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  1. Thanks for that @barca72, that makes much more sense. Found it hard to believe King had turned into Murray!
  2. Superb analysis BD, many thanks for doing so. Didnt know King was due money back, and disgusted he is charging 8% interest, he can no longer say he doesnt take a penny out when he gets £400kpa. Clearly this needs to be qualified by saying the directors and shareholders are due our eternal gratitude for the job done and the very real and vast sums of money they have converted into shares. We really must sell one or two players either in January or early in the window (ie before 30 June) and if we can also win the title and qualify for CL group stages we will be fine as l
  3. I voted Arfield before reading the thread. I seem to have balanced it up inadvertently! It was between Tav & Scotty for me, no failures again in a great team performance.
  4. Hagi working very hard both in attack and in defence since he came on, good attitude and desire
  5. Understandably gone a bit flat with all the subs, but more important to get players rest and game time with the upcoming schedule. Much better use of subs today. Last 2 about to come on. Still think we might get another with the hunger of the attacking players coming on.
  6. I’ve binned Rangers tv for Sky. A full minute behind Sky is not acceptable. Thankfully it’s Coisty and not Walker on co comms
  7. Sorry I see it now, I was using my normal rtv account rather than the ST account and it was only showing audio, panic over!
  8. Is there no Rangers tv live video today? I thought ST holders were getting every home game live on RTV? I know it is on Sky, but I prefer RTV (who doesn’t!) and I don’t want to listen to the dismal biased duo of Crocker and wanker if I can listen to Clive or Tom instead.
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