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  1. Can I apply for a ticket as a season ticket holder. Flights are already booked out sat am back Monday. Taking no chances
  2. The last thing we need is more squad players. Either sign players to take us forward or go with what we have got.
  3. Tavernier may as well not be on the pitch and take crooks with him
  4. Anyone any idea when will we find out tv arrangements as want to book flights but cant in case of change
  5. Imho Bougherra was a selfish arrogant pr ck who had only self interest at heart
  6. Adrian Mariappa has just signed a three year deal with Watford
  7. Good to see players taking time out to stuff like this for our support
  8. Thanks for your help ticket bought cant wait for start of season now. WATP
  9. Yes ,so will they take the money now
  10. Can anyone answer a question about season ticket for me. I have purchased mine for BF 5 and the price was £330 but when I get to checkout it says £410
  11. He has been Trouble no matter were he has been and a disruptive influence in the dressing room, I hope W&W can handle him particularly as we seem to have such a good atmosphere in our dressing room
  12. Anyone an idea when we will find out what game is on what day, just trying to get flights booked as soon as and they are rising in price fast already
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