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  1. I note Ewing's interview with Roger has been picked up by the Times. The Thunderer includes more quotes from 'the Don' and quelle surprise, Roger thinks Rangers case against the SPFL's maladministration was thwarted by Rangers supporters : "Mitchell, who was in charge of the elite division between 1998 and 2002, believes Rangers could have prevailed but he believes the behaviour of some of their supporters during the dispute was unacceptable. If Rangers had delivered their case for an independent investigation properly, they would have had a compelling argument to make. However, I personally know there are SPFL Board members who cannot wait for the minute they are allowed to step down because they have gone through hell in the last few weeks and months". You may notice the utilisation of the user name, 'the Don'? This is germane to Roger's next quote, "Fans and media sometimes underestimate the consequences of stoking up a story. Are you surprised? Spend half an hour on supporters' websites and you'll see how bad the situation is. People ramp up the flames because it sells newspapers and gets radio audiences". One of the most strident posters on both the Rangers Tax Case Blog and Charlotte Fakes was, 'The Don'. Clearly, an insider with a lot of inside knowledge. Any and every glowing ember received a gallon of petrol courtesy of the Don. Most contributors believed the Don was dearest Roger, and he has never denied it. Ironic, isn't it?
  2. Today, Sellik - minded freelance Journo, Ewing Grahame is in the Scottish Sun presenting another unbiased piece of subjective comment. Roger Mitchell, remember him? Ex-SPL Chief is today's confidant, and he is willing to articulate the very real concerns of SPFL Board members and their families. Now, Roger cannot compete in Sellik aristocracy stakes alongside David Low, he has to be content with regularly trolling Rangers supporters from his current home in Italy and occasionally begging Peter to recognise he was quite important, once. Roger is rawking 'Empathy', he knows SPFL Board members who are finding it difficult to recover from the SPFL Good Friday vote. The levels of intimidation, hate mail, and online venom were such, SERIOUS contingency plans were being made for themselves and families. The extent of the resulting fear has created a mindset where several cannot wait to step down and enter their safe houses. Roger assures the readership that these are decent people, he knows because he has sat beside many of them in the Walfrid Suite. Further, there's no use in talking to these entrenched fans on the sidelines; again he knows because, "I experienced it from both sides of the Glasgow divide". Amazingly, he is agreeing with fellow Establishment Man, Stuart Cosgrove; I suspect they both attended the same Hollicom briefing? Thus, SPFL Board members and families are suffering from unquantifiable emotional incontinence from shady sidelined forces, oh the angst! Let's hope Peter allows these decent people to step down? Next week, Ewing will interview big, big Sellik man, Jim. No names, no pack drill, Jim is exasperated at the lack of recognition, given the very real sacrifices he made for the Separate Entity.
  3. All Peter's partners wear masks during copulation, it's a gimp tradition.
  4. See post entitled, 'A Tale of Ewing, David, and a Failing Publication'.
  5. Ewing is Ewing Grahame, a strict adherent of ra green'n'grey hooped horrors. His commitment to the cause cannot be questioned, he has lost a job because of his devotion. Seventeen years ago, Ewing had made it out of a pack of young, up, and coming cub reporters. He was appointed the Herald's Chief Football Writer. It was early December'03 and Ewing was dispatched to Stuttgart to cover the German champions final CL group game against Rangers. He traveled on the official team flight. Ewing was upset, his beloved Sellik were playing their final CL group game against Bayern Munich at the chamber of secrets on the previous evening. He was spotted in a Stuttgart bar screaming at a TV as his beloveds participated in a nil-nil draw, failing to qualify for the knock out stages. Ewing's bitterness continued into the next day, seen on a number of occasions in a state of uber refreshment in and around the Gottleib-Daimler stadium. Fifteen minutes after kick-off, Ewing stumbled into the press box, braying algebra, he took out his lap top, slumped over it, and succumbed to deep slumber. A story was unfolding, 8,000 Rangers supporters were being crammed into a seating space for 3,500. The German police did not care what stand your ticket placed you, they were determined every Bluenose was to be placed in the designated away area. Thirty minutes after the game, the crushed Rangers supporters filed their way over a hastily constructed scaffold bridge, distraught at a 1-0 defeat, Ewing slumbered on. He missed the team bus to the airport, arrived an hour late in a taxi, and received dogs abuse from players and staff as the flight had lost it's departure slot. The flight arrived in Glasgow four hours late and it was Ewing's unprofessional behaviour that was to blame. Rangers made a formal complaint to the Herald and Editor, Mark Douglas-Home allowed Ewing to resign. Ewing has been a Sellik-minded Freelance ever since. David is David Low, the very epitome of a self publicist. David is renaissance man, an Economist, Investment Guru, Investment Advisor, Old Aloysian, Author, Irish Citizen, ...........etc. He saved ra Sellik by finding Fergus, he ate the biled ham raw, he licked the perspiration from the shuch of Bowie's ar-se, he'll milk the pea from a Jesuit pod, ...... etc. David is the product of his conditioning, carries his own lubrication. Anyways, there's a situation; well, there's several. We have had a month of Neil, Rod, and Shifty McGifty being continuously in both the print and broadcast media. Peter is being linked to attending SPFL meetings with Government Ministers, articles about the asterisk, and Sellik players have been released for free. Simunovic cost £4.5 million, and only six months past, Mark Guidi decreed him to be worth £20 million. Jonny Hayes has also walked, despite sterling service suppressing all Australian bush fires with his face. We cannot have questions. The fail failing publication is the Sunday Mail, like it's daily sister, the Daily Record, has a several year commercial arrangement with ra Sellik. Printing and publishing both ra Sellik View and ra Sellik match day programme. The Sunday Mail can no longer rely on Gordon Waddell to pen his weekly Rangers hating bile, they let him go because they can no longer support the terms and conditions of his contract. Thus, Peter has told Ewing to interview David and fill the pages of the blat. The topic - European Club most likely to go Bust. David told Ewing it was Rangers. Yep, David scoured all his knowledge of Georgian, Israeli, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Maltese, ........................ clubs for a minute and concluded Rangers. As of 13.30 hrs today, all quotes from David Low have been removed from the article. Who would have thought David would take his professionalism to the depths achieved by Ewing? Such partisan comments made in a professional capacity. In mitigation, David was probably pyshed, we know Ewing is; Peter must demand more from Hollicom?
  6. It will be Joe Fitzpatrick in his bare feet, paying proper homage to Peter.
  7. I note from this morning's daily paper that has had a commercial arrangement with ra Sellik for several years(they print ra Sellik View and ra Sellik match day programme) that Peter is joining the SPFL delegation meeting Scottish Minister for Sport, Joe Fitzpatrick. Phew, that's a relief; as we all know, Peter has the best interests of Scottish football at heart? Reference Joe Fitzpatrick, a few weeks past during the furore over Dundee's retracted vote, I read a piece on the awful Pie and Bovril site. A Dundonian demanded intervention from the Scottish Minister for Sport. Another Dundonian (Planet Broons) replied he had attended Uni' with Joe Fitzpatrick and he was useless because, "he was a gay guy with no interest in football". I suspect today, Peter will tell Joe why he must become interested in Scottish football, and how long that interest is maintained.
  8. The Social Services should be involved, children being used to support the increasingly fawning cult of Nicola.
  9. Advantages of Dubai. 1. It's not Saudi. 2. It's not Kuwait. 3. It's not Kharg Island. 4. Waitrose and Markies. 5. It's not Ershur. Go to coastal Oregon.
  10. 55 appearances in 4 years. Medial ligament injury, sidelined for 18 months.
  11. Michael Ball for left back.
  12. Saturday afternoon on BBC Radio Scotland, Stuart Cosgrove said : "ahm hearing reports this week of Rangers signing Hagi for £5 million, given the current state of Scottish football, every aspect of that deal is wrong". The key word being, "every". A young exciting talent arrives at a Scottish football club and EVERY aspect is wrong?
  13. Who allowed their children to participate in blatant propaganda? You would have to be Prince Andrew to think that video went down well.
  14. Mutual Support. In the absence of Scottish football, PQ remain strict adherents to the Hollicom line. The narrative is set during midweek, Michael Stewart demands an explanation. The PQ lemmings rush to the edge, desperate to be seen chorusing support. In many ways, it's a relief because the increasing alternative is another broadcast chapter on the fascinating life of DrStu'. Last week, we had DrStu' and his son, Jack on our screens articulating the difficulties of living with autism during Lockdown. Further, DrStu' distributes a bit of patronage, German born photographer, Caro Weiss had taken photos of the family at the Dennistoun pile, and the PQ TV cameras took the hint the very next day and we had a two minute piece on BBC Scotland on the provision of the service. DrStu's collaged life is important, mostly to DrStu'. He walks his son to school, then there's the fund raising for the school, It's an unique school, there's the mutual support of puff pieces from the likes of Journo, Catriona Stewart. An oft' repeated mantra from DrStu' over the decades is, "I am not alone in saying this", thus when something is decreed as special, it becomes necessary for Catriona to pen an article. The canvas is wide, across the National, the Herald, and the Evening Times, we are told the school is a quiet artistic haven in a sea of turmoil. It must be, we await the documentary? DrStu' and Gregor Cox( a nom de plume used on the comments sections of the three newspapers named above for 18 months - aka Catriona Stewart) have consistently consigned Rangers supporters to the sidelines, "baying, beeling, and raging". Of course, having Rangers supporting friends is a necessary tool. DrStu' can say often, "ah don't get it, what do they want"? DrStu's Rangers supporting friends(let's take a minute here to appreciate DrStu's tolerance) all agree with him. Always, they reinforce DrStu's opinion. Remember, back in the day, DrStu' would regularly introduce a guest, a Janitor from Largs, Chris Connor - the H-u-n with a Heart? Chris has been long disappeared, probably disagreed with DrStu'? Imagine the imaginary? We should applaud DrStu's patronage of Caro Weiss, it's a pity he could not extend his welcoming comments to Ianis Hagi, a 21 year old Romanian. Michael Stewart had demanded and DrStu' obliged, "ahm hearing reports of this week of Rangers signing Hagi for £5 million, given the current state of Scottish football, every aspect of that deal is wrong". A young, exciting talent is arriving and it's bad, bad, bad. I am positive DrStu's Rangers supporting friends agree? Further, it highlights a continuing Warren Cummings mindset, young Romanians provide a service as worthy as Scots with an Anglo accent. As one of those beeling and raging on the sidelines, I am going to ask DrStu' for a minor indulgement? We were teased with Cosgrove telling of his lunch at Gamba with SPFL Chief Executive, Neil Doncaster. Sharing those unctuous hand dived scallops on a bed of Stornoway black pudding and Ayrshire pancetta with the £388,000 per annum automaton must have had an accompanying glass of Burgundy, Albarino, or old vine Chenin Blanc? If Hollicom allow it, we should be told? Some would argue that any repast with Neil, would be too hard to swallow. However, the mutual support will arrive, legitimising your actions, it always does. Sportsound on Saturday. They did a 15 minute piece on Barcelona'72, Wullie Johnston and Colin Stein were on the telephone as Big Dick played a straight bat. It was turgid. A Scottish club heads off to play a final in totalitarian Fascist Spain, against the KGB sponsored team, Moscow Dynamo, and nothing. The assembled cast of Pat Boner, Michael Stewart, Billy Dodds, Brian McLauchlin, ....etc did not ask a single question. Alfie Conn, a better player than they say? The unique situation, Rangers in the middle of two totalitarian regimes, thirty years prior had been combatants in the Spanish Civil War? Willy Mathieson, could he kick doors at Halloween? Next up was a similar piece on Sellik in Seville with Jackie McNamara. Real engagement, several questions, all warm and fuzzy. Oh, and Michael Stewart banged on about Hearts relegation and the injustice of the situation. He was not demanding an explanation, that was reserved for Rangers proposed signing of Ianis Hagi. I suspect DrStu' will have to inform Michael of the Hollicom line, Hearts are no longer considered a model club. Like Rangers in Barca', there were no takers. Mutual support is only awarded to strict adherents.
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