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  1. They couldn't get the highlights of the game off quick enough. Can't wait till the flag gets raised and they don't have any footage!
  2. Voted for hagi. I would though have him in the middle of the park , his vision when it comes to seeing a pass nevermind make one is second to none.1
  3. I honestly don't know which is best ....winning the league or watching the implosion on a bible scale of our inbred neighbours on the other side of the city!
  4. That performance had Walter Smith all over it. We played not to lose full stop. After 20 minutes I knew werent going to lose.
  5. Davis is killing us in midfield. Too many side passes and back passes from him. But as a whole we have changed. Too many tippy tippy passes no width . We're less direct than we used to be. We need to be far quicker up the park.
  6. Aribo and hagi doing hehaw. Davis mr icant see a telling pass.
  7. Poor performance and poor tactics. Severe lack of urgency in our gameplay. Sick and tired of davis and his side and back passes. Play like this against the scum and we will lose.
  8. I would like to see far more urgency in our game play. We're far too slow up the park. Too many side and back passes for me!
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rangersarchivefootage/permalink/2230408730575368/
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