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  1. This season is seeming a bit like 1987-88.
  2. Someone should contact the RSPCA about them attaching that little furry animal to that idiot's head.
  3. I think it's unlikely, but who knows? I would imagine they would be going for someone with managerial experience in either England or the continent. Rodgers is a possibility or maybe Zidane?
  4. Sad to see another of the 1966 England team gone. He was playing in the very first match I ever saw, when my dad took me and my brother to Anfield to see Liverpool play West Ham. Four World Cup winners on the pitch that day. Dad pointed them all out to us - "that's Bobby Moore, captain of England, that's Geoff Hurst, scored three goals in the World Cup final, that's Martin Peters, he scored the other goal". We were a bit young to take it in and by the time we were into football properly, Roger Hunt had gone to Bolton. He had legendary status at Liverpool and was idolised even more than St John, Keegan or Dalglish probably, although its probably a generational thing. After he retired, he ran a haulage business, based in Culceth on the outskirts of Warrington for many years. Great player.
  5. I had never even heard of her but I can well imagine that she is about as funny as finding skidmarks in your girlfriend's knickeers.
  6. They have had a poor start to the season and the early signs are that this time next year they will still be trapped in 2 Bundesliga. What has happened to them? They are a big city team with a history of success and a large support but seem to have turned into the pre-2020 German version of Leeds. I'd love to see them back again but things don't look hopeful.
  7. It's still early days but this result has brought an end to the narrative of the great Celtic revival. I hope it has put a torpedo through their morale.
  8. If it is applied properly it is much better than spending more than you can afford on vanity projects.
  9. It is a good idea in principle, no club should be paying more than it can afford and when they do it distorts the competition, but it can be easily abused. It was tried in rugby league and the big clubs were and are able to get round it. Wigan employed a player's wife as a secretary on exhorbitant wages for instance.
  10. They are glory hunters, not fans. They want to be there for all the celebrations but don't want the rest of the baggage that goes with supporting a team.
  11. It is very disappointing but the players now have to take the view that the season starts here and put the bad results behind them. I'm not surprised at the result particularly because this level is a big step up from the SPFL but I'm still very disappointed.
  12. It's never good to lose but at least this might stop the nonsense about the league being a foregone conclusion, 29th August will be a cricket score etc.
  13. How predictable if he chooses to go to PSG. If he really wanted a challenge then he would go to a club where success is not guaranteed and experience something new in his career. Then again, I suppose he will starve if he gets paid less than £500,000 a week.
  14. Especially when the goal difference has been halved🤪
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