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  1. Any of our squad should be too good for our opponents, and any who prove not to be should be moved on forthwith. I would like to see some squad players get some game time, Stewart & Itten especially, and allow us to rest our key players for what is a huge test at Easter Road on Sunday. I want to see young Nathan play, Bassey on the other side, Edmundson at CB, and our midfield reinforced with those who havent had much of a chance yet. If you are not going to risk playing these guys in this game, taking into account our upcoming schedule, then they clearly are not t
  2. Easiest choice of the season so far, Davis was head and shoulders above the rest in what was an excellent team performance (2nd half especially) with no failures in my book. Notable mentions for Kent & Hagi, with Kamara not far behind with his best performance in quite some time.
  3. I took it to mean that Morelos would have been sent off whether if the ref had seen it or not, due to the hole in the guys leg and who the ref was.
  4. Haven’t managed to comment on the game yet, so wanted to say I thought we were excellent in the second half on Saturday, and pretty decent on totally in control in first half. Some great well worked goals, much quicker passing and better off the ball movement made a huge difference to our tempo and creative ability. Davis was outstanding and is what we need in there and with Kamara replacing Jack early on he really took his chance to shine. Kent again looked more direct and scored again, Hagi’s pass for the opener was beautiful and Kent’s drop of the shoulder to create space and ensu
  5. Seems a strange one, thought she came across well in her interviewing the manager and players. In this closed stadium era online content is more valuable to the fans and we are reducing numbers in this area? Would have preferred we didn’t blow a huge sum on a tunnel refurb that wasn’t required and keep loyal decent staff at the club.
  6. Some of you guys are completely missing the point here. Reverse the situation and say it was Lennon or Griffiths car torched. The papers, radio and BBC Scotland news online within hours would be screaming headlines of a sectarian attack, with narratives around like how they are always targeted without any evidence that this was anything to do with Rangers fans. There would be comments in Holyrood, debates surrounding how our country needs to be more inclusive, how everything is our fault. They don’t wait for weeks for a police investigation to conclude. They
  7. Thank goodness for that! Premier Sports is not a viable option for anyone who wishes to watch the game with audio!
  8. I’m assuming the word “sectarian” doesn’t appear in any of the reports doing the rounds? Can you imagine if Lennon or (insert bheast of choice) has been the victim of such an attack? Never mind evidence or anything like that, the banner headlines would have this down as a sectarian attempted murder attack with columnists queueing up to say how the poor downtrodden ones are always the victims.
  9. Perfect draw, its a bye to the 3rd round which is a reward for our efforts in going from round 1 the last two years. I see the draw for the 3rd qualifying round is tomorrow, according to the UEFA site.
  10. Can we play with a "backie"?
  11. I will say it again, in the English Premiership the money is utterly ridiculous. Arsenal reportedly (I dont believe it either) paid £25M for Tierney of the bheasts, who cant get into his shitty International side, when tested at European level was on the wrong end of several hidings conceding goals aplenty, is completely injury-prone, and cant defend. Any bids coming in from an EPL club that dont beat the money paid for Tierney should be refused with the above explanation. Clubs there regularly pay £15-£20M for players with no top level experience, certainly no European experience,
  12. Too early to say. Need to let the lad get match sharp first (and stay fit) and get him used to our way of playing and the types of defences and lack of space he will find here. I remember absolutely slating Hateley for the first 6 months of his Rangers career as he was absolutely mince, but he turned out he just needed to get himself up to speed and used to the football here. He turned out all right! Roofe wont get 6 months to prove himself, but I'm happy to wait a few weeks to see how he settles in and what he brings to the team. We put our trust in the management to have done the
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