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  1. Just about to end a 3 year stint in birmingham and all I can say is that the Scottish media are stuck in their own bubble of hatred and bitterness. Rangers are the talk of the town down here. Stevie G has raised our profile enormously in England. No one talks about celtic. Their CL campaigns have seen their credibility take a nosedive. Treat the cbc and our enemies with the content they deserve. No one else is listening to them.
  2. Cue john Hartson to regurgitate Suttons shite.
  3. Can remember Mendes getting knocked out in an old firm game off the ball and no one said a word. Good to see Sutton getting upset. The compliance officer is one of Peters puppets too! Personal friend with no experience in football. He'll be pissed.
  4. he should have to buy a ticket to get into ibrox.
  5. get Middleton on. he'll rip their defence apart
  6. delighted that we've went with a strong scottish contingent in the squad. it's exactly what we need and hope fully it will add a bit of steel to the side. would have played Middleton instead of Kent though.
  7. 23 games with 3 goals and 1 assist is hardly bucking the trend.
  8. 3 2 morelos! got a 5er on it at 200/1 here's hoping!
  9. year after year we continually overlook our own youth players bringing in mediocrity in their place. our own players could have done as much as Kent coulibaly and co, and it would have cost us any money either.
  10. I hope he the one on the right! if he's not he's a fat b.......
  11. I watched our season end today. and I have to say Mr Gerrard needs to pull his head out of his fucking arse not only with his team selections but his substitutions as well. he must have been the only person in the stadium that never seen that hibs goal coming. Mr tavenier can do one right down the marble staircase. coulibaly the man the could not fucking hang. candias how you never got subbed at half time I do no know. bloody terrible. the icing on the cake? the substitutions!!!!!! Why so fucking late? your failing so badly Stevie boy. your making Warburton look good mate. and thats a fucking worry for us supporters.
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