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  1. I think we should show off this valued award at our next domestic home game at half time, to a rousing soundtrack of Rule Britannia and the National Anthem. Cant remember who we play though.....
  2. I agree our games should be at Auchenhowie, what was the point of all the upgrades if we don’t use it? Always loved that old trophy, puts modern ones like the SPFL trophy to shame.
  3. I take that back, I didn’t know those other things although two of those are still just rugby! Puts our own dear green place to shame even more than I thought.
  4. England 4/6 Aussies 11/5 Draw 6/1 Youre right @Bill England are favourites but a little more than slight which I think is over egging it a bit. Lose the toss (again) and it’s a much harder game. Weather conditions are very changeable there, fall on the wrong side of that and the ball is moving everywhere when you’re batting and not at all when bowling, so the odds and over confidence is a little misplaced before the toss, unless of course England have recalled Cook to open and Pietersen to bat at 4!
  5. Sadly you might be right. Warner is too good a player to continue to fail. There are a couple in the England line up that are due a score as well though. I’m hoping England can bat first on a clear sunny day and put 450 on the board. Without Smith that should ensure victory.
  6. Yes a pity, I’m 5th to 12th. Looks like I’ll be in departures while your trying to get in through immigration!
  7. Our game at Livingston will be shown live on BT Sport on Wednesday 25 September at 7.45pm. It is the only live game, the 3 other QFs are on the same night. confirmed on SPFL website.
  8. That Cluj mob that took the tims to the cleaners lost their home leg of QR4 tonight 1-0 to Slavia Prague. Perhaps we might face them in the groups!
  9. News today that Smith won’t play in Leeds, England must have a great chance now. Win the toss, bat and win.
  10. Only in cricket and rugby, they are fairly shit at anything else! But for a country of such a small size and stuck away on the arse of the planet, I concede they have done brilliantly to be right up there in even 2 sports. Our own wee nation of a similar population can’t claim anything similar outside of the Murray bros.
  11. I love flying, and I love my holidays. I won’t be giving up either. i heard a very interesting story on 5live yesterday about the amount of methane gas that a cow produces, which is essentially the annual equivalent of a car doing 12000 miles a year. I try to recycle as best I can and encourage my employees to do likewise. I am careful about using my heating and energy consumption. The airline industry are investing huge sums to try to fly greener, I hope they succeed. I’ll be damned if I’m giving up my flights and holidays while some countries continue to do precious little to reverse their negative consumption trends. Feel free to attempt to flight shame me all you like, and I will have a good chuckle about it in 2 weeks time on my flight to Vegas via Heathrow.
  12. I think it is the same price as last year as well, maybe £1 more. It is a reciprocal agreement between the two as well, our fans get charged the same at the midden.
  13. I thought you were not allowed to do that anymore. Something to do with the tv contract? They will need more Police to deal with the in-fighting after we pump them than we will need at Ibrox that day!
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