart is.
  14. Kelly played very well. Can't understand why he is not higher up the pecking order for us. Middleton, I think, may actually offer more than Wright.
  15. I remember Jim Steele - he wouldn't last five minutes in today's game. Re Porteous, I think it was telling that SG said he was reminded of himself at his age, but whether he can sort himself out remains to be seen; at any rate there is the makings of good centre back in there.
  16. Is there any Scottish club you don't hate, actually? (Apart from us of course.) Asking for a friend...
  17. I wouldn't mind sequestering the assets of the perpetrators of the Pandora Papers though...
  18. Mhairi Black. Maybe she's seen through the whole charade.
  19. None of us like it but how will the police, fire and key health workers be funded if not via tax collection?
  20. Rayner is a typical careerist I'm afraid. She's not that well-educated politically so will jump at the first person who gives her a jump up the career ladder.
  21. Still no Jack, even on the bench. Very concerning now. If Patterson excels, then whither Tav?
  22. You would hope so but as you say we need to give the science as much opportunity as possible.
  23. One of the best sights in football is to see a winger skimming past a full back and crossing the ball for it to be headed strongly into the net. Lose that and we lose a big part of the game. I'm not for a minute doubting the science, but surely the modern ball is far removed from the old bladder we used to play with - it was just that type of ball which led to the death of Jeff Astle.
  24. I'm not sure there is much evidence that wages are being driven up, bar in a few specialist sectors: quite the contrary, I would say, with many people having to take 2 even 3 part-time jobs instead of one permanent secure post. If our economy is going to be kickstarted, then I wait expectantly for manufacturing and agriculture to be reborn here to challenge the dominance of the service sector.
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