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  1. Tommy and I? Yesterday, I watched ra Sellik huff and puff around Tannadice. The newly appointed interim manager, John Kennedy looked quietly terrified as he walked along the track at half time. Like me, I suspect he had seen enough. The wife announced her intent to create a seafood pasta, linguini vongole. I decided to head out for an appetite improving perambulation. We all have individual and collective memories of the Journey, on the cusp of securing the title, I decided to take the car to the West End Park. After the Empire Exhibition of 1901, the West End Pa
  2. Today. BBC Scotland has constructed a raft of cross political opinion. Gary Robertson led the narrative, John Swinney(SNP), Alison Johnstone(Greens), Wullie Rennie(LibDems), Douglas Ross(Conservative) and Anas Sarwar(Labour) were all asked a first question to condemn both club and support. Moral leverage reference funerals, visitation rules, NHS workers, ......... etc was liberally exploited. Gary Robertson comes from Elgin, I do not know his footballing allegiance? Sandra White MSP(SNP) and Ross Greer(Greens) demanded more from Police Scotland. They do not specify how
  3. BBC Scotland have split the frequencies today. Rob McLean and Pat Bonner have been relegated to the medium wave(810) providing live commentary. I think this is the first time this season that the football has been consigned to the lesser listened to frequency? Strange, given PQ CSC's strap line is, "all the action, from the first whistle to the last". It appears it's low key at Pacific Quay. Where's Chris?
  4. Ever worked with the RAF? We must be thankful, we relied on the recipients of the Brylcreem Bounce to take us to our work. They all posses an Azure Blue Card, if the sky does not match, they don't fly. Crab Air are well named. Now, at this point, an honourable exception is made for the RAF Regiment. The Rockapes are the RAF infantry, in the way Bootnecks are to the Royal Navy. The collective noun used for all of these chaps, is a homage to their collective strong suit, 'the falling plates'.
  5. The bomb that murdered 12 year old, Tim Parry and 3 year old, Jonathon Ball was the second detonation by the IRA in Warrington in a month. Two bombs were placed inside cast metal litter bins on Bridge Street(Warrington's main shopping thoroughfare). The IRA telephoned Liverpool Samaritans and told of an explosive device situated outside Boots Chemists, a thirty minute warning. The Police rushed to close and clear the Boots shops in Liverpool. The bombs detonated, the cast metal became the shrapnel, killing two and wounding 56. The IRA warning never mentioned Warrington. Rangers pla
  6. Wullie Miller was born and bred in Bridgeton. Those that schooled with him agree, he was a Rangers supporter. In saying that, he has utilised the platform provided by BBC Scotland on several occasions to give thanks for his perception of good fortune. He was signed by Aberdeen on an S Form and resided in Aberdeen from the age of 15 years. His continual conditioning is such, he happily tells of being removed from the pressures of sectarianism. Reference Roy Greenslade and the Guardian's apology to Mairia Cahill, there is a grouping of arch feminists who would normally be
  7. Sky Sports have just shown a clip of Ian Maxwell saying, "the SFA will be taking no action on Celtic's trip to Dubai". I am concerned about the SFA's Mrs Mopps, how can they vacuum the carpets when they are so bumpy?
  8. These last 20 years, Welsh has moved around his homes in Dublin, Chicago, and New York. The last dozen years has seen him increasingly rely on Script Writing.
  9. In a week where Rangers might win their first Championship in a decade, who is the Big Cheese talking to on his Podcast? The purveyor of Comedic Exaggeration, utiliser of the 'Sticky Bun' for fun, and desperately wants to see a machete chop up Alfredo Morelos. It's Irvine Welsh. Come on Graham, how long do we have to wait for Roy Greenslade, Phil McFournames, and Matt McGlone?
  10. Continuity? If you look through these pages, you'll read examples of a lack of continuity at BBC Scotland. Let's take a game at Pittodrie on a Wednesday evening nearly three years past. Aberdeen were awarded a penalty after a Morelos challenge/clearance. On BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound, the Host, Richard Gordon, the Commentator, Liam McLeod, and the added colour, Wullie Miller; all in no doubt, a clear penalty. Sky TV showing the game live were also in no doubt, never a penalty. Just before Midnight, Sportscene aired and the panel including James McFadden agreed with Sky. Embar
  11. During Nicola's evidence yesterday, I noticed Humza Yousaf was conducting a running commentary on Twitter. We have the Country's Justice Secretary broadcasting evidence being testified under oath, who gave him the job?
  12. I think the most poignant place for a socially distanced celebration is the large space in front of BBC Scotland's HQ at PQ. Balloons, party hats, streamers, fireworks, candy floss, Hot Digity Dogs, a burning at the stake, Viking Funerals on the river, ................................ etc. The best thing, we are all in situ' for the Chris McLaughlin conducted VoxPop.
  13. David Martindale has began his BBC Radio Scotland full time interview with Jane Lewis saying, "A sore one to take, but we got lucky in the first half. I've seen the incident back and it was a penalty". Both Liam McLeod and Michael Stewart should listen.
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