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  1. I only saw about 25 of the game v Leicester by which time they were defending their lead comfortably. An unbeaten domestic record (I didn’t know that) will certainly suggest confidence and quality in abundance. If this is a step up from Benfica, then we are probably not quite 50/50 to go through.
  2. Good point gs, as a dog owner, fireworks are an absolute nuisance and terrifying for pets. Not to mention completely unnecessary. Can we not just get the pubs open for a sash bash, eh, respectable celebration, where can celebrate in small groups not harming anyone?
  3. Certainly looked a decent side and their results in Europe this season have been impressive. Are they really going to be any better than the sides we have already beaten? Are they better than Galatasary, Benfica, Liege, Antwerp? I dont think so, so it will come down to who has the best game plan, who takes their chances, who gets a bit of luck. But the biggest challenge we face for the first leg is the weekend of partying and the relief to get over the line and win our title back. The scenes from within the club over the last couple of days, with the booze flowing and the release o
  4. I think one of the biggest differences this season, has been the improvement in Goldson (and Tav to an extent) in both defending and concentration. Last couple of years, I always felt there was a mistake coming, or they would be easy beat at the crucial moment. Think back to some of the goals we conceded in Europe last season, and important goals domestically too. Down that right side of our defence where they two operated without exception, was where to get at us from an opponent's viewpoint. They have worked really hard along with our coaches to eliminate those errors for this season and the
  5. Delighted with that first half performance, 2 smashing goals, totally in control, tempo was good from the start, playing with a swagger, lovely to watch. RTV been a little jumpy, a lot more buffering going on than usual, hope the 2nd half coverage is more reliable.
  6. I’m absolutely disgusted at those scenes. There is a feckin lockdown in force to prevent people dying. The selfishness on show by those idiots only goes to ensure it is longer until we can all get back to the games. I have suffered like the rest of us and am desperate to celebrate our long awaited title and the completion of a 9 year journey back to where we belong. I was at Brechin at the start, at Stirling when we lost for the first time in the 4th tier, at Alloa to see us knocked out the diddy cup, I gave up my ST and a fantastic seat to try to get rid of the spivs, I was in Lux
  7. Think that may need to wait until the post split dead rubber matches, I can’t see SG starting fringe players before the title is official, or in the OF games.
  8. I agree with this. Kamara, when on form, is just a much better player than Jack, and their styles clash so we don’t play as well, certainly in domestic games, with both in the side.
  9. With any luck this should at least ensure we do not see Beaton appointed to any of our remaining games this season. The statement lets us know that for once we didn’t just lie down and take it, but we went through the proper channels to call out this cheating piece of filth to his bosses.
  10. No stand-outs in what was a pretty drab performance where we had to gut it out and our sheer desire and determination got us over the line. In such a scrappy game I would normally go for the goalscorer as being the one who made the difference, but while Morelos overall game the other night was very good, I thought his finishing was very poor, so I am going elsewhere for a change. Our defence were not troubled much if at all and they all were comfortable, so I am looking further upfield and it was the constant desire of Aribo, Davis & Kamara that stood out for me with not much between them.
  11. I still prioritise my own blood pressure to be calm before a combusting bheasts, but I take your point!
  12. Can’t agree guys, I love nothing more than an at least 5 goal victory with great football on show. These turgid 1-0 affairs only give me some relief when the FT whistle goes, and you can’t really enjoy them until that point.
  13. SG on absolutely top form in the post match, slaughters Beaton , the linesman, the 4th official all in one go. Simply sensational. Says he will sleep fine and sing Sweet Caroline on the bus home 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  14. Agreed, he must call that cheat out this time. It’s gone on too long.
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