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  1. Have the Sun factored in a Kurds counter attack? Just saying.
  2. 'from the first whistle to the last' ? Lat's go back to last Sunday. The two top teams in Scotland are battling for top spot, the Gang Hut favourites are away at Livingston, the follow followers of Beelzebub are at home to Acas. An emotional roller coaster is perched upon the highest peak, poised to sweep onward. The first whistle blew at 11.30 hrs, Sportsound began with Sellik team news. The last whistle blew at 15.00 hrs, just as Rangers were kicking-off. Sportsound had ended, Geoff Webster took over to talk rugby, golf, athletics, .... etc. Of course, Rob McLean was sat on the naughty step watching RTV and provided a couple of thirty second reports at half-time and full-time. It had been drastic on plastic, Sellik were reduced to ten men after half-an-hour, Ryan Christie red carded for a straight leg, flat footed lunge. The immediate reaction was, "that was uncharacteristic of Ryan". At half-time, Big Dick offered, "I'm struggling to think of a red card during his eighteen months with Aberdeen"? Liam McLeod whispered, "sent off at Ibrox". By the last whistle at three O'Clock, we found out Ryan has been red carded on four occasions, but it remains, "uncharacteristic". Four red cards is the same as Morelos, no one in the gang hut even began to square that circle. What was uncharacteristic, was the Gang Hut's favoured team conceding two goals, without reply. James McFadden thought the game was perfect for Leigh Griffiths. An uncharacteristic silence ensued. The accepted PQ euphemism on Griffiths these days is, "he's injured"! It would appear PQ's claim of, 'from the first whistle to the last' is really, 'from the first DOG whistle to the last'. I wonder if the denizens of the Gang Hut can hear the drums from Ibrox as we celebrate the Seven Princes from Hell? I suspect they do, because the first Sports Desk of Monday morning was NOT about change at the top. No, it was headlined by Hearts will have four players, Naismith, Soutar, Harring, and Walker, all back from injury to face Rangers at Tynecastle. Two weeks to go, but that was us telt! Monday night's Sportsound proclaimed Rangers had gone top of the Premiership for the first time, quickly rectified by Neil McCann; reminding them of Rangers occupying first during last season's winter break. There was a race to further inform, Rangers had lost the first match after the break at Rugby Park and Sellik's victory had put them back on top. Ah mean, Peter can only do so much. The narrative will be back under firm control when Tom English returns from the Rugby world cup, and Chris was at the end of a fortnight in Dofa for the Athletics world championships. Peter did ensure that Referee, Kevin Clancy did not officiate at any Scottish game last week. Kevin failed to award Sellik two penalties against Hibs at Easter Road; at least the Gang Hut knew NOT to mention that, or discuss it. Remember, from the first whistle until the last.
  3. What's the price of a pie? I suspect somewhere around £3? Bump up the price of a bovril and pie, have the strap line, 'buy a bovril and pie - get free wifi'. Antediluvians like myself are happy to sit with alcan foil on our nappers.
  4. Twenty-five years ago, most juicy Glasgow gossip was published in the Herald, under the auspices of, Tom Shields Diary'. Those days, Tom Shields himself was still playing with a straight bat. His second decade, he became both a professional Yahoo and Catalan. When he left the Herald, he spent five years as a Sellik View columnist, under the moniker, "Tim Shields Diary'. Anyways, it's January and he has a lengthy piece on the actions of a young cub reporter at BBC Scotland. This is when Beeb Scotland was based at Hamilton Drive in Glasgow's west end. There were a dozen restaurants in and around Great Western Road, all selling Table D'hote menus at a penny under the Beeb's expenses limit. The Beeb Scotland football department had all gone out for Christmas lunch in late December in one of the aforementioned brasseries. Rob McLean had been charged with collecting the weekly fivers from thirty-odd colleagues and was as such, responsible for settling the bill after a particular boozy, several hour affair. Shields lived in Hillhead and the restaurant proprietor let him know the details, particularly the bit where he was owed well over a grand. According to the Diary, McLean was back in, begging to be allowed to pay the bill over a period of several weeks. To think, Rob was adept at handing out sneering penny lectures to Rangers supporters on financial integrity?
  5. I await Jum Spence utilising the auspices of BBC Scotland to demand 'Contrition' from the Invernesians.
  6. I attended the European Cup Winners Cup match between Rangers and Young Boys in August'77 at Ibrox. I remember John Greig scored our goal in a one-nil victory and the majority chat centered around that day's death of Elvis. I'll take the same result tonight, Apparently, Elvis expired sitting on the porcelain holding a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.
  7. Reference Ewan Murray. I first came across Ewan Murray amid the early Spring dappled sunshine of Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon. It was the quarter-final of the UEFA Cup against the Sporting Club de Portugal, anxious anticipation was in the air. A group of half-a-dozen had gone over on a five day trip, Monday to Friday, took in the vineyards and the Fado. It was the day before the game and we sat in a street-side cafe, enjoying the coffee and the local custard tarts. An ambiance of frivolity darkened as two chaps in matching chinos, pastel shaded shirts, and careless pullovers around shoulders entered and sat opposite. It was Spiers and his then Catamite, Ewan Murray. They talked golf grips, demonstratively so; then inquired if we could recommend a restaurant? My mate, Colin asked if they enjoyed chocolate? He took their nonplussed look as an affirmative, and offered, "you can eat each other". We left. True story.
  8. Big Dick's state of Tumescence. France is not far away, but it is far enough to find yourself behind the curve. Last weekend's Scottish football arrived courtesy of an internet link. I hesitated to muse aloud on PQ's workings, I mean I do not have a full picture. It's more a snatch of commentary, pieces of opinion, and it can arrive in burst transmission. However, I rationalised it, it is exactly the service BBC Scotland provides to us, the Rangers support. Their latest strap line, "from the first whistle until the last" means jack-shit to the Bears, we get a different Bozo every other week sitting on the naughty step, watching RTV. PQ prefer to call it, "being right across events at Ibrox? Thus, broadcasting from where the sunshine spends the winter, Radio Qui Donne un Baiser Volant dit .......................................... The Dandies begin their footballing week on the plastic at Livi', Big Dick knows the next three games will go a long way to defining his favourites' season. He is bullish and is encouraged when Aberdeen score an early scrappy goal. Livi' create several opportunities to at least equalise, but squander everyone. Injury time sees a penalty award to the Dons No questions, Cosgrove scythed down, get's up, and dispatches the spot kick. A triumphalist Big Dick echoes Derek's post match comments, "Aberdeen are finding new ways to win". Big Dick is standing free, he is proud and confident, swollen with pride. No demand to view the Spaghettiad happenings on Sportscene. The next day, Rangers are visitors to McDairmid Park, and Big Dick's rush of blood has gone to his head. Inspired by a goalless first half, Big Dick voices the opinion that Saints have enjoyed the better of the limited chances. St Johnstone's firm grip on the match was akin to Big Dick's grip on his dismembered member, "perhaps Rangers exertions against Feyenoord are having an effect"? Handing back to the commentary team at the beginning of the second half, Big Dick posed the question, "Can Rangers find an answer in the second half"? Of course, Rangers ran in four goals, Alfredo providing a part of the answer inside the opening minute of the second forty-five. There were two contentious decisions, a clear hand ball by a Saints defender inside his penalty box, a penalty not awarded. The other was Defoe's second and Rangers fourth goal, he was offside, not flagged. Big Dick inflated sense of his own importance took over, it was like watching Morelos of last season. Big Dick imbued with the energy of a new born giraffe, decided to become a thruster. He rhymed off a well rehearsed speech about refereeing decisions familiar to smaller clubs when playing Rangers. He noted Saints were denied a clear goal, he saw the ball cross the line He had no doubts, and, "tonight's Sportscene will prove it". Big Dick failed to mention the Saints hand ball, but threw in Defoe being offside; it will add to the home side's sense of legitimate grievance. Sportscene arrived. It showed Cosgrove was outside the Livi' box, and it was his foot that tangled with the Livi' defender, verdict no penalty. Further, all three Amigos congratulated the Referee and Linesman for getting the goal line clearance by Steve Davis absolutely correct. Defoe was offside, but an injury time fourth goal had no effect on the result. The Rangers penalty claim was shown, but not examined. See Big Dick, what a prick? Big Dick fails to raise a Semi. We move to midweek, it's Scottish League Cup quarter-final night. Aberdeen are at Tynecastle and Rangers are skating on Livi's plastic. Big Dick is cock-a-hoop, Aberdeen are the beneficiaries of two penalties, Cosgrove, the goal machine buries both. Rangers are the beneficiary of an early deflected goal by Kamara. Livi' shell the ball into the Rangers box from all angles and we live on our nerves. Joe Aribo is elbowed and receives 20 stitches to his head. We have had several chances to tie up the tie, but we manage to squander all. Going into the final moments, PQ are hopeful of a deserved Livi' leveler, "Livingston are asking all the right questions of Rangers soft central defence". Big Dick's calm tones reflect smooth waters ebbing at Tynie, then Craig Halkett(former Rangers youth player) equalises and takes the tie to penalties. Rangers qualifying for the semi-finals is an after thought; but no worries, the goal machine will see the Dandies into the last four. Cosgrove skys the Reds first post match penalty, two other Dons players copy that, and Big Dick is clawing for the Viagra. It sounded as if Big Dick was having a hard time, keeping his pecker up. It was despondent Big Dick desperately clutching Wullie(Miller) for comfort. Of course, Big Dick could take comfort in that H-u-n, Joe Aribo with twenty stitches in a head wound and no red card. I don't know if Big Dick allows Rangers a sense of grievance? Flacid Big Dick. The footballing week culminated at Ibrox. An early evening ferry crossing and several hour drive was my foreplay to sitting erect awaiting kick-off. PQ had Rob McLean on the naughty step, Big Dick was in the darkened room with a tumescent revolver. Rangers fire was quick, constant, and accurate. Aberdeen, Scotland's second best team fired blanks. Rob had no stimulation for Big Dick, his final contribution was, "Defoe makes it five, Aberdeen are looking for an offside". Being raised to absolutely hate Rangers appears to lead to erectile dysfunction, because Big Dick gave the result a few times but had no energy to discuss the result with an expectant Billy Dodds. Further, unlike the Scottish Cup quarter-final replay in late March, Big Dick did NOT call Derek McInnes for post match comments. A flacid Big Dick was left with the lame mantra, "Aberdeen were missing eight players through either injury or sickness". Still, the number of Dandies in the PQ Gang Hut, you can form a self help group. Indulge in several sessions of cross-hand boogie, it will get the blood flowing again. If more is needed, remember Chris McLaughlin is well regarded as, 'Head Bhoy'.
  9. I know it was just a twenty minute cameo; however, I was thinking Edmundson's interventions and tackle on Aberdeen's number 10 in the last five minutes was almost Sammer-esque. I liked the way the Aberdeen midfielder stayed tackle for fully five minutes. Maybe a consideration for the role of front sweeper against Young Boys on Thursday?
  10. Initially, on seeing yesterday's team, I thought there might be a lack of natural width. The first fifteen minutes seem to reinforce first thoughts, our right side had acres of space not being exploited. As the game progressed, both Tav' and Barisic pushed further forward, providing the desired angles. The second and third goals came from either flank. Talking of which, I noted after the second goal, a few dozen Dandies headed for the exits. After the third with forty-odd minutes left to play, several hundred queued to leave. The spirit broken? It seems to be heading that way, the other barometer of Rangers hatred, 'Pie and Bovril' has managed several pages on the game; normally, that would be thirty pages plus. Sound thrashings are beginning to condition the Sell Out Saturday brigade.
  11. I have not made a contribution this season, I would be happy to preview Porto v Rangers?
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