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  1. A little bit of symmetry. In the week where Glasgow's Fare Developer, Sean Huddleston over exposes himself and draws negative publicity, the PQ Gang Hut full time report on Rangers versus Young Boys is broadcast by Alex O'Henley on BBC Radio Scotland. Barra's finest FARE rep' seemed a bit miffed that Rangers had qualified, preferring to concentrate on Alfredo storming of the pitch and up the tunnel at the final whistle. Still, it makes a change from Billy Dodds or Rob McLean sat on the naughty step.
  2. I note BBC Sports last jottings from last night after live CL coverage, from Jonathan Jurejko posted at 22.30hrs. Goodbye! Another night done, another decade done. Thats the Champions League done for the twenty tens. But we have one last piece of European action to get through before 2019 disappears. Tomorrow's Europa League action featuring Arsenal, Manchester United, Wolves, and Celtic. Join us then. BBC radio Scotland are covering ra Sellik live in Romania and at eight O'Clock when our game kicks-off, they go off air. Tonight will be the fourth time they have provided no coverage from Ibrox in a European game. It's premeditated, Jonathan Jurejko above is telling us, only four British clubs participating in Europa League action. Party streamers and balloons in the Gang Hut.
  3. From memory. It was in the immediate wake of the Villarreal - Rangers CL last sixteen game. BBC Scotland's Alex O'Henley was the FARE rep' in Spain. His report lead to UEFA fining the club. The usual suspects in the BBC stated that Rangers and Rangers supporters had no right to know our accusers. Ra Sellik were away at Tynecastle a few weeks later, and indulged in the full IRA song sheet. FARE received hundreds of complaints from Rangers supporters. FARE sat on the complaints, decided their remit was only European football. and husband and wife team, Piara Power and Aasmah Mir(Glasgow born Sellik supporter - current BBC Radio Five presenter) took the decision to send the complaints on to both the SFA(Stuart Regan) and ra Sellik(Peter Lawwell). Peter penned letters to all those complaining, stating the club did not encourage such chanting. It was a breac of the Data Protection Act, but again many of the usual suspects, particularly at BBC Scotland congratulated Lawwell for taking such a pro-active stance.
  4. A face designed to be ever covered by a balaclava.
  5. FARE have provided reports this season that has seen UEFA close 6,000 seats at Ibrox over two group games in the Europa Cup. The cost to our club is circa £200,000. Sean Huddleston could have been the FARE representative penning those reports. Sean is born and bred in West Belfast, his tertiary education appears to have been conducted in Scotland. Sean has been a season ticket holder at Sellik Park for five years, and a shareholder these last three. Further, Sean has been a volunteer worker at ra Sellik museum and visitor centre for six years.His social media pages also mention his position as an established writer on the Celtic Underground. Someone should ask Stuart Cosgrove if FARE have an objectivity problem?
  6. Reference Sean Huddleston PhD. A couple of minutes on his social media means provides interesting reading. Sean is bestest mates with the likes of Jeanette Findlay, Neil MacKay, Angela Haggerty, and ..................... Stuart Cosgrove.
  7. Initially on seeing the FARE tweet, I thought the tweeter had mistakenly forgotten to exit his/her FARE log-in and return to the personal log-in. FARE confirm an error has occurred and state they do NOT share the views on the tweet. There is only one member of the FARE team based in Glasgow, Sean Huddleston is a Glasgow Uni' lecturer in the faculty of Education and holds the FARE designation, 'Developer'. I wonder if the Education Faculty Dean of School is satisfied that Sean Huddleston PhD is suitable to lecture Undergraduates? FARE are a sectarian organisation and we cannot be surprised at Sean's designation.
  8. PQ Time Line. Sunday, the day of the league Cup final, the most vocal on BBC Radio Scotland were the Gang Hut Dandies. They continue to peddle Aberdeen are ra Sellik challengers and were relieved ra green'n'grey triumphed. Big Dick, Liam McLeod, Wullie Miller sang the praises. It must be said, all admitted Jullien's strike was offside. Sportscene, as usual had Dandy, Jonathon Sutherland hosting, Michael Stewart and Thommo providing comment. Again, they chorused, 'offside'. Overall, praise for the Rangers performance. Monday, BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound had Gary Caldwell as the guest. In one hour of broadcast, the word, 'offside' was not mentioned. The former Sellik Skipper chose to get after James Tavenier. As Wigan Boss, he let him go because he did not possess the correct mentality. Managing Partick Thistle unsuccessfully for under a year allows Caldwell to pass judgement, Tav' has many attributes, good assists, but is not a winner. A comfort to Chris Sutton. Tuesday, Tom English, the Limerick renaissance man got all psychological. Obviously rocking Connie McLaughlin's inner buzz, he stuck it on Ryan Jack for hugging Stevie G, and shedding a tear. Apparently, Scott Brown, a real man's man would never do such like. Tom's diagnosis is thus; Rangers are a weaker team psychologically than ra Sellik. He praised both Jack's and Rangers performance. Alpha male, Broony post match did not share a hug and shed a tear; no siree Bob, he went out with his mates and sang, 'Fcuk the H-u-ns'. Real tumescent skipper behaviour, we await Dr Tom's prognosis? Another Sellik employee was on message with Broony, Sports Therapist(and Mental Health First Aider), Caitlin Brown got herself photographed holding aloft the League Cup, posted it on social media with the headline, 'Fcuk the H-u-ns'. I wonder what mental health professionals think of dearest Caitlin, maybe Dr Tom will call her out? All in all, an undeserved Sellik victory leads to strange behaviour in the Gang Hut. Time for BBC Scotland regular, Angela Haggerty to bring a bit of balance to proceedings?
  9. Driving home this evening, I heard the first 15 minutes of Radio Snyde. The nasal whine that is Nuremberg Hugh aka Hugh Keevins is undecided on the merits of ra Sellik's goal, He has seen pictures suggesting Jullien was offside, and other pictures show him to be on side. His conclusion being we have to issue all officials a Hubble Telescope. A rangers supporter challenged Undecided Hugh and he was swatted with, "I witnessed Ronnie Deila's Celtic being denied a treble after the referee ignored a clear penalty, the ball struck the defender's extended arm. Further, if the caller is honest he will remember Rangers being benefited by off side goals". Notice, Hugh states any offside is suggested whereas other pictures are on side. His answer to the caller includes Sellik suffering from an injustice, reinforced by a plea to the caller's honesty. I suspect Hugh and Allison have both read the same briefing? Nine years past, we had a Referees' strike in Scotland. Their employers ie the SFA did not support them(well, Peter did not allow them to do so). Foreign Refs were brought in to break the strike. Interestingly, Hugh was undecided at the time; but he did tell the story of attending a Sellik ECWC semi-final against Liverpool in 1965. He was certain that he and every other attendee at Sellik Park that night knew ra Sellik had been cheated. Bobby Lennox had scored a perfectly good goal ruled offside. I mean, foreign Ref', European game; what the fcuk has that got to do with a Ref' strike in Scotland? Hugh has never explained why he continually described the pre-Champions League atmosphere at Ibrox, "as akin to a Nuremberg Rally". It was the 1935 Nuremberg Laws that condemned several million Jews, Gypsies, disabled, Freemasons, Scout Leaders, ..... etc to the gas chambers.
  10. Before the final, I thought our tempo was paramount to possible success. The first 65 minutes, our tempo was spot on. Ra Sellik go down to ten men, we fail to score the penalty, and our tempo begins to slow down. Lennon identifies it during his post match comments. He lauds their ten men performance, recognising they struggled to compete with eleven men. Of course, they retreated into their last third. We were reduced to passing the ball sideways, relying on Barker and Tav' accessing the bye-line. Generally, our crossing became woeful. Both probing and threading stopped too, Kent was withdrawn into starting attacks from the centre circle. Tempo needs direction, it's dynamic. Just saying, when Katic came on, I thought they will throw him up front. Jullien has to mark him, leaving Morelos and Defoe to feed on secondaries. Further, our midfield steps another few yards forward to feed on edge of the box secondaries. Anyways, after sixty-five minutes ra Sellik controlled the match tempo. Count the minutes lost to perceived injuries, cramp, bye-kicks, throw-ins, ........ etc. Solve the question of maintaining tempo(in many cases where do you place the extra man), and we will continue to progress.
  11. Today's Guardian carries a match report of yesterday's League Cup final. It's penned by Allison McConnell, former cub reporter at ra Sellik View. Obviously, conditioned by her previous employment, Allison has managed to construct a number of words to describe her heroes' goal, "Rangers lost to a Christopher Jullien goal that Television pictures suggested was offside". Note, Allison doesn't state the goal was offside, it's those remote TV pictures that suggest it may be so. Allison's sin is clean. How are you and Chris getting on these days? TV pictures suggest Chris behaved in an offside manner? Please feel free to contribute other conditioned descriptions of the goal. We should have a prize, 'the Man in the Know' award for the most construed.
  12. Peter says, "it's £30 of software".
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