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  1. Even bigger bargain than I remembered then!
  2. Was Rod a free transfer? I had it in my mind he cost around £1M. It was a small price given the outlays on some players that summer when DA was rebuilding, but I didnt think it was a freebie?
  3. I will never click a Daily Rhebel link, so anyone know why they have chosen financial suicide this time round?
  4. Well this was a major disappointment wasn't it! 24 points out of 36, and our title challenge is over, partly because the tims done what we couldnt and push on after the break and window. (Well done to @BEARGERwho got the 24 points spot on!!) 7 victories were all impressive, scoring 26 goals and conceding 2, but we couldnt win any of the games that were close, the 3 draws with St Johnstone, Hibs and Kilmarnock all being very frustrating and you simply have to be picking up those points, as well as the simply awful defeat at Rugby park first game back, and the hurtful way we lost in the OF game. Could have/ would have/ should have. A hugely missed opportunity. Not that it matters, but to finish the season off lets see what we think for the final 5. Given the inconsistent season, I will go for 3 wins a draw and a defeat for 10 points. What say you, bears?
  5. I normally ignore rumours from the papers/websites but in this case I hope this to be true.
  6. Following on from @JohnMc suggestion in the fave 11 thread, I couldnt resist this one to fill the empty weekend discussion. The following is my most frustrating X1, not the worst players to have played regularly for us, but the ones I just didnt take to and didnt rate as highly as some of my fellow Bears, or was really disappointed in. I dont meant to do any of these honourable servants a disservice, its just a bit of fun and a discussion point. I have also made a deliberate point of avoiding current players (hard as that was!) Alexander Ricksen McPherson Jig Stensaas Templeton Black Barton Huistra Miller Boyd(2nd stint) Again, I have probably forgotten (mind blocked out more likely) some players I really didnt get, and look forward to reading my fellow Gersnetters lists over the next few days.
  7. Thats a 7-5-7 formation @Rousseau! That team would score a lot of goals and get a lot of clean sheets! Good shout with Reyna, a lovely player often underrated.
  8. Had forgotten about Hutton as well, good shout BD!
  9. Prso, wow, how could I forget big Dado, a big fav of mine as well!
  10. No room for sentiment. I like Wallace a lot, but his time has gone. I’d rather give game time to a youth player with next season in mind than a sentimental send-off. Almost certainly going to go running to the papers when he is gone, so any goodwill towards him currently will probably evaporate when he does the inevitable Daily Rhebel exclusive on the eve of a big game for us next season. If he leaves and keeps his counsel, he will be welcome back to do the halftime draw anytime!
  11. The biggest difference between strict liability and the recently repealed offensive behaviour act is that the one they didn’t like was the law and the courts & PF generally didn’t discriminate. Strict liability will be run by the scum for the scum within football, so can be as biased as the compliance officer is and only see/hear/scrutinise what Radio Scotland/Sportscene/Daily Rhebel push for punishment, and ignore anything done by green brigade and the like.
  12. If we had got Davie Weir at 31 instead of 36/37 we would have been much better off!
  13. Goram Stevens Gough Weir Numan Laudrup McCall B.Ferguson(1st spell) Albertz McCoist Boyd it says fav team, not best team so I’ve picked my fav players I’ve had the pleasure to watch in each position. I’m quite specifically talking about Barry Ferguson 1998-2003 when he was a creative attacking midfielder, not the frustrating sitting midfielder from his second spell. if it was best team I would make a few changes. i could easily do another 11 as well; McGregor Porrini Cuellar Bjorkland Munro Miko Gazza Gio Cooper Mols Negri And I’m still missing out some of my fav players and cult players from teams I’ve watched like Ian Ferguson, Durrant, Charbonnier, Wateruus, Hateley, Steven, Boumsong, McMinn, Bocanegra, Thern, Robertson, Roberts, Kanchelskis, Rod Wallace. since 2012, only Lee Wallace, McKay, McLeod, McGregor, Morelos, Tav, Arfield would get anywhere near these lists for me. (Plus of course all the ones I have momentarily forgotten all about!)
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