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  1. And rightly so. The idea of using our donations to pay off creditors is ridiculous. I donated to keep my club's head above water, not to help creditors survive.
  2. Shit stirring is accepting payment for red and black scarves, sitting on the money for as long as possible while claiming unforeseeable delays, then delivering the goods at the last possible moment. Jaffa cake anyone?
  3. Dingwall's mouthpiece? Bullseye! You got that right.
  4. I see the difference you're hinting at - the RFFF can't be used to further the personal aspirations of the clique running RST/FF.
  5. I think you mean one is about talking the talk and the other is a little more difficult for some.
  6. Is it safe to assume everyone who was rushing to pledge the other week is now making the same actual contribution to the Fighting Fund? I mean, why wouldn't they?
  7. Oh well, if you're not alone then that changes everything.
  8. It's always amusing to see someone get it so spectacularly wrong. After banging on about supporter unity for so long, you must be disappointed not to have recognised it when it came along.
  9. You got that right and every Rangers fan should be delighted to see the back of Dingwall's pledging nonsense. It was depressing to see so many still being duped by the jaffa eater, you'd think even the most gullible would eventually cotton on to these scams.
  10. Amazed people are still trotting out the "well, we'll go to England instead" bullshit. Why not the Spanish, Dutch or German leagues? Why not fly to the moon every week? Why not get a fucking grip on reality?
  11. Dry your eyes ffs. McBride isn't some anonymous name in the news. He earned the reactions you so piously condemn by doing everything he could to damage and discredit everyone connected to Rangers. It's not personal, few if any of us knew him on that basis, it's in direct response to his conduct towards us and his role wrt the anti-Rangers campaign. Wh the fck are you to sit as judge over the reaction of others.
  12. I'd add to previous comments that I find it utterly intolerable that an organisation representing a few hundred members can try to take centre stage in discussions about the use of £millions pledged by genuinely concerned supporters. This is one of the things that really does need to stop if the future is to be better than the past. The ONLY possible way forward for supporter representation is to create ONE completely NEW organisation, with all existing orgs (RSA/RST) dissolving and no officer or board member of existing orgs being able to be on the initial board of the new org. I saw someone
  13. My own alternative would be to do nothing until there is an unambiguous and immediate objective that clearly helps establish a stable future for the club. Until the overall recovery strategy is known, it is disingenuous to ask fans to support it. However, if the idea is to provide funds to help the club through administration, first accept this may be like opening the widow and throwing your roll of oncers in a bottomless pit. But if that is indeed the objective then I'd talk directly to the administrators and agree a transparent plan that money donated by supporters would be used for spec
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