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  1. Aribo by a distance. Interesting to hear the post match comments of both him and the manager stating he has been asked to show his physicality more. Clearly evident in the last couple of games.
  2. This is the first game this season I have not been able to view. I had to settle for radio commentary from Tam & KT. The flatness of the first half was mirrored by the crowd noise and the commentary. The second half seemed a bit more enthralling. As I could not see it, I will refrain from voting. KT, after a bit of deliberation, awarded RTV's to Bassey!
  3. Am I correct in thinking that is the 3rd game in this GPL season we have failed to score? Did we draw as many blanks in the whole of last season? 😬
  4. Can't disagree too much with that. Balagon our best player on the night,and Lundstram showed up well. Unfortunately we failed to impose ourselves in midfield and no surprise Davis & Aribo were withdrawn. Neither really imposed themselves. Just can't help feeling we really miss Ryan Jack on these big Euro nights. Lyon are a class act, however, we rarely laid a glove on them which is disappointing .
  5. Always gave women's tennis short shrift. Thought it was too slow and cumbersome. I take it all back after watching that superb display of athleticism from both players last night. Fast, hard hitting, great rallies. Emma had nerves of steel in that arena with a huge Canadian support. Well done indeed young lady!
  6. Well, Andy Walker certainly didn't. "He couldn't do it again? COULD HE?"🤞As @Uilleam commented earlier, I wish he and his mate Crocker would self isolate permanently!
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