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  1. I am happy, was hoping for a draw against Benfica to ensure another enjoyable trip to Lisbon. My advice to those intending to travel is thus : 1. Leave the Fado to Spiersy and Ewan Murray. How many over wrought songs about lonely seagulls can one person endure? 2. Find a restaurant offering wooden boards of Serrano and ewes' milk cheese, delicious particularly when accompanied with a bottle of Douro. 3. Make the effort of a morning to attend my favourite bakery, 'Manteigaria' - on Rua do Loreto. Excellent coffee and the best pasteis de nata(custard tarts).
  2. All week, I have read, viewed and, listened to everyone and his dog tell me; Rangers have signed an Algerian forward driving midfielder, Mo M'en Tum. Apparently, he is fit and ready to grace the Ibrox turf this coming Saturday against Hearts. All credit belongs to Rangers Gaffer, Phillipe Clement. He has discovered him, installed him and, got him going. We should be optimistic because he is both a strength and a force, a missile! I remember from my anti-tank days that the purpose of the missile is to carry the warhead to the target. I am hoping for a BIG impact. I am intent upon entering the club superstore on Saturday morning and purchasing a home top with both name and number on the back. At £3 per letter, that is £24 and, with £5 per numeral ........... etc. What squad number has been allocated to Mo M'en Tum?
  3. Nein to the Nine. It was launched five years past and allocated an annual budget of £32 million. BBC Scotland's new satellite channel arrived with considerable fanfare and it's flagship news - current affairs show was 'the Nine'. One hour each evening between nine and ten O'Clock between Monday and Thursday. On weekends the Nine became, 'the Seven' and held on to one hour of broadcasting time on each evening between Friday and Sunday. PQ described the Nine as, "a world class programme combining international, UK and, Scottish news with the needs of a Scottish audience". Instead, the Licenses Fee payers received a five year flowing trough in which the usual suspects dipped their hungry snouts. Producers, Directors, Researchers, ............... and, Presenters got to indulge in their favourite topics; Scottish and Irish nationalism plus, a regular dollop of matters Sellik. Amazing really, they could squeeze in such obsessions whilst worshipping Nicola. In excess of 250 daily live briefings from the Former First Minister during Covid Lockdowns and PQ endorsed and broadcast that several minute fawning mush of Primary school children thanking Nicola for keeping them safe. Nothing from the Care Homes. It was a winning formulae, in a country with a population nearing six million, 'the Nine' attracted less than 1,700 viewers on occasion, 'the Seven' plumbed new lows with less than 200. It does NOT even amount to 0.1% of the population. Just another PQ scam, with the likes of RAB Cosgrove and his production company living high on the hog whilst feeding us bon mots on Twinning's Tea and Irish players named Cosgrove playing for Perth Harp in the 19th century. No wonder a breathless RAB in his 72nd year continues to chase up the PQ stairs after Producers. Today, PQ announced the cancellation of the Nine, the Seven and, the Edit. Airmiles Angus Robertson, the Scottish Government's Cultural Secretary criticised the decision to axe the show, claiming it ran counter with the growing success of Scottish TV.
  4. Reference John Collins. John Collins and his Agent travelled to Ibrox and the signing had been agreed. He received a telephone call from his old man pleading not to sign, Collins was upset and asked to postpone for overnight further thought.
  5. Humza says the blue card is a sectarian symbol of the historic subjugation suffered by the peoples of Ireland, Palestine and, the Paddystinian old Bhoys of Hutchesons' Grammar School for Boys'. Humza wil not be inTIMidated. He has made a formal complaint to Police Scotland and demands Gersnet sack the Moderators. James Dornan fully supports Humza's views.
  6. I believe Brenda is the sole occupant of pictured Bothy this coming week.
  7. Diomande has notched an unexpected but, wonderful goal. Our midfield has been lacklustre both in and out of possession. More often than not, their backs are to goal when receiving the ball, the second touch is the proverbial tackle. Of course the pitch is under par but, it is the same for both sides. If we are going to persist with balls over the top, we are going to have play them with more accuracy.
  8. Bring back true politicians of conviction. Screaming Lord Such and Commander Bill Boaks were the real deal. Who would disagree with proffered sound policies like : Road Safety, all manifestos being printed on soft paper to ensure they are recycled in the appropriate manner, establishment of a Board for Bribery to establish standardised rates, development of playgrounds for all ages, ......... etc?
  9. There will be loud mood music around McDiarmid Park tomorrow and after today's result at ra Stade de Gadd, there will be another persistent noise to add to the cacophony. Specifically, it is an increasing hiss. Increasing pressure through a growing hole is deflating the huge sense of entitlement present among the green'n'grey hooped horrors. It is a disturbance in the air, ignore it Rangers and concentrate on defeating St Johnstone.
  10. Taking a slogan that was prevalent within tertiary education half a century past : 'If you vote, you only encourage them'. Thus, I will continue to vote Liberal.
  11. I was sitting in a garage waiting room this morning and the Jeremy Vine show was on the TV. He had Lesley Riddoch on from her home in an East Neuk hamlet and the privately educated, Oxbridge doyen of BBC Scotland current affairs for three decades went on a nationalistic rant about the Redcoat Cafe. Highland clearances, British Empire, cultural suppression, some pysh about a TV series entitled, 'Outlander', .............................. and culminated by lionising Humza for his stance on Gaza. I decided to Google the Cafe and discovered it has two doors. Door one has a shingle with, 'Redcoat Cafe' emblazoned upon it, the adjacent door also has a shingle proclaiming, 'Jacobite Room'. A cafe that has been open 32 years, catering for both halves of an aspect of Scottish history and, set within Edinburgh Castle is upsetting the mentally challenged. The next time I find myself upon the Royal Mile, I will deliberately by pass the Ensign Ewart(redcoated bastard) and take my repast within the Redcoat Cafe/Jacobite Room. I hope they serve Empire biscuits?
  12. Peter is compelled to return to the ancestral homeland every time he is confronted with an awkward situation(see the final month of season 2007-08). A direct descendant of Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese Imperial Navy, well that is what his maw told him after purchasing his school uniform from the Army and Navy store.
  13. I remember reading an article several yers past on the meticulous methods of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, he had brought a specific throw-in coach to the club. The corners thing is something that rips my knitting. At Ibrox, we average a dozen corners; last night against Ross County we achieved twenty. Whether in is out swinging or in swinging, it makes no difference as we barely achieve the first touch. Ross County's central midfielder, Yan Danda took two corners last evening, both wickedly whipped balls, one grazed the bar, the other was the recipient of a Jack Butland one handed punched clearance. If we receive at least a dozen opportunities to put an unfettered ball into the opposition's box every game at the Stadium, maybe a specific coach could inspire much improved outcomes? I nominate Rosseau, do I have a witness?
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