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  1. Trying to take some positives out of this, I thought Aribo played well, Davis & Jack were superb first half, Morelos looked a threat throughout. We played some beautiful stuff for 40 mins until we went on our suicide mission. If we can replicate that on Sunday ( and Barasic is fit) we can be confident of overcoming Collum & his fellow cheating chunts. However none of the back 4 or keeper would get pass marks, Kent has to contribute more in games like this when you want your big money buy to show up and grab the game himself, Arfield linked up well for 30 mins then fell out it. For all the praise SG has rightfully had this season, he has also had a stinker tonight with his subs or lack of, his inability to change things second half when we needed something different, and leaving Defoe on the bench when we are desperate for a goal is beyond belief.
  2. Flanagan should be freed in January (or sooner). He costs us goals every single time he plays. If he plays on Sunday, we lose. It’s that simple. If Barasic plays tonight we win 4-0
  3. Sorry @Frankie but while we can certainly say we defended comically, to say there is nobody to blame but ourselves when the referee has had by far the biggest influence in the game by not sending off Cosgrove in first half for several bookable offences, and a stonewall penalty which he is only 2 yards away from is just nonsense mate. Cheatin Beatons one-sided handling of this game, yet again where Rangers are concerned it must be said, was absolutely the main reason we did not win the game. Do you think Morelos would have been afforded the same amount of fouls and remain on the park? Of course not, so he has cheated us yet again out of important points. Something has to be done with Cheats like Beaton, Collum etc.
  4. FT 2-2 a shocking let off from an overwhelmingly superior position, absolutely disgusting defending. the main talking point should be the penalty not given, but it won’t be.
  5. I’m assuming there will be 10 mins added time at the piggery
  6. Accies have equalised at the piggery, cmon Rangers let’s go top here!
  7. Another bad foul on Morelos at edge of box, definitely outside this time. Dolly fans scream cheat as replays show Taylor booting Morelos on knee.
  8. Only 5 minutes left now and still only 1 sub used. Defoe sitting on bench, surely he should be on?
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