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  1. "which severely restricts our ability to report freely from Ibrox". The PQ Gang Hut over eggs a rancid pudding.
  2. FTAO Tom Boyd. I note the Referee appointed to officiate tomorrow evening's match in Warsaw between Legia and Rangers is Benoit Bastien. He is French and in his last 28 Euro games has issued ten red cards and 124 yellows. Further, he has been known to eat green cheese.
  3. Mood Music. Last week brought hard times to the members of the PQ Gang Hut. Their green'n'grey hooped favourites had crashed out of the Champions League. Their second favourites were being thrashed 4-zip on aggregate at Pittodrie. Both games were covered live. The downcast Blarney Duo of Tom English and Pat Bonner were bereft at the immediate future's lack of travel opportunities. Big Dick and Wullie Miller reported the Dandies were two down and one man down at half time, they both wanted the Ref' to blow the full time whistle. This was after telling the audience that Derek was desperate to make the qualifying round of the Europa Cup, on his sixth attempt. On both nights, Sportsound finished at 22.15hrs. Rangers won 7-3 on aggregate, and the 3-1 victory at Ibrox was deemed worthy of a couple of ninety second reports. John Barnes sat in a PQ room watching Rangers RV coverage, we were told he was right across events at Ibrox. The Scottish co-efficient was not mentioned on either night's coverage. Big Dick speculated on Rangers growing confidence and Wullie Miller went into a well rehearsed speech about budgets. Rangers should be progressing, if they don't questions should be asked? If Rangers fail to match ra Sellik's results in the league, questions must be asked? Steven Gerrard is here to stop ten-in-a-row, if he fails, questions will be asked? At one point, Big Dick wondered aloud, "seven goals against Danish opposition, is that a good result"? I don't know why he threw that out there either. By Friday afternoon, PQ decided some context was required, step forward Connie McLaughlin. The Connie Context was that Midtylland were fourth in the Danish table whereas both ra Sellik and Aberdeen had faced the Romanian champions and Croatia's second best team. I know Gersnetters will be surprised that the Connie Context was a lie? Midtylland are second in the table on goal difference, having won their first five domestic matched. It would appear Connie is as lazy as her brother, Chris? The fall out over the weekend was continuous praise for Rangers and Gerrard. It sounded all wrong. I suspect the PQ high heid-yins have had enough of grudgingly issuing several apologies to Rangers and Rangers supporters every season. The mood music situation is Rangers have played 9 competitive games, won eight, and drawn one. Praise is deserved, deliver it. However, as Wullie Miller has said, if Rangers or Rangers supporters fcuk up, then questions will be hard and fast. Uniquely, we will be a prisoner of our budget. The PQ Gang Hut know our next four games will go a long way in dictating the nature of Rangers season. Tom Boyd has started ra Sellik line on vicTIMhood, PQ will amplify without sharing detail. John Beaton's awarding ten penalties to ra Sellik whilst awarding less than half that number to 90% of clubs in the same league(including Rangers four penalties), will not be broadcast. The Green Brigade can unfurl whatever banner they wish, it will not be highlighted, it will not be discussed. They can sing the IRA Karaoke throughout, it will not be highlighted, it will not be discussed. However, any sectarian chanting at Love Street, Warsaw, or at Ibrox during the old firm match, then the national megaphone will be turned up to eleven, and both Michael Stewart and Tom English will be battling for control of the mouth piece. Mood music, it's all a matter of context.
  4. The story continues ..... The club that do not do statements, Sellik have issued a statement stating they are "astounded" that Tom Boyd is under compliance officer investigation. Now, Tom Boyd is a separate entity to ra Sellik, even though he is a club Ambassador and works for Sellik TV. I suspect Sellik Peter has fail failed to copy in SPFL Peter and SFA Peter? Of course, Tom could play the, 'I am as thick as shit pouring from the neck of a bottle non-entity' card? True story, Tom was in court a couple of years past, giving evidence against a confidence trickster who persuaded Tom to invest £70,000 in his company, which promised to triple Tom's investment in a calendar year. Thus, if Tom does intend to play said card, he would not be lying.
  5. A story from the Times on Friday last. Pundit seeks £750,000 damages from his own Lawyers. A former footballer is seeking more than £750,000 in damages from a law firm after he took a Turkish club to a FIFA tribunal. Michael Stewart claimed that the world football body's Dispute Resolution Chamber(DRC) would probably made an enhanced award, taking account of tax, if it had been sought. The former professional who played for Hibs and Hearts, raised a claim in a commercial action at the Court of Session in Edinburgh alleging breach of contract and fault and negligence by Bridge Litigation UK. The Glasgow based firm is contesting the claim and has lodged pleas seeking to be absolved from the action and the case dismissed. Mr Stewart, 38 of Edinburgh, alleged he lost a sum equivalent to the UK income tax liability, on the sums awarded by the DRC amounting to £347,743. He also says he lost a sum equivalent to the interest that should have been sought on the amounts claimed in an action against his former club, Genclerbirligi, amounting to £319,151. He said he had also incurred professional fees of £112, 596, as he sought to recover some of his losses. Mr Stewart said he was no longer able to recover a sum equivalent to the UK tax liability on the money awarded by the DRC or interest on sums owed by his former club. He said he had entered a contract with his club in 2010 which meant all payments made to him were to be without tax already deducted. Mr Stewart, a football pundit, said the club failed to make payments of various sums he was due. He turned to the law firm for advice and a claim was brought to the DRC, which later made an award in his favour. During a hearing today, Lord Ericht , the judge, gave the parties time to make adjustments and set a further hearing for November.
  6. Apparently, the Compliance Officer is investigating Tom Boyd's comments reference Referee, John Beaton. Oh well, Alfredo Morelos will be offered a four match ban?
  7. If abuse survivors find it difficult to know the amount of compensation paid out to one victim, then they should attempt the absolute impossible, discover the attendance at Saturday's League Cup tie at the Stydome?
  8. Ah good, we are all beneficiaries then; all flies and bluebottles in Glasgow will follow their noses to ra Stade de Gadd.
  9. W e appear to have escaped the swinging hot spot that is Methill with a victory and no injuries, but that surface continues to nag and snag. The quarter-final draw at Livi is another plastic affair. We have so far played nine competitive games this season, including yesterday's, that's four out of nine on plastic, with Livi awaiting.
  10. I am positive Tommy attended that particular theme night at Cupids?
  11. Thus far, Peter has fail failed to inform Buttermilk Tom what to think reference Aberdeen and Rangers. Further, Tom's mouth is full at the moment.
  12. Cook is attending Lords, tell him to get the whites on.
  13. Celtic should not have to play Champions League qualifiers. A oft repeated refrain this last three weeks, by Ewing Grahame, Tom English, Chris McLaughlin, Neil Cameron, ........................................... etc
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