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  1. Tannochsidebear

    Breaking: Rangers Youth win ALKASS International Cup

    9-8 on pens, both sides missed 2 pens each and it was back to the first penalty takers second time round before our keeper saved and we scored ours to take the title. Well done lads, I’m sure it will get national coverage by the Scottish media!
  2. Tannochsidebear

    Breaking: Rangers Youth win ALKASS International Cup

  3. Tannochsidebear

    Breaking: Rangers Youth win ALKASS International Cup

    Roma have been by far the better side in the second half, and in truth they should have scored 3 or 4 goals by now. However as i type we have just gone up the park and scored. 1-1. NYC sets it up with a beauty of a pass and Dixon scores a very tidy finish across the keeper into the far corner. GAME ON!!!
  4. Tannochsidebear

    Breaking: Rangers Youth win ALKASS International Cup

    The 20 minutes I seen we look a very accomplished side with some decent players, and we more than held our own against our Italian opponents. In fact we dominated most of the game and our forward players have the beating of the Roma defenders. Had it not been for the error by the captain in getting red carded (I didnt see a slip, surely if he claimed a slip VAR would have been used?) just before the break. Roma's tactics after the red card seemed to be to try to get one of ours sent off, their full back feigned a raised hand by Lyle that was rightly ignored, they are winding up NYC every time (doesnt take much, he makes Morelos look calm). So basically it looks like the Italians are training their youth teams in exactly the same way as their pro teams have acted for the last 60 years - kick, dive and strangle the game, nick a goal and defend for your life.
  5. Tannochsidebear

    Breaking: Rangers Youth win ALKASS International Cup

    Really stupid tackle from our captain McLelland and our man advantage is gone. 10 v 10. We had been fully on top with our man advantage but a moment of madness, when he was clear favourite to win the ball but looked to be more keen to take the man out than win the ball.
  6. Tannochsidebear

    Breaking: Rangers Youth win ALKASS International Cup

    Nathan Young-coomes looks an absolute superstar in the making. Just done a Mols turn leaving the defender who was tight on him chasing a shadow but his shot was easily saved.
  7. Tannochsidebear

    Breaking: Rangers Youth win ALKASS International Cup

    stupid female referee made a total mess of this here. Our Young-Coomes straight through on goal, hauled down by the Roma defender, the ref gives us a foul, books our player and doesnt give the defender anything! Then VAR steps in and the defender is rightly sent off. We hit the FK into the wall but at least we have a man advantage for the last hour.
  8. Tannochsidebear

    Breaking: Rangers Youth win ALKASS International Cup

    I must be a jinx, just clicked the above to get a quick 5 mins of this, only to see really poor defending by both full backs and us lose a really soft goal to go 1-0 down after 24 minutes.
  9. Tannochsidebear

    Compliance on Power

    There is only 1 reason Power got off with a yellow card, and that is simply that he would miss the replay. Had Killie been eliminated, or indeed had they got through, this would have been properly reclassified as a red. The bheasts in and around the mhedia have been gunning for McGregor since day 1, more so given he was keeping us in games in the early weeks of the season and was our most consistent player, so having already failed with one attempt to get AM done earlier in the season, there was massive pressure on the CO to convict this time round. The fact it was identical to Browns lunge at Morelos at Ibrox was irrelevant. You couldn’t give them a brass neck with a blow torch and with a fully compliant press, tv and radio all singing the soldiers song alongside, the kangaroo court was in full session. Operation “nothingmuststoptheten” is in full flow.
  10. Tannochsidebear

    GN Pod 031 - Ye Olde Masonic Refereeing Conspiracy

    I don’t catch this very often but on holiday this week so listened in yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Cant say I agreed with everything said (that’s the point I suppose!) but it flowed well and lots of interesting points made. Many thanks to those involved for putting the time and effort in to produce this. Is is there a Dolly special upcoming? There was enough in last nights game to talk about to fill 3 episodes!
  11. That is definitely the correct answer, I was just trying to find a more positive answer!
  12. They do say you learn more from your mistakes than your victories! You can transfer that to say there is much more to discuss in troubled times than in an easy uncontroversial victory.
  13. Tannochsidebear

    New Banner

    I know it’s a bit of fun, but “cheatin’ Beaton” is no feckin friend of ours. By my reckoning the OF game was Beatons first game at Ibrox where he wasn’t booed off at both HT and FT, and he has officiated many times at our home.
  14. Tannochsidebear

    The Winter 2018/19 - Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

    The Rangers captain, knows English game, huge number of goals and assists for a full back, European experience, all for £8M? Not a chance without a Dick Turpin mask. Do you see what bang average players that are nowhere near the level of Tav are going for in England these days? A helluva lot more than £8M. They are paying more than that for players with a handful of first team games. We must be more aware of the market we are selling our players into. We should no longer be grateful for a bid of a few million.
  15. Really enjoyed that today, despite the dodgy pitch and freezing cold! Katic was my MOTM, I thought he was fantastic today against a player that bullied us last time round, won everything and was assured on the ball too. Great to see him back! After Katic, Tav & Candeias we’re both excellent today, and Morelos does the work of two strikers and was unlucky to only get 1 goal today. McCrorie won his battles in midfield whereas I thought Jack & Arfield were not at their best today but both worked hard enough to keep us on top throughout the game apart from the 10-15 mins before HT when we went backwards and allowed Livvy to dominate midfield. The HT break worked a treat for us today. Onwards and upwards to Cowdenbeath before hosting St Mirren. 2 dominant wins are a must before a very tough trip to Dolly.

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