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  1. https://www.youtube.com/c/LMCVlogs/videos This You Tube channel is great. It's run by a young Rangers fan and you can see his coverage of many of this season's games, including Thursday night. He does other teams as well, for example East Kilbride v Berwick Rangers, St Mirren v Dundee, Partick v ICT, Edinburgh semi-final and others. Well worth looking at.
  2. The late Peter Osgood told a story about when Chelsea were playing Liverpool at Anfield and Ron Harris hammered Emlyn Hughes with a ferocious 'tackle'. Tommy Smith ran up to Harris with the whole crowd thinking he was warning him to behave himself or else. Instead, he said "I could get to like you Harris". Smith and Hughes detested each other.
  3. You wouldn't think they would be that bothered about losing to a team that doesn't even have a name and has only been going 10 years and yet they seem so bitter. Very strange.
  4. Biblio

    Next Season

    Exactly. Success cannot just be measured in terms of trophies. How many could we have expected to win in 2018? None is the answer, given the shambles that the club was in.The most important trophy is the one that he won, the cups are irrelevant really, nice to win but don't prove anything. As for next season, I don't think there is a clear alternative to van Bronkhorst at the moment and I can't see any other scenario than him being manager when the new season starts. We have to see what he can do from there, but however it goes there will always be another season. The lows are as much a part of things as the highs.
  5. Was GVB only appointed because he was an ex-player? Looks like it.
  6. Exactly. It is quite concerning that so many people believe that the presumption of innocence should be removed.
  7. I don't think it is throwing in the towel, just an acknowledgement that they have the momentum and the team morale. These things are vital to have and we haven't got them at the moment. Hopefully that will change, but it's not surprising that people will feel a bit pessimistic at the moment.
  8. It looks like it is in the script for them to go top after the OF.
  9. John Sillett, former manager of Coventry City, also died today making it a very sad day for football. What he did for Coventry in the 1987 FA Cup was amazing and I am sure he will never be forgotten by the club's fans.
  10. He came to Liverpool as a striker and was initially a bit disappointing in that role, especially when compared with John Toshack. Bob Paisley turned him into one of the best midfielders in Europe and, according to Paisley, was the player who attracted most interest from continental clubs. I saw most of his games at Anfield and, once he had settled in, I don't think I saw him have a bad game. He was a lot more consistent than the more glamourous players, Dalglish and Souness, and was highly influential in the success that Liverpool had during his time at the club.
  11. A disappointing result to put it mildly, but when all is said and done the League Cup doesn't mean an awful lot. I know that there isn't a shop where you can do a trade in these results but I'd much rather beat them in the next league game, although admittedly that doesn't seem likely at this point in time.
  12. How many consecutive matches is it now for going a goal behind?
  13. Let's just imagine for a moment that Gerrard stayed. Come the new Year OF match, Celtic are only two points behind. They win the match to go top. Cue hysteria for sacking the manager from the same quarters which are currently decrying the lack of loyalty. This is exactly what would have happened but I doubt whether the people screaming for the sack would describe themselves as snakes
  14. I was hoping that Lampard would take the Norwich job.
  15. At least to start with Fergie could build and manage teams with little expenditure. Maybe Wenger also to some extent. But the others on the list are all cheque book managers. I have no doubt that Mourinho et al could turn Doncaster Rovers into world beaters but only if they were allowed their usual budget.
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