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  1. Apparently, if the chinese whispers are to be believed he’s off to a nice plum gig at UEFA. Don’t know how true it is but if it is indeed the case we’ll get no favours from that quarter
  2. Surprised that mob are as big as that as it goes. The proverbial “form goes oot the windy” match. Home advantage counts for nothing either just now with no fans in the stadium. Still wouldn’t bet on that mob if Marty McFly posted an annual through my letterbox!
  3. You don’t really see our players tackling much nowadays, not in it’s proper form anyway. It’s all about staying on their feet and snapping at the heels of the opponent. Think heading could get banned to some extent but I can’t see it being completely phased out.
  4. Tough watch at times. Not gonna grumble too much because the fact is we’re up the road we 3 points and are now 9 clear
  5. Has to be nurture rather than nature that makes them this way. I just hope future generations of our troops don’t develop these symptoms following Celtics 8ish in a row.
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