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  1. 26th of foot

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Gang Hut Speak. Looking through BBC Scotland's website this morning, I note they have a most peculiar take(spin) on events effecting Kris Boyd yesterday. Of course, the article is unattributed. It begins : 'Kilmarnock striker Kris Boyd has criticised Celtic fans after being hit by a coin and being subjected to what he considers sectarian abuse on Sunday'. BBC Scotland's multi layered defence of Sellik begins with redefining sectarianism, are we to believe that only Kris Boyd considers being subjected to to continuous chants of, 'you're just a fat orange bastard', is an expression of sectarianism? Obviously, in the PQ Gang Hut, being referred to as an orange bastard is a term of endearment. The piece goes on, 'The former Rangers and Scotland striker had been warming up as a substitute when apparently struck by an object'. Having watched BBC Scotland's very own Sportscene last evening, there is no ambiguity, the footage clearly shows a pound coin striking Boyd's arm. Why the need for the adverb, 'apparently'? Now, this particular adverb could have been utilised to speculate on the source of the coin, the Green Brigade. Sportscene stated the coin emanated from, 'the crowd'; they didn't speculate on which set of supporters, let alone specify a grouping. It allowed Michael Stewart to include the coin thrown at Livi. Remember, that coin thrower has been arrested, charged, and appeared in court. Whoever tossed the pound coin at Boyd will be arrested, charged, and appear in court, the same time as the Fernando Ricksen lighter thrower at ra Stade de Gadd, 18 years ago.
  2. 26th of foot

    Breaking: Rangers Youth win ALKASS International Cup

    I am hearing Sandy Easdale has already bid for Lowrie's locks?
  3. 26th of foot

    Breaking: Rangers Youth win ALKASS International Cup

    A team of young Scots travel to the middle east and compete in an international tournament. They are up against clubs with considerable cache ie Real Madrid, Roma, and Bayern Munich. You would expect the national broadcaster would be willing to celebrate the considerable achievement of such a team of young Scots winning the tournament? I hope the Colts get to parade the trophy at half time against Killie this coming Wednesday?
  4. 26th of foot

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Sellik were carrying the standard for Scotland in Europe. The usual two Irishmen(Pat Bonner and Tom English), plus Peter Houston and Liam McLeod confirmed it during commentary. It is a well rehearsed line, usually Australian, Scott McDonald strangles the line. It's the confusion, words like, Champions, Standard, and Scotland, all in the one sentence, ah mean? Another line synonymous with this season's PQ coverage is, 'in reality this not a Europa Cup match, Sellik face a champions league fixture tonight'. Liam McLeod was most anxious to parrot the line reference Sellik's Europa Cup group. Directly, he compared it with Rangers grouping, we were not facing the same caliber of opposition. Last night, Pat Bonner opened with line, Valencia are champions league. Liam dutifully reinforced the line before commentary. I get it, the separate entity are champions league in their approach and application. The notional Sellik got fcuked 0-2. Surely, the Compliance Officer can help, she was sitting in the comfy, green heated seats in the north stand?
  5. 26th of foot

    Schoolkids’ Strike

    The definitive term in Lanarkshire was, 'dogging'.
  6. 26th of foot

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    DrStu' Goes Full Tonto! Yesterday was Thursday, thus we are treated to 45 minutes of BBC Radio Scotland's Media Review. John Beattie and Anne Marie Watson are hosting, whereas Dr Eammon O'Neill and DrStu' are sitting extremely comfortably with their preferred prejudices. Anna Burnside contributes gender balance and nothing else. The idea is they discuss stories making the biggest waves in the week's media. The reality is an unmissable cabaret. DrStu' brings one of his many faces to the gig, the pompous prig. O'Neill spends most time establishing both his victimhood and journalistic credentials. Two thirds of the show was dominated by discussion on Billy Mitchell. Who is Billy Mitchell? Apparently, Billy Mitchell appeared on last week's Question Time. As they administered a right good kicking to Billy Mitchell, I realised I had saw part of the particular episode of Question Time, broadcast from Motherwell. This guy, replete in a red shirt(both DrStu' and Dr Eamonn insisted it was orange), sitting in the audience battered the SMP's Fiona Hyslop MSP. Holding a sheath of papers as a prop, he challenged the economic case for independence. Waving the papers, he claimed it was Salmond's proposition, predlcated on a barrel of oil selling for $115. He stated oil had never reached such a price and, "if you go down the Barras, you get one for a tenner". It was a decent line, well presented, and the audience mostly applauded. Fiona Hyslop MSP has been Minister for everything, I suspect she highlights the shallowness of the Scottish Government talent pool. She smiled cluelessly throughout her haranguing. At the time, I wondered why Fiona did not deal with the guy in the red shirt in her usual manner? Why didn't she just eat him? I don't think Fiona could consume Mitchell in one sitting, but a bit of effort would see him gone by putting the leftovers between a couple of slices of bread. Billy Mitchell's crime is to have appeared on Question Time on four separate occasions. DrStu' and Dr Eamonn demanded to know how he had achieved this feat? Billy Mitchell claims he was invited. The two Docs screamed, "who issued that invitation"? Beattie read out a couple of bland BBC Scotland statements. The twa' Doactors claimed bias, Question Time's production staff were in the dock, accused of undermining Scotland's legitimate search for emancipation. Empathy, as a license fee paying Rangers supporter, I agree BBC Scotland are biased. Now, as discussed, Sportscene is the only show on TV that refuses to run credits. Question Time does run credits, the Production staff includes Annie McGuire, a sometime co-host of DrStu' on 'Off the Ball', why doesn't he ask Annie? Oh, and whom do we ask? Billy Mitchell is no mystery, I found out in a few minutes of dabbling on Google that Billy is a former official UKIP candidate for Euro' elections. He polled 34 votes. If Mitchell's constant appearances on Question Time is such a threat to the two Docs' political aspirations, why not organise a similar demonstration to the threat posed by Nick Robinson. You know a couple of thousand descending upon PQ with full colour portrait banners, spur of the moment stuff. You would want to stop Billy Mitchell doubling his vote, 68 crosses in the box demands immediate action. Anyways, after thirty minutes the show moves on to discussing Jennifer Aniston's fiftieth birthday. DrStu' cannot be bothered and issues forth, "I am not a big fan of judgemental media reference folks' private lives". Read that again and look below as to what DrStu' said several minutes before about the Devil that is Billy Mitchell : 1. He lives in Livingston and plays the flute. 2. He is a member of a protestant marching band. 3. He is known for wearing England tops. 4. I mean, a Scot in an England jersey, that does not play well in a new modern Scotland. As stated in the title, DrStu' goes full Tonto. It's just as well he is not a fan of judgemental media reference folks private lives. Actually, "new, modern Scotland" is a phrase that sounds very Tony Blair. Is DrStu' morphing into a similar grasping aspirationalist? Further, both Docs were anxious to provide the listeners with an acceptable alternative to Question Time. BBC Scotland's new channel, launched next week is a new, modern, and bold channel. Again, the repetition of those words, the future is bright and it can be controlled, our way. As Rangers supporters, we agree that there is a bias, but with James Cook as Editor of the new, modern, and bold channel, I don't think we'll be marching together into the sunrise. Lastly, another rehearsed line for the Docs was, Question Time is old and it's a clapped-out format". Both spat it several times. DrStu' in your 67th year and weekly multiple appearances on the National broadcaster for quarter of a century; you are old and clapped-out, how do we get rid of you?
  7. 26th of foot

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Jum loves flicking his tongue at cow pie.
  8. 26th of foot

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Tonight, Big Dick announced that Jum Spence had been elected Chancellor of Dundee University. Actually, Jum was unopposed. Surely, another Dundonian such as Plug from the Bash Street Kids, Soapy Soutar, or the Bairn from the Broons could have stood?
  9. Good choice, love that period of the Stones. I wanna rawk the Playschool vibe. I wonder children, whose hair is Sandy wearing today? Is it Keef's, Mick's, Bill's, Charlie's, or the other Mick's? Let's hope Sandy leaves by the arched window.
  10. 26th of foot

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    A fuller report to follow. Today, I attended a lunch down in Helensburgh with a few old University pals. One of the lads is a Junior football fanatic, never misses a home match at Newlandsfield, home of Pollok. He was invited to a fund raising dinner for Benburb's social club last weekend. I seem to remember Benburb's social club had been seriously damaged in a fire. Anyways, the speakers were DrStu' and Sanjeev Kholi. He described both as turgid; Cosgrove bombed, sat down to a grudging ripple of applause after 15 minutes. Failed to connect with any of his numerous faces. Kholi lasted ten minutes more, receiving similar reaction. The consensus around the table was school fees must be due.
  11. Absolutely convincing when it is put so!
  12. 26th of foot

    Fans charged over racist remarks at Aberdeen v Rangers

    See what twenty-odd years of Dandy Dons supporters attending ra Stade de Gadd and belting out, 'we hate Rangers more thjan you' gets you. Rewarded with the bland term, 'football fans'.
  13. If we should progress to the quarter-final match at Pittodrie, let's hope Scott McKenna has learned to behave himself?
  14. 26th of foot

    Trial By Sportscene Must Be Challenged

    Frankie's retort to Sutherland is most valid. Last night's Sportscene's trio grudgingly admitted Power should have received a red card. They failed to mention it was Power who did Graham Dorrans too, constituting a year long injury. What is Sutherland's excuse for leading debate on Morelos into loss of value in the transfer market because of indiscipline? Alfredo has received the same number of straight red cards this season as Aberdeen's McKenna, can we expect his suitors to lop off a few million? Remember Jonathon, your club has a new stadium to build and every penny is a prisoner. Further, the four minutes and 55 seconds highlights of Sellik v Hibs last Wednesday chose NOT to show Scott Brown's challenge, a tackled flagged by Pat Bonner on BBC Radio Scotland as a possible red.
  15. 26th of foot

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Good News? Mark Horne reporting in Saturday's Times, BBC Scotland have shed in excess of 200,000 listeners in two years. It's audience reach was 749,000 in the final three months of last year, down from 839,000 in the same quarter the previous year, and 952,000 in 2016. A BBC Scotland spokesman said, "It's a competitive time for radio, with listeners consuming their content in many different ways". Further, "we will continue to listen to our audience, and adapt to provide the content they love, where and when they want it". "BBC Radio Scotland still has the second largest weekly reach of any station in Scotland and during the last quarter of 2018, listeners spent more time with us than during the same period the previous year". The figures came as BBC Scotland prepares to launch it's £32 million TV channel on February 24th. What a bland statement from BBC Scotland's spokesman, he/she must work on Sportscene, if they cannot be named.

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