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  1. They've now reversed the decision and quite rightly. Interesting the news are only commenting on this putting pressure on Spurs with no mention of Newcastle or Norwich.
  2. Why Liverpool, why no mention of Spurs, Newcastle, Norwich, Celtic ?
  3. Watched this the other day and was so disappointed. Reaaly slow to get going, if it did. A bot predictable too. Really not worth a watch IMO
  4. This is where I read it from - https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/rangers-chelsea-billy-gilmour-transfer-windfall/ Also the sme on the sun and the dr I think although I haven't read those to se if details are the same. Sell on fee and numerous add-ons
  5. Someone actually voted for Davis? I must have been watching a different game, he was awful. Someone should remind him that the ball can go forward !!
  6. Is it not being reported that it's 15% and also money due for his first 1st tam appearance and then more after 10. Can't remember where I read that though.
  7. What makes me laugh or rather actually really annoys me is the amount of comments on Rangers pages on FB where the comments are basically 'He left us so I don't care, hope he rots, traitor etc. etc' No wonder I unfollow a lot of these dire pages/groups.
  8. Absolutely awful to watch, a lot of players doing themselve's no favours at all. Not quick enough and not going forward. Too many players are a shadow of the players they were before the break. Morelos truly shocking yet again and his value will be plummeting by the game. Thought Davis was awful too and even though Jack hasn't been performing since the break, it shows how much we miss him. Jones looked good when he came on I thought so hopefully gets more of a chance, same for Kamberi and Polster but can see Tav coming straight back in unfortunately.
  9. Rangers 4 - 0 Hamilton FGS Hagi I'd be hoping Moelos is back in the team/squad after the action taken and should now be over and done with. Would also like to see 2 up top, one definitely being Kamberi but can't see the formation changing.
  10. I see that Daniel Sturridge has terminated his contract with Trabzonspor. It's been mentioned in the past obviously because of SG but I'd give this a go depending on wages, pay per play or goals based etc. Morelos hasn't been interested sincee Christmas although hopefully he will have accepted his punishment and come back scoring goals. kamberi looks pretty good to me too but I'd still be asking the question re Sturriidge on a free.
  11. Couldn't be much tougher really. Thinking on it, it could have been tougher, just happy to be in there and hope for a similar performance to Braga
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