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  1. I've complained to the cops regarding the bottom one, I had a chat with a officer at the game regarding the banner. He refused to notify the control room as "it wasnt directed at anyone"..............
  2. Fair play to him, but he doesn't seem the sharpest so far.
  3. I'm taking from your info that he wants to invest, but it is far from certain that he will, based on the fact he can't give the time to look after his investment in the club. Also, it worries me that PM is dropping his name before it really should have been?
  4. I think if used as a wide midfielder and not an out and out winger vs a full back, he will be a solid player for us who will contribute plenty. I would however like to see him on the right, it's obvious he likes to cut in, and the lack of "getting to the bye-line" was a major problem for us last night and Saturday.
  5. What is the situation with his charge? I thought it was still not fully resolved?
  6. I've seen you mention this a few times Frankie, and it hasn't seemed to have registered among us yet. The whole "anti-sectarian" legislation is nothing more than a carve-up and a farce.
  7. http://leggoland2.blogspot.com Yet more proof if it was ever needed, that the current government are paying nothing more than lip service to REAL sectarianism in Scotland. A disgrace.
  8. An excellent move, and great news for our atmosphere next season.
  9. And the next question is why do we have to come on to a Rangers forum rather than our press and media to read such well researched and important info on our public representatives??
  10. And here we have one of the underlying factors in why there is such general unrest and antagonism towards Celtic and their manager. Their supports' misdeeds constantly go without punishment or even reporting, whilst our support are never out of the firing line, and are even targetted by prejudiced lobbyists.
  11. Until the support are in an informed position to form an opinion on what is the more suitable way forward, we are in the dark. At the moment I cannot see how being debt free, with a new owner and new ideas, can be worse than the status quo and our failed board of directors. (if we are indeed to be truly debt free.......)
  12. Leckie is a fat nobody, who cannae get a burd. Another in a long line of parasitic journo hacks who can't stop writing about how bad and nasty the Old Firm is despite it keeping their poxy publications afloat (and their jobs) through their sensationalist Old Firm related tripe. Have the courage of your convictions Bill and walk in to your editor tomorrow and tell him you don't want to report or attend Old Firm games again, I dare ye.
  13. I had a "discussion" with a tim today who was telling me how "this was our opportunity for our decent supporters to show they are above the bile". I told him that while the vast majority if not all, of our support obviously see the bombs as a step too far, but there was no chance of ANY support for Lennon. As far as I'm concerned we're on a hiding to nothing with this one. If we do show sympathy then we are basically the biggest soft touches in history, if we don't we are the baddies as usual. At the end of the day, who gives a flyer, we get no credit anyway.
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