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  1. Ryan Kent for me. Put in a monumental shift. His goal was really well taken and unlucky not to have a second. He caused them problems all afternoon spinning into channels behind. Listening to his interview post match, he was still panting heavily from a full 92 mins where he never let up!
  2. There is no chance of Rafa returning under Ashley regime. If the takeover in the summer had been approved, Rafa would have been appointed in place of Bruce. I live in NE England. He is the Messiah in these parts. It was hoped with proper targeted investment he would have improved them. Although, Bruce is a Geordie, he is not held in high regard and his brand of football is soulless. We are so fortunate to have rid ourselves of Ashley and SD. His shadow hangs heavily over Newcastle Utd, if you think we've had it bad spare a thought for Toon followers. No silverware since 1969!
  3. They'll be sweating if Bruce gets the push. Hot favourite to take over there I believe!😁
  4. Just have. Quite appalling really. It really does reflect the lack of balance in their reporting. You are left with the impression we scored 5 goals from defensive mistakes, oh and apparently it was not a penalty either! No mention of us hitting the post or the string of saves their keeper made. No mention of the relentless high pressure press that lead to the errors. They even mention Neil Lennon in their summary! A more honest reflection on the game is provided by John Hughes "credit to them for the way they pay football and pass" Good old BBC indeed!
  5. Agree with most of the postings. We truly have been blessed with some great keepers. I love all 4 of these guys but due to the huge impact he and the other English signings made in the Souness revolution I'm going with Woods. He also held the British record for longest period without conceding a goal I seem to remember.
  6. Interested to note from all the pre and post interviews today, Rangers seemed to have stepped up their Covid protocols by wearing masks now. I wonder if that is just a subtle jibe in the direction of our rivals failure in this regard?🤔 Might be an idea to change our PPE provider however, as the masks clearly do not fit snugly over the nose. Or maybe we received John Kennedy's order by mistake?😬
  7. Morelos and Kent defy their critics and have both have a stormer. Who would have thought it?😁 Morelos just shades it!
  8. It has to be Mcgregor, we could have been 2 goals down inside 20mins if not for him.
  9. If you look at that incident, time and time, as PQ did last night, watch the trajectory of the ball while Bitton is grappling with Alfie. It like a Crown Bowls play, the ball has curved gracefully into the penalty area, a perfect out to in ball played with deadly precision. It was certainly no rugby union punt down the line that suits Tom's narrative! It looked like a fully repentant Michael last night, having to change tack to pick the bones of Sellick's defence. I also think he demurs to Neil McCann, as his superior tactical analysis and knowledge leaves Mikey to self reflect on biotronics o
  10. I would agree 100% with that. Considering the set up punter wise was him, Boyd and a so called "neutral" in the shape of McFadden. If you were listening to them without knowing their backgrounds you could have assumed Petrov was the neutral. Very measured in his analysis, knowledgeable, very fair and articulate (speaks English better than the other 2 as well). He was a breath of fresh air in comparison to the likes of Sutton, Hartson, Walker et al. He is worth a Sky retainer, I also liked Darren Fletcher who did the opener at Pittodrie, but maybe he is used more in England.
  11. I find it hard to actually determine what Zungu's attributes are, as we really see so little of him. How many games has started? I can only think of 2? How many 90mins? I'm sure some of the Gersnet "Statto's" will put me right? He has been thrown on late in a few to shore up / defend leads. To me, it's a real Catch 22. To see what he has in his locker I think he needs a consistent run, but its hard to see him getting that opportunity. I seem to recall, Ryan Jack having a very shaky start to his Rangers career (a lot through injury I know) but I just feel the guy has had limited opportunity to
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