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  1. Normally OG games are occasions for great anxiety. I'm not feeling that now, not out of any sense of over-confidence but just because there isn't really anything at stake. The important issue was decided weeks ago. I would still hate to lose though as Celtic fans would act like they'd done their precious 10.
  2. I've never actually joined there but I sometimes read their pages. Gersnet is much better, much more intelligent comments and none of the vitriol and unpleasantness which permeates other sites.
  3. True to form some idiot on FF is moaning that one trophy from nine is not good enough. After the last 10 years you would think that he might have learned some perspective and realise that that one trophy, which he seems to disparage, is worth more than any of the others put together.
  4. The most important thing was the league but to tell the truth I wasn't that surprised by tonight's result. Certainly once it went to penalties then there could only be one winner - it was in the script. It may not be a bad thing either. There was a certain amount of arrogance on FF about who we would play in the semi and who we would beat tin the final. It's best for that attitude to be shown the door well before the next meaningful match.
  5. are not seriously comparing Rangers in the 1990s to Salford now are you? Rangers generated much more money and had far greater support than the opposition. This was not the case with Salford who bought their success without any of these factors applying. There is really no moral case for it at all. And I would not want Rangers to go down the big spending route again. Neville said nothing when he and his team (plus Liverpool, Chelsea) etc hoovered up all the money. He said nothing when about CL money being used to prop up the same teams every year. How has he only just noticed that footba
  6. No, they didn't. They won it with money that they did not earn and through buying players who were out of the reach of their rivals. I live in Liverpool and am familiar with the non-league scene, and Salford did not earn promotion in a fair manner. Neville is unhappy because his paymasters Sky are not part of it, if they were then he'd be all in. It''s his hypocrisy and the fact that after benefiting from a money distorted set-up in the past he has only just noticed that money can be a corrupting factor.
  7. It annoys me to see the likes of Gary Neville doing his moral grandstanding bit. This is a man who bought EFL status for Salford City by distorting the playing field in which they were competing against other non-league clubs. How is this proposed ESL any different to what he did, other than in scale? I don't lie the idea of a ESL but part of me would love to see the back of clubs who have showed no concern for the welfare of the sport at all over the last few decades.
  8. Looking at the news, I'm finding the moral condemnation from some quarters, especially Premier League fans, pretty amusing. Have they only just noticed the corruption that their favourite clubs have indulged in for the last 20 odd years?
  9. This season has been an amazing success even before today and would still have been a success if they had won. However, victory today means that Celtic have nothing to hide behind, no valid excuses, and, best of all, no trophies.
  10. I always wonder how the likes of Guardioa, Klopp and Mourinho would do in these circumstances. My guess is that, without their magic chequebooks, they would fail spectacularly. I think they know this, which is why they won't go to a club that doesn't give them the facility to buy success.
  11. 1970 was my first World Cup as well. Me and my twin brother had shown no interest in football, despite our dad taking us to Anfield twice. When the World Cup came around we got obsessed with collecting the Soccer Stars stickers and from there watched every match we could. It was an amazing tournament. My dad was really pleased with how things had developed and was able to take us to Anfield productively in the future. But now I feel the same way as you about international football, I can't even be bothered watching these days, especially since there seems to be some sort of transfer system whe
  12. A great player. He was supposed to be signing for Liverpool in 1972 but it fell through on medical grounds. The rumours in Liverpool at the time were that he had VD and that there was no way that Bill Shankly was going to allow someone like that in the team. Probably bollocks but it even in the unlikely event it was true it doesn't detract from what a great player and colourful character he was.
  13. If the gap in points was around 6, then I would find the tension tomorrow unbearable. As it is, the main job has been done and that has taken a lot of the worry off for me. I'd still like to win though.
  14. It has been a great season, winning the only competition that really mattered. Europa was always a bonus but I think it was a bit naive to think that winning it was ever very likely,as most of FF seemed to believe. There is a big difference between the teams at this stage in EL and Dundee Utd.
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