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  1. Steve do u still have these tickets?
  2. Been told that Hillsborough ticket centre will not be open on Wednesday, so it's looking bleak
  3. Looking for 3 tickets for Hillsborough on Wednesday night, even 1 or 2 tickets would be fine aswell. tickets can be picked up.
  4. I was under the impression the Rangers swifts (reserves) were back in the reserve league next season with the under 20's being abolished and it now jumped from u19's to reserves? Don't think the reserves serve much purpose tbh anyway, they played most of their games at Murray park behind closed doors, even playing at a junior ground like newlandsfield or somewhere in which the youngsters can get experience playing in front of some sort of crowd. It's a massive jump going from playing in front of 30-40 at Murray park to 40-50 thousand at Ibrox.
  5. That's a great help Steve, thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the info guys, Steve is it ticket only?
  7. Does anyone have any info on the sashbashes in or around Sheffield? I presume it will be ticket only, just looking to see where I can buy some from. Any truth in the rumours that they are unofficially allocating more tickets to put us in the north stand?
  8. Was this contact made through email? If so what is the email address? Also what question was posed to them? Thanks
  9. I've heard a few times tonight that were strongly linked with gattuso nebody else heard or is this just bullshit also Hutton but I defo can't see that happening?
  10. Alan smith spotted at Glasgow airport...... Well a guy with bleached blonde hair and a rangers top, could be him!!:fish:
  11. I am looking to go to Valencia or Bursa on a daytrip or overnight stay and i am no longer in the travel club does neone know if there is any decent travel agents organising the trips, i have 1 from sports options and its �£260 daytrip and i know passport travel used to do the trips but it doesnt seem if they do the rangers ones nemore, any info i receive will be greatly appreciated. cheers
  12. Rangers to win the champions league a London invasion like Manchester!!!!:spl:
  13. Breaking news on San now saying jelavic refusing to play for rapid tonight and rapid announce he will sign for rangers!!!!
  14. He would look a bit of prick if he signed for us now after coming out publicly saying he would LOVE to play for the mhanky mob and he has always admired them!!! Wonder what he will be saying about us to the media tomorrow if this story is true???????
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