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  1. When the RST was launched in 2003, it was already two minutes to midnight. Under the Companies Act, anyone owning in excess of 90% of the Equity could take the club private; thus no accounts and no AGMs. Murray owned 91.8% of the equity. Remember, he had departed the scene, leaving McClelland as Chair and Bain in charge. The first three years were all about grabbing the narrative and annoying Murray. It worked in that he returned and agreed to sell us shares by trances until his equity had been sufficiently reduced.
  2. Well done you, the head rules the heart. You are correct of course, something bordering on indifference is the way to go. Individual and collective discipline in face of overwhelming emotional demands. My problem is when I rationalise it, I find it gives me a feeling of immense well being when they are subjected to aa embarrassing thrashing.
  3. It's Chris! BBC Scotland's Sports News Correspondent, Chris McLaughlin finally appeared on last evening's Sportsound. Twenty minutes of soothing narrative, he read out Peter's statement and assured the listenership that Dermot was, "absolutely appalled at events on Sunday evening". Further, Neil will lead the team to Milan. It became difficult to hear Chris, maybe he had a sore throat? However, I suspect he was free styling when he added, "If Celtic avoid a shoeing, if they don't get the run around in Milan, he will remain in the dug out for St Johnstone on Sunday". The
  4. I remember Lambert had the full backing of the Albertz knee, Paul was spitting blood after.
  5. Where's Chris? BBC Scotland's Sports News Correspondent did a one minute piece to camera from his home on Friday. He looked distressed, describing the pain of Prague. Neil promised a, "change of culture" but another 4-1 humping ensued at the hands of Sparta. Chris lamented the loss of European football. Chris did not mention Rangers, nor their continued topping of Europa Cup Group D, and ignored the fact that another Scots club had played in the same competition the night before. Chris did not appear on BBC Radio Scotland's Friday evening Sportsound. Studio discussion
  6. Just had a wee thought. Throughout the Lockdown, I know elements of the three services Medical Corps have been heavily involved in A and E, Testing, Track and Trace, ..... etc. Those serving in Scotland, do they receive the £500? Further, at what source will they be taxed?
  7. Apparently, ra Sellik have organised a week's winter break in Dubai. Of course, whether they go does not matter, Peter learned that fact when previously, he told of a post season commercial tour of Japan. It seems the SPFL have once again acquiesced to peter's demands.
  8. Look, this ongoing situation has become really important. I note today's Herald front page, Rod Stewart has called Jim White at Talk Sport and demanded Lenny be given more time to turn things around. Further, no other manager would touch ra Sellik job with a barge pole. How much more serious can this situation become, Rod gave up playing with his train set to make that call. Choo-choo!
  9. To be decided, currently Peter is checking Ross County players' registrations.
  10. St Mirren v Rangers Alloa v Hibs Livi' v Ross County Dunfermline v St Johnstone.
  11. Tonight's draw for the League Cup quarter-final is the sixth home or away affair, faced by Gerrard's Rangers in three seasons. He has received one home draw against Ayr United and four away, Killie on plastic, East Fife on plastic, Livi' on plastic, and lastly, Falkirk on plastic. I have never been one for cup draw conspiracies; however, given the SPFL fixture list giving Peter his demand for the first old firm game to be scheduled for the 11th game ....... Thus, who do we want? Or, more likely, what will we be given? There's a choice of plastic, Mike Mulraney's Alloa Athletic or
  12. Curiouser and curiouser. I think that makes three BBC Scotland regulars not in a state of solidarity with Chris McLaughlin. Rob McLean, Paul Mitchell, and now Connie McLaughlin all members of the Blacklegs Loyal RSC. Again, reference Connie and her psychological strengthening efforts, ra Sellik manager was asked last night if Celtic's form will improve? His reply was pertinent, "there's no reason why we won't improve, I don't think it's a major football issue, it's more psychological than anything else". What has Connie been doing?
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