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  1. After reading this comment, purposely I tuned into BBC Radio Scotland's lunchtime news and sports bulletin at 1pm. Jonathan Sutherland hosted the five minute sports slop. Two items; firstly Scotland's qualification for the cricket T20 world cup was discussed, and quite rightly too. Scotland won all three of their qualification matches against Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and, Oman. This involved a couple of recorded interviews with the Skipper of the side and a recently retired Scots cricketer. Secondly, another two minutes were allocated to the scarcity of Rugby Union Referees in Scotland. No mention of the Rangers match or BBC Scotland's coverage. Just as well, the coverage was Big Dick and Tom Anguish in a PQ studio, watching a TV and making comments. There was neither a half time or full time report, simply told the audience the result. At half time, Big Dick announced a chat on Scotland's other club participating in European football and, Tom immediately used the adjectives, "tremendous", "extra ordinary" and, "fantastic". The sellik support were buying into Ange, "they believe in him" and then he eulogised Tuesday afternoon's attendance, "we're talking sixty thousand at three O'Clock here, better than a dozen Champions League games". According to Tom one of those CL matches was Barcelona against Rangers? You need a helluva lot of Brasso to put a shine on a turd, I suspect Tom has been enjoying a fly tipple? To complete the circle, no mention of our score on BBC Scotland's early morning sports bulletin either. No wonder Cosgrove can regularly state he doesn't get Rangers supporters, "they're on the sidelines beelin". We are well done the road to Espanyolification at PQ. They don't want to talk about us unless it's a BIG negative; however they continue to take our License Fees because they have mortgages, school fees and, holidays to pay for. It's a huge efort on their part, maintaining the hatred.
  2. A 100 Year Old Bahamian Folk Melody. It began last week, Rangers released their new 150th anniversary strip. A tribute to the Gallant Pioneers, the minute long launch video was accompanied with appropriate mood music, 'Four Lads had a Dream'. Most folks will know the tune as the Sloop John B, popularised by the Beach Boys. Some will remember Gorbals own, Lonnie Donegan covering the song in the early sixties? The air is a traditional Bahamian folk song about a sunken ship, first published in 1916. The same melody is also utilised for the so called, 'Famine Song'. Glasgow University Senior Lecturer, Jeanette Findlay took to Twitter in her role as Chair of Call it Out. The former Secretary of the Irish Republican Bands Association labeled the tune "racist" stated the club's launch was, "pandering to racists" and concluded, "this is no accident". Four minutes later, BBC Scotland's Senior Journo, Margaret Gilmour re-Tweeted Findlay's opinion whilst liking it and, five minutes further on, Michael Stewart did similar. The usual suspects piled in and on. Angela Haggerty was in a state of fulmination. Michael took it further, made a few more Tweets linking the launch tune to those arrested whilst marching through Glasgow City centre on the morning of the last old firm game. Michael demanded explanation for his interpretation of club formal backing of intimidation? The high water mark of this latest outrage was reached when Fettes College educated Hibee and Herald Journo, Aidan Smith did two pieces; firstly explaining the furore, then reporting Michael's outrage. Humza, Dornan, Devine, ........ etc did not reinforce and the necessary momentum was lost. It was left to PQ's Hater-in-Chief, Stuart Cosgrove to attempt a resuscitation during Off the Ball. At one O'Clock on Saturday, there is usually a five minute chat with Big Dick on matters to be discussed on the upcoming Sportsound. DrStu' was already lamenting no Big Dick as Host, the Token Kenny Macintyre promised live coverage of five of the afternoon's fixtures, and being right across happenings at Ibrox. DrStu' pushed it, "any discussion on the underlying trends in Scottish football this week"? Kenny showed Cosgrove a straight bat thus the Saintee pushed, "looking forward to hearing Michael Stewart's take"? The Token told a tale of no Michael contribution. Michael over egging a rancid pudding should be put to a century old Bahamian folk melody. Chico the Clown. These last thirty plus years, BBC Scotland's Comedy Unit has relied heavily on the existence of Chick Young. Those who schooled with Chico at Bellahouston Academy tell of his love for Rangers. Chick began his journalistic career as a Cub-Reporter at the Rangers News, his first book was, 'the Rebirth of the Blues' a diary of the Souness first season as Rangers boss. Chick bought a Cabin Cruiser 25 years past, became Captain Calamity and, smelled the PQ wind lifting from the water. After enduring the navigation from Rhu to Cumbrae, Chick experienced a catharsis announcing he had become a Buddy - constantly articulating a life long devotion to St Boo. Cap'n Calamity has safely navigated passage to his eighth decade and rode the BBC Scotland waves last weekend by immersing himself in conspiracy theories. He wondered aloud on Sunday, "Sportscene showed us Porteous tackling Aribo last week, why no highlights of Aribo's launch into Cammy Devlin"? Chico was only following the joint Twitter outrage of Tam McManus and Michael Stewart. James McFadden answered the question, "I've seen the footage, the Ref' got it right with a yellow card". Unfazed, Chick set the tiller into the strong breeze, "St Mirren play Rangers next week and Jim Goodwin will want to avoid such refereeing". The eddies and currents swirled as the skipper pulled his anchored adorned cap over his pate. The discussion was Newcastle's predicted managerial vacancy. McFadden, Foster, Cricthon all agreed the Georgies would probably have Gerrard on their discussion list. The name, his record in Europe and, the manner of last year's Premiership victory would be in his favour. Kenny Macintyre added Gerrard had stated he would not get involved in the speculation because Steve Bruce was a good friend and in position. Chico went full Coco, "before Newcastle look at someone winning one out of nine trophies available, they should be looking at St Johnston's Callum Davidson". Chick should be sailing on a sea of sand, advising the Saudis. Tom Talks Tosh. Last night Angeball was retrieved from the slates and re-inflated. Sellik had done the fourth team in the Hungarian league and Tom Anguish was purring. It was unusual, Big Dick hosting with Tom adding colour. Where was Pat Bonner? Any game at Paradise requires Pat and Tom giving the blarney large, in stereo. Anyways, Tom made up for Pat's absence. At half time he dismissed Ferencvaros as, "playing for the draw" and speculated Sellik's possession stat'," would not be less than 25%"? Big Dick looked at the stats and relied, "it's 63%". Tom did not want to disrespect the statisticians, then went on to do just that. He reminded the listenership of how unique the event was, "it's three O'Clock on a Tuesday afternoon and there's sixty thousand here". Once Tom begins to polish a Sellik turd there's no stopping the Bhoy, "these supporters have had to put up with the whole Covid vaccination passport thing too". Talking of Vaccine Passports, BBC Scotland went big on both TV and radio with this. Chris McLaughlin, remember him? He conducted vox-pops for both mediums, taking to his fellow supporters of the green'n'grey pre-match. All were articulate, all praised with the Scottish Government approach and, all were willing to put up with anything furra Sellik. I don't know why Chris didn't just go into the PQ Canteen and interview members of the CSC which he Chairs? Tomorrow night, the current resident of the PQ naughty step is Richard Foster and he will watch Premier Sports in a studio and "be right across all events at Ibrox". There will be no vox-pops.
  3. John 'Jerry' Kerr was within weeks of ending his dozen years as manager of Dundee United when Rangers pitched up, hoping to at least secure a point to keep them out of the relegation zone. The speculation was that 34 year old Jim McLean would journey the length of Dens Road to take over from the retiring Kerr. The west Lothian born Kerr had previously been both a Rangers player and Coach. He managed United to home and away wins over Barcelona in 1966. Jerry was a mixture of old school and the innovative. He is credited with United being called, 'the Arabs'. In the early-mid sixties the Tannadice pitch was such a ploughed field that Kerr's solution was to flatten the surface with tons of sand. The innovation was inspired by his wife, Barbara. She suggested United change from their traditional black and white colours to tangerine after a pre-season visit to the States in 1969. It was a most popular move, as a schoolboy playing amateur football at that time; it seemed every other side played in the kit. The Tannochside RSC bus departed early, pre-match lunch was taken at the Isle of Skye Hotel, Perth. Again, playing for the school mitigated against attendance and I was confined once more to the Fir Park enclosure. Morton and a free pie was poor return. Dundee United lined up : McAlpine, Rolland, Cameron, Markland, Gray, Henry, Reid, Copland, Gordon and, Devlin. Rangers ran out with : McCloy, Jardine, Mathieson, McKinnon, Smith, Greig, Henderson, Conn, Stein, Fyfe and, MacDonald. The given attendance was 17,000. As stated, BBC Radio Scotland's match day coverage began at 15.30hrs, live commentary began at twenty to four. A clearly excited David Francey was garrulous, Rangers were unexpectedly three up after half an hour. Doddie had notched a double and Colin, Colin Stein had also arrived at the party. The news improved just before half time as the Skipper scored a fourth. At Fir Park, John 'Jumbo' Muir was revelling in 'Well fan cult status, he was remonstrating with Keeper, Keith MacRae over Morton's goal in a 3-1 claret and amber victory. Rangers went nap in Dundee through Sandy Jardine just before the hour mark and Jackie Copland finished the scoring with a final minute consolation for the Arabs. A 1-5 victory was unexpected among both the Rangers support and the Portuguese press. A Bola's headline screamed, "They're a Lot of Big Horses". Apparently, we had frightened Dundee United to death and had given the ball a doing too. Evaluating our players A Bola painted a colourful picture, "McCloy is very tall and possessed god hands and reflexes". The only rated defender was John Greig, "however, he is more than a defender, he attacks like a grown up". The midfield was rated, "Jardine is fulcral to all Rangers attacks, combines well with Penman and Fyfe". Our forwards were scattergun, "Henderson dribbles too much, Stein is the great demolition man and, MacDonal has a common name but an uncommon approach". Finally, A Bola's concluded, "the old firm rivalry is not what they say, there are no deaths". Rangers were struggling to stay in contention in the Championship but the Tannadice victory had moved us up to ninth in the table. It was official, we were mid table opposition. Sporting Lisbon had won all six of their opening league fixtures and were sitting proudly at the top of the Portuguese table. They were due at Ibrox midweek and a huge surprise awaited as they emerged from the tunnel.
  4. As Uilleam has highlighted above, the 15 year old MV Loch Shirra made contact with the seabed over a week past. It's still out and Cal-Mac are refusing to say when the vessel will return to service. The ferry carries 250 passengers and up to 36 vehicles. The route is the continuous shuttle between Largs and the Isle of Cumbrae(Millport). Cal-Mac's solution so far has been cancelation of the service and re-routing other vessels, mainly from the already diminished Arran service. There will be significant knock on effect on the winter timetables of services to Mull, Islay and, Arran. Again, why is it a state secret on the extent of the damage done and when the boat can return to service? The MP for North Ayrshire and Arran is the SNP's Patricia Gibson. As I understand it, all SNP MPs sign off at the beginning of each Parliamentary session to NOT criticise the SNP lead Scottish Government at Holyrood. Patricia Gibson has an opportunity to inform her constituents on matters MV Loch Shirra because sh is currently suspended from the party as allegations from a Westminster SNP Staffer of sexual harassment are investigated. You may remember that the SNP's then Chief Whip, Patrick Grady was also suspended for similar allegations made by a young male staffer? Of course, like lots of things SNP it is a family affair. Patricia's Husband is MSP, Kenny Gibson. He enjoys frequent long holidays with his Parliamentary Secretary. Kenny Chaired Holyrood's Housing Committee for four years without revealing that he and wife Patricia were West End Landlords(they owned four flats being rented out to Undergraduates). Still, this is an opportunity for Patricia to be a Whistleblower, tell her constituents what they NEED to know.
  5. Jack Ross appalled by Porteous abuse. Eleven days after the game, in the wake of two international matches and, less than 48 hours before Hearts visit Ibrox; Hibs boss, Jack Ross has returned to the subject of Ryan Porteous. Nothing to say about Dundee United's visit to Easter Road, no Jack's mind is focused upon, "potentially dangerous taunts via social media". BBC Scotland's BIG Jambo, Brian McLauchlin has nipped in before Alan Preston and Michael Stewart to put pressure on Saturday's Referee. He reports Porteous was sent off for a first half tackle on Joe Aribo when Hibs were leading 1-0. He quotes Jack Ross on a continuing injustice that sees the Hibs centre half banned for Hibs next two league games against Dundee United and Aberdeen, "We have to separate what happened on the pitch, it was a tackle and there are lots of different opinions on how bad a tackle it was. Was it a good tackle or a red card. It's done". Ross goes further, "In the aftermath he has received an awful lot of abuse that goes beyond the pale. In my opinion it was unacceptable. I've seen screenshots of sectarian abuse, homophobic abuse, people wishing him to die of tumours, I am shocked by the venom". The Hibee Gaffer was warming up, "I reckon some of the punditry surrounding the incident is a contributing factor. I cannot say for definite the language used by some who give opinion on what happened on the pitch has helped stoke things but I certainly don't think it helps" . Apparently, Ryan is a sensitive lad, "it's not been nice for the boy, we are fortunate here that our head of player care is a former Police Superintendent and we took guidance from him. It's an individual thing if you want to report such abuse in a criminal sense". Jack Ross finished by expanding comments on wider Scots society, "I don't think we can differentiate between different kinds of abuse in Scotland where sectarian abuse has never gone away and remains rife. Certainly, from what I've seen, it was sent to Ryan". Both the timing and the choice of BBC Scotland are deliberate, Jack knows he will receive full bang for running his mouth off. Wikipedia tells us that Porteous is a product of Dalkeith High School. I believe it to be a non-denominational school, the charge of sectarianism must be explained. Surely, it's too serious a topic to suffer claims that dilute? Reference the homophobic charge, there is no reason in today's society why Ryan should not proclaim his true identity. Say it loud, say it proud. I love the comment on Hibs head of player care being a former senior Copper. Tell me Jack, what did he say, in fact what did you say when Irvine Welsh was calling Alfredo Morelos, "a sticky bun" and advocating slicing him into pieces with a machete? All on Hibs TV too.
  6. Tom Devine is groping in the dark. A dozen years past the RC Church in England and Wales launched, 'Catholic Voices' - an organisation to tell the church's story in the media with clarity. Scotland's Cardinal, Keith O'Brien was a supporter of Scottish nationalism and he wanted a specific Scottish Catholic voice in the media. Tom was part of the new enlightenment. John Haldane, James MacMillan, Ronnie Convery,......... etc became the approved voices for all debates, phone-ins, comments, ................ etc. Alex Salmond courted the RC vote and heartily approved. Cardinal O'Brien preached family values, the above named all chorused similarly. Cardinal O'Brien was subject to claims of sexual intimidation from four priests, he entered a retreat in England and, never returned. The last four years of his life was spent in a church purchased house in Northumbria. He only returned to Scotland for his funeral. Tom, John, Ronnie, ........ etc all retreated from public comment. Tom decided not to tell the Cardinal O'Brien story with clarity. Keith O'Brien used Tom Devine, BBC Scotland and the overtly ambitious James Cook used Tom Devine in the same way.
  7. I wonder? The barbarous centre back currently plying his trade at FC Spoonburners is only 22 years old. He has over one hundred senior appearances under his belt including 14 Under 21 caps. He has scored ten goals and been called up for the full international squad twice. Ryan's ferociousness may be misplaced. He is a product of his conditioning, a Dalkeith lad grows up in the thrall of the Hibees. His poor misguided Happy Hibbys do not help, they worship at the altar of Ryan's previous misbehaviour against the Gers. They reinforce the necessary behaviour by demanding more of the same; apparently, it makes one, 'as Hibs as fcuk'? You would think the more responsible Hibees would offer more moderate advice, however the likes of Irvine Welsh demand Ryan should wield a machete. I think Rangers should bring sunshine on the seethe, like we did before with Craig Patterson. A good centre back begins to mature around 25-26. I advocate offering Ryan a contract when his current deal runs out. Bring him into the light, show him the path to righteousness. Convince Ryan of the nobility of savagery and leave Irvine et al to bring ballet to Hibernian masses.
  8. Johan, Johan, Johan Fyfe. I liked Graham Fyfe as a player, he was often described as versatile or carelessly deemed a super-sub'. The number ten before the concept had been articulated, was skilful, talented and knew where the goal was. Graham had fast feet but possessed no pace. He was clever but lacked patience. He played spectacular games whilst challenged by a brooding personality. His nickname, 'Johan' emanated from his performances in the Nou Camp during the Juan Gamper Tournament. The year after the ECWC victory, Rangers were invited back by Barcelona to compete in the competition and Fyfe's wonder displays and goals were compared by the Catalan press as being comparable to Johan Cruyff. The bottom of the table clash between Rangers and the men from Methil attracted 25,000 to Ibrox on the 9th October'71. The teams were : Rangers - McCloy, Jardine, Mathieson, Greig, McKinnon, Smith, Henderson, Conn, Stein, Fyfe and, MacDonald. East Fife - Gorman, Duncan, Clarke, Cairns, Martis, Thomson, Bernard, Hamilton, Hughes, Honeyman and, McQuade. It began well, the Ref' awarded a penalty in the second minute, dispatched by Sandy. The newly promoted Fifers were exponents of the 'off-side trap'. It was a most effective tactic, better exhibited by the then Aberdeen and Arsenal. Half-time was 1-0 Rangers. I had arrived late, courtesy of the aforementioned Tunnock's van and had missed the penalty. Forty minutes of watching the East Fife back four stepping up, all holding their arms aloft claiming off-side was a chore. A couple of minutes into the second half, clever Graham took the ball in on the edge of the D, intimated another ball wide, turned and passed the ball into the net from 20 yards. Doddie added a third on the hour mark and the threat of being bottom of the table dissipated. It was Tannadice next week and the hope was for a point to keep us out of the relegation zone. Scotland played Portugal midweek, newly appointed Tommy Docherty's first match as Manager. His trip to Tynecastle had confirmed Sandy Jardine as starting right back, Jim Cruikshank did not make it because the Doc' drafted in Arsenal's Bob Wilson. The Gunners Keeper was the first to be capped by Scotland on the strength of his old man being a born Scot. The Hibs pair of Stanton and Cropley made the national eleven : Wilson(Arsenal), Colquhoun(Sheffield United), Hay(Celtic), Jardine(Rangers), Bremner(Leeds United), Cropley(Hibs), Gemmill(Derby County), Johnstone(Celtic), Stanton(Hibs), Graham(Arsenal) and, O'Hare(Derby County). We won 2-1 with the Rams pairing of Archie Gemmill and John O'Hare notching the goals. It was all change, the Tams no longer occupied number one in the UK charts. Maggie May by Rod Stewart and the Faces had taken over the top spot. Now, this caused uproar in the band, the three original Small Faces took umbrage at being labeled Rod's backing band. Bassist, Ronnie Lane explained they had rid themselves of 'Lead singer syndrome' when Steve Marriott had left the Small Faces. They had invited in Rod and Ron Wood to form the Faces, now three albums in on Warner brothers. Rod explained he had another recording deal with Mercury and as such, was a 'Separate Entity'? Just for the record, Graham Fyfe was at Rangers for seven years, 1969-1976. He made 87 appearances, scoring 31 goals. He was transferred to Hibs along with Ally Scott in the deal that brought Iain Munro to the club.
  9. My paternal Grandfather was born in 1892, he was attending Ibrox by 1899. He passed in 1979 and left me a collection of Wee Blue Books. Often in the mid 60s-mid 70s, I would sit with him in Section G of the old Main Stand. It was the bunnet and raincoat brigade. Half time conversations featured Neilly Gibson, the consensus being he was the best ever to grace the hallowed turf. Grandpa was an absolute adherent. My old man had never seen Gibson play, he could not see past Baxter. Similarly Grandpa loved Meiklejohn or, 'the Meek' as he called him; Dad preferred gazelle-like Ronnie McKinnon or Willie Woodburn. I loved Dave Smith. I think we forget quite quickly how bad the Ibrox pitch became every season by mid-November? The constant pitch improvement began during the reign of Souness. Different times and circumstances produce different favourite players.
  10. What's happened to super-duper modern manager of men, Neil Lennon? Lenny knows Newcastle, I saw footage of him falling out of several Nookie Broon bars back in early Spring.
  11. Jim Steele helped Southampton to the FAC Cup in 1976 then was loaned to Rangers at the start of season 76-77. He played five games and was cautioned in everyone. The Rangers News summer special in 1977 announced Jim had won three RSCs Player of the Year awards. If we go on to win the Championship this season, Gernet should award Ryan Porteous an award, thanking him for his contribution?
  12. The Talk o' the Toon - Tommy Doc'. Lanarkshire School Sports were well organised. If you had a forty mile trip down the County to play Biggar High School in the Intermediate league, the Rugby Union first fifteen and, Girls' Hockey eleven piled in on the coach. You were rubbing sleep from your eyes boarding the bus, kick-offs were 09.30hrs. A quiet journey ensued until a mate brandished a newspaper with the back page headline - "Doc takes in Tynecastle". The newly appointed national manager, Tommy Docherty was assessing Hearts and Rangers players for the upcoming game against Portugal. The consensus was Jardine, Cruikshank and, Donald Ford was as far as the Doc would gaze. A teammate who had already signed a 'S-Form' at Motherwell gave us the bad news-good news routine. His older brother who drove a Tunnocks wagon and regularly took in our games, was not trapping. Obviously, the good folks of Biggar were carmel wafered up? The bad news was no chance of getting to Tynie, the good news was he could get two of us into the Fir Park Boys' Enclosure for the game against Hibs. A free pie too; however, an opportunity to view Turnbull's Tornados was not to be passed. Hibs had Stanton, Cropley, Brownlie and, Blackley in contention for Scotland. BBC Radio Scotland's coverage of football did not start until 15.30hrs. There was a quick update on scores, then live commentary of the selected match began at twenty to four. Changed days indeed? You had thirty minutes to find someone cradling a radio in the crook of their arm and was not concerned about battery life ie prepared to turn it up loud enough for all to hear. David Francey boomed, "welcome to Tynecastle, you join me and thirty thousand others enjoying a glorious day in the Capital". The teams were, Hearts : Cruikshank, Sneddon, Kay, Brown, Anderson, Thomson, Townsend, Murray, Ford, Wnchester and, Lynch. Rangers : McCloy, Jardine, Mathieson, Greig, McKinnon, Jackson, Henderson, McLean, Stein, MacDonald and, Johnston. After Francey's greetings, we were straight back for a goal at Tynecastle, Tommy Murray had notched for the Boys in Maroon. The half time report was all Hearts, we were barely up the park. 'Well and Hibs were at it hammer and tongs with the game going into the last few minutes tied at 1-1. We craned in to hear a fading commentary and were told Billy Brown had added a second for Hearts. A consoling bag of chips was necessary and the chippy had a TV above the till. Whilst waiting the classifieds told us Bud Johnston had pulled back a last minute consolation. There was no forgiveness, courtesy of East Fife we were second bottom of an eighteen team league. The Daily Express had the then doyen of Scottish football reporters, John McKenzie. He savaged the club, "The most pathetic performance that I can ever remember. This was the most lifeless, the most stereotypical, unimaginative team I can recall in Rangers colours. Rangers and Willie Waddell have reached a crossroads". There were no radio phone-ins in those days but, the Express opened, 'a Rangers crisis call line'. There's a familiar theme in the given suggestions, "too much emphasis on physical fitness", "deplorable tactics" and, "a non existent youth policy". The then players were castigated and the Board were urged to sign Drew Jarvie from Airdrie, Jim Steele from Dundee and, Donald Ford from Hearts. The Potuguese paper, a Bola sent a reporter to the game too, he stated, "everything runs, the players, the ball and, the brain. Further, the Portuguese blat wondered aloud about Tommy Docherty? It was pointed out his 15 month spell managing Porto had been no threat to Benfica and Sporting. The next game would decide whether we went into the Sporting tie as bottom club. We had to draw with or defeat East Fife at Ibrox to at least remain second from last?
  13. Travel to Mull(next year). Read through this thread and you realise the clusterfcuk that the Scots Government owned Cal-Mac has become, maintaining life line services to the islands has proved to be a challenge too far. Remember there are two ferries on the slips at Ferguson's yard in Port Glasgow. They are already costing twice the allocated budget and first one is not due to reach service until September'22, two years late. This last month, breakdowns in the ageing fleet have seen Cal-Mac pleading with customers NOT to travel to Mull, Islay, Canna, Rhum, Eigg and, Muck. Today, Cal-Mac have announced a solution for those living on Mull and, those wishing to visit. They have paid £9 million for a second hand ferry from Norway. The MV Utne has been earmarked for sailings from Oban to Mull. Currently, the MV Utne is owned by Norwegian shipping firm, Norled and has been in operation for five years. Although the vessel will be transferred to Cal-Mac at the end of this month, it will not enter service until Spring next year. £9 million is a fraction of the cost of those two beleaguered vessels still on the slips at Fergusons. Why could this solution not have been found at the beginning of summer'21?
  14. Mick and Chick were Sick. Yesterday was a high day and a holiday for the PQ Gang Hut, Aberdeen hosting ra Sellik is cause for party hats, streamers and, balloons. It was just the regular old bags filled with hot air championing their preferred prejudices. Big Dick, Liam McLeod, Wullie Miller and, Billy Dodds all stood free whereas Pat Bonner furiously pumped air into Angeball. It was the full BBC Scotland production for a ninth v sixth game attracting an attendance at Pittodrie, ten thousand below capacity. The Dons match programme featured Wullie Miller's goals against Sellik, the Gang Hut wallow wallowed in the warm nostalgia. First against second occurred at Ibrox an hour after the nostalgia had dissipated in Aberdeen, Sportsound closed down. Cosgrove and Cowan came on air and announced Chick Young would be, "across all happenings at Ibrox". The reality was Chick watching Rangers TV in a PQ studio and as expected from a Journo in his eighth decade, he began enthusiastically and slowly but surely deflated. Cosgrove enters his eighth decade next month and as the afternoon progressed, he sounded burst. Before the puff escaped, enthusiasm greeted Kevin Nisbet's header back across McGregor and so it should, a well crafted goal for the Hibs. Chick's next intervention belies his time as a Cub Reporter at the Rangers News. Remember Chico, those tenets of accuracy and objectivity? Cosgrove interrupted Cowan, "Tam, there's been a red card at Ibrox. Over to Chick". We heard a hesitant wheeze then, "err um ah Porteous has been red carded for a challenge on Aribo". Obviously, Rangers TV was not sufficiently efficient at putting up necessary replays because Cosgrove and Cowan returned to discussing Third Lanark's last scorer. Chick rediscovered his positivity at half-time, "it's the Alamo at Ibrox but Rangers have not created a clear cut opportunity". The national broadcaster played Elgar's Nimrod for the duration of the second half. Chick made a further three interventions, his announcements on the Alamo casualty figures were not welcome. Jack Ross might be the next Sellik manager but that is at least a few months away. His immediate aspirations as a title winning boss is just another PQ burst balloon. However another Beeb bite at the cherry remained, Sportscene was to air at 19.15 hours. How would Producer, Eamonn Donohoe interpret events at Ibrox? Increasingly, Eamonn has come to realise that Michael Stewart's presence on a PQ settee is as sound as Ryan Porteous being named in a Hibs' back four whilst facing Rangers. It's the rush of blood to the head that sees Michael and Cosgrove supporting Irvine Welch's right to free speech. Calling Morelos, "a sticky bun" and stating his existence is best served by exercising a machete epitomises new, modern Scotland. Blame the H-u-ns for everything. Last night's sofa riders were James McFadden and Richard Foster and they agreed, Porteous was a deserved recipient of his marching orders. Michael had to resort to Twitter to broadcast his view, "Understandably Rangers will say it's dangerous from Porteous and they may have a point, but for me he doesn't make catch Aribo and I don't think it deserves a red card". Alfredo is both nefarious and pernicious and I suspect Michael contacted Eamonn prior to broadcast and reasoned Ryan was provoked? We saw a 10 second clip of Morelos pushing Porteous to the ground at the Broomloan corner flag a minute before Ryan got rash. Steven Thompson asked the panel, "has Morelos angered Ryan"? I loved Richard Foster's reply, "if he has it's good game smarts from Morelos". You pays your License Fee and if Chick and Mick are sick, I'll take it.
  15. Compo, We are all products of our conditioning. I believe Humza's entire schooling occurred at Hutchesons' Grammar School for Boys'? I like Mel Brooks, it doesn't get any better than, 'Springtime for Hitler'. I suggest, 'Humza the Clown' as a title.
  16. Yorkie Bear, Of course, you are correct. However, I like hearing everyone's gripes and schimfs. Back in the day, I was amazed at how good a player Jim Denny was becoming. There was a distinct correlation between Jim's lack of game time and how mercurial he was becoming. Jim's demise arrived in Cologne, we were 2-1 up from the first leg and Jock Wallace announced a secret plan to tether Pierre Littbarski. I drove from west Berlin and was amazed at the 8,000 traveling support. My smile disappeared when Jim was announced in the team, he was the secret. Jim was tasked with man marking Pierre. We lost 5-1, Littbarski notched a hat-trick and made the other two. I admire Ryan Jack as a player, each game this season I hope he is announced fit. I am sure my admiration is probably bubbling over in assessment? I believe he is the side's metronome, it is the tempo he injects and yet most fellow supporters view him as a languid player. At this moment, Ryan Jack is my panacea, his inclusion will improve our fortunes and all Rangers supporters' mental health.
  17. The Return of Wullie. Margaret Thatcher achieved 'Milk Snatcher' status by decreeing children between the ages of seven and eleven were no longer eligible for their third of a pint of the white stuff after school morning break. Being young, being foolish and, being happy did not require a daily calcium injection. Talking of the Tams, the Atlanta four-piece harmony group took their name from their constant headwear, the Tam O'Shanter. Who knew Atlanta was in Ershur as 'Hey Girl don't Bother me' became Number One? The Rangers News middle double page spread declared, "One is Enough". Willie Waddell was utilising the new publication to manage fans' expectations. We were reminded of then recent forays in Europe had crumbled on fans demands for constant all out attack. Gornik Zabrze had epitomised the smart game a couple of years before. The Silesians had arrived at Ibrox after a home 3-1 victory and conceded early to a Jim Baxter goal. If Rangers had notched a second without conceding, they went through on away goals. Sixty thousand Bears demanded blood and thunder, Gornik grabbed three breakaway goals including a wonder strike from Lubanski. Manager Davie White was sacked after the match. Truthfully, the attitude and mentality of your average Rangers supporter had not changed. Forty thousand paying customers expected caution to be discarded, get on the front foot and, get steamed in for ninety minutes. As the teams emerged, there was one change from Saturday's 0-2 loss to the Dandies. Wullie Henderson had replaced Andy Penman. The teams were : McCloy, Jardine, Mathieson, Greig, McKinnon, Jackson, Henderson, Conn, Stein, MacDonald and, Johnston. The Bretons fielded : Aubour, Cosnard, Cardiet, Cedolin, Chlosta, Toublant, Terrier, Garcia, Keruzore, Betta and, Lenoir. An early ball into our box saw a determined Bomber Jackson go through Alfie Conn and Betta to effect a clearance. Commitment was the name of what transpired as a stop-start game. The crowd was restless with impatience, bugles were being blown but the charges were not happening. Keeping our shape and not allowing space for counter attacks were the focus. Henderson had a point to prove and he fashioned a sitter for Bud Johnston. The Keeper saved and a couple of minutes later dived at the feet of Wullie to keep the score all square. Rangers were in control, then on the half hour mark the heart stopping moment arrived. An intercepted pass and quick release, saw Lenoir in the clear. As Jim Parkinson of the Herald wrote, "he had all the time in the world to score but he wanted even more and the chance was lost". Those of us that remember Doddie playing, will remember his timing of late runs into the opposition box. Regularly, those runs bore fruit. Henderson stretched the Bretons and played in Johnston again. His shot was parried and MacDonald's run veered to the left to knock in the loose ball. Six minutes before the break but still the cry behind me in the Enclosure remained, "a quick second before half-time". The second never arrived before or after the break, Colin Stein rattled the bar and wee Wullie was denied a stonewaller in the dying minutes as Cosnard sent him flying. In between these two incidents there had been an episode of slow hand clapping. The game finished 1-0 Rangers and thus a 2-1 aggregate victory for the tie. Sandy Jardine declared, "it was a good one nil victory, we were the better team". The Bretons agreed, Rennes manager, Prouff was magnanimous, " Rangers played so much better tonight, Henderson and Johnston were the stars". The French press praised Wullie Henderson to the highest, Andre Mausson stated, "even if Rennes attack had functioned, what was the answer to Henderson"? A distinct contrast to the Scots fourth estate where Jim Blair at the Evening Times determined, "a lack of style and poise in the Rangers win". Further, he got after Waddell claiming, "modern football is about tactics but Rangers indulged in the big kick and boom-bang-a-bang". Returning from Ibrox on the Tannochside RSC bus, two arguments were on going. McCloy kept throwing the ball out to Jardine, he should have been kicking it(or rather BIG kicking it boom-bang-a-bang style). The other was a constant on the merit of Alex MacDonald's character; he was a true Ranger as opposed to a corner boy. One of the Committee was adamant Rangers had won through on away goals, he didn't recognise Doddies contribution. The same clown proposed the bus for Tynecastle on the following Saturday should leave at 11.30hrs. Thus, denying secondary schoolboys playing for the school the opportunity to follow follow. In terms of Scottish football it was quite a night. Rangers progressed as did Aberdeen, defeating Celta Vigo. St Johnstone won 3-0 against Hamburg and Dundee also progressed against a forgotten Danish outfit. Ra Sellik ran over Copenhagen 3-0, making it five Scots clubs qualifying for the second round of European competition. Many of you will know next up for Rangers in the ECWC was the Sporting Club de Portugal but, first another league crisis had to be tackled. We were marooned.
  18. Today, I note the Rev' from Bath, Stuart Campbell has articulated his final exasperation. Wings Over Scotland's Owner and main contributor appears determined, "This is my last. I will only return if Nicola Sturgeon and her husband, Peter Murrell the SNP's Chief Executive are ever arrested or ousted". Further, he provides insight and penetrative thought, "There is no independence movement anymore, there is only an independence industry". Rev' Stuart reckons the industry provides a very good living to a few hundred people. The Somerset Scot Nat' names the beneficiaries, "SNP MPs, MSPs, party staff and apparatchiks, special advisors, Quango Chiefs, and certain civil servants are all lavishly rewarded for their loyalty to Nicola Sturgeon, despite track records of incompetence, bungling and, impropriety that have cost the taxpayer a vast fortune". Determined to stick to Sunday Sermons from now on, Campbell has cast his net in the direction of the man who could have been a better man, Alex Salmond. Driving his exploding clown car into the debate, former Runrig keyboardist, Pete Wishart spits, "Good riddance to the biggest menace to the cause of independence". Hip young gunslinger Pistol Pete kept squeezing the trigger, describing the blog as "hate, hate and more hate". I suspect both the high and the low roads may be required to reacquaint these particular refugees from Brigadoon?
  19. There's Always Another Sellik Supporter? I believe we have 42 senior clubs in Scotland. The petty and ill-informed show broadcast by BBC Radio Scotland twice weekly attempts to relate the full Scottish football experience. Off the Ball championed, 'Sell Out Saturday' because both Hosts, Tam and Stuart are supporters of self-confessed "Diddy Clubs" and they trapped at Fir Park for the visit of the Perth Saints on that day. They joined the attendance of five and a half thousand to join the chorus of, Scottish football does not need Rangers. It's a continuing chant taken up by the majority of the PQ Gang Hut. The Producer of Off the Ball guarantees a hearing for every voice in Scottish football, his/her efforts these last few weeks epitomise that fact. Guests on the show have been Hugh MacDonald, Jackie McNamara, Mathew Joseph Campbell, Susie McCabe, Paul Lyons and, Chris McQueer. All Sellik supporters, through and through. The other 41 clubs, including the Diddy Clubs are just not represented. There's always another Sellik supporter. These last five and a bit years, Rangers supporters pay their License Fees and we get compartmentalised. The last week has seen three games at Ibrox, Motherwell, Lyon and, Livingston. A couple of former/current players with Rangers connections are placed in a separate studio to watch Rangers TV or a steam. Big Dick the patronises them with a few dull questions and this is called, 'a Service'. This started five years past with Craig Patterson sitting on the naughty step, where is Craig now? Derek Ferguson, Billy Dodds, Chick Young, .................. ............................... Steven Thompson, Richard Foster and now, Rory Loy. Seriously, they all avoid the gig as soon as they are able to do so. Don't worry about, when the Rangers connections well runs dry, there's always another Sellik supporter.
  20. Today it is : 1. The Searchers 2. Blazing Saddles 3. The Last Picture Show 4. Duck Soup 5. Swedish Strapping Nurses Tomorrow will be different.
  21. Circling Vultures. Wandering along Paisley Road West, the talk pre-match was Ronnie McKinnon being out. I believed it was precautionary, the gazelle like centre back was highly mobile and would be needed for the midweek home leg against Rennes. Most of the mates argued he was needed against a strongly performing Aberdeen. Forty-two thousand watched the teams run out and we found out Dave Smith was Ronnie's replacement. The teams were, Rangers : McCloy, Jardine, Mathieson, Greig, Jackson, Smith, Penman, Conn, Stein and, Johnston. Aberdeen : Geoghegan, Boel, Hermiston, Murray, Young, Buchan, Forrest, Robb, Harper, Willoughby and, Miller. Former Rangers and cousins, Jim Forrest and Alec Willoughby made little impact but I remember Martin Buchan strolled it, Stevie Murray ran the legs off Alfie Conn, Joey Harper was a pest and, left back Jim Hermiston out wing backed Sandy Jardine. The first circling vulture was spotted at half time. We were one down to a Murray goal and a heated discussion behind me nearly came to punches. The manager must suppress his pride and reinstate Wullie Henderson to the team. Apparently, the bunion effected winger was the only Ranger to be relied upon to carry the ball and, the team up the pitch. When Harper took the ball into his feet, dropped a shoulder and, swivelled to hit a goal bound strike; the vultures were stacking. Deservedly spanked 0-2 by the Dandies, we had played four league games and had amassed two points. We were fifth bottom of an eighteen team league. The Sunday papers were unforgiving, "Alarming Gaps must be Plugged" screamed the Sunday Mail. Otherwise, we were out of Europe. The Express offered, "Wednesday's Euro tie is a must win to avoid a full blown crisis". Willie Waddell was quoted by his old blat, "there is no crisis". Monday's press took a different line, they quoted the visiting French press. A bleak city of tenements and shipyards was the background, the foreground was loud, bellowing Bears, "when lubricated with whisky, Rangers supporters vocal cords are indestructible". The Herald's Ian Archer revealed Rennes boss, Jean Prouff had been the recipient of numerous letters from Sellik supporters wishing his side well when visiting Ibrox. The Bretons were confident and surely Prouff was tempting fate when he said, "The result is not important to us, it is the way we play and the correct way is by attacking. I will not lose my job if we get beat" Maybe, it was a different era? I have mentioned two Aberdonian players above who would finish the season with contrasting fortunes. Silky Dave Smith would be voted Scotland's Player of the Year and Jim Hermiston left Aberdeen for the security of the Grampian Police. Would the Tams and, 'Hey Girl don't Bother me' make it to number one, would the Education Minister, Margaret Thatcher really withdraw free milk from schools and most importantly, would Rangers defeat Rennes? Answers on Wednesday.
  22. Bill Leckie has drank too many Pina Coladas in the rain.
  23. In three years and a bit, I don't think I have witnessed such an error strewn Gerrard Rangers team? Including pre season friendlies, we have played just over 20 games. We have notched up 14 competitive matches. The only game I have left/watched where I have felt I viewed Rangers was the Real Madrid friendly. We are all hoping, even saying it will improve. However, despite being top of the league I feel we are NOT playing. The ball goes forward and there is no venom among our forwards. We are not winning fouls on the edge of the opposition box. Today, we managed three free kicks in and around Dundee's penalty area. There is a huge gap between the midfield and the front three. Our exploitation of the opposition by our wing backs has almost become warm nostalgia. Tav' hit the bye-line once today. I could go on but, it's another three points and hopefully we improve in Prague. We must.
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