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  1. Defence was sleeping there, come on Rangers we need a quick comeback
  2. For me this is a must win game, the last few games have not been anywhere near the performances we expect from this team, any game against them should be a must win and after that awful Cup result last week we need to come out fighting and put them to the sword.
  3. To lose a last second goal and then lose the game on penalties really does worry me, whilst we have had a fantastic season winning the 55 with weeks to spare is all well and good but we should have been on a double or even a treble with Celtic out of the running completely this season. The Manager and team must have a long hard look at the blockers on the cup games and start getting into the mindset that every trophy matters, as I say a great season but with some niggling doubts about the road ahead and the way we seem to capitulate to teams we should be beating in all positions o
  4. I think the subs need to be made now and not with 20 minutes to go, they look comfortable and we look like we are going nowhere tonight, change of game plan now gives us 45 minutes to recover this
  5. I was just looking at that thinking imagine having all that talent sitting the game out
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