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  1. Much like "them" and 1967, does anyone lese feel it a little overdone? While it is the highlight of our history, must we bang on about it so often? A new film, a new range of merch, another celebration dinner. I was at the 25th anniversary dinner, the 30th, 35th, etc but at some point surely we say enough now and move on. I reckon I am very much in the minority here but I have seen and heard enough about Barcelona '72 to last a lifetime. I have just turned 51 myself so all my life I have had this retold and retold. It would have been one of the massive bonuses for me if we had managed to beat Frankfurt, that we could finally have consigned all the '72 stuff to history for good. I truly believe our achievement in getting to the finals in '08 and '22 were far harder and far greater achievements than winning 5 ties against fellow cup-winners. That is of course debatable, and the ultimate aim is to win and of course we came up short on both these ocassions.
  2. How can we buy a player from Russia? Are there not embargoes on sending money from the UK to Russia?
  3. Not as disappointing as seeing the same player make the same mistakes game after game after game after game.......
  4. Souttar would have played last night if he was still a Hearts player. that Clarke perseveres with Hanley, quite simply the worst CH I have ever seen play for Scotland, when far better options are available, is worthy of sacking. The defeat last night was very much Clarke's fault.
  5. Well deserved, and makes up for last season's ridiculous decision! His numbers over the season, the improvement in his defending, and the massive strides he has taken in his leadership qualities, not to mention the crucial opening goal in 4 successive home European knockout rounds (will never be matched I dont think), and his top scorer in the Europa achievement meant it would be rather absurd if he didnt win our POTY. The fact he wasnt even mentioned in the national players or writers awards just shows them up to be the fools and bigots we all know to be true. One Goldson balls-up away from a statue and eternal legendary status at our club.
  6. On the contrary, great sentiments and although I don’t rate him, he is a total professional who handled his final year really well OFF the park. I’m not buying his quote completely as his agent has been working for 6 months to get him a EPL club, but none clearly fancy him so he stays with us. The 20/21 form will do fine, the 18/19, 19/20 and 21/22 form, no thanks.
  7. Spot on. So far this summer we’ve signed a very injury prone CH, re-signed a midfield veteran who is long done, and now re-signed our most error-strewn defender. To say I’m far from impressed at Wilsons work this window is understating it, coming hard on the heels of the Jan window that was also a failure.
  8. Nope, absolutely gutted at this news. One good season in 4, one big mistake in every game in the other 3 years. Can only hope now that the contract is signed that he can find the form and consistency of 20/21 season. We could definitely have got better for the money I feel. He will always be remembered for the guy who fell asleep and cost us a European trophy.
  9. I'm also in the not too bothered about Scotland national team much these days, but I hope we qualify for the World Cup and if we have to beat Ukraine as a result, then f**k them! I have some sympathy for the innocent people whose homes have been destroyed or been forced to flee in the face of a powerful nutter's ego trip, but that sympathy doesnt for one second extend to the football team, most of whom are millionaire professionals who left Ukraine years ago and only go back for international meet ups. The condescending claptrap in the media is nauseating.
  10. Cant believe we have given Davis another year. He hasnt contributed much at all this season, goes away for internationals and needs a rest when he comes back, and his position is well covered already. This prevents progression from the young players desperate for a chance to break through. At least I would imagine (hope) he is on reduced terms so likely to be a cheap experienced option. I thought this was an easy one to let go and use the salary budget better by bringing in someone else.
  11. One down, plenty to go. Shame for Itten, I thought there was a player there, but a wee bit unlucky not to get a run when he was in form to see if he could compliment Alfie but probably better he moves on. If we have recouped our money on him (which we definitely should have or someone isnt doing their job properly) then we can reinvest it in someone that may fit in better.
  12. Yes but apart from that! Striker (even a played-out-of-position one) scores goal = job done.
  13. While I’m not a big fan of UB that is disgusting treatment and such a pity given the work they put into this. I wonder what the EF flags were on if not the standard bamboo type sticks?
  14. Bloody hell, I didn’t think it was as few as that. Less than 50%
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