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  1. Sick to the back teeth of tavenier. No where near good enough for where we want to be . How the hell our manager cant see that I dont know.
  2. Used to do go for a pint in solihull moors when I finished a night shift on a Friday morning!
  3. Morelos was immense in the first half but jack was the standout over the 90 minutes
  4. Aribo ojo and arfield all looked jaded again today. The team as a whole aren't performing as well as the have been playing since the start of the season. Main thing us though were winning games that we wouldn't have last season. It will be a really grind for the most part of the season and I'll take a victory any day if the week. 3 points. Thatl do
  5. We were very predictable with kent in the side as well.
  6. If they spent as much time trying g to play football instead of diving they might have taken from the game
  7. Like the progres second leg, our biggest obstacle is the referee. he was very easily duped by their cheating and its my biggest concern for tonights game.
  8. Never seen a team defend so deep. Absolute joke
  9. I wouldn't criticize any player on that pitch and in those conditions. Absolutely terrible place to play football
  10. Flannagans inclusion at left back is beyond a bad joke. He got ripped up for arse paper in the UEFA cup last season. This could cost us dear.
  11. I have to laugh that Kent scored 1 more goal and 1 more assist than Middleton playing twice as many games. Kent is now being touted at 10 million for turning g up at 2 OF games. I'd much rather be touting our own players for 10 mill.
  12. Theres no way liverpool will let him go on loan if they're being offered cold hard cash. Cant see them turning down 10 million so he can come to us.
  13. Total waste of time and money
  14. Right! Who has a link to it.
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