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  1. Der Berliner could illuminate further? Germany has a reliance upon Russia for a considerable portion of their energy needs. There are a number of pipelines carrying gas and oil direct from Russia to Germany. I suspect the current Chancellor, Olaf Scholz does not want to upset Putin and has refused the use of airspace.
  2. DMAA, I would not advocate all three in the team, the midfield must be a balance of ballers and runners. However, one of those three is necessary if we hope to involve the front three in the game on a consistent basis.
  3. Club 1872 - a fire without a chimney.
  4. As a Club we have three midfielders we can rely upon to put their foot on the ball and, get their heads up. Players that control the tempo and conduct of a match : 1 Joe Aribo - currently participating in ACON with Nigeria and he won't be back available until after the game at Sellik Park. 2. Ryan Jack - injured since February last year and his comeback has already experience a couple of set backs. 3 Steve Davis - appeared to be out of the manager's plans in a most busy December, genuinely surprised to hear of his injury on Tuesday. Do we know the nature of the injury and how long it will last? Last night an energised Aberdeen pushed us back, maintained a high press and, squeezed the game. We attempted to get the passing game going continually but kept giving the ball away because Sands and Kamara played most of the game facing their own goals. At Tynecastle last month, we cut out the midfield with long diagonals and quickly went two up. There was a couple of attempts last night but not nearly enough. We had to turn Aberdeen and move the entire team up the pitch. The main threat was the constant supply of crossed balls into the box, McGregor had one save last evening. We need one of the three above in the team.
  5. I was reading this morning that Djokovic has been both Deported and banned from re-entering Austrailia for three years. Further, a Serbian Government minister claimed poor Novak was subject to torture by Aussie immigration officials. Surely, they didn't force Novak to drink Fosters and eat Vegemite sandwiches?
  6. Albert Henderson was the type of manager that used to talk about, 'the Blend'. He liked a lively, pacy front three but acknowledged he needed a prompter to find them. Again, his teams had at various periods, Andy Penman, Jimmy Bone, Ernie Winchester, .... etc.
  7. Albert Henderson managed Arbroath for nearly 20 years, creating a number of very watchable footballing teams. They won promotion to Scotland's top tier twice, spending four seasons in the top flight. In the early 70s, the Lichties had an exciting front three of John Fletcher, Billy Pirie and, Tommy Walker; deservedly defeating Rangers 2-3 at Ibrox in 1974. My first visit to Gayfield was in 1968, Colin Stein had just signed and his debut was against Arbroath, scoring a hat-trick in a 1-5 victory.
  8. If you remember 18 months past, the Green Brigade chose a Saturday morning to go around the city centre changing road signage. Several groupings began at 4 in the morning, equipped with extending ladders they removed signs from city centre corners and, affixed new more appropriate street signs in place. Further, they attacked and damaged a number of statues in and around the city centre too. The usual suspects supported these actions whereas Police Scotland took no action. Angela Haggerty Tweeted her pride in her fellow Sellik supporters. The media coverage focused on the damage done to the equestrian statue of William iii but they deliberately ignored the attacks on the Statue of John Knox. It's the type of delicious irony we associate with the Green Brigade and their numerous supporters in the print and broadcast media, there is one statue in Glasgow erected in homage to a slave. Yep, John Knox was a Galley Slave of the French for two years and, those brave Bhoys of the Green Brigade attacked it. Why can't we receive an objective and comprehensive history of slavery?
  9. It's Charles Green and Co suing Pacific Quay. How much is this whole sorry saga going to cost the public purse? I suggest both sets of interested parties strip to their waists, get into a ring, all armed with a chainsaw ......... Ding ding, seconds out!
  10. Alan Pattullo is a Dundee fan. This last decade, Dundee has been owned by BIG Sellik fan, John Nelms. Dundee and ra Sellik share staff(Gordon Strachan), share players(Leigh Griffiths), share convenient hidey-holes(Dundee Spam Folder), ......... share Journos(Alan Pattullo). It's just a natural progression. Pattullo's take is to be expected, it's more of the same continually proffered by RAB Cosgrove, Spiers, Jum Spence, ......... etc. They tell us we(Rangers supporters) are on the sidelines and in the same sentence add, they don't get us. Three or four decades of pushing this message results in articles such as the above. Rangers supporters are comfortable with the current arrangement. We had 20 years of being confined to a Sellik Park corner with poor sight lines and restricted views. We had effigies hanging by the neck, twisting in the breeze, above a dozen 'kill all H-u-ns' flags. The Pattullo's congratulated the Green Brigade for witty and clever banners and ignored the fact the PF lost all evidence against the nine GB members charged. A public inquiry promised, never reported and, the Pattullos don't ask why? Perhaps Alan et al should talk to Rangers supporters? The replies should be, 'we're half of nothing'.
  11. As Ted says, there was an uncredited interview with Ange on BBC Scotland's website yesterday. So, Chris McLaughlin was rawking the Vapors(thanks Ted) vibe. There was a staged photo of the Japanese triumvirate with their socks pulled thigh high, Nippon Ingenue? Chris added that Sellik had no interest in getting into a bidding war for McGree's signing. I think that comment has been pulled today?
  12. John Souttar has signed a pre-contract agreement to join Rangers next season. Of course, he could join Rangers as early as this month, depending whether both Hearts and Rangers can achieve a mutually acceptable transfer fee? I have waited until today's announcement to comment upon BBC Scotland's Tom Anguish's take on the probability of Souttar joining Rangers. Last Sunday, Tom spent thirty minutes talking Scottish transfers this January window. Souttar's proposed leaving of Hearts took up 15-20 minutes of the chat. He talked of three English Championship sides that had expressed interest; Stoke City had the advantage of his Brother playing there, Sheffield United had recent experienced Premiership status for three years and, Blackburn Rovers are on the cusp of promotion. According to Tom, the remuneration on offer at all three English clubs would be excellent. Tom thought English Premiership clubs should be involved too, he lionised Souttar as a player, "he's young, will only get better and, he could could be sold on again to a top side in two, three years for serious money". He was reminded by Host, Kenny Macintyre that Rangers were also vying for his signature? Tom was annoyed, he waffled again about Souttar's serious potential then, "it's reported Rangers are showing an interest, why isn't it two Scottish clubs"? Kenny intervened, "are you talking about involvement from Celtic"? Tom gave vent to his anguish and frustration, "of course, Souttar suits their model, buy cheap, sell later for a higher fee. The player will benefit from regular European football and be in constant domestic competition for honours, ------- (silence for a couple of seconds, then the afterthought) ----- and of course Rangers can offer that too". The very thought of Rangers involvement had Tom fulminating, now he has signed; I suspect Souttar's potential will be quickly dialed down? Tom has got to get a grip of his anguish. John Souttar has become another player you will NOT be interviewing, simply because he has signed for Rangers.
  13. Bairns and Dandies. After four weeks, Ernie had ridden his milk cart off into a setting sun. There was a battle between the New Seekers and Don McLean to succeed Bennie Hill as the UK's number one. No doubt boosted by the Coke advert, 'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing' beat 'American Pie' to the top spot. The good old boys might have been drinking whisky and rye but the rest of the country was preparing warmer draughts as the National Union of Mineworkers(NUM) announced an official national strike, their first since 1926. Joe Gormley, Mick McGahey and, Arthur Scargill became both famous and notorious as they led a campaign for better conditions, a moratorium on pit closures and, an increase in pay. The Tory Government was headed by Prime Minister, Ted Heath and he announced a three part strategy to ensure power stations continued to receive supplies of coal. The RAF were ordered to set aside airfields to stock pile coal, Lord Wilberforce was instructed to lead an inquiry into Miners' pay and, COBRA was created to coordinate national and regional crisis. A wee aside, nearly forty years ago I spent a year as a Staff Officer preparing briefings for COBRA and COBRB. You never hear of the second one - Cabinet Office Briefing Room B(Bravo); because everyone wants to say they were briefed in Cabinet Office Briefing Room A(Alpha). The biting point on the strike would come in a month's time. More importantly, at Ibrox a crowd of 20,000 welcomed Falkirk on Saturday 8th January'72. The Chair of the Scottish Players Union, Alex Ferguson was included in the Bairns line up and, the former Ranger had already called upon all Trade Union members to support the official strike. The teams ran out, Rangers - McCloy, Jardine, Mathieson, Greig, Jackson, Smith, McLean, Johnston, Stein, A MacDonald and, I McDonald. Falkirk - Rennie, Abel, Jones, Bruce, Markie, Gibson, Hoggan, Ferguson, Somner, Shirra and, Setterington. The People versus the Steeple was finished in ten minutes, Greig opened the scoring on the 2nd minute and Bomber Jackson added another from a corner on the ninth. Keeping warm was the main concern for the next eighty minutes. Just below the Derry(corner of the Copland and Sandy Jardine stands) a fire had been lit and several dozen fed cardboard boxes into the flames. The Polis dispersed the cold and extinguished the fire to a chorus of boos. Another former Ger in the Bairns ranks, Dennis Setterington took his cue, slipped a ball through for Shirra to knock past McCloy on the hour mark. It was an uneasy half-hour until young Iain McDonald came in off the wing, drifted past a couple of defenders to place the ball past the Falkirk Keeper in the last minute. As we filed out of the Stadium, the rumour was Wullie Henderson had endured an Albion Training ground spat with Willie Waddell. I am sure it's a false memory but I swear three of us stood waiting for the Tannochside RSC bus at the bottom of the lazy S, in the dark. Kick off at Pittodrie was 3 O'Clock, the bus departed before nine. The conversation was warming, Wullie had walked out of Ibrox two days before, vowing never to return. We reached Stonehaven after Noon, purvey was taken. The Scotch Broth and Steak Pie was the highlight of the day because the match was a hard watch. Thirty-five thousand crammed into the hill o'dung, the old high terrace ran the length of the pitch and the North Sea wind cut through everyone viewing second against third. Aberdeen - Geoghegan, G Murray, Hermiston, S Murray, Young, Buchan, Miller, Robb, Harper, Willoughby and, Graham. Rangers - McCloy, Jardine, Mathieson, Greig, D Johnstone, Smith, McLean, Johnston, Stein, A MacDonald and I McDonald. A number of running spats between the players culminated in Colin Stein being subbed, we put on Aberdonian Bomber Jackson to kick Joey Harper. The Ref' blew the final whistle and we were jealous of the ball being stretchered off, we had a mile walk over the Golf Course to our bus. Aberdeen had triumphed 2-1 at the start of the season in the Dryborough Cup final against ra Sellik. The game at Pittodrie attracted a crowd less than 25,000 in August, a zero-zero League fixture against the Famous in the second week of January drew an attendance of 11,000 more. Things don't change. The guy playing left back for the Dons, Jim Hermiston would leave Aberdeen a couple of years later. He joined the Polis and remarked he earned more Policing Pittodrie games as a Constable than he did as a player in a successful Dandies team. Joe Harper finished the season having scored 45 goals, Colin Stein achieved 25. Aberdeen would sell half-a-dozen of that side within a couple of years for nearly £500,000, bib big money back then. Finally, Alex Willoughby was a cousin of Jim Forrest and like Jim, a favourite of the Bears. He scored 39 goals in 75 appearances, a tremendous return for a midfielder He played with his cousin at Rangers, Aberdeen and, Hong Kong Rangers.
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