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  1. Thanks for posting transfer rumours in the transfer rumours thread db. I thought this was the " I don't understand the role Zelalem plays so I'll moan about him" thread 😆😆😆😆
  2. I'll admit the Swansea link gave me a jolt of the fear. Then I realised you come across true integrity coupled with ambition very, very rarely. Mark is ambitious, of course he is. But I reckon he realises that if he can achieve the resurrection of a world footballing institution and get us at least competing in Europe within 5 years, he will literally have his pick of the very top clubs down south. He gives the impression of a man that knows he's involved in a truly special part of footballing history. The flip side is that money talks. Step up and pay Dave et al, lest we let a poten
  3. Right that's me back from self imposed depressive exile, praise W&W. So, a good friend had Paul Murray at his Edinburgh restaurant tonight, he confirmed we are currently negotiating with Scott Allan. Same friend who confirmed a few years ago that Charlie Adam asked for brown sauce with his pan roasted sea bass so you can take it as gospel..
  4. Are you pair contractually obliged to swoop in predictable judgement of everything Ally says or does? You just don't quite get our situation do you? You just don't get it. Ally is doing a fine job when you consider the situation, which you guys seem unable to do. Why do I bite? Probably because I love Rangers and so does Ally. Put yourself in his shoes for a minute. I'd wager you would pish yourselves and go home. Ally has retained dignity and indeed the respect of the majority of supporters for what he has done and continues to do in the name of Rangers. I will end with my usual questi
  5. The "uncertainty" of it all is going to ruin everything is it? What the fcuk indeed. The uncertainty that Dave has highlighted is that Rangers may not be a going concern much longer with the shower of scum we have running the show. We buried our head in the sand before...never again, one would hope. This article is reeking of toxic desperation.
  6. I can't disagree with anything ally is saying there. A fool could see we need scouting and significant investment. Such investment won't be truly possible until we are back in the top league.
  7. Predictable anti Ally thread started after fantastic performance by usual suspect. FUCKING YAWN.
  8. I would echo Chris's comments regarding the incredible burden ally shouldered and just who else do we think could have done what he did? And if so why didn't they? I want names gentlemen. Will they be the same names people come up with when asked to name who they would realistically replace Ally with now? If so at least I'll get a laugh out of the disgusting culture of cowardice and disrespect among us that has sprung into view in times of trouble. It's enough to make you think that the unwavering support shown at the start of last season really was just defiance.
  9. He's my hero Happy birthday big man. What a gent he is too.
  10. Yep, the most important thing for the future of our club, in my opinion, is the establishment of an effective scouting network to feed into both the youth set up and the first team. Without it we will forever remain in a state of expensive mediocrity. Must say I'm not holding my breath - this needs to be put in place now, as the guys we bring in this coming summer will be some of the most important signings ever.
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