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  1. 26th of foot

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Hibs vs Rangers

    Hibs 1 Rangers 2. FGS : Morelos.
  2. 26th of foot

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Swiftian Times. I attended Sunday School as a child, we all did then. I endured endless hours of parables followed by Bible study. Sometimes, it was in the form of a quiz; the Minister asked for an new testament character beginning with 'N', I would answer, "Nicodemus" and be rewarded with a sweetie. I suspect Sunday School was sponsored by Dentists? Nicodemus, now there's a name that would benefit all at PQ, he told the Sanhedrin that a man should be heard before being judged. Every week, they tell us they want to hear from Rangers supporters, which seems a pointless exercise, since we are already judged. Attending Sunday School was rewarding, well constant or 'good attendance' meant an improving book was handed over; in my case, 'Gulliver's Travels' by Jonathon Swift. I read it first as an eight year old and have reread the tome on a dozen occasions since. The genius of the book is that it works on a number of levels, from a pacey narrative to the biting satire of the human condition. Society trumps the individual, differences between religions are petty, are men corrupt or are they corrupted, .......................... etc. It's all there and the hook is that it means differing things to different people. Three hundred years past, Swift was taking on the persona of modern, liberal society and examining the cost on such a society which embraces and celebrates policies pursuing scientific progress. I wonder if the then recent case of Galileo's excommunication at the hands of the inquisition was uppermost in Swift's mind? Galileo's crime was to claim the earth orbited the sun as opposed to vice-versa. The RC church lifted that excommunication only twenty-five years ago. We accept travel broadens the mind. Gulliver is large is shipwrecked, then abandoned, attacked by both strangers and crew. He reaches Lilliput and encounters small folks who are constantly politicking, unscrupulous, and vicious. These last several years, you can see an easy analogy there between Rangers and BBC Scotland. Our very existence antagonises PQ, as a grouping we are perceived to be bad, but individuals may be good. Their constant cry to hear from us, will never succeed(they don't want it to) and because of the constant marginalisation and demonisation, they have in part created a support that don't want to talk to them. Those individuals perceived to be good are Billy Dodds and Steven Thomson, both paying penance for toting EBTs. Our excommunication will supersede poor Galileo's? Last Thursday, we played a final Europa Cup game in Vienna, ra Sellik played a Champions League fixture in a Champions League grouping of the Europa Cup. The Irish and Australians championing the Champions cause, told us so, repeatedly. Liam McLeod and Billy Dodds were in Vienna, because they did NOT have to travel on the team charter. Other, cheaper air travel options were available. It was a relief to PQ that after fourteen Euro games, Rangers exited the competition. Of course, ra Sellik qualified for the last 32, and the show ran on for a further forty-five minutes to celebrate. It was a usual Hippo and Oxpecker production. The ever annoying Jonathon Sutherland doing pitch side and interviews fitted right-in, he can tongue arse and chew shit with the best of them. Sunday was quite different. Before events at Easter Road, Killie's rise to the top of the pile again, was being eulogised. Sellik were expected to replace Killie as Premiership leaders. Paul Hartley and Kenny Miller(in dispute with Rangers) told Big Dick the green'n'grey would establish themselves and kick-on, creating a cushion before the winter break. After ninety minutes, everyone agreed, a deserved Hibs victory. Neil Lennon came to Brian McLaughlin's microphone post match. The first time the Depressed One has participated in three weeks, his Deputy had been doing the gig. Big Dick celebrated Lenny's return, enthusiastically wondering what became of the Lennycopter? Paul Hartley expressed a hope of seeing it again, "this coming Wednesday"! At 14.45 hours, Big Dick gave the Rangers team, then announced he was handing over to fellow Dandy Don, Jeff Webster who was presenting live coverage and commentary of Newcastle against Edinburgh. Euro rugby union had displaced, 'being right across events at Ibrox'. Again, a relief, allowing Billy and Steven to get off the naughty step and conduct some Christmas shopping. License fee paying Rangers supporters can fcuk right-off, although to be fair, they still want to hear from us. Of course, we will hear them hearing from us, on the day they tell all about Leigh Griffith's 'illness' and suggest three former Chairs of Sellik's boys' club being convicted of child rape and molestation in six weeks, might constitute a paedophile ring? Are Rangers top of the league? Gulliver's travels conclude when he is rescued by Captain Pedro de Mendez. Bad news for license fee paying Bears, at PQ he sounds a lot like that h-u-n and typical orange wanker that used to play for Rangers, no need to look any further.
  3. 26th of foot

    Valencia v ra Sellik

    I was in Waitrose in Byers Road this morning and perused today's newspapers. I note the front page of the National is dominated by a story concerning Catalan officials beginning a hunger strike. This is in protest at the way they are being treated by Spanish officials. As a matter of principle, we know our separated brethren are supporters of subjugated peoples; particularly when embarking upon hunger strikes. In this regard, it is most important that the several trillion Bhoys intending to travel to Valencia, remember to pack their Catalan flags.
  4. 26th of foot

    Valencia v ra Sellik

    Apologies Admin', meant to post this in General Football, please move.
  5. 26th of foot

    Valencia v ra Sellik

    The last 32 of the Europa Cup draw has seen Valencia paired with ra green'n'grey hooped horrors.
  6. I note growing criticism from opposition supporters, to our proposed re-signing of Steve Davis. The Yahoos are anxious to point out, specifically he has not started a Premiership game this season, and generally re-signings do not work. I suspect they are ignoring the impact and penetration provided when they re-signed Jim Torbet?
  7. 26th of foot

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Rangers vs Hamilton

    Thank you for the information. It teaches me to read the match preview before posting a prediction.
  8. 26th of foot

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Rangers vs Hamilton

    Rangers 4 Acas 0. FGS : Lafferty.
  9. 26th of foot

    [FT] Rapid Vienna 1 - 0 Rangers

    Consider Rangers position at this time last season? I was both surprised and delighted that we negotiated four Euro qualifiers, and competed in our Europa League without embarrassment. We won two of the head to heads, 3-2 against Rapid and scoring two away goals against Villarreal. I think we would have triumphed over Moscow too, if the goal by Morelos had stood(it was clearly on side) and we would have gone 4-2 ahead? Anyways, I am comforted by the monies accrued from our involvement. We have improved, and hopefully we can confirm that improvement by maintaining a title challenge.
  10. I think we would all benefit from a time line with Leigh Griffiths? A couple of months past, A4 posters appeared inside various Turf Accountants in East Lothian. A photograph of Leigh Griffiths was front and centre on those posters, and a strap line underneath appealed that no bet should be accepted. In between, the rumour mill has ground on and on. Take your pick? In the last hour, Police Scotland have confirmed that they had actively searched for Leigh Griffiths earlier this week. The search was for a missing person, requested by family and friends. Long term observers of ra Sellik will immediately suspect the club are running interference on what occurred in those several weeks in between, and I suspect they are correct. Meantime, let's pray for Leigh.
  11. 26th of foot

    SNP Minister “Shaking With Rage”

    Perhaps I should explain. The West Lothian question refers to the late MP for the area, Tam Dalyell. The Labour representative was an opponent of devolution. Constantly, from the early seventies he drew attention to the equality of MPs ie a Scots MP coud ask questions and vote on matters exclusive to England, whereas an English MP had no right to do likewise under Devolution. I am drawing a correlation between Hannah Bardell's right and left hands; and the imponderable West Lothian question, given she is the MP for Livingston.
  12. 26th of foot

    SNP Minister “Shaking With Rage”

    I wonder why Hannah's right hand is not as disturbed as her left hand, the camera remains steady during filming. It's the new West Lothian question.
  13. 26th of foot

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    I have just experienced a long weekend on coastal Ayrshire and as such missed most of the PQ output. One thing raised the ears on Saturday afternoon, one of the items proposed for discussion on 'Off the Ball' was lost and found. Thus, objectivity, balance, impartiality, fairness, .............. etc were NOT up for discussion. However, DrStu' drops an example of lost and found into the conversation which I found quite bizarre? He told of Chris McLauchlin being at his home during the week, doing some filming. Apparently, he left a scarf and it has been returned. Now, considering McLaughlin has NEVER appeared on their show, 23 years of refusal. Why is DrStu' facilitating the Scrote at his home? It's cringe worthy, a man in his sixty-seventh year wanting desperately(self advertising) to be seen licking the sweat off the arse of the recently twice promoted, McLaughlin. Truly, a Toadie flashing his credentials of fawning flattery. Why would Scrote be filming in Dennistoun?
  14. 26th of foot

    New Gers store opens today (Saturday 8th)

    I wonder if Cosgrove and Cowan will re-launch their, 'Stop the Shop, Stop Bigotry' campaign? Seventeen/eighteen years past, they brought a St Mirren supporter(I think it was Pie and Bovril heid honcho, Div McDonald) into the Beeb studios to rile and rage against Rangers opening a pop-up store in Paisley, for Christmas. It was opening for six weeks and provided local undergrad' with seasonal work. Of course, Rangers being eternal perpetrators of hate crimes, it was to be opposed and the national megaphone utilised to do so. The second half of the show had an idea whereby each caller/contributor was given a notional brick and a message card attached. The competition was for the wittiest two or three lines articulating objection to the shop. On being asked about notional bricks, they were quite clear they did not want listeners to take ideas from the recent Guy Fawkes night activities. It happened, the windows were bricked on the store a young undergrad dressing the mannequins in the store window was covered in broken glass. A visit to A and E ensued, for lacerations. Cosgrove and Cowan have never mentioned the Rangers store since.
  15. 26th of foot

    King Kai!

    Also, Jimmy Millar's last game for Rangers.

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