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  1. ... aye, I also watched the full game again. Not just because, when it's as exciting a game as that, and you get the result, you kind of have to watch it again but also because watching it live was just such a stress-riddled, over-excitable experience I wasn't really able to properly judge what exactly had happened. Can't say I was any less astounded during the second watch but, being a bit calmer, I felt, yeah, there was a bit of opening rustiness due to Kent being dropped and suspension buddies Roofe and Morelos coming back in at the same time as a not-quite-match-fit Scotty Arfield. But
  2. They've lost three home league games in the last couple of months and their November home group stage game with LASK of Austria, but last season the only home game they lost was the second leg of the Europa League play-off against AZ Alkmaar in August... and that was only after extra time... and it was moved to the Heysel/King Baudouin in Brussels. So there was a minimum 14 month unbeaten home record of some sort in there. Fearsome. Plus the thing to note about that game with AZ last season is they were a man down after 30-odd minutes and then, in the 75th minute, Lamkel Ze - he of the Ande
  3. Glad you enjoyed it, Tannochsidebear and thanks for pointing out where you disagree with me - more than fair comment and it gives me a chance to clarify on those two points. I'm not feeling Bassey is a bad player. Quite the opposite. I think he's a great player for his age (21 on Hogmanay!) - a really exciting prospect. I just feel that night in Paisley - after a couple of wee defensive switch-off moments at Falkirk in the previous round which couldn't distract from a great all-round performance but would've been punished by better opposition - confirmed he's still more in the "potential" b
  4. My wee pal Joe Harry Bow certainly played his part ... 😆
  5. Aye, I've been calling him Big Kemar or Big Roofe (my patter's just that original) from Day One. And while he clearly does more gym work in 5 minutes than I've done in my entire life, I'm constantly amazed by how tall he isn't. Not exactly a short guy but he's very Eric Black or MoJo or, as others have said here, Stevie Naismith in how he jumps deceptively high. And, yeah, it was one of those days where I wouldn't argue with any selection. It probably was Tav but I've gone for Defoe just because (a) I'm old too and (b) it makes me feel like a real deep thinker to select a striker who didn't
  6. Just watched the whole game again. Wasn't easy but had to do it. When they're live, I watch these games through a filter of sweat and dread so cannae really judge objectively. But with this one I had to know if I'd just imagined how good we were because of the stadium we were playing in and the club we were playing against. Nah - wasn't imagining it. We were achingly gorgeous. A painful watch precisely because we were every bit as brilliant - or at least as in control against ten men in a seriously entertaining and thrilling way - as I imagined. We were beautiful. Then we took our eye
  7. These things always break down into "That was criminal! Heads must roll!" versus "Whit ye greetin aboot! Get some perspective!". Understandable - everyone's upset, or terrified that "everyone's upset" will become the narrative among the support as a whole. It won't. The Sparta Prague result ensured the momentum is still all ours in every respect. I said before the game this was a free hit. A lot of us did. The team have absolutely earned such a big, glamour night with no worries or pressure from us. They deserved this fixture, on the ground where the last Champions League final was play
  8. Sorry, Bluedell - I've been shi**in' oot and letting others defend me on this one rather than back myself like Oor Brandon backs himself to score every time he has sight of goal (aherm). Aye, what everyone else said, really. I absolutely didn't miss that strange wee u-bend of a run he made, when it seemed easy to make himself a square pass inside for Kent. And, if I had missed it, Andy Walker was there to gleefully point out the possible gutlessness of it all for me. I also couldn't fail to miss BB, erm, not failing to miss, much earlier in the same half, when in on goal from the inside-
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