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  1. So these games in France are live on celtic tv but for Rangers fans we have to pay the Irish Premier Sports for coverage? WTF? oh well Gersnet updates will have to do, I am never again paying money for the absolute trash that Premier Sports serves up.
  2. Poor choice of words when hundreds of thousands are actually dying during this pandemic but the sentiments are appreciated. Good luck to the lad, hope he goes on to walk the walk.
  3. Aimless crosses into the box that not once hit a red shirt, while beaten defensively on numerous occasions, almost costing a goal at least twice when he lost his man. He runs up and down the left side all game long but actually achieved the square root of f all. If Borna had put in as many crosses without ever hitting a man he would get slaughtered.
  4. A really really poor defender at that. Another dreadful display by him last night, dont understand why they are persevering with him, he just cannot defend at all. They must feel totally ripped off. Never mind he will be injured again soon! But your main point is spot on, we always undersell and overbuy, while our rivals oversell (if you believe the figures quoted)
  5. I had to look closely to notice what the difference was between the old and new! The new one looks absolutely fine, but I thought the old one was absolutely fine also. The only thing I would say is I hope we haven't spunked a huge load of cash on some marketing guru to "re-design our brand". The changes are so minimal that nobody deserves a payment for this. Hopefully someone internal in our marketing team done it as part of their job. Do a test in 6 months time and put the two crests side by side and ask Bears to guess which one is the new and which is the old. I dont think many would know for definite what is what. Well I know I wont!
  6. Aribo v Braga is an absolute shoe in surely. There wasn’t a better goal scored in Scotland all season. I enjoyed watching the other goals again and I loved Alfie’s in Porto as well but Joe’s was special.
  7. We are well covered there with Goldson, Edmundson, Helander, Bassey & Mayo. Katic would probably be my first pick of our options so it’s a huge blow but we shouldn’t be rushing out to buy when our squad is already too big and other areas need improvement first.
  8. Having read the 4lads interview with the Castore guy I understand it a bit better now. I still don’t get why they put 50k on pre-sale if they have 250k kits ready. Make them all available now and get the money in now. I would have understood if the presale was just for MyGers members, or season ticket holders, but for just a general sale to anybody why restrict it to a certain number? I think I was probably right in my first guess in that it was just a marketing move and didn’t need to read more into it than that. After being Badly bitten so many times in the last decade, it makes sense to be very wary of every deal. We can’t afford blind faith any more.
  9. Sorry, a pre-sale? They are either on sale or they are not. WTF is a pre-sale? Some marketing pish by the sounds of it! I assume Castore were taking money off bears as part of this "pre-sale"? Which then means it was actually "on sale", just with a 31 day delivery time. So when they dont/cant issue the tops for a month, why restrict themselves to 50K is what I wanted to know? Why not just have an unlimited "pre-sale". If it is because they have only managed to produce 50K, then they deserve some criticism for being so small-minded, surely? It's not that difficult to see 50K was never going to satisfy our demand. We have sold over 40,000 season tickets at about £500 a go for games that we wont be able to attend. With that lunacy, (sorry I mean loyalty!) then a new top that is not controlled by Ashley was always going to be of huge interest to Rangers fans across the globe.
  10. If we have managed to sell out the initial stock with 24 hours, even though it won’t be available for a month, and it doesn’t go live in the shops until August, then Castore have seriously underestimated the job in hand, which just goes to show their inexperience in this market. Why not have 250,000 units available? They have a month to sell them using this online portal, which is more profitable for both Castore and our club than selling through third party retailers so this should have been well in hand. Looks completely amateurish to me. For all the bluster about knowing our history and how big a support we have worldwide, why on earth did they limit themselves to 50K units to last a month? Am I missing something here? I see nothing but praise for Castore but as far as I can see they have just completely messed this opportunity up and it will cost the club a huge amount of money.
  11. Good to hear, hopefully we see some talent coming through this season.
  12. Agree completely @Bill when you watch old footage and listen to the commentators doing the game, and even when they added an expert sidekick, there are still plenty of "quiet" moments where you can just watch the action and let the action speak for itself. Nowadays the comms teams think they are a part of the game itself, when mostly they are an irritant. And dont get me started on the ex-player expert analysis on co-comms. They are there to add a players perspective on tactics, what the players are thinking, what they are trying to do, and mostly all we get is a confirmation of what we watched, like "what a great cross" or "goalie should have got that", which adds absolutely nothing to the game at all other than an annoying drone.
  13. It really doesn’t matter what it looks like or the quality of it. As long as it’s within our spectrum of blue (which has changed a lot over the years) it will still sell in massive numbers. Have you ever heard of any Rangers fan who would possibly buy the home shirt say they are not buying it because they don’t like the collar, or the feel of it or any other reason? I know I haven’t.
  14. Looks like the media all over Europe are just as much bullshitters as our Scottish gutterites! Of course it seems that no matter where in the world they are trying to sell papers, it’s all about the Rangers!
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