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  1. Framing the Narrative. Listening to DrStu' on Saturday, this man of principle came across as a Victorian/Edwardian circus side show Barker. Roll up, roll up to see the Bearded Lady, the Boy with Two Heads, and the Duplicitous Cnut. An excited and garrulous DrStu' announced an exclusive twenty minute interview with Craig Whyte. Lending authenticity to a Fraudster punting his tome, DrStu' brought 'gravitas to bear(s)' shouting, "everything in this book has full legal clearance". To be fair, Tam Cowan pricked such overbearing pomposity by saying, "ah still don't trust a word he says". Into the Bear Pit is a turd and DrStu' was eagerly willing to apply the necessary polish. In just over quarter of an hour he repeated the line about legal clearance on three occasions. I think this was to avoid the Jum Spence troubling broadcast? You know the one that led to his second leaving(some say sacking) of PQ? He claimed the Scots courts should recover monies from Rangers through the auspices of the Proceeds of Crime Act. Jum informed the listenership he knew this to be the case because he lectured in the subject at some Technical College. Jum left after it was pointed out no crime had been committed. I will not trouble fellow Rangers supporters by questions offered to Craig Shyster, but the deflation award goes to Tam Cowan, "that highland castle you owned, how long did it take you to inflate it before the kids could bounce on it"? DrStu' was convinced he had achieved a scoop, surely akin to the Orwell Prize awarded to the RTC Blog, "aye Tam, who in this building will be bristling that we got the Craig Whyte exclusive"? Tam repeated, "ah cannae believe a word he says". It's the continuity, or lack of it. After telling us last week, that Michael Stewart was one of the best football pundits ever, he kept his fellow nationalist's name alive by wondering what the ginger headed guy would say to Craig Whyte? He does the same for Jum Spence on a regular basis. Show me the evidence is now redundant, there's been half-a-dozen arrests of other clubs' fans on racism charges. Combine that with Alison McConnell's summing up of Mark Walters' debut at Sellik Park, "so Walters had a banana thrown at him". Modern Scotland would be framed in a poor light. When does this man of principle take responsibility for the environment he helps to actively create? He keeps barking, others pay the price.
  2. The Cheese from Dunlop is NOT a Blue Cheese. It is a cheese possessed, green tinged with rubbery consistency, requiring a strong nose. I believe the Gillie was attracted by the stench of body odour, had Spiers, 'hook, line, and stinker'!
  3. I am hearing ra Bhoy in Corduroy has been offered a commission to pen, 'Fly Fishing by J R Silverspoonbawbag' .
  4. I think it's Alex Thomson of Channel 4? Yep, that Alex Thomson, lionised as the journo that walked the backstreets of Basra. Those lionising him were Phil McFournames, Captain Haggerty, and DrStu'. Thus, I imagine his arrival is at the bequest of Holicom?
  5. These last two seasons, the fantasist known as Graham Spiers has taken season tickets at ra Stade de Gadd. He is keen to give both his lads the same football experience he enjoyed with his own father. Of course, this where fantasy begins, his Herald Diary back in the day contained some excruciating pysh. It was around the time when ra Sellik were throwing a slap-up lunch for all the members of the fourth estate who had complied absolutely to MON's tutelage. Glenn Gibbons, Kevin McCara, Mark Guidi,..... including Spiers were all hosted at One Devonshire Gardens. The current Big Cheese from Dunlop wanted to ingratiate himself further into Sellik inspired vicTIMhood and indulged a false memory of attending Ibrox with his Dad, January'76. They stood in their usual place in front of the pie stall in the Broomloan, wearing their Rangers favours. They received no hassle whatsoever, in fact Graham invented a quote, "let the boay support his team". Rangers won 3-zip that day, and old firm games were all ticket; think of the administration involved to make this fantasy true? We must express our concern at the conditioning being offered to two young impressionable lads, perhaps the authorities should intervene. Last week, the Corduroy Crusader took his elder lad fishing. The location being Harelaw Fishery. I am not an Angler myself, but I understand that attendance at Fisheries involves payment. Again, we see Graham has a problem with necessary administration. The loch has to be stocked, the fry reared, fed, and health monitored. This involves employing Gillies. One such, Alex Cairnie is the hero of the story. The former Bootneck confronted both Spiers and son, told him the right to fish required payment. Further, the ten foot high, six foot wide sign that was five yards from his parked car, informed him the Fishery was PRIVATE and payment was necessary. Spiers replied with the robust defence of, "ah didnae see the sign and ah didnae kno' it was private". Now, I must confess that I am surprised any former wearer of the green rag on one's napper can retain such information, but it gets better. Alex Cairnie then told Spiers it was the only sign for five miles, and it had been there on his previous unpaid visits. Spiers reluctantly accepted responsibility and was swashbuckled by being labeled 'a pompous prick' and, 'a silver spoon bawbag'. I hope other Gersnetters will join me in demanding Ayrshire Social Services step in and rescue both young lads from the Corduroy Clown and his fantasies? Absolutely, trout of order!
  6. Discipline, discipline, and discipline.
  7. Dominic Cumming is impatient, and Boris does what he is told.
  8. Support your Local Team. Yesterday's 'Media Review' had the usual panel providing their predictable usual take on media events. The difference, after a dozen years, it was the last. DrStu', Eammon O'Neill, and Anna Burnside said goodbye to John Beattie and Anne Marie Watson, waving goodbye to the circus. Obviously, they knew it was coming for a while and probably explains last weeks seven minutes on the Scottish Finance Secretary's resignation, and 14 minutes on Michael Stewart/Jim Traynor. This week's, the last ever was equally strange. The starter topic was Philip Schofield's coming out on This Morning. Fifteen minutes of sneering attitude. Philip was not brave, his wife is to be pitied, and the consensus was the whole thing had been carefully choreographed. DrStu' wondered aloud, "Ah bet, there had been a rehearsal"? Dearest Philip was the subject of informed speculation, his mentoring of a young male Runner within the This Morning production company was raised twice in knowing euphemistic terms. I am not interested in Philip Schofield's sexual activities and am genuinely surprised it was worthy of such discussion? However, it was the duplicitous comments about choreography and rehearsals that stunned me; seriously, for twenty five years DrStu' has done that very same thing in dozens and doxens of 'Off the Ball' when discussing Rangers and Rangers supporters. How many Producers have telephoned in, armed with provided script in hand? My favourite occurred several years past. After a 2-0 defeat at Tynecastle, DrStu' hosted a supposed Hearts fan calling in from Newton Mearns with the nomme de guerre, 'Gordon the Jambo fae Glasgow'. Obviously, no Producer with the appropriate Edinburgh/Lothians accent was available, thus Newton Mortgage was conjured. Gordon the Jambo told of Hearts fans singing lustfully of Rangers being no more, and the future being dubious for sevco. Remember, several senior executives at the Beeb had to resign because of Producers calling into shows they were producing? there were no resignations at PQ. The next story to be discussed was the closure of the Queensferry Crossing ie the new Forth Road Bridge. DrStu' told us this was the very epitome of an SNP Bad story. All the journos were Unionists, finding traction from falling ice. The reports of folks stuck in traffic for three days were hysterical. Deliberately, they set out to undermine Scotland. Anna Burnside and Eammon were bored of the story, they all confirmed that none of them had to experience the ten hour traffic queues. Interestingly, Joanna Cherry MP on last night's Beeb Question Time spouted the same line(rehearsed), although she told of sitting for several hours attempting to attend a funeral. Thus, having taking a swipe at Schofield(and that will be because of some perceived slight on behalf of DrStu' back in his high heid yin media management days) and finding comfort again in his preferred political prejudice, it was time to support his local team. DrStu' has spent in excess of 25 years as a resident of Dennistoun, lives just over half a mile from ra Stade de Gadd. He has been consistent this last quarter of a century, nothing grinds his gears more than seeing RSCs and CSCs buses leaving Perth and other towns. Support your local team is the mantra. DrStu's last ever point on the Media Review was to encourage ra Sellik in their demands for a SKY apology, "we should all know who provided that translation on Morelos"? DrStu' confirms what we all knew, it's always all about the Rangers. PS : There was a wee bit about the Philip Schofield diatribe that rung, in the middle of sympathy for his wife and family. They claimed in their script to have been aware of Schofield's sexuality for several years and were okay with it. I thought DrStu' is a duplicitous cnut, I wonder if his wife and family know it, and are they okay with it? We should be told?
  9. I believe a production company is most interested in filming, 'the French Consul's Woman'?
  10. There's enough Drama Queens on today's Board without evoking Tosca.
  11. You are correct, I spent an hour on Google to find that out. It was only reported in the P and J and online Daily Express.
  12. I remember two Aberdeen supporters being arrested by the Police at Pittodrie for racist abuse of Morelos. What happened to those two? Further, like the Celtic Park incidents, it was fellow Aberdeen fans that reported both to the Police.
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