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  1. Euro Harley against Leeds League noco v dundee united saturday before the uefa cup final Scottish cup lovenceands League cup cooper v the scum
  2. Same duds same dross. Force us out wide and cross the ball into nowhere. Fucking joke.
  3. I said at the start of the season tavenier and goldson werent good enough for where we want to be and that the would cost gerrard his job. I'm being proven correct. The last straw has broken the camels back.
  4. Put a wee 5er on Copenhagen at half time! Thatl go towards the next round!
  5. As bad as our form is we have been robbed of 5 points by match officials this season. 22 draw at aberdeen where cosgrove could have been sent off more than once and the ref calling our manager to apologise for a stone wall penalty he never gave. Do I need to go I to the kilmarnock game? An absolute disgrace. And no one bats an eye lid. L
  6. Our performance wasnt great but we lost to a very poor performance from beaton. Kilies no 8 should gave been sent off for his outrageous simulation after getting booked. Then they get a goal after a clear hand ball from 1 of their players. Then we get a perfectly good goal chopped off . You cant legislate for that. No manager can. We've already lost a cup through incompetence of match officials and now it looks like it will cost us the league. It will cost us the scottish cup as well.
  7. How many goals do we have to score to win a game. As poor as we were we cannot complete with decisions like that. We will find it very difficult to win anything with the level of refereeing we recieve
  8. . The professionalism that stevie g brought to the club is ripping right through the team. Were looking like the real deal, and I say that confidently after the number of false Dawn's we've all had to endure over the piece. We are getting better and better as each month passes and you bet your bottom dollar that the mhanks are shitting it. Even their mhedia friends can see it.
  9. Manager should have used his subs. Players were clearly jaded but he did nothing. He needs to up his game in that department.
  10. First of all we lost to willie Collum today . As for Brandon barker ..... what the fuck is he doing at ibrox? Gerrard got his substitutions wrong again. Stewart should have made that starting 11 today
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