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  1. Our songs were/are no worse than Celtics, nor are they worse than any songs about Munich, Hillsborough, Ibrox or Matthew Harding. Yet none of the clubs that indulge in these have been moved to change, so why should we have. UEFA arent going near these songs because they'll get a fight. DM has rolled over and allowed his tummy to be tickeled and shown he's a spineless twat who doesnt give a damn about us. DM hasnt given two fucks about the situation. He put up no appeal and has doen nothing to stop the press writing whatever they want.Like I say there are other examples of offensive song sung by other fans, what DM could have said was "aye OK, but you have to take other clubs to task" we shouldnt have faced UEFA on our own.
  2. Because laughing at disabled people is funny.
  3. Im not slagging them off, I am stating what is fact in regard to their behaviour. Supporting a teams opposition because you percieve them as your rivals is Celticmindedness. Fact. You wanna talk about Paraguy, t&T or Sweden? then i see Celticminded.com have a huge post goin giving them their support.
  4. Well, If I may say so, your attitude is shocking. You seem like an educated person, and your posts reflect this. Please do not forget that not all our supporters are, most are from working class backgrounds and have not enjoyed the level of education of others. Some fans simply do not grasp that these songs are offensive, and will sing them to generate a good atmosphere without realising that they may be offending others. I also think its inherently wrong to attack the beliefs and background of the other fans around you. To some, the Orange Order and the songs that surround are extremly important and have deep personal meaning. As Cammy says this has long been associated with our club, if you do not partake in this you must not chastize those tho chose to. It is not your place. As I said, the fans groups must take a lead on this and maintain a balance of Rangers songs and our history.
  5. haha, i seen that on FollowFollow. Its quality. Had me and the mates singin it v Hearts. awesome.
  6. Decent effort, but football chants have to be punchy. Aside from the "predict a treble" one the songs you have listed are not catchy and just wouldnt work. Now I couldnt very well say that and not have a go myself. So to the tune of Yellow Submarine...... We're all happy Paul Le Guen is here today Le Guen is here today Le Guen is here today maybe not a brilliant effort, but worth a try.
  7. Thats very harsh, You're acting like the warning signs were there and this was to be seen coming. Thats certainly not the case. Officially this is the only time this song has come into question. Sure theres been debate and the media are always on about it, but we as fans, have always fought our own corner, through our fanzines and websites. With UEFA we couldnt do that ourselves and surprise, surprise, the club did fuck all. This issue has certainly split our fanbase, you seem to be very bitter and angry towards other Rangers fans, calscot. Thats your perogative I guess, but Im sure you'd agree its a shame to want to attack a fellow Rangers fan, no matter who he is. It shows we need proper leadership to guide us on these issues and formulate a plan to remove the FTPing, whilst maintianing our identity.
  8. spike3d

    New top

    I think it looks shite. Seriously.
  9. spike3d


    are any of the old Rangers shops being reopened as JJB or is it only the two in Glasgow?
  10. I think this post is futile, its happened, we cant change it
  11. Aye keep the TA with their dresses and their flashing and their gay lookin ginger wigs away from our pristine, excellent 5 star stadium. In fact, with Wembly not being ready, why dont we invite England to play one of their qualifying games at Ibrox? (kidding of course, but lets see who that gets a rise out of )
  12. Be that as it may, thats no reason to hate them or support whoever they are playing. Dont support them if you dont want, ignore them if you dont like them. Reeks of Celtic.
  13. All of them. Got fed up during the portugal one cos it was shite. Will have ma portable tv on in work tonite. No worries about the boss cos he'l wanna watch it too
  14. Spot on, its just bitter concieted Celtic behaviour to support England's rivals. Knock it on the head.
  15. I find it abit annoying, make her a Geordie or from Yorkshire and she'd be perfect.
  16. Imogen's superb but she'd have to be less Welsh for me too consider shagging her.
  17. seen the title and hoped for pics, but no a bad joke.
  18. Ok, I do apologise. Hugs. xxxx Well like Ive said, you do hear about them making complete fools of themselves in public with their drinking, puking and flashing, in broad day light when women and kids are about disgracefull IMO and just as bad as fighting. At least when the English pick fights they pick them against people who can fight back. And lets not kid ourselves that the TA dont get into fights, Im 100% sure it has happened. We know what this country's media is like so Im also 100% sure it hasnt recieved the attention that the English troublemakers have. Gribz the Scots have never been voted best fans at a major tournament. Fact. does it say what for? NO. Meaningless statistics used against the fanbase in this case. Those arrests could be nothing to do with any trouble, but they happened the same day that afew rucks started so the press twist to their advantage. Well I wont even make isue of the fact you cant spell my, very simple, name correctly. Maybe it was the crap Jock schooling you recieved. Ooops better not slag off por wee scotland, Big Holly might cry. There we are another joke, to lighten the mood. I have never made it clear where I am from, BH and I dont intend to, I am neither English, nor Scottish, but I do hold two International Passports, one of them being British, so I will lend my support to any British International team. If Scotland ever did qualify, and I know they rarely do, but if they did I would lend them the same support I lend England in this World Cup. I find it dispicable that Rangers fans would run the England fans down for something similar to what we are often accused of. Glass houses and stones comes to mind, but also having some sympathy for a bunch of people who want to suport their team no matter what, yet a minority of idiots often spoil it and ruin the fans reputation. Then again bigholly you havnt answered my question, are you a Rangers fan? I might also point out I would not intend or encourage any Rangers fan to support England if they dont feel they can. Just dont go down the Celtic route of supporting their opposition, just to be spiteful.
  19. please tell me you brought your digital camera along?
  20. Assasinations are politically motivated. Murders are random killings. I hate the way you hear about Tupac or John Lennon being assasinated, bullshit, they were simply murdered, they werent killed for any political reasons.
  21. Neilson/Zinha's goal was cracking. The first few games have been cracking.
  22. I support Rangers. Do you? Ive never seen you make a Rangers related post on these boards. Im sorry you think Im a prick but thats your perogative, Im just trying to put a humerous slant on things and tell them as I see them. I didnt mean to offend anyone, but if i did, so fuck. Sorry again, I'll see you get a nice big box of tissues to dry your fucking eyes.
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