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  1. Who is the journalist penning the piece? The article is behind a fire wall.
  2. On appointment, Rod screamed, "Lee Wallace is a grass". Peter Lawwell assured the waiting press pack, "from now on, Rod will only say what I tell him to say". The waiting press pack exhaled, "aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh".
  3. Whose side are the Catalans on in this dispute? What does Mel Gibson say? What is the Green Party take on the issue? Do they adhere to the meek shall inherit the world, but not the mineral rights? We should to told. I feel assured, knowing Fiona Hyslop MSP is fighting Scotland's corner in this issue. She could disappear the issue by eating Rockall, she has a healthy appetite.
  4. Kuenssberg was Head Girl at Laurel Bank school in Glasgow's west end.
  5. We should award this issue the respect it deserves. Take Boris, Jeremy, and Nicola; place them in the hallway at Chequers. Light roaring fires, strip them naked, oil them up, and invite them to wrestle. After two hours, the one sustaining the biggest hard-on is rewarded with the post as PM. The biggest dick should be the Big Dick.
  6. You made the tenth contribution to this thread, you asked, "what has this ex MP got to do with Rangers"? I answered with his early application to join the RST, along with another Labour MP at the time, Iain Davidson. I would suggest that both Sir Brian and yourself are Rangers supporters. I am not aware of any correlation between early application for the RST and being awarded Knighthoods? If you are being proposed for a daubing, I hope you are successful.
  7. I remember 16 years back, Brian Donahue MP was one of the first couple of hundred to make application to join the Rangers Supporters Trust.
  8. I am in France, thus the Daily Mail is a less than acceptable port in a storm. I remain in France and through the auspicies of the same newspaper's website, I can confirm the former Hearts player's wife in flagrante delicto, is Claire Makel. Apparently, husband Lee is currently a coach with Hibs.
  9. I note today, ra Sellik are advertising Fathers' Day gifts, the shaving/apres shave kit is entitled, 'Male Grooming Kit'!
  10. Is it normal practice for ra Sellik to conduct a two year secret inquiry into a separate entity? We should be told.
  11. In deepest, darkest Lanarkshire, we drank aerated waters. Roberstsons of Springwell being our purveyors of choice. Qu'est-ce que c'est 'Ginger'? I suspect this is one of those Jum Spence shagging a Lama in Lochee things?
  12. I know we have posters on this forum who have lived and worked in Holland for numerous years, how is the drink, 'osonyq' pronounced? A potential big score in scrabble.
  13. Dick by Name. "Edinburgh Zoo have accepted the transfer of Rangers player, Filip Sebo, they plan to exhibit him". It's almost fifteen years ago now, but the above was an e-mail received by BBC Scotland's 'Through the Window' programme. Big Dick presented the show, the transfer window was closing and BBC Radio Scotland had reporters around the country, past the bewitching hour. It was a slow night and Big Dick had received the e-mail early, he hummed and hawed over broadcasting it, but kept chuckling. He told us he intended clearing it with his Producer, and after midnight would tell us the contents of the e-mail. On hearing the contents, I thought he was just flashing his credentials as a Rangers hater. Today, I have read Big Dick's SPL Premiership team of the season 2018-19, it confirms the hate remains strong. Joe Lewis again proved he is the best keeper in the country. Allan McGregor performed well for Rangers, but was let down by on going disciplinary problems. Daniel Bachmann was the other serious contender for the number one spot. My full backs are Rangers skipper, James Tavernier who improved defensively and remains a menace going forward, and Greg Taylor who had an outstanding season and looks to have a bright future. Craig Halkett and Stuart Findlay form a rock solid central defensive partnership. The outgoing Livingston captain should be an excellent signing for Hearts, while Findlay must be in the running for international honours. I had a list of about fifteen other defenders to choose from, including the likes of Max Lowe, Scott McKenna, Andrew Considine, Paul Hanlon, Jason Kerr, David Gray, but the quartet I picked were the top performers. The midfield was the toughest area to whittle down, Killie trio Alan Power, Gary Dicker, Chris Burke, Celtic captain, Scott Brown, Scott Arfield and Ryan Kent were among plenty I considered, but I am more than happy with the four I have gone with. MY LINE-UP PROBABLY LACKS A BIT OF BALANCE but I have selected the best midfield in the country across a season. Callum McGregor was the outstanding talent in Scottish football for me, a player with the touch and vision to stand out at the highest level, and always a joy to watch. Lewis Ferguson came to the fore on day one for the Dons and very quickly established himself, and Graeme Shinnie put in another highly consistent season, and thoroughly deserves his place. At the tip of my diamond, it has to be David Turnbull, who exploded on to the scene and reeled off a series of dynamic performances, capped by a fifteen goal haul. The least competitive area of my team was up front. I considered Eamonn Brophy but half his goal haul were penalties. Osdonne Edouard peaked for the big games, but lacked consistency and Alfredo Morelos would be more of a liability than an asset. James Forrest was a stick on, so I would give him a flexible role supporting Dons top marksman, Sam Cosgrove. Had he converted that late penalty at Easter Road, then Big Sam would have finished as the Premiership's joint top scorer, and given where he came from at the start of the campaign, his final tally was a remarkable achievement. Thus Big Dick choose, Lewis, Tavernier, Taylor, Halkett, Findlay, McGregor, Ferguson, Shinnie, Turnbull, Forrest, and Cosgrove. Four players from the fourth finishing Dandies, two apiece from Killie and ra Sellik, and one each from Livi, 'Well, and Rangers. The official BBC Scotland Premiership team has five Rangers : McGregor, Tavernier, Arfield, Kent, and Morelos. Reference, "the goal machine"(it's how the Dandies on the Beeb refer to Cosgrove), how many penalties has he converted in failing to achieve joint top scorer status?
  14. I note ra Sellik View is advertising the club's latest piece of merchandise, 'a Treble Treble Watch'. It's official, a Jeweler commissioned to design a bespoke piece. I wonder if he could be persuaded to consult his creative muse and design an accompanying, 'Paedophile Ring', after all, it's an official link?
  15. I remain in France, Ile d'Oleron at the mo'. Sitting outside a bar, scrolling through my tablet. I see a link to a Scottish Daily Mail story, click on and ghast is flabbered. A Chief Superintendent of Police Scotland, Gareth Blair, 48 was allegedly caught having sex in a park and ride last week. It is claimed he was with the 40 year old wife of a prominent footballer. The footballer has played for a number of Scottish clubs, including Hearts. Chief Superintendent Blair is married and has recently taken command of the Edinburgh Division. He met the footballer's wife whilst visiting a gym last week. Apparently, it was members of the public utilising the Park and Ride facility, that complained to the Police. The Police Officer is currently suspended from duty, and is expected to be charged. There is considerable speculation as to whether the footballer's wife will face similar charges? Surely, this cannot be Mrs Stewart, or Mrs Biscuits Preston? I demand ten differing angles of the incident on Sportscene?
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