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  1. They all impress with every game. Lowry's goal was outstanding start to finish. They could save the club a fortune. I would have no qualms if Gio went with them all next season.
  2. None of them looked out of place. King and lowry in particular looked excellent. Could save us a few bob next season .
  3. King looks great. Looks very mature for his age. Should have started lowry too. Boys got bags of talent.
  4. Lack of a game plan in the final third again. I dont see where a goal is coming from.
  5. With a bit more adventure we could have taken something from the game. We never really had a plan over the half way line. Moving aribo up front was paying dividends in the second half but for some reason gio changed it. Tactics were ok up to a point . Much like the first lyon game we showed them far too much respect and got punished. Sands coming on was mind boggling to say the least. Bad decision making by Gio.
  6. Well need roofe back if were going to go through.
  7. Glen kamara is a liability. Doesnt merit a starting place.
  8. Best thing about today was the overall team performance. I will be the first to say that I thought wed chucked in the towel when I saw the team sheet . I didnt see today's performance coming. Crisp passing and a real sense of urgency and desire when ever we got the ball, everything thing weve been crying out for all season. First class performance and everything I expect from a Rangers team.
  9. This beats the Dortmund performance. Proud as fucking punch right now! I'm believing!
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