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  1. I wouldn't criticize any player on that pitch and in those conditions. Absolutely terrible place to play football
  2. Flannagans inclusion at left back is beyond a bad joke. He got ripped up for arse paper in the UEFA cup last season. This could cost us dear.
  3. I have to laugh that Kent scored 1 more goal and 1 more assist than Middleton playing twice as many games. Kent is now being touted at 10 million for turning g up at 2 OF games. I'd much rather be touting our own players for 10 mill.
  4. Theres no way liverpool will let him go on loan if they're being offered cold hard cash. Cant see them turning down 10 million so he can come to us.
  5. Total waste of time and money
  6. Right! Who has a link to it.
  7. Why are they holding an investigation into Celtic boys club if the organisation has nothing to do with them?
  8. Listened to the show and the callers are few and far between. They have rung your own knecks
  9. Why? Six goals and four assists is hardly setting the heather on fire. What is it that he actually does to warrant the acclaim that he receives. I just don't see it.
  10. Something Kent doesn't have in his locker.
  11. No. Kent shouldn't either. We're a better team without them
  12. Barjonas was a standout. To think we played ojaria and coulibally ahead of him. Cracking goals from Middleton, really should be in the first team in front of the imposter Kent.
  13. Just about to end a 3 year stint in birmingham and all I can say is that the Scottish media are stuck in their own bubble of hatred and bitterness. Rangers are the talk of the town down here. Stevie G has raised our profile enormously in England. No one talks about celtic. Their CL campaigns have seen their credibility take a nosedive. Treat the cbc and our enemies with the content they deserve. No one else is listening to them.
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