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  1. Attempts on the 'Well goal? Despite several corners and another dozen crosses into the 'Well box, we can count two attempts on goal, neither on target. A Morelos header that drifted past the post and a Kamara shot that cleared the Davie Cooper Stand roof. In second half, more attempts, a lot more attempts. Oh, and let's drive into their box, invite the challenges. Why are we walking , give and go, and get everybody running.
  2. We started the week 22 points ahead; now, it's only 20. Ra Sellik fightback is gathering momentum?
  3. Furlough furlough, We will furlough at Sellik, All the way to Dubai, Then we'll furlough on.
  4. Let the comparisons between Alfie and Gerd Muller begin. The low centre of gravity, those lightening turns, rolling the defender whilst releasing the shot with little back lift, soaring and hanging in the air, ................ etc. El Buffalo becomes Der Bomber. I think Alfie will need a year of constant application to equal Gerd's legendary consumption of ten steins of Bavarian lager per evening?
  5. I have just returned from visiting the local Supermarket, the wife insisted I sit outside in the car park. Apparently, it is easier for her to shop unfettered by my presence? Anyways, I am left with the car radio for company and BBC Radio Scotland's news and sport. A number of sports stories have broken today; Andy Murray has Covid, England have bowled out Sri Lanka and batted to within 8 of the islanders total, and ra Sellik have registered another UK first - they have furloughed their entire Youth Academy. What do you think was the headline and the three/four minute Sports discu
  6. Increasingly, fellow pundits like McFadden, McCann, Thomson .... etc and even Host of Sportscene, Jonathon Sutherland are having pops at Michael's latest disagreement with a Refereeing decision that benefits Rangers. Earlier this season at Fir Park, Rangers were awarded two penalties, it was our first award of a spot kick in eleven months in the league. Stewart used the very same rationale as you outlined above, they were NOT penalties because of the rules are wrong? Michael Stewart remains on Sportscene because of the Producer, Eamonn Donohoe.
  7. Gonzo, Those sharing the platform of BBC Scotland with Stewart must be made aware that Michael's line and script is provided by Alex Barr's BIG Partnership. When Hollicom stepped down, the SPFL's PR firm ie BIG Partnership stepped up to take on ra Sellik remit. Two and two makes four, there is a reason why Michael's line comes across as co-ordinated because it is co-ordinated by the very same PR firm. It's time for those disagreeing with Stewart at PQ to ask which line he is following during any particular broadcast?
  8. Michael the Mouth. This week, Michael Stewart has fallen out with a fellow Jambo. No, not Craig Levein this time, it's Guardian Journo, Ewan Murray that irritates the Mouth of Peter. Auld Reekie's Desperado has been riding the trail, constructing and repairing Peter's fences. He has come to his senses, bellowing Sellik's trip to Dubai has been a PR disaster, demanding a bright light be shone in SPFL dark corners, and hoping the perceived perception keeps him on the side of the angels. The epiphany continues and those that cannot see a redemptive Michael, like Ewan Murray, shall be
  9. The comeback is on. We started the day 22 points ahead, we finish it only 21 points in front.
  10. Listening to BBC Radio Scotland. The SPFL have refused two formal requests to appear on Sportsound to explain the refusal of Hibs asking for all Sellik playing staff for tonight's game at Sellik Park. Neil Doncaster, Murdoch MacLennan, and Rod McKenzie are the Chief Executive, Chair, and Secretary of the SPFL, they take almost a million quid per annum out of the Scottish game, and they refuse to explain decisions: 1. The decision to move the game from Saturday last to this evening against Hibs wishes, to accommodate ra Sellik's R and R trip to Dubai.
  11. Hibs made a formal request to both the SPFL and ra Sellik to submit tonight's Sellik squad to a further Covid test. Both the SPFL and Lawwell refused. Currently, Hibs are considering whether to play tonight's game, leaving the decision to management and players. If Hibs do not trap, I suppose the SPFL will award ra Sellik a 3-0 victory? I have no doubt this will please both Jack Ross and John Potter enormously. Further, just thinking; if ra Sellik field a youth team, does it count. Ah mean, they're a separate entity, are they not?
  12. Tottie Beck, that's the guy. Thank you, I attended the 1966 Scottish Cup final replay and as I was an 8 year old schoolboy, I was in the schoolboy Enclosure. However, a crush saw my old man and I moved into the Main Stand. There were a number of not stripped Rangers players in the row behind and I got their autographs, including Por(pronounced Thor) Beck. How did he receive the nickname, 'Tottie"?
  13. Not to be considered, but he warrants a wee mention because he is the forgotten member of the ECWC'72 squad. A former Dustbin man and Policeman from Germany, Gerry Neef took over from Norrie Martin/Erik Sorensen in 1968 and played approx' 50 games for Rangers before Peter McCloy arrived. He was a brave Keeper, always challenging opposing forwards. I attended a Glasgow Cup game against Queens Park and he was injured, cracked ribs. Colin Stein took over in goals. Gerhardt Neef, one of the continentals that livened up Ibrox life in the late sixties. There was King Kai and Swedish Worl
  14. I note Scottish Government Health Spokesperson, Linda Bauld has tweeted reference the increased chances of infection on crowded planes. Further, the number of infected surfaces are multiple on aircraft. On the return flight, why didn't the pilot insist all windows remained open?
  15. Friday afternoon/evening. The timing of the press release, half time during our game at Pittodrie. I await the Scottish Government once again ask SFA Peter to investigate Sellik Peter?
  16. Game management. Do not allow Beaton the opportunity to level this up ie either reducing us to ten men or awarding Aberdeen a penalty. Give it 20 minutes hard in the second half and get at least the second. Easy street awaits. Come off it, and Aberdeen begin to win free kicks, then we are playing their game of set pieces.
  17. I have just seen the Aberdeen team, it's 3-5-2, with Cosgrove and Main starting up front. I suspect McInnes has been impressed with Lennon's same formation with Griffiths and Edouard applying the high press? The Dandies will be shelling it long from all over the pitch, stand up to it Rangers.
  18. I note this morning's Herald front page, where the spurned Kenny MacAskill MSP is claiming Peter Murrell's tenure as SNP Chief Executive will end this year. Life long Hibby, Murrell has been CE for 20 years.
  19. It is being reported this afternoon that following a Freedom of Information request; Police Scotland issued no warnings, no fines, and made no arrests at Sellik Park on Sunday 13th December. Thus, what do you think Humza should put more effort into : 1. Publishing the report into the disappearance of evidence from his department reference nine members of the Green Brigade arrested and charged with hanging effigies from the roof of the Sellik Park north stand. They had all made one appearance in court before all PF evidence vanished. The report is almost three years late
  20. Late in the day, I know. If it's okay, I would not mind doing Sunday's visit to Pittodrie.
  21. I woke this morning to pictures of rioting in Washington DC. I thought Ross County must have won away in the American capital?
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