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  1. atchday 2: Finland 1- 1 Russia Turkey 1- 2Wales Italy 3- 1Switzerland Ukraine 3- 0N. Macedonia Denmark 0- 3Belgium Netherlands 2-2 Austria Sweden 2 - 1Slovakia Croatia 2- 1Czech Republic England 2- 0Scotland Hungary 0- 4France Portugal1 - 1Germany Spain 3-1 Poland
  2. Strange, must have been a fall out. Huge pity for Borna.
  3. Well he has been their first choice left back for a few years now including the warm up games so I guess he would have played if fit.
  4. Billy Gilmour could do a job at most big clubs, he could be sensational for us at our domestic level. Very unlikely we will ever see him play in our shirt.
  5. Dreadful shame that Borna was injured and missed the game. Was looking forward to seeing him at this level. Just watched the game in a full to capacity bar in Ribby Hall resort in Wrea Green, Lancashire beside a Man U and Burnley fan, enjoyed the game andEngland played well but I thought Croatia were poor. Obviously missing Borna!
  6. Bet365 have the treble at 6.3/1
  7. The utter hypocrisy that the Scottish Nazi Party show again and again and again, but still their vote share remains massive. I really don’t understand it at all. There is absolutely no way a fanzone should be allowed in Glasgow at this time if we are to go on the numbers alone. But if the chances of spread are so low that this is a safe event, then why is anything outdoors under any kind of restrictions whatsoever?
  8. Matchday 1: Turkey 0 - 1Italy Wales 1 - 1 Switzerland Denmark 2 - 1 Finland Belgium 3 - 0 Russia England 1 - 1 Croatia Austria 2 - 0 N. Macedonia Netherlands 1 - 1 Ukraine Scotland 2 - 1 Czech Republic Poland 1 - 1 Slovakia Spain 2 - 1 Sweden Hungary 0 - 3 Portugal France 3 - 2 Germany
  9. I admit I don’t really follow the ins and outs of goings on at the piggery, but I haven’t a clue who the people are in the pictures by the gangrene brigade on days 102 & 103, can anyone enlighten me, just for my amusement?
  10. Delighted with both Defoe getting another year and giving him some coaching experience, and also that we are moving on Stewart (never good enough) and not taking up any option on Zungu (not better than existing options). Keep the good news coming!
  11. What sort of fecked up, mental, unstable kind of bheast goes to George Square when their biggest rival wins the title and it’s been well documented that our fans will be there in huge numbers? Any time the bheasts win anything the very last place on earth I want to be is in the middle of their celebrations! Add in that we ruined their 9.75IAR and it makes it even more unbelievable. I know we have our own Neanderthals but surely to goodness we don’t have fans as unhinged as that?
  12. 3 of my top 5/6 are all in the same group and may not all get out of the group. World Champions France, European Champions Portugal and eternal big-stage favourites Germany. Mouth-watering stuff right from the group stages, i'm really looking forward to the tournament this year. As for a winner, I think the winner will come from this group, although usual candidates Italy & Spain can sometimes come through strong when not being too hyped up, and there is always England and Belgium, although I think neither is strong enough in all areas to win. With 4 3rd place teams
  13. Please announce Kennedy, go on go on go on go on! Or Callum Davidson, Yogi Hughes, Paul Lambert, Henrik Larsson, Martin O'Neill, or similar. They are well into panic buy mode now, this shouldn't end well..... Which is nice.
  14. Yes that matches my memory of that game too. It was quite surreal. Compare that to the scenes at the Scottish Cup final a decade later.
  15. Makes no real difference to St Johnstone I don’t think. 1 round and out as per usual.
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