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  1. Ah! @onevision thank you for posting that. It brings back many memories. In the mid 70's I bought an EP called Hot Valves by this band. Highlighted 4 tracks from their 4 albums released during that time, clearly to try and push album sales. Side 1 Maid in Heaven, Bring Back The Spark. Side 2 Blazing Apostles, Jet Silver & The Dolls Of Venus. Many years later, with the resurgence of vinyl I have tracked down all their albums for my collection. The stand out for me is Sunburst Finish, a great album with possibly one of the best covers of all time! Bill Nelson must be one of the the most un
  2. Kent, Alfie and Davis were good today but I feel McGregor was the busier keeper and pulled off some good saves to secure our point.
  3. Considering we were away for 4 of his 8 years in charge, his record for the so called second best team in Scotland is appalling. One League Cup win ( won on a penalty shoot out after a 0 - 0 draw against mighty ICT) and 7 attempts to reach the Europa League knock out stages, failing at each attempt. He did seem to raise his team's performance in many occasions when playing Rangers but strangely that never happened when playing Celtic.
  4. Since his "resignation" yesterday the amount of coverage he has been given by PQ is a disgrace. This continued eulogising and use of the word "legend" goes beyond the pale. There cannot be many of them left who have broken their vow of silence to pay homage to this cretin. From that replayed appalling "last interview" given by Rob McLeod aka Sgt Wilson to that bigoted piece of junk from Tom Anguish this morning. It's enough to gie ye the boak!🤮
  5. Well, I can accept your point on the bigotry and sectarianism being a one way street in his view. His failure to condemn Sellick fans taunting of Boyd bears that out. Their fans needs to remember his "success" as a manager against us is more down to a plastic carpet than anything else. Perhaps they'll install one at the Stadium of Blight to suit his style of football. His dour football tactics and persona would be perfect for that lot. Well matched indeed but I doubt it will happen! 😬
  6. Well if that were to happen there will have to be a repentance on his part. Let's not forget the HUGE outpouring of angst and bitterness after his Killie side were pumped at Ibrox. He played the West of Scotland bigotry rant to the full. So glad he didn't live here, toxic atmosphere etc etc. Not forgetting his bye bye Rangers (and Celtic) jibe from the centre of the pitch when Killie secured European football on last day of season. That's some helluva heavy baggage to carry into an OF job!
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