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  1. "gegenpressing" WTF?? Thats not a real word! I am amazed anyone thinks we will be favourites against a side who made the CL SF about 12 months ago, coupled with our own form being, well, pish so far this season. I will gladly take anything other than defeat in this one tonight. Our success in this group will surely come from the other 4 games. Of course I hope I have overestimated them and that we hit our form tonight and if that happens, along with our normal big European night atmosphere, we can of course put this mob to the sword like so many in the last 3 years who on paper would be favourites against us. Really looking forward to the game now, not least to see if I can spot the "gegenpress". What number is he anyway?
  2. Thats a fair point and a big difference between the two models. However if the current board are not (as has been suggested) going to continue to fund with soft loans converted to shares, then we are racking up debt somewhere instead surely? Even if it is soft loans to be repaid to the Directors at some point in the future, that is debt.
  3. No, the going rate is much more like what the bheasts are charging, £24 a game. That is the most comparable product around and mid-high twenties was where this should have been aimed at. I also dont agree that the crowd size will in any way reflect whether they have got this right or not. They could sell every single ticket, that does not mean they got it right, they are quite morally wrong in over-charging the fans again who have still not been recognised in any way for stumping up £20M last summer for entry to the stadium to watch our league games that we did not get any value for whatsoever. (RTV is simply no compensation for that). All we have got for our collective £20M is an increased price of everything, from tickets to replica strips to the pie stalls. I feel that we are being treated as cash cows and consumers, not as supporters. It is back to the Murray days as far as that goes. I will be paying for my tickets and be cheering on the team as usual. I can afford it and I am a mug. I know that technically I have the option to not pay up and not attend, but in my heart i dont really. If they charged double I would pay it. Doesnt mean it's been priced right or that I dont have the right to moan about it on a forum like this. I feel really sorry for fans that this ridiculously high cost will price out of being able to attend. There clearly is a price for loyalty, our club just double it and add on some and stick it to us, again and again and again.
  4. Thats the speculative part I dont like our entire budget and club being run on. That was how Murray done it. I'd rather sell the players now, balance the books, and spend what we can afford in the here and now on new players/contracts.
  5. Thats true when you are talking about consumers. Are we not supposed to be "all in this together" as supporters though?
  6. Yes I am at this stage of thinking as well. I have been saying all summer we needed to sell 2 players for around £10M each. 1 to pay for 20/21 loss and 1 to invest in future purchases/offset any loss in 21/22. The fact we did neither has me very concerned. The very last thing I want for our club is to return to the speculative days of the Murray regime, that will never end well.
  7. I get that @CammyF but I will actually be disappointed if we don’t sell at least one for a 8 figure sum this window as our finances require this or we need to go into debt or get Directors to stump up again. I like the look of Itten, he has bedded in now, looked our on form striker in pre season and instead we now need to rely on Sakala who will now need perhaps a half season (same as Itten) to get up to speed. Roofe doesn’t stay fit for more than a handful of games at a time, Defoe is emergency only as he learns the coaching, now leaving only Alfie to get the title winning numbers of goals. I don’t think we are as strong up front as it may look on paper with everyone fit, that’s all. I trust our management to get more right than wrong and they have certainly earned our trust on these issues, so I’m trying not to worry too much.
  8. Surely if it is £15M plus addons then it is only £15M for now as the addons haven’t been triggered. Take off VAT £2.5M, then 10% to player £1.25M then the sell on clause. There is absolutely no way on the planet the bheasts paid £9.5M for him. Typically they add in all potential future addons, agents fees (sometimes wages too) when leaking what the deal “costs” to their lapdogs. My guess is if the bheasts say £9.5M it was probably about £6M transfer fee with the rest being other costs that wouldn’t count when calculating profit. This is generally shown to be nearer the truth when their player trading figures are disclosed in the accounts.
  9. Absolutely not, no matter the score or the time remaining. Give that shower of scum nothing!!! Any other opponent I would say yes in any circumstances other than those exact ones you mention, where you have to put decency aside and try to get something out the game. As always in these situations, if the ref thought it was a bad injury, he has the power to stop the game so if he doesn't we are not duty bound to return the ball.
  10. A very tough start and finish to the group for us with a home tie against the top seeds, followed by the double header with Brondby which surely must produce 6 points to give us a chance to progress followed by the reverse fixtures finishing in Lyon where it will be tough if we still need anything to qualify. 16 Sep Lyon (H) 8.00pm 30 Sep Sparta (A) 5.45pm 21 Oct Brondby (H) 8.00pm 4 Nov Brondby (A) 5.45pm 25 Nov Sparta (H) 8.00pm 9 Dec Lyon (A) 5.45pm It is good that all our home games are 8pm kick offs that gives our fans time to get to the ground without too much traffic and time issues, and the early kick offs in the away ties mean that if away fans are allowed that a wee day trip wont result in a middle of the night return!
  11. Aribo and Helander well ahead of the rest, gone for Aribo this time.
  12. Thank you sir, however i must object to being classified in any category with TLB. I'm off for a shower and bleaching down and hopefully that will cleanse me from this post!
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