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  1. Guy in work knows one of their members who got lifted less than 12 hours after the trouble in Edinburgh on Saturday. Was still in on tuesday. Seems the police have their number. Had his face well covered up and had no idea how they identified him.
  2. Yeah that thats what ill do mr big man behind a keyboard. Pull your head out your arse mate. Dont bother replying im done with you .
  3. Its our managers preferred formation but as we seen against Livingston and their 10 man defence and again tonight much the same tactics i struggle to remember us winning a single header in either games. We were very one dimentional tonight and struggled to create chances. Malmo changed their tactics at half time and very quickly got results. I personally dont think we have the personnel to carry the formation into the CL group stages and would like to see the manager look at other options . I would like to other people's opinions on this.
  4. Did mclennan not make some sectarian comments about us in the media a few years back?
  5. Ill make no appologies for having an opinion sir but if is the best you can do i suggest you keep yours to yourself.
  6. Not telling any lies here. Terrible from the offset. Im not a fan of the 4 3 3 in Europe and i think from time to time we need to learn to change our formation. Only person who got pass marks was itten and we subbed him! I would have played sakala up front with itten instead of the big man slugging it out with 3 defenders everytime he got the ball. He was on a hiding to nothing. As for tav.... he played malmo onside for the first goal and gave the ball awayfor the second. If hes not up to it in the qualifiers god help us in the group stages.
  7. Poor team selction from the off im afraid. Arfield should have been subbed at half time as well. Kent tripping over his own feet for 80 minutes wasnt pleasing on the eye either. We crossed balls in all day into the box against a 10 man Livingston defence and won none. Tonight exactly the same. Then we sub the only guy who was getting pass marks. Malmo changed their formation to 3 at the back and got instant results. I wish our manager could maybe consider this option from time to time. As for tav. ..how many more blunders is he going to make. Get Paterson in for the next leg.
  8. Albert at the scum dome near season.
  9. The scum have banned him too. He's taking legal advice!
  10. They couldn't touch kent with a bargepole today. He ripped them apart. I was his biggest critic but I have to say He has stepped up a level this season , especially when we play the mhanky mob. I think he's the most improved player at the club.
  11. There's no chance of us changing our formation. We have been very predictable for weeks now to the point that we will play the same team as last time against them and will be very pedestrian. We've lost a gear. I would give itten a start up front and have morelos kent and wright behind him. I'd have aribo on the bench. Mcgregor Tav Golson Simpson Barasic Davis Kamara Kent Morelos Wright Itten 4231 formation.
  12. I'd give Wright a start for hagi. Celtic would struggle to cope with kent and aribo and Wright at the same time. He looks up for every game to so far. Exactly the attitude we've been lacking of late. I'd also play itten at some part. Roofe is losing favour with every game I see him.
  13. Can't get off our own 18 yard line. Terrible.
  14. We're better than that. Tactically you can read us like a book. I'd have liked Wright and itten on in place of hagi and aribo as they were virtually anonymous through out the game. Should have been changes at half time. Alls well that ends well but when we play the scum I want everyone in a blue gersey fighting to the death for every ball. We made them look good.
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