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  1. I believe Eoin Jess is available? Chick Young thinks it could be a goer, could we fit him in? Granted, not a big name, only four letters but would his signing satisfy the demanding Bears?
  2. The Rangers who take the field against Blackpool, should the Club award them, Kiss-Me-Quick hats?
  3. I would like to confirm the worst thoughts of ra Yahoo conspiracists. Rangers two latest friendly announcements are what you think. Blackpool play in an all orange kit and Davie Moyes sports orange hair. Rangers, July and, Orange - it's enough to get Martin Compston on a Las Vegas stage punching the air whilst punching out the naughty lyrics.
  4. I want to invade Sylvania. I have viewed the Marx Brothers' movie, 'Duck Soup' on many an occasion and, I am sure we could give the Sylvanians a right good kicking. I believe Sylvania to be a land locked country? This has two positives, we will not have to rush putting the MV Glen Sannox into the boiling briny to transport the necessary troops and, no maritime commitment means no Bootneck deployment(always a big plus). No, we will attempt an Action de Descente. We will fly over Sylvania and throw Useless, Groper Grady, Derek Mackay, the Lard of Skye, ......... etc into the fray. We could do it on a Sunday morning and UNICEF Ambassador, Martin Compston could lead the charge with, 'Beautiful Sunday'? As soon as our Minister for Education, Shirley Anne Somerville tells us where Sylvania is, we are on two hours to move.
  5. Buster, You are correct reference Tom English and the SPFL Committee. When the story broke reference Cinch at the end of last week, English took to Twitter to slaughter both MacLennan and Doncaster. What does BBC Scotland's Chief Sports Correspondent, Chris McLaughlin say? I suspect we will have to wait until MacLennan and Doncaster tell him what to say.
  6. Ian McCall Tells it as it is. Today, the Maryhill Magyars Manager, Ian McCall appeared on Off the Ball with RAB and Tam and slaughtered the Chairman of the SPFL, Murdoch MacLennan. Of course, that robust organ, Private Eye refer to big, BIG Sellik man, MacLennan as, "Shifty McGifty". In a discussion on this week's Court decision to clear Rangers and Club Chairman, Douglas Park's decision NOT to support the SPFL's sponsorship deal with Cinch, Ian McCall stated, "Murdoch MacLennan is bloody useless". Hurrah for the Partick Thistle in stating the bleeding obvious. I toasted the bleeding obvious, sitting here in the Portuguese hilltop town of Tavira. I am near the villa shared by Nicola and Peter(guardian of the ring fenced £620,000) and thought it suitable to enjoy a lunch time Salad Nicoise accompanied by a bottle of Portuguese Rose. Light wine to be sure but dominated by sharp cranberry and crisp apple that poke at the palate. I am sure Peter Murrell is no stranger to that early morning feeling of a tumescent Nicola pressing against his rear? Putting the Vinha Grand Rose down, I remembered RAB Cosgrove telling us all at the height of Rangers demise a decade past, he was often given a Chauffeured lift by Murdoch MacLennan over a three year period whilst both worked in the same London building. I thought he would put meat to the Ian McCall bones, why is Murdoch MacLennan, "bloody useless"? To no avail, RAB held his discipline in the same way he has held on to his two East End flats. It is difficult for RAB, having to grapple with his property portfolio and one of Scottish football's most annoying prigs at the same time. "Bloody useless" is a term easily applied to Glasgow City Council Policy Advisor, BIG Sellik man and, "good friend of the show", Gerry Braiden. I thought the man from West Belfast would expand upon Scottish and Irish Nationalist, Martin Compton chorusing beautiful Sunday morning eulogies for the IRA? In his home town of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Martin took to the stage at the gathering of Sellik supporters clubs in North America to punch the air and extort his fellow Yahoos to continue to support the organisation that detonated the 1993 Warrington bomb without warning. Two children murdered, what is Gerry's policy advice? I suspect Gerry advises Martin to lay up at RAB's safe house in Sri Lanka, a villa with infinity pool. Martin, Peter Murrell and, £620,000 of ring fenced dosh on the inside. Outside, the Army are on the streets amid a state of emergency and, Martin from Las Vegas, Gourock, Turf Lodge, ................... will feel right at home. It's his mindset.
  7. My first Old Firm match at Celtic Park was the 1st January'66. It had been freezing the entire Christmas - New Year week and, as was customary for Celtic at that time, they covered the pitch in hay bails. The game was on, the pitch was rock hard and frozen on top. Davie Wilson skated through the opposition to put Rangers one up in the first minute. Half time was the same score. In the second half, three of the Sellik players, John Hughes included changed their footwear to baseball boots. They ran in five unchallenged to run out 5-1 winners. However, the scene of Davie Wilson running arm aloft, backdropped by a dozen hay bales continues.
  8. Yesterday, Sunday I took the ferry from Porto Sherry(Santa Maria) to Cadiz. It's a 45 minute sailing on a Catamaran and costs 2.30 Euros. The Ferry sails every hour on a Sunday at ten past the hour, returns at twenty to the hour. Modern, clean, efficient, comfortable, timeous, ...................... across the boiling briny of the Atlantic Ocean. How do the Andalusian - Spanish Governments achieve this? Perhaps, Nicola et al(particularly Brendan Mac Neill SNP MP for the Western Isles) would benefit from a visit - if the Spanish Government still talks to them?
  9. There are some wonderful surviving editions of West German TV's take on the sixties beat boom, 'Beat beat, beat' is well fab. The Small Faces, the Kinks and, the Move all played live.
  10. I thought you'd listen to my reasoning But now I see, you don't hear a thing Try to make you see, how it's got to be Yes it's all, all or nothing Yeah yeah all or nothing All or nothing for me Blair Stevie Marriottt giving it sumasoul!
  11. "certain supporters"? I took myself to a bar one hundred metres from the River Ebro, the cooling breeze lifting off the flow was most welcome in a hot Zaragoza night. Scotland's performance was woeful, we deservedly lost 1-3 to Ukraine. As is normal in most Spanish cities, the local Argentine ex-pats were sounding off wildly, they had just stuffed Italy 0-3 in their own midden. Zaragoza is on one of the official Camino routes and, a couple of fellow middle aged Scots alighted from their bicycles to take in the game. As Ukraine went one up, they were in the midst of telling me their scallop shells on said bikes were from the Isle of Barra. Further, Nicola was attending Hampden. PQ Ganghuttery quickly descended into PQ Shithousery. Tom Anguish, Pat Nevin, Michael Stewart, .......... et al determined someone was to blame for our abject performance and, it was NOT Steve Clarke. Now, we know Nationalism demands blame be attributed to the Rangers player(s) or the Anglos on occasion. Oh, Ryan Jack withdrew from the squad injured and, Souttar was stuck on the bench. Kieran and Andy are the right type of Anglos. Shoehorn in the demonised and marginalised supporter grouping who do not subscribe to the Brigadoon constantly presented by the Tartan Army. Michael Stewart snapped : "I see certain supporters are talking about a Kilmarnock style manager. total Garbage. Yes there were mistakes made tonight But Steve Clarke is a top drawer manager and even they don't get everything right". Michael did relent and get after Scott Mctominay -"no natural defensive instincts and to blame for the second goal". I note the Scottish press commented long and hard on travel arrangements for the game. Michael did NOT contribute. Extra train services were organised to take the Tartan Army home. Although if you had an island destination, you would have settle for the comfort of a cardboard funnel. Nicola has one of those 28 Chauffeur driven Scottish Government cars. She has the one with the really BIG boot, it has to accommodate £20 million ring fenced monies put aside for a second Independence referendum or, as Nicola said on Monday, "it's a good investment". Why didn't Nicola just fly home on her Broomstick? It is like asking Michael to define, "certain supporters", you will not receive an answer?
  12. RBR, Why doesn't he continue to post on Gersnet? There is room for everyone, including bunnet hustling Nationalists. We have everything on here, conspiracy theorists, Putin apologists, former Royal Marines(spit), cnuts from Ershur and the Loave(ians), ........... etc. They all find comfort applying their tongues to a vast expanse of glass. Encourage Brahim to re-enter the fray, we deserve to be entertained. Talking of the barking, whatever became of the Star Wars archer? Just as well R2D2 didn't trap at Agincourt.
  13. No, I vote the way I shot. One of the very few that continue to vote Liberal. I have been doing the Portsmouth sailings to St Malo and Bilbao for near thirty years. Take the car and tour around parts of France and Spain. This jaunt will be five weeks, going down the eastern seaboard then, a week in Cadiz. Return on the western side, straddling the Spanish-Portuguese border. If only Craig would do the decent thing and offer his Lear jet to the penurious members of Gersnet?
  14. I have just endured an eight hour drive to Portsmouth, a 36 hour ferry sailing to Bilbao and, a three hour drive to Zaragoza. Currently sitting outside the Cathedral del Salvador enjoying a cold cerveza pequena and I read big Connor has penned a new four year contract. I might head over and offer a prayer of thanks?
  15. Can it be true? I am hearing Craig and Frankie are taking a Gersnet table in the new Sky Blue Lounge. The idea is to offer the other eight seats at the Rich Mans Table on a rota basis to us proper poor know our place types. We yearn for the discarded crumbs. If I had a forelock I would practise the necessary tugging. Can it be true?
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