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  1. Big big game tonight and a big test of our title credentials. Always a tough game, and we have a really bad habit (2021 apart) of falling apart immediately after the winter break, so I think we as fans have a right to be very nervous about this one. Add in injuries, our best player this season missing the game, transfer speculation for many of our players which might affect them, it is no wonder the few tims I have spoken to this week are feeling there might be a shock tonight. Any kind of win tonight will go a long way to retaining the title, a good win couple with a good performance will send a message and make us all a lot more confident and comfortable.
  2. Wasnt aware of that, thanks for pointing that out. Hopefully all behind him now.
  3. Well deserved for both, although both should tell SPFL where to shove their awards, bunch of cheating chunts.
  4. Good luck to Defoe, a proper professional, hope he finds something suitable (playing, coaching or both) quickly. The sheer joy on his face at his OF goal showed you what it meant to him. Thanks for your contribution JD.
  5. I’m glad Itten is coming back, deserves another shot. Thought he looked really sharp in preseason and looked our sharpest striker at that time but SG clearly thought differently and moved him on.
  6. I was very impressed with Souttar in our game v Hearts at Ibrox earlier in the season, he was easily the MOTM and made a number of blocks, last gasp tackles, won every header. Yes he has had injuries over last few years but they are not the same and not recurring, so look positively and say he is fresher than most! I would certainly have him over Goldson who has went backwards this season at an alarming rate.
  7. Regarding our new American import , can I ask what position he is going to play in our starting 11? Nothing I have read so far gives an indication as to what his best position is. Does he play in only one position for USA?
  8. Probably this game here; https://www.rangers.co.uk/fixture/rangers-vs-celtic-scottish-premiership-2021-05-02/7LoXKBwKOeSJvwicTWn4vK
  9. D.Weir D.Weir D.Weir D.Weir D.Weir D.Weir D.Weir D.Weir D.Weir D.Weir D.Wier We all dream of a team of Davie Weirs.......
  10. That last paragraph should read the SPFL is encouraging clubs not to choose the 3rd option because they really want Rangers to suffer from no crowd at a home game, but not celtic.
  11. Let's face it, with the horrible incompetent folk in charge of both the SPFL and the kiddy on government in Edinburgh, there is absolutely no chance in hell this is a 3 week window with no fans and then we are back at 50,000 at Ibrox. I dont think we will get inside a full Ibrox again until Easter at the earliest. Obviously hope i'm wrong but wee Nippy and her cohorts have plenty of previous. The bheasts will know this also and are only wanting the break brought forward to get their squad back fit before they play us. Everyone else in the SPFL will of course vote along with the bheasts, as they will swallow the empty promises of an early break and full houses straight afterwards, which is virtually impossible to make happen. The only thing we can do about it is not allow our players to go to Africa if/when the fixtures are rescheduled for the same timeframe as the African Cup, and other than that, just keep winning and have up our sleeve that the bheasts were running scared of us and use it as incentive to knock them over at full strength in their own midden when we finally get the chance.
  12. Yes and the fact they are OVER 10 TIMES less likely to pick up a booking at home than any other side, and haven’t had a red card in home league game for about 150 games (7-8 years!) Got to be the worst conspiracy in the world. I hear Hibs denied a late stonewaller, so another cup won courtesy of the conspiracy!
  13. Wow, just wow @CammyF they really are quite a special (needs) breed of insecure, paranoid Neanderthals. While I have just watched the first half of the scum v scum cup final while at work, and what a totally different ref Beaton is when he is not reffing us! All of a sudden things we would never in a million years get fouls for are given, well they are given in one direction only. And yet he is still getting slaughtered because he judged an early foul to be just a foul when the commentary team decided it should have been an early yellow. And of course the celtic player rightly booked was harshly booked, Kyogo's blatant dive was just a slip. A very dull game, very few shots at goal from the bheasts despite huge possession and Hibs being utterly rank. I dont normally watch their games, but given we have them in a fortnight I thought I would have a wee sneaky peek. I've confirmed to myself that they are still utter rank and if we play well, we will win comfortably. Turned off now, cant stand to see their late winner courtesy of a dodgy decision.
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