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  1. Defence is a car crash this season, great start to go 2 up but now looking shaky at the back as usual
  2. The poor bloke is just in the door and it's a feeding frenzy, time for everyone to step back and let the boss do his job now
  3. Did anyone predict this score, shocking to get pumped out the cup yet again, a few players need a spell on the sidelines after this garbage
  4. It's midnight here so should I go to bed or suffer another 45 minutes of pain
  5. Wtf is going on ? This is just shocking stuff now and heading for one of the biggest embarrassments in years
  6. Getting pumped by a shower of shit, what a great show for Gio to watch, he will probably up and get on the first plane out of Glasgow
  7. And once again we lose an early goal, wtf is wrong with our defence at the minute
  8. When Gerrard quit I was angry and a little bit sad that he had chosen to ditch our club in such a casual manner, however I am delighted now that Gio has been appointed and believe that this is the kind of appointment as a manager that most of us has hoped when Gerrard was announced 3 years ago. Exciting times ahead and I am sure we will be a better team with the new regime in place.
  9. So not only did Stevie slither out the door with his whole backroom staff he is now going to take our players as well ? On yer bike MrG you can f right off with that pish, although for 30 million then maybe ?
  10. Well the good news is there are a good couple of choices this time round, no need to talk to people like that ex Aberdoom clown like last time, Gio for me but Lampard would do too, I have a feeling Gerrard skulking off like a snake in the grass could turn out to be a good thing ( thanks for the good times though MrG but you could have been a bit more up front especially to the players and fans who supported you 100% )
  11. Maybe now we will win a cup or two, onwards and upwards I wish Gerrard well but no man is bigger than the club
  12. So he turned down Newcastle to go to Villa ? And why is Villa a good move for him ? What am I missing, gutted if he goes and I think a definite step backwards
  13. Is this just normal now for us to go a goal down in every game FFS Rangers get the finger out
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