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  1. Okay Bearger, I'll bite and provide a 'wee list'. During 1990, the then Glasgow District Council was reported to the local government Ombudsman. It was pointed out for the previous calendar year, it was council policy to advertise vacancies, then invite correspondence/telephone calls for application forms. The council met such requests by issuing green application forms to those they intended to interview, and orange application forms to those that did not want to interview. The then speculation was the HR department choose what colour of form based on the given name and address. The Ombudsman found against the council, they were severely reprimanded after assurances were received they had changed their policy. I hope this helps, the Herald reported it extensively at the time.t
  2. Sorry Bluedell, I am a pedant, the three streets ie Janefield Street, Dalriada Street, and Kinloch Street) were sold to ra Sellik for ONE PENNY. That is ONE PENNY, after 300 families received resettlement grants averaging £4k per household, the housing was demolished, and the land cleared.
  3. The Moral Compass. The nation's Jiminey Cricket, Michael Stewart waded into Alex McLeish's sacking last night on BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound. He was speaking on behalf of his constituency, the Tartan Army. Of course, Michael's hoped for constituency was Edinburgh West, he lost the prospective parliamentary candidate race for the SNP, to Michelle Thomson. Since we are getting all moral compass, let's hope Michael did not purchase a property from Michelle? Anyways, on behalf of the Tartan Army, Michael stated a main objection to McLeish was, "he is a recipient of an EBT". The only other two I have heard utilising this reasoning on the same means, are DrStu' and Jum Spence. We have to admire the moral fortitude of the PQ Triumvirate, having to share both studios and broadcast air time with both Billy Dodds and Stephen Thompson. Both are recipients of EBTs. Particularly, Michael sharing that Sportscene studio twice a week with Thommo; we should pray for Michael. Let's hope Thommo's immorality never runs interference with all that exposure Michael is receiving? Talking of DrStu', he failed to trap for yesterday's BBC Radio Scotland's Media Review. His appearance was not necessary, the other regular contributor, Dr Eamonn O'Neill quoted DrStu' twice during the elongated discussion on the Kezia Dugdale/Rev' Stuart Campbell defamation case. DrStu's oft' repeated objection to McLeish's appointment, was his refusal to, "give up his big house in Fulham". DrStu' was consistent, in that he objected to Gordon Strachan refusing to give up his big house in Hampshire. He demanded the national coach lives in Scotland. Both good Doctors were anxious to broadcast their view that the Rev' Stuart Campbell did NOT loose the defamation case, or that Wings Over Scotland was not the loser. Dr Eamonn quoted DrStu', "you must remember, there is Wings Over Scotland and there is the Reverend Stuart Campbell, Stuart can be a bit spikey". We can only assume DrStu' has failed to factor in the Grid Magnetic Angle whilst setting his moral compass, the Rev' Stuart has a big house in Bath. Obviously, residents of Somerset are exempt, you need to live here to manage Scotland, but you can pontificate constantly on every aspect of the nation's administration from the Georgian town these last thirty years. Staying on the moral course and paraphrasing Dr Eamonn, 'there's Trainspotting and there's Irvine Welsh'. DrStu' loves dearest Irvine, continually lionises his literary works. I agree, Trainspotting is a literary triumph. We must state right from the off, Irvine has at least two big houses, one in Chicago and the other in Dublin. Like the Rev', he has been away from Scottish shores for over a quarter of a century. Irvine touched base this week, a fellow Hibee was shot dead outside his home in Chester Street, Edinburgh. Bradley Welsh appears to be a much rehabilitated character, from football casual to boxing gym proprietor to actor? Although, today's press are claiming inability to look after £130,000 of drugs was the reasoning for the shooting. Irvine Welsh issued a heartfelt tribute, indeed he claimed his heart was broken at the news. This is not an attempt to intrude upon private grief, it is an on going query on Irvine Welsh's punk rock band of 1976, 'Stairway 13'? Will DrStu' reveal Irvine's inspiration/stimulation for the name? I would ask Irvine again, but he is unreliable in his claims eg he claims to be sixty years of age, but police records have evidence of another birth certificate stating a 1951 date of birth. I hope Stairway 13 did not play Markinch, that really would be heartbreaking. Finally, Angela Haggerty claimed on BBC Radio Scotland's Shereen Nanjiani show recently, "the IRA are a defunct organisation". I wonder if Angela would care to tell that to the family of fellow Journalist, Lyra McKee? She was shot dead last night in the Creggan area of Londonderry by the IRA. Go on Angela, set your moral compass and, 'Call it Out'.
  4. It was Cardinal Pell in the Sacristy.
  5. I don't know who started the fire, but I have a hunch!
  6. Well done Ian, how the hell did you manage to get a photograph of the shingle hanging on the PQ Gang Hut?
  7. PQ Jottings. 1. The PQ Gang Hut has been the usual hive of self interested activity this last month. It should not go unremarked. The new Beeb Scotland second TV channel has launched and after the initial come on such as Tutti Frutti, it is settling down to a regular schedule. DrStu' was a heavy promoter of the then upcoming channel, praising the talent it was attracting(DrStu' thought the new News Editor, James Cook was worthy of particular praise) and, enthusiastically anticipating the outlook to be provided by the new news coverage. All to be expected of a new, modern Scotland. Another staple of the second channel is football. We are provided with live coverage of a Championship match each Friday evening. During Rangers four seasons in the lower divisions, DrStu' was a loud and constant complainer of PQ providing any coverage. He opined as to the national broadcaster devoting any time or energy to a lower league club, the focus should remain on the top tier. DrStu' has changed his tune, he tells of how much he enjoys the exposure being awarded to teams, "in Scotland's most competitive league". Let's be honest, the presentation has had teething problems, at best it's shambolic. You would expect the uber professional that is DrStu' to inject some objective reality; ah mean he never stops telling us of the many important decisions he had to take whilst managing aspects of Channel 4. Last week's match was Ross County against Dundee United, a dozen minutes of the 15 minute half-time break was taken up by broadcasting a mini-documentary on Victorian Scots pioneers taking football to South America. What new modern Scotland expects and what it receives was right there in those dozen minutes. The Presenter was 67 year old DrStu', stone facedly narrating over a dozen black and white photos. I wonder if the production company was connected to DrStu'? There you have it, dearly held principles can be flipped if the constantly grasping aspirational DrStu' is assured he can dip another finger into another revenue stream emanating from the PQ Gang Hut. 2. As discussed above, Sunday was a Dandy Don/Yahoo sound fest on Radio Shortbread. At the beginning of the second half, Liam McLeod was bemoaning the plight of his favourites missing Graeme Shinnie through suspension. It was a theme he returned to on a few occasions as the second period progressed. He explained it was unfair on Aberdeen. They were having to field a teenage midfield pairing of Dean Campbell and Lewis Ferguson because Aberdeen had had to play five matches over three rounds. Replays against Stenny and Rangers had done for the Dandies. He concluded the SFA must look at this and change the sanctions for teams in Aberdeen's position in future. Pat Bonner agreed. There is another self interest theme developing, Liam's fellow Big Dandy, Big Dick was broadcasting similar thoughts from inside the PQ Gang Hut on the evening of the Rangers - Aberdeen Scottish Cup quarter-final. Big Dick was apoplectic that the referee had cautioned eight Dandies that night. Again, a theme he returned to on a number of occasions. It morphed into, "eight Aberdeen players booked, then the ref' relented and booked three Rangers players". When speaking to Wullie Miller after the game he concluded, "surprised eight Aberdeen players have been booked, Graeme Shinnie is out of the semi-final; on another night with another ref, that would have seen three or four of those players not booked"? Wullie agreed. As a BBC License fee paying Rangers supporter, can I add? Rangers had also played five matches over three rounds, and I did not hear anyone at Beeb Scotland asking the SFA to change the rules, particularly reference Alfredo Morelos. Further, on another evening from a Rangers supporters' point of view, the Referee should have sent off at least two Aberdeen players. But then, neither Pat or Wullie would agree with me; the Gang Hut would not allow it. 3. Just a query? Michael Stewart or DrStu', which one goes for the fullest full throated consummation of Humza Yousaf's cheesy cock? In a week where Humza is demanding clubs show him their plans to deal with continuing fans' misbehaviour, both Michael and DrStu' say nothing; well in Michael's case, nothing of substance. Everybody else would retort with demanding Humza show us a valid car insurance certificate, and not accept any misogynistic excuse blaming the ex-wife. DrStu' or Michael, who will get up off their knees first?
  8. I suspect Sunday afternoon/evening last, might be viewed as a series of defining moments in PQ's attempt to provide definition on Strict Liability? The live broadcast of BBC Radio Scotland's coverage of the Scottish Cup semi-final between Aberdeen and ra Sellik put together with an early evening Sportscene highlights the shimmering mess they have got themselves into. PQ demand answers to questions they don't even dare to ask themselves, because those questions are too uncomfortable. A Dandy Dons/Yahoo fixture is what they live for, it's perfect harmony. You have Big Dick presenting, Liam McLeod commentating, Tom English, Pat Bonner, and Wullie Miller adding colour. The vox-pops are provided by Tyrone Smith; it's all safe, contained to only supporters of both clubs, no awkward or inconvenient comments guaranteed. Mutual masturbation is actively encouraged. It has been established, Rangers under Gerrard have not improved, the oligopoly of the last several seasons remains preserved. We have a monthly period where pyrotechnics have been lobbed on to playing areas at Paisley by Yahoos, the same supporters aim sectarian chanting at both Steven Gerrard and Jimmy Bell. Motherwell fans throw a lighter, a pie, and a few coins at Rangers skipper, James Tavernier, Jambos and Hibees add to the pyro party, and add a touch of creativity by shying a coconut. A Hibby is jailed for 100 days for attempting to attack James Tavernier. All this in the immediate wake of Aberdeen supporters subjecting Gerrard to sectarian chanting and offering a few ditties about the Ibrox Disaster. Just before that, Rangers supporters sectarianly abused Killie boss, Steve Clarke; days before this, Sellik supporters did the same to Killie striker, Kris Boyd and pelted him with coins. I hope you can pick the needle out of the above haystack? Beeb Scotland went BIG with 'Strict Liability' on one issue in that morass. We had demands from Michael Stewart, DrStu', and Tom English for strict liability now. We had pleas from presenters on both radio and TV, after the obligatory phone-in/studio discussion had concluded that the Scottish Government must step in and deal with the issue. The national broadcaster is the biggest megaphone in the land and the volume was turned up to eleven. Steve Clarke had defined the issue, "it was something from the dark ages". As far as the rest of, the overwhelming mass of the haystack; PQ treated that as a whiter shade of pale. Calls for strict liability diminished, then disappeared. In fact the current standing from the politically motivated Michael Stewart stands thus, "we need to get a collective approach to try and tackle this and stamp it out". His lame and limp offering from Sunday night's Sportscene. Michael's political muse, Scottish Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf began the week threatening Scottish football clubs. He demanded the clubs tell him of their plans to deal with this vague and unquantified issue? Last weekend, BBC Scotland's Chief Sports Correspondent, Chris McLaughlin added to the debate by visiting Holland. The Dutch had implemented strict liability and Chris was anxious to present the benefits to both game and society. A several minute film, a few reinforcing chats with shows' hosts, and a piece on the Beeb website told us .............. nothing. A day after broadcast, Tuesday's Champions League quarter-final between Ajax and Juventus saw 146 arrests. An exercise in Double Dutch from Chris, who would have thought? PQ have told us pesky license fee paying Rangers supporters, "we are Editorially fair". I have watched this last month how they exercise editorial fairness. Each incident is reported, thus they can make the statement. It is reported on Ceefax or inserted into their website as seventh item, eg McInnes claiming his red card at Hampden was a direct result of gesturing after being subject to sectarian abuse from the self proclaimed GFITW. This appeared on both Ceefax and the website and disappeared after four hours. There are no discussions, phone-ins, studio guests, ........... etc. The megaphone is severely muted. So, where does this leave us? Will the usual suspects at PQ answer these awkward questions? 1. Can we agree, Steve Clarke's outrage at being sectarianly targeted by Rangers supporters would have carried far more substantial weight, if he had condemned those Celtic supporters doing the very same to his club's captain, Kris Boyd, just three days previously? 2. Similarly, Derek McInnes and his being sent to the stand. Again, would his claims carry more purchase if he had commented/condemned Aberdeen fans for singing the very same song at Steven Gerrard? Further, his gesture to the Celtic support is the very same gesture utilised by Scott Brown to the Rangers supporters at Celtic Park. Brown has not been punished, why was McInnes sanctioned? 3. Long term PQ employee, Derek Ferguson utilised the available megaphone to claim Rangers keeper, Alan McGregor had deliberately set out to do his son, Aberdeen midfielder, Lewis Ferguson. McGregor was cited by the Compliance Officer and suspended for two matches. Does Derek intend to pick up the megaphone again and claim his son set out to do Rogic? 4. Will Chris McLaughlin interview Humza Yousaf? It could be conducted in the comfy green leather seats in the north stand after a Sellik game, just saying. 5. Do Michael Stewart, DrStu', and Tom English expect strict liability to be extended to clubs, other than Rangers? 6, What's the point of Jonathon Sutherland? It's as well we remind ourselves of PQ's claim of being editorial fair, because I suspect it is the hook they hang themselves upon. We should record the evidence because if Humza Yousaf gets involved, that evidence will be lost, or deliberately disappeared.
  9. Oh look, another attempt at Sell Out Saturday/Sunday! Still, we'll get to hear the full throated 'Hello, hello, we are the Killie boys'. I wonder how the PQ Bhoys will report all that wading up to their knees in Ayr United blood?
  10. Has Peter approved these fixtures? I am sure I read ra Sellik are embarking upon an eleventh anniversary tour of Japan?
  11. Strictly Sevco. These last few weeks, the entertainment for Rangers supporters is in watching BBC Scotland framing the strict liability debate. It was easy at the start, Killie's Steve Clarke had been subjected to sectarian chanting at Ibrox, and Michael Stewart, DrStu', and Tom English demanded the Scottish Government step in and take appropriate action. Across both radio and TV, the big stick battering Sevco was presented as the only action. Truly, it is quite amazing how attracted a lot of Scottish football supporters and PQ journos are to such imagery. The Scottish Justice Minister, Humza Yousef liked the thought even more and began making noises. He was looking for answers as opposed to searching for lost evidence. Three days before Steve Clarke suffering vile sectarian abuse, Kris Boyd had been the recipient from Sellik supporters. Then, Steven Gerrard was the target of sectarian chanting by Aberdeen fans, in between a few songs about the Ibrox Disaster. The PQ Gang Hut retreated and decided to stay schtum, the imagery of fellow Dandies and Yahoos indulging in sectarian chanting is awkward for strict liability going forward. Bravely, DrStu' kept the charge going; he was prepared to compartmentalise any sectarian abuse of Boyd and Gerrard as, 'tribalism', Steve Clarke was the real victim of sectarianism. Cosgrove's concerns were both Boyd and Gerrard being abused was running interference on the real issue of Clarke. We arrive at last weekend's old firm game at Sellik Park, both Jimmy Bell and Gerrard are recipients of sectarian chanting from the jolly craicsters amid the Green Brigade. This can be conveniently ignored because there is too much fun to be had at PQ, getting after Morelos, Kent, and Halliday. In fact, Big Dick and Michael Stewart go out on a limb to clear Scott Brown of any wrongdoing. Of course, on Wednesday night der Broony stands on an opposition player and Michael Stewart tells the Sportscene audience, "where else could he put his foot"? There is dissension amid PQ ranks, both the commentator, Paul Mitchell and 'Thommo' decree Brown's actions as worthy of a red card. The strict liability issue arriving from the Yahoos visit to Paisley, is the detonation of a Thunderflash. Like any other pyrotechnic, it is initiated by a detonator and the minimum safety distance is thirty meters. On Sportsound, Big Dick read out a text from a Gang Hut staffer, assuring us that the pyrotechnic did not strike the St Mirren keeper, it had landed five yards away. Pat Bonner was allowed to talk about young teenagers and lack of responsibility. On Sportscene, Michael Stewart did not mention strict liability, and by the time we reached Thursday evening, PQ were talking about, "a firework". No one mentions minimum safety distance or that a thunderflash landing at such close proximity to the Buddies Keeper, could have blown his eardrums. Now, you would think Chief Sports Correspondent, Chris McLaughlin would step in and bring full gravity to this discussion point? No, we receive old buffer, Reevel Alderson. A safe pair of hands, an Old Aloysian can be relied to chair a debate between Jeanette Findlay and James Dornan MSP. Reevel was scrupulously fair in ensuring all sides of Irish Republican opinion were heard, reading out a statement from the Green Brigade at the conclusion. There you go, over a period of 4 weeks; Strict Liability equates to Strictly Sevco. Peter has announced this morning, "this stops now". It reminds me of fifteen years past when Peter also proclaimed, "no stone will remain unturned util the lighter thrower is found". Fernando Ricksen continues to await the identity of whoever struck him with a lighter at Sellik Park, obviously stones remain to be unturned. Perhaps, Humza Yousef could lend a hand, get out his comfy green leather seat in the north stand and search for lost evidence?
  12. Michael Stewart is yet to look at Rangers Youth team, but is assuring Sellik supporters that when he does give Rangers colts a Sportscene once over; he will recommend the Compliance Officer offers two match suspensions to at least four or five of the junior H-u-ns. Sportscene fans will understand the pressure of work that Michael is under.
  13. I should not post this, it being the 1st of April. However, I am flying back from Mallorca late afternoon and prefer to hand out the plaudits before my ageing mind forgets. I watched BBC Sportscene this morning. Mikey Stewart played a blinder. He absolved Scott Brown of any wrongdoing, despite being integral to three of the game's flash points. Jonathon Sutherland mentioned Gerrard being the subject of sectarian chanting, then showed Ryan Kent palming off Broonaldo. Mikey was unequivocating, "the Compliance Officer will take action on that". The sectarian chanting aimed at both Gerrard and Jimmy Bell was NOT worthy of a Mikey monologue on strict liability, in fact he ignored it. I am positive our Justice Minister, Humza Yousef will do likewise, despite sitting in those comfy green leather seats of the north stand. Jonathon was most agitated about pitch invasions after Rangers goals at Livi' and St Johnstone; he ignored a Sellik Steward being injured in yesterday's game, due to Green Brigaders spilling over. Humza will ignore this too, he was too busy celebrating himself. Strict Liability is going to require considerable elasticity, to ensure those in green'n'grey hoops and Dandy Dons singing about Gerrard/Bell/Ibrox Disaster are not strictly liable; you cannot always rely on awkward and inconvenient evidence being lost by Humza? Finally, a BIG shout out to Big Dick. After driving back to my pied a terre, I switched on BBC Radio Scotland through my satelite connection; to hear Big Dick purring over the actions of Scott Brown. He chuckled, recalling, "he is a player enjoying himself, Scott Brown doing the Broony". Getting your kicks by proxy! Only seven months to go, but I foresee the PQ Christmas Party being regaled by all our favourite broadcasters paying necessary homage, 'a mass Broony'. Well, it's either that, or another Mikey Stewart monologue on strict liability. PS : Did anyone at PQ think Tav' should have been awarded a penalty?
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