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  1. Group A Turkey 1 Italy 2 Wales 1 Switzerland 1 Group B Denmark 2 Finland 1 Belgium 2 Russia 1 Group C Netherlands 2 Ukraine 1 Austria 2 North Macedonia 1 Group D England 2 Croatia 1 Czech Republic 1 Scotland 1 Group E Spain 3 Sweden 1 Poland 2 Slovakia 1 Group F Hungary 0 Portugal 3 France 2 Germany 1
  2. We are all Neil Lennon. Well. we are all Neil Lennon until the Lurgan Bigot lost a cup tie to the then lowest ranking club in the Division. Neil got the tin-tac. Big Ange has just been confirmed as ra Sellik's new manager. His last game in charge of Yokohama Mariners was a national Japanese cup tie at home, against the fourth Division side, Honda FC. On Sunday last, Yokohama lost out after drawing 1-1, extra time and sank 2-4 on penalties. We are all Big Ange? Well, we will find out soon enough. Fellow Gersnetters might be able to he
  3. Well, it has continued to 101 days. What does 101 mean to Gersnetters? a. Dalmations? b. A chain of Glasgow/West of Scotland based Off-Licenses? c. Nine hundred away from having the ability to clean a big, BIG carpet for less than half-a-crown? d. the telephone number for Police non-emergencies? e. One less than Rangers points total this last season? f. Scrabble points total for Angelos Postecoglou? g. Who gives a fcuk?
  4. What, no accompanying carte de vins? Please send over the Sommelier.
  5. Today marks 100 days since the Lurgan Bigot left ra Sellik. As of today, ra Sellik have no manager, their plan B needs UEFA clearance of his Australian coaching certificates. We are told a minimum of six weeks. As of today, ra Sellik have no Captain. As of today, ra Sellik have no Director of Football. As of today, ra Sellik have an invisible new Chief Executive. As of today, ra Sellik have no new players. As of today, Humza Yousaf is the Scottish Health Minister. Can he not provide his fellow Yahoos with a Helpline number
  6. I think I speak for the majority of Gersnetters here, Fergal should go back and front up the Undertones again. My Perfect Cousin, Jimmy Jimmy, Teenage Kicks, ............. etc; all improved by Fergal's delivery. Here's one for the odd Yahoo(you are all odd) looking in, 'It's going to happen, happen all the time'.
  7. In 2004, Greece arrived in Portugal with the perfect combination. Minced lamb and beef simmered in olive oil, aubergine, tomato and, potato were added then, bayleaf, garlic, red wine and, cinnamon completed the necessary characteristic. The difference between a good Moussaka and an excellent example is the dried cinnamon. When cut in it's baking tray, it should stand in tumescent glory, no flopping to the parameters of the plate. Cinnamon supplies the stiffener. Again, we must blame ra Sellik for the paucity of Scotland's chances. If Peter had appointed the greatest Moussaka man, A
  8. Congrats to Brentford FC. As explained earlier, I have a real soft spot for the Bees. At the tenth play-off attempt, they have defeated Swansea 2-0 today at Wembley. They will play in next season's Premiership, the first time in England's top tier since 1947, seventy-four years. The only sadness is that Griffin Park will not witness the return.
  9. From Pollok to Postecoglou. BBC Radio Scotland have begun with a 45 minute discussion on the merits of Eddie Howe and revealed none of them know anything about Ange Postecoglou. Pollok is so last week, but the narrative remains the same. Big Dick is posted missing, another Dandy, Liam McLeaod seamlessly slips in to Host. The contributors are Tom English, Michael Stewart, Pat Bonner, Leanne Crichton and, Billy Dodds. BBC Scotland's Sports News Correspondent, Chris McLaughlin starts with a Sellik update, "I can confirm Celtic are involved in advance stage talks with Ange Postecoglou
  10. Clearly, Eddie Howe is anti-Irish racist. I have reported his actions to Humza.
  11. I thought Kudela was Malky McKay's first signing for Ross County.
  12. It's goodbye to the Theatre of Pies. It's magic you know, football and plastic pitches don't go. Killie 1 Dundee 2(agg' 2-4).
  13. Half time at Rugby Park and Dundee are two-zip to the good. Current agg' with 45 minutes to go, 1-4 to the dark blues.
  14. I believe Lulu opened the first Edmiston House, it would be a nice piece of symmetry to have such a well known Bluenose, open the second Edmiston House. Dennistoun born and bred Lulu belting out the Blue Sea of Ibrox would have Humza Yousaf back on PQ's Sunday Show, demanding her arrest. A little known fact. If you listen to Lulu's recording of the soul classic, 'To Sir with Love' backwards, you can distinctly make out, 'Cardinal O'Brien loves being fisted'. For fux sake, don't let Humza hear, 'Boom, bang a bang'!
  15. The depiction shown is actually a Jackson Pollock abstract splatter painting. If any Gersnetters are thinking, that is the very dab for the lounge wall? I can facilitate at £500 a pop, I also have a spare bridge in Brooklyn for sale.
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