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  1. An awful lot of people seem prepared to pledge money towards a highly qualified eventuality that has almost no chance of happening. I couldn't pledge anything on this basis. I would be happy to GIVE some money today if it was to help Rangers through a defined period and purpose but what is being asked is to lend financial credibility to some future proposal by God knows who and for a fan ownership scheme that has yet to be determined. I'll help Rangers but not the RST's latest political meandering.
  2. Not everyone did. Your points are entirely valid
  3. There you have it Craig. From the little anyone can see and considering the process in hand it looks as though CW has behaved impeccably. The one thing you learn in these events is that what you see probably isn't what you get.
  4. I think you have it by the balls Biggordy. Well said.
  5. Craig, surely that can only be stated when the intent is eventually revealed. This part of the turnaround isn't about compliance or convention but about achieving an unlikely victory for CW and the club. I'd suggest that there's some way to go but CW's effectiveness is better expressed in terms of his control over a volatile and complex process. In that respect I see no reason to criticise at this stage.
  6. There's a theory being voiced that Whyte is trying to back Murray into a corner where he (Murray) will have to accept the tax liability and that Murray is orchestrating a media campaign against Whyte in return. Hence the BBC interview of AJ and Walter - and the Daily Record spread that was more or less commissioned by Murray. It seems Whyte may not have been nearly as idle or as passive as people think. Of course, I couldn't possibly confirm any of this and wouldn't even try to.
  7. Either change the topic title to something more appropriate or delete the thread. Ridiculous.
  8. How do you "mistake" something like this. You either know or you don't and the source clearly didn't know. In which case he/she is a total shit.
  9. I'd suggest it's either a straightforward scheduling matter .... or the case against us isn't as firm as HMRC would like and they're looking for time and cashflow to push us towards offering or accepting a settlement deal.
  10. I wouldn't get excited by any of this. It's fairly standard practice to establish your client has acted reasonably by attempting to find a resolution short of going to court. I'm almost certain this will have been done on the specific advice of Carter Ruck, without much expectation of the BBC accepting the offer.
  11. The unseen part of his plan may be the introduction of other investors, who obviously cannot reveal themselves until the tax position (and therefore the likely remedy) is established.
  12. Hell, are they still doing that. They don't have much confidence in themselves.
  13. ha! Don't give me that bullshit, I've seen your exchanges with Andy Muirhead on twitter.
  14. Quite a coup for Gersnet but my overall impression is that I could have read it in the old Rangers News - very tame questions and learned nothing I couldn't have predicted before reading, whoever the guest was.
  15. How many times has the club been renamed already? Regardless of the formal company name, the club will always be known as Rangers
  16. Of course it was said in the heat of the moment. But something has to be done about the internal enemy at Rangers. The signal has to be sent that the leaking has to stop and that the Rangers company (reasonably) expects its employees to act in the company's interests. I would do the same. The BBC, or at least the bheasts that have hijacked it, is indeed attacking Rangers. It's all about Rangers, Whyte is just the vehicle available today.
  17. Do you really think the BBC would be investigating Craig Whyte if he didn't own Rangers? Neither do I.
  18. Don't think Whyte ever said BBC were banned from Ibrox.
  19. Actually, the proof will be in the eating, not the pudding.
  20. It has nothing to do with any attitude towards Craig Whyte. If anything, quite the opposite of what you infer. If Whyte can take us successfully through administration then he'll have achieved plenty.
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