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  1. Were waiting on the team hitting form but its not happening. Were pedestrian and predictable week in week out and Gerrard needs to take a good look at his tactics and constant backi g of under achievers. Ive called out aribo and hagi before and ill do it again. Wheres the end product? For all aribos fancy play theres no goals or assists, much like hagi. Ive always advocated that hagi should be in the midfield and Aribo should be on the left, im bewildered to why our manager persists with playing aribo on the right in particular. Kent took all the flak before getting injured , these two main stays should have a good look at themselves. As for Roofe, like others hardly kicked a ball this season and im starting to wonder if we should have kept Itten and put him out on loan instead. Biggest problem we have though is it will be the same old lacklustre tactics that dont work with the same rigid formation and the same underachievers next game. I know it, you all know it and the opposition know it. And thats down to the manager. I said he was getting it wrong at the start of the season and ill say it again. You could see us getting better right up to winning the league under gerrard as the seasons went by but now we are stagnant to the point were going backwards. Like our key players hes dropped the ball and needs to up his game. He cant dine out on last seasons title win forever.
  2. Only seen the first half ( night shift) but that was a far better performance tonight. Far more direct and good movement from the players. I called out hagi and aribo before the game and they delivered. Alfie unlucky not to score too. Made the mistake of listening to radio cathalica sorry i mean bbc scotland where the pundits took turns to ridicule alfie and nail him to the wall at every opportunity whilst wanking each other off to a picture of peter lawell in stockings and high heels no doubt. In fact it wouldnt surprise me.
  3. Over the piece morelos has more than chipped in with his goals. His record speaks for it self. The service to our main strikers this season has been appalling. No imagination or guile at all when we attack. The first half against Hearts was the only time this season i could actually say we looked like a team and i could actually see a game plan. Other than that we are bang average. Were still waiting on the team hitting form but i fear that the way were going hell will freeze over before that happens. Theres a few first team picks that need to step up to the plate very quickly. 1 goal in 9 league games isnt good enough for aribo and hagi isnt any better in that department.
  4. I think well draw. Kent got pelters for his lack of return but Aribo and hagi arent bringing anything to the table. Were getting nothing in return from them and its time they started chipping in. I would take the money for both of them at the transfer window if offers come in. Aribo for me in particular for all his fancy footwork flatters to decieve and is i feel a luxury we cant afford.
  5. As dissapointed as i am with the result i did take positives from yesterday. Lundstrom has really stepped up to the plate and our general game play especially in the first half was far better than we have been used to in recent weeks. Slacked off in the second half and missed decent chances that came back to haunt us . At the end of the day were still top of the league and had we played the mhanks we would have taken the result with more ease.
  6. I think if Lampard at chelsea whe i see this. Too soon for gerrard me thinks.
  7. Every man and his dog say it was a straight red ffs.
  8. Barasic terrible again at not blocking the cross for their goal. He guilty of the same thing in the fixture last year in the 2 2 draw. Good to see the manager making changes and freshening things up. Sending off defo heped us but ill take the points all the same.
  9. We seen the best of aribo in a forward position last night and then moved back into the midfield when hagi came on. Id have left aribo where he was and put hagi in the central midfield position where i think he belongs.
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