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  1. Oxford - why? Marseilles - paying the cheats who robbed us of a Champions League final place? Disgusting! Blackburn - meh Thankfully I didn’t tick the box to get these automatically, really angry we are playing the Froggy cheats. Shows a total lack of understanding of our history which is hugely disappointing.
  2. That’s a very low bar you’re aiming for, we need much better to win the title. Although my my point is nothing to do with Jack, but to do with signing a player whose main quality is one we don’t get the opportunity to use very often.
  3. Nice words but needs to do it on the park, not in the papers. Really underwhelmed by this signing. A pacy counter-attack player with no real quality at taking men on bar out-running them. Another Michael O'Halloran, completely unsuited to our style of play, we dont get the luxury of counter-attacking at pace in the vast majority of our games. Will be moved on next summer is my guess. Hope i'm wrong!
  4. While the story is more than likely nonsense, it is important our club allows positive high priced stories to make their way into publication. However nonsensical to believe, clubs to follow what is being said in the papers, and the numbers being quoted around Morelos in the high teens approaching £20M are helpful to us to ensure we get a very high price for our asset. The tims have been masters at this for years, and also they give out false info about what they have sold their players for in the hope that the next club that comes along for one of their players knows the sort of numbers they will accept. See the Ki sale to Cardiff/Swansea (cant remember which) The tims told the Scottish media they sold him for £5M, and this was the figure commonly published, although the official price, as always, undisclosed. 2 days later the Welsh club bought another player and announced it was for a club record £4.5M, thus proving the £5M price was grossly overrated. For too long we have allowed negative stories to come out which give much lower values for our players than we could/should have got, and subsequently when proper bids come in they are lower as a result. We all know there is no way on earth Ashley will buy any players from us, far less for a proper price, but as long as the story has a big price in it, it doesnt do us any harm.
  5. I know its early in the silly season, and the window isnt even open yet but I have been entirely underwhelmed with the names being linked, and indeed signings made as I dont see any of them being first team players or any better squad players than we already have. Jones, Hastie, Stewart (seems to be happening but hope it hits a snag), are not going to win us the title. Same for guys like this latest Liverpool kid who cant set up or score goals despite looking good in the tricks department, no thanks. I trust the management team to get us to where we need to be by the time we play our absolutely vital Euro qualifiers in about 7 weeks time, I just wish all these guys we keep getting linked with would get the juices flowing a bit better. I see in this thread we are linked with Andre Gray. Another inconsistent sort who would make Morelos look like Messi. Gray, on top form, is a good striker. However he rarely hits top form, seems to be often injured, and is reportedly on a wage that has completely spoiled his hunger and desire. I desperately hope we dont waste a huge chunk of our wage budget on an imposter of this scale. I really dont want us even looking in the over-rated, over-priced English market. We can get much better value in other markets with good contacts and scouting, which has improved at the club enormously in the last year or so.
  6. Thats just utter nonsense DB, to choose that one error when referring errors like on Sunday, Easter Road (twice), and player errors like Worrell at kilmarnock in jan which took all our momentum away are much more responsible than that. Given what Tav has provided at the other end, to pick out that one costly error (and it is not as if it was an open goal from that moment, we had other opportunities to prevent that error becoming a goal) is being overly critical.
  7. It’s the double standards in play that offends from a SSB angle. If it was us in that position, their moral compass would be forgotten to be replaced with calls for us to be thrown out of football for good. And they would be right. A pedo ring found out and covered up, boys club renamed to try to avoid compo claims, threatening behaviour to anyone wanting to discuss it, and lots more are the actions of a club that deserve to be shut down.
  8. Needs to work on his pitch positioning awareness and tackling. Has other decent attributes and gave his all, which wasn’t good enough under our microscope. Hope he goes on to have a decent career.
  9. No probs coop, we all see it different. As long as we all see through blue tinted specs it doesn’t matter if some need a dog & stick to help them!!
  10. I can make an argument for McGregor, Tav, Goldson and Morelos. Anyone voting for anyone outside these 4 clearly haven’t watched us all season.
  11. Unless I missed it somewhere, there has been nothing official from the CO office to say they did review the Defoe incident and didnt think it was bad enough to warrant a case? Only speculation that this happened?
  12. The Daily Rhebel is annoyed at us standing up for ourselves and outing a clear and obvious bias from the CO. That works for me. The Rhebel has clearly bought into, hook line and sinker, the official celtic line of "know your place hun scum" where we are not allowed to stand up for ourselves, or accuse celtic (and their players) of any misconduct, but just continue to accept the corruption, cheating, and bias that comes through from referees, compliance officers, et al. I have said this repeatedly, the Daily Rhebel should have no press access to Auchenhowie, Ibrox, any of our players or coaching/management team. Any players talking to the Rhebel get a maximum fine. We should put up on the big screens at every home game the message that this organisation is not for Bears. If I ever manage to win a big jackpot in the Euromillions and buy a big stake in our club, this would be in place in the first week. The message it sends out to the rest is very clear, be fair or lose readers/access.
  13. As an extra point about the game on Sunday, the match day program was a fantastic read. Full interviews over several pages with SG, Robertson, Mulholland as a sort of review of the season, and lots of other smashing bits and pieces. I bought the electronic season ticket last July, so I get an electronic version of the program to download through my Rangers program app usually the day before the game, so can read it while on the way to the game or like this week, while watching soccer Saturday and seeing my coupon get beat as usual! IIRC it was £50 for the season or thereabouts and I would thoroughly recommend it, especially for those bears who can’t get along to Ibrox for whatever reason. You can buy game by game as well but the ST was great value. I will certainly be renewing that ST come the new season.
  14. Who is Andy Scoulding? Cant be that much of a high profile player if he got a tour from someone this low down. If it was a first team player, surely he would get the tour from SG/GMcA/MB etc.
  15. Just watching the second goal again, watch it from 62:32 on Sky clock, loose ball on halfway line comes to Broon, who under pressure gets his simple 3 yard pass intercepted by Arfield who plays a simple 5 yard square pass to Kamara, who plays a neat 1-2 with Kent, sells a dummy to Burke and plays a 1-2 with Flanagan, he feels Broon coming in and feigns to go one way and goes the other leaving the most overrated player in Scottish football history for dead, drives forward with Broon still wondering where he went, and plays a ball into feet for Defoe who has the new Caesar tight on him, so Defoe (I’m guessing after a shout from Arfield) let’s it run through his legs and into the box where Arfield runs past the despairing wonder kid Ajer and coolly slots it in the corner to seal the win. A simply stunning goal.
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