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  1. Reference Cosgrove's Podcast. He appeared on BBC Radio Scotland for a dozen years on a Thursday afternoon, doing his take on how news was handled from a Scottish perspective. It was a 45 minute slot where he was joined with Prof' Eamonn O'Neill. The hosts of the show were John Beattie and Anne Marie Watson. Cosgrove and O'Neill's take was rarely accurate thus, rarely objective. Almost two years past, BBC Scotland cut the strings and Cosgrove hit out at Beattie, "he's getting all the jobs". Cosgrove took the media analysis to a Podcast, co-hosted by Eamonn O'Neill. BBC Scotland's Janice Forsyth Produces it and Angela Haggerty is a regular contributor. I think what did for Cosgrove on the Beeb was his constant drone of misinformation and disinformation on the murder of Northern Irish Journalist, Lyra McKee. Regularly, he returned to it making ludicrous claims. I do not think Cosgrove(soon to enter his eighth decade) has ever been involved in a firefight? His final view on McKee's murder was, "they'll have to find a new classification, she was caught in crossfire". We know McKee was standing to the rear of the line of PSNI Officers confronting a group of rioting young Irish republicans. She was mostly in hard cover behind a Land Rover. We know eight rounds were fired from a pistol(recovered by the Police). No other shots were fired, Lyra McKee died from a shot to her head. The McKee case is live, only yesterday another four were arrested in connection. Any further comment could stray into sub judice. Cosgrove and Stewart have been reading from scripts provided by Gerry Braiden for a long time. The former Herald Journo has been these last couple of years, the SNP's Policy Advisor/PRO to Glasgow City Council Convenor, Susan Aitken. Gerry is from west Belfast.
  2. I liked the bit in that Twitter conversation where Jean told Michael his contribution to the racism debate was similar to his contribution to the Manchester United midfield.
  3. The First Steps. The process of walking before learning to run was most important to Rangers relatively new management team of Willie Waddell and Jock Wallace. Former star player of two decades, Waddell retired from playing and took up the managerial vacancy at Rugby Park. After seven seasons and three cup final appearances he led Killie to the League championship at Tynecastle on the last day of season'64-65. He retired and became a Journalist for the Scottish Daily Express. He nailed his predecessor, Davie White in the Ibrox hot seat by penning a column entitled, 'the Boy David'. Waddell believed in knowing your opposition and was meticulous in providing his own players with all the facts concerning their opposite numbers on the field. Jock Wallace was a Platoon Sergeant and Physical Training Instructor in the Kings Own Scottish Borderers. When not in the field, he was on the field as a Keeper. He coached Berwick Rangers to their Scottish Cup victory over their far most famous Glasgow namesakes, then became Hearts Trainer before, joining Waddell as Rangers First Team Coach. Big Jock believed both soldiers and Rangers players should be able to run forever. Group morale was just as important, there were no cliques in a fire trench. Playing off the cuff was out, you were prepared and in this state you ran and gave your all and, then some for the Rangers. The cantankerous Deedle and gruff senior NCO, Big Jock had enjoyed initial success with the new mindset but, the League Cup victory was being quickly forgotten as the new season lurched from one disappointment to another. When Rangers stepped off the plane in Brittany, the focus among the players was putting some type of run together in the league. Playing Rennes was a welcome interference until Waddell pointed out that the Bretons were lying second in the French championship whilst Rangers had secured nil points from two games. Goalkeeper, Peter McCloy reflected on Rangers approach in Europe that season, "we played a strict 4-4-2 system, only the front pairing of Stein and Johnston had any freedom". Sandy Jardine offered, "We had been losing silly goals and Waddell kept us on the training field for over an hour the evening before the game. We worked on defending corners, set pieces and Rennes known set plays". The teams lined up in the first leg, 15th September'71 as thus : Rennes - Aubour, Cosnard, Cedolin, Chlosta, Cardiet, Garcia(Rendon), Keruzore, Terrier, Musjov(Periault), Betta and, Lenoir. Rangers - McCloy, Jardine, Mathieson, Greig, McKinnon, Jackson, McLean, MacDonald, Stein, Penman and, Johnston. Attendance : 20,000. The game began with Rennes on the front foot, pushing and confining Rangers to their own eighteen yard box for the first 15 minutes. The Bretons had won nine corners but the prior evening's work on the training field was working as all were defended. It took 20 minutes before the combination of Greig and Doddy in midfield allowed Penman to find Stein with a raking pass. Colin was upended on the edge of the penalty area. Penman curled the free kick around the wall, grazing the outside of the post. The stop start nature of the game was suiting Rangers, with the Skipper's determination negating the effect of playmaker, Betta. We went in at half time nil nil. Jock Wallace demanded more application in the second half, wanted more aggression and adventure. Rangers won a couple of corners and the second was flighted by McLean on the 68th minute. Stein's run was early and he was under the ball, taking two defenders with him. Bud Johnston was lurking at the back stick and prodded the ball home. The players remembered the width of the Rennes pitch, it was comfortable knocking the ball into wide areas, allowing Bud's pace to take the team up the pitch. Being higher up saw Betta slip his marker and take the ball wide right to the byeline, he turned and floated a cross which was met by substitute Redon sliding in at the back post. It was 1-1 in the 78th minute. The game finished one all and the French side were not happy. Manager, Jean Prouff fumed, "Rangers did not play football here, what they did had nothing to do with football. They came only to defend. They took the spectacle out of the game and the Breton fans feel cheated". Talented midfielder, Raymond Keruzore was frustrated with Greig's constant attention, "there was nothing I could do, he shadowed me everywhere I went". Ouest France Journo, Andre Mausson grumbled, "The Scots achieved their goal in the most unpleasant of means, the whole affair was not very catholic". On hearing French complaints Willie Waddell was unsympathetic, "it's not the responsibility of Rangers to please Rennes fans". My personal favourite post match quote came from Journo, Roger Glemee, "Rangers were a dirty team and if they had been in the front line during world war two, it would only have lasted a week". Big Jock took that as a major compliment. Generally, the Scots Press praised Rangers display but the Herald niggled with, "Rangers deserve to be complemented despite three bookings. Johnston epitomised this approach by both scoring and receiving a caution". My old man took two daily newspapers, the Glasgow Herald for news and correspondence and the Scottish Daily Express(then a broadsheet written and printed in Albion Street, Glasgow) furra fitbaw. John Fairgrieve reported on the Saturday morning after the match, Jean Prouff has received letters from Celtic supporters encouraging his team to continue playing football the right way and he has confidently stated, "the result is not important to us, it is the way we play and the correct way is by attacking. I will not lose my job if we get beat". Fairgrieve also reported in his rumour mill that he had heard Wullie Henderson had ended his feud with the Rangers management team and was back training. Saturday the 18th September'72, Rangers were due to play Falkirk at Brockville.
  4. 2,300 Viewers! Fellow Gersnetters, you may remember two and half years past, BBC Scotland launched it's new channel, 'BBCScotland' on the satellite listings? It was launched at considerable cost and has an annual budget of £32 million. We know Stuart Cosgrove is a heavy hitter in UK media circles because he never tires of telling us all so. He predicted a new, modern Scotland would embrace the new channel whole heartedly because there was a distinct need for Scots folk to be recipients of news specifically honed to their needs. Of course, DrStu' is in a prime position to dip his ladle into such a gravy train, remuneration for any documentaries requiring his Perth tones will be viscous. Yesterday we were given two new pieces of information. Firstly, one of the two main Presenters of the flagship news show, the Nine', Rebecca Curran has begun maternity leave and an advert to fill the position is offering a salary between £48,000 and £82,000. Secondly, the latest viewing figures are horrendous. The flagship Nine has regularly attracted an average of 15,000 viewers, the last quarter is suggesting a further fall to between 10,000-12,000 viewers and, on occasion just 2,3000 viewers have tuned in.I wonder what the other main Presenter, the ever professional Martin Geissler thinks of this debacle? I suspect he thinks his co-Presenter has experienced tremendous fortune? Now, as a BBC License Fee paying Rangers supporter; may I suggest a reason for this calamity? Earlier this week, with the Daily Record - Rangers supporter spat erupting(it's now made the pages of Private Eye), the Nine handed James Cook ten minutes to interview Prof' Tom Devine on sectarianism. Remember, James Cook and his then Producer both offered unreserved apologies to both the then club Manager, Ally McCoist and the Club itself for deliberately re-Editing an interview with McCoist. Cook posed a question on sectarianism to Ally, then cut the film to show McCoist laughing. The Club's top scorer complained at being portrayed as someone not taking the matter seriously and has not spoken to PQ since. Why was James Cook awarded such on air time, given his previous subjective behaviour on this particular matter? I believe Cook is a Dundee United supporter and voraciously ambitious. He was rewarded for his efforts eight years past by achieving the BBC Correspondent in America for three years. He was tempted back because of the high remuneration on offer and, finds the best way to retain his place on the gravy train, is to continue to sink the boot into Rangers. At 2,300 viewers, James would be better off taking a megaphone to Tannadice.
  5. Rangers only successful European season ranks as one of it's most intriguing and fascinating. There is a puzzle wrapped enigma in the triumph because it was neither expected nor predicted. Typically over the decades, Euro success arrives after a period of domestic dominance. Ajax, Bayern, Liverpool, .............. etc are all examples. It's the crest of the wave epitomised by Nottingham Forest, win the Second Division, win the First Division, win the European Cup, successfully defend it; all in four short years. Rangers were at the end of five years of domestic doldrums. The League Cup had been secured by DJ's famous header at the end of October'70 but the season was completely overshadowed by the Disaster at Ibrox on the 2nd of January'71 in which 66 died and 145 were injured. Rangers finished the League season in fourth, behind champions, Celtic; Aberdeen and St Johnstone finished second and third. We had been knocked out the Fairs Cup at the first attempt by Bayern Munich and, progress in the Scottish Cup came after a semi-final replay single goal victory over Hibs. The old firm final ran to a second game too. Jim Denny made his debut, played well and, we lost 2-1. After the match, I was walking down the Polmadie Road with a couple of schoolmates, one offered a thought we had qualified for the European Cup Winners Cup? Yep, given our separated brethren had won the league, meant as defeated cup finalists we were destined to participate in a trophy for cup winners. The Rangers team that evening was, McCloy, Denny, Mathieson, Greig, McKinnon, Jackson, Henderson, Penman, Stein, MacDonald and, Johnston. Colin Stein finished the season as the club's top scorer on 12 goals. Polmadie Road bottomed out along with the optimism. A new season(71-72) dawned and aspiration levels were sky high, we sang, "bring on the Celtic". The League Cup section draw had awarded our wish, with both Morton and Ayr United providing ballast. We experienced a five Saturdays sequence whereby we played the champions on three occasions, all three at Ibrox. It was home and away League Cup sectional games(due to construction of a new main stand at Parkhead, the game was transferred to Ibrox) and the season's first old firm league match. We lost 0-2, 0-3 and, 2-3. We were out the League Cup on the first day of September and had lost our first two league games, the aforementioned 2-3 defeat to Celtic was replicated at Firhill. We had drawn the French cup winners, Rennes in the first round of the ECWC. The Bretons were due to play their second ever European tie against Rangers, a club that already lost two ECWC finals against Fiorentina and Bayern Munich. We have seen the Rangers debit column, the credit one was paltry, two pre-season victories against Everton(2-1) and Spurs(1-0) and, securing the Glasgow Cup against Clyde(2-0). The French club were lying second in their championship and the most popular local newspaper, 'Ouest France' saw no fear claiming, "Waddell, raised in the Protestant traditions of the club was hurting because his club were declining at the same time as the rise of Catholic Celtic". It was the first but not the last such comparison during our Barca' quest. Tomorrow on the 50th anniversary of our visit to Rennes, we will follow follow Rangers on their first steps to European silverware.
  6. The Tippy-Top of the Toppermost. Yesterday, at two O'Clock the Referee at Tynecastle blew the final whistle, bringing an abatement to the blood and thunder/huffing and puffing by the competing Capital crews. The sharp shrill confirmed Rangers climb back to the top of the SPFL Premiership table. Simultaneously, a collective sigh lifted from the PQ Gang Hut. Big Dick announced Rangers summit position and, Michael Stewart and Tom Anguish furiously launched into a joint exercise in turd polishing, "the best nil-nil game ever". Craig Gordon is the best Keeper in the country, both Hearts and Hibs are defensively sound and, can go to Ibrox and Parkhead to challenge. After thirty minutes, Michael took a breath whilst viewing his social media and opined, "you can't please everybody, the view on Twitter is the game was not that exciting". Well we know, when Michael has a taste for something you cannot stop him, that ever present sh1t-eating grin is clear evidence. Tom thought those not in thrall with the Edinburgh Derby were probably Rangers supporters. It continued into the next programme, the consensus of Cosgrove, Cowan and, special guest, Susie McCabe on Off the Ball was, "a pulsating fire cracker of a game". It's only last week Cosgrove was reminding the listenership of the copious amounts of Brasso required these days at McDiarmid Park, his elbow was intent upon putting a shine on the keech. "Rangers fans never forget", stated DrStu' and, he invited Tam and Susie to provide personal examples. Cowan lamented not having a pound for every Gers fan that had reminded him of a 'Well supporter hitting Lee McCulloch with a flagged stick. Susie was hesitant thus Cosgrove offered, "they've never forgiven Michael O'Halloran for being their player, he got it hard after scoring on Saturday". Susie chimed in twice with agreement, "yes, yes, absolutely". What I have never forgotten or forgiven reference dearest Michael, is that as a Rangers player he attended a Scottish Cup semi-final against ra Sellik at Hampden and, sat with his old man in ra Sellik end. What I have not forgotten or forgiven about Susie McCabe is her gig at the FanZone in Glasgow Green during the recent Euros. The disparaging crowd found Susie not to their taste as a Comedian and booed her efforts. Susie left the stage to sound of her tackety bits, returned home and, engaged with Twitter; where she blamed. "the H-u-ns in the crowd". Imagine Off the Ball's Producer bringing Susie on to the show in light of what's been going on these last two weeks? He/She couldn't help himself/herself, just like Cosgrove roaring, "with what's happening to Janey Godley, there's a lot of comedy work up for grabs". A silence was followed by Cosgrove and McCabe laughing and chorusing, "ah'm saying nothing". Is this an example of Ann Frank's drum kit? Answers on a postcard to Paul Sweeney MSP. It's where the Gang Hut is these days, whatever goes on, whoever appears, they are protected as long as they keep sinking the boot into the H-u-ns. Two weeks past it was former Scottish Government Minister, Aileen Campbell. Ten years at Holyrood, a couple of junior minister appointments and, an unfailing Nicola cheerleader earned Aileen a near six figure pay off on stepping down earlier this year and guaranteed her the position of Chief Executive of SWFL. Cosgrove and Aileen could swap notes on Quango remuneration and love for the Perth Saints. Four Euro games, two defeats and, two draws makes for a hard luck tale or as Aileen offered, "if only we had the fortunate draw awarded another club"? In between, the guests have been Jackie McNamara, Sellik Park tour guide, Mathew Joseph Campbell and the afore mentioned, Susie McCabe. Seriously, you would think someone would know why Dominic McKay resigned? How about why Gordon Strachan is allowed two different jobs with two different SPFL clubs? Even better, is Dundee's John Nelms necessary? It's not just Gordon Strachan or the conveniently provided spam folder when a cast vote had to be delayed. No, it's what do we do with a 31 year old player who sex pests 14 and 15 year old girls? Favours done at Dundee for a peppercorn fee. If only ra Sellik had defended that corner, if only the Jambos or Hibs had notched a winner and, if only Janey Godley had kept her Tweets to H-u-n skelping.
  7. Franc, I have seen the Band live twice, both at Glasgow venues. Interestingly, when they were touring their first album(2016), I witnessed a stunning performance of 'Grass is Greener'. Paul Janeway has the voice. The second performance was January 2018 and Grass is Greener had been dropped from their set, despite constant demands from a packed audience.
  8. Another week, another two Cal-Mac Ferries have been removed from service. Last week saw Cal-Mac pleading, 'Do Not Travel to Mull'; followed by, 'No Day Trippers to Eigg, Muck, Rum and, Canna'. Today, another island, Islay has access issues. The 36 year old vessel servicing Islay is the MV Hebridean, this is the second time the vessel has been withdrawn this summer. A problem has been detected in it's hull and another journey of repair must be undertaken to Barrow in Furnace. The second Ferry cancelation should be temporary and it's hoped the repair can be completed in Port Askaig. Further, it has been revealed this morning the cost of repair to the stretch of the A83 called the Rest and be Thankful over the last three years, currently stands at £8.5 million. Another £3.5 million is expected to be spent. The problem is the repairs are all 'sticking plaster repairs'. Building walls and digging ditches to either block or contain land slides, are temporary measures due the constant threat every winter. I wonder if the Scottish Government Transport Minister, Graeme Dey has ever left Carnoustie and traveled to Mull, Islay and, the smaller islands via the A83?
  9. It's five short days since Cal-Mac's cri de couer, "Do Not Travel to Mull". Today it's, "No Day Trippers to Eigg, Muck, Rum and, Canna". On Tuesday, Cal-Mac chartered an old vessel they used to own. The MV Larvern was being utilised by Western Isles Cruises to provide voyages around the afore mentioned islands. The vessel is in it's forty-first year but Cal-Mac were confident this emergency charter would see them through to the start of October, the end of the summer rush. MV Lavern lasted a whole day, before the beleaguered lifeline service collapsed once again. The spare part concerned is not readily available and, the MV Lavern's return to Cal-Mac service is over. Why doesn't Nicola ask Boris to send north, those two thousand confiscated inflatables beached on the Kent coast?
  10. There was a tremendous Sellik interest story in the Daily Record some 25 years past. The then Daily Record Chief Reporter, Anna Smith told of Frank McGarvey's descent into gambling hell. He had gone into his local Bookie for the last time and emerged some hours later wearing his shirt, just. Now, Anna was a BIG Sellik fan and wanted to elicit sympathy for the plight of Frank. Today, Anna has retired to coastal Donegal to pen tomes that no one reads. She is reduced to sharing emotions with Phil McFournames. Anyways, when Frank arrived home, his wife gave him severe grief. The neighbours were entertained by a spectacular domestic. As Frank's wife asked the question, "where's the money to feed the family this week"? An exasperated McGarvey threw himself from the family home window. Oh the drama, an ambulance, a visit to A and E and, a gathering of the necessary Consultants gathered. Anna had delivered another green'n'grey soap opera. Of course, Anna failed to mention Frank lived in a Bungalow in King's Park.
  11. Sheriff Kenneth Hogg knows the significance of the statistics. The Rangers Skipper was not assaulted for being at his work during the Scottish Cup final 2016 because, Sheriff Ken did not convict Dale Pryde. Similarly, Sheriff Ken ignored Dale Pryde running the length of the Rangers supporting Disabled Section that same day and further ignored him launching a plastic seat at a wheelchair bound woman. Dale Pryde does not appear on the stats for violence. Similarly, Sheriff Ken does not want Thomas Bole to become part of the sectarianism - racism stats either because, racism and sectarianism just goes one way. Interestingly, we now have a stat whereby a Sheriff has failed to add to stats on three occasions because of his own preferred prejudice.
  12. You must be most careful with Angela Haggerty. Within three months she lost both her Father and the Father of her infant child. As well as such misfortune, Angela is a self confessed self harmer and also obsessed by death metal. I am sure her Cardonald College education and denial of the murder of Lyra McKee is a great comfort to her? Still, there's always Stuart Cosgrove's comforting arm.
  13. Oh, the cleansing will have been on an industrial scale. As of yesterday I note all the usual suspects have disengaged on the matter. Spence, Cosgrove, Spiers, Stewart, Haggerty, ........ etc have all dialed this down from eleven to zero.
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