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  1. Sportsound on BBC Radio Scotland is an Abertic Production. Tonight, four Scottish clubs participate in the Europa Cup qualifiers. Sportsound is providing live commentary on ra Sellik game in Riga, and further live commentary on Aberdeen’s visit to Lisbon. Motherwell in Israel and Rangers visit to Holland are reduced to updates. Aberdeen have played two Europa Cup games so far, at home to a Faroe Isles club, and away To Viking in Norway. Both games received live commentary. Ra Sellik have played two games also, a defeat of the Icelanders at home, and a humiliation at th
  2. Sportscene did not show it, therefore did not discuss it.
  3. Ah, the days of soup in a basket? At Uni’, forty-odd years past, I was a regular in a now long gone great wee boozer, ‘the Dunrobin’. Situated right across George Street from Strathclyde University. During the Argentine World Cup in 1978, you had to purchase a ticket for Scotland’s three group games against Peru, Iran, and Holland. The Patron was Big Tam, he had done robbing; he promised both types of food for all the games. Indeed, there was a choice for all three games, either a pie and peas(hot pea special- dried marrow fat peas marinated in malt vinegar) or a pie and b
  4. ........ and the choreography begins, Cosgrove will once again be dining in Gamba with Neil Doncaster. The Menus will be presented with the Peter script. Michael will be sick and tired of a certain club’s casual disregard for the future health of the nation. PQ’s Chris McLaughlin will do a piece to camera outside the Louden, Spiers will eat the boiled ham raw, and Jum Spence will show his strong suit. The real surprise here is Aidan Smith being handed the print responsibility, that’s usually the Daily Mail’s Stephen McGowan’s gig. Kevin’s started the ball rolling on Sunday.
  5. Spiers come on for the Podcast appeals to the Yahoo sensitivity, it’s the seduction of the Hag’. Entitled, ‘an Anatomy of Celtic’ - the history, the culture, the fans, the songs, Neil Lennon, Celtic and Ireland. Angela is quoted, “I spoke for an hour, I could have easily carried on talking for the week”. Of course, Angela speaks through a hole in her balaclava.
  6. Talking about being ready for the fray, steak and gravy pie by Fray Bentos is most apt. Lots of flaky pastry with very little steak and gravy. The just about sums up Spiers.
  7. Ra Bhoy in Corduroy is really pulling out all the stops to attract Rangers supporters to his new podcast, ‘Pressbox’. His first broadcast had Kevin McKenna, Jum Spence, and a Gordon Waddell as guests. The second promoted Michael Stewart as his exclusive guest. The third is boasting Angela Haggerty and Harry Brady (administers the Celtic Underground website). Next, as guests, it will be the guys sitting either side of him at ra Stade ra Gadd.
  8. “Hibs have been nasty, aggressive, in Rangers’ faces”, says Andy Walker at half time. Given Hanson’s fore arm smash into Hagi’s face and Drey Wright’s deliberate stamp on Kent’s standing foot; I am surprised the Ref’ did not book Morelos for scoring?
  9. I am prepared, like all denizens of East Lothian, Frankie requires a silver bullet. It would be noble, bringing down the loud stride wearer, striding like a colossus across the shifting sands of Gullane.
  10. I wish all involved every success with this venture, building the fraternity of Gersnet is most noble. “a Golf Club is a poorly run sergeant’s mess”. I came across the above quote decades past, I think it refers to the numerous petty rules attached? I propose another side to fraternity. I would be interested in starting a club to shoot golfers. Pay the local authority for a license, make it sustainable ie you can only bag a brace per week. Extra kudos all round if you shoot wearers of loud trousers, bagging a brace of the multi-coloured breek attired would be most satis
  11. “from the first whistle to the last”, AGAIN! ”BBC Scotland is now a public dis-service broadcaster” - Angus Robertson. ”BBC Scotland is a public service broadcaster” - Nicola Sturgeon. ”Pensioners rely on public service broadcasting, most have no access to live streaming” - John Swinney. ”what do you think of the BBC’s decision to stop broadcasting the First Minister’s Covid briefings”? - Stuart Cosgrove’s first question to Scottish Government’s National Clinical Director, Jason Leitch last Saturday. Above are the reactions from the g
  12. I saw a comment on Spiers first podcast, hosting Kevin McKenna, Jum Spence, and Gordon Waddell; describing the ensemble as, “a who’s who of bellends”. His second Podcast continues the theme, his singular guest is, Michael Stewart. Spiers considered Jimmy Shand as a guest, but declined to extend an invitation. It wasn’t so much that Jimmy has gone to the big accordion squeeze in the sky, Graham was uneasy at sharing the fingering of his organ. Further, ra Bhoy in Corduroy considers the Bluebell Polka to be a vile sectarian drone.
  13. Wherethefukawe? Last evening(Wednesday), was Champions League third round qualifiers’ night. PQ was broadcasting across the nation, the Blarney Bhoys(Pat and Tom) were in place, lips pressed to the microphones. Cue Big Dick’ sonorous voice swooning at the first bars of Britten’s rip-off of Handel’s Zadok the Priest, ‘the hairs on the back of my neck are standing’. A welcome to ra Stade de Gadd ensues and the Gang Hut stand, arms wrapped around each other, and deliver an emotional rendition of a song stolen from Liverpool FC, ‘you’ll never walk alone’. Big Dick hands ove
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