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  1. By now the probability of administration is surely so high as to be virtually a certainty. Is Panorama simply conducting a 'told you so' exercise or are they trying to reach beyond administration to undermine our position going forward?
  2. Yes, apologies, Gary Withey was appointed as Secretary in May this year.
  3. As the only RST life member to have had his £100 membership bought back by the Trust, I feel immensely privileged that those utter wasters will not be representing me in their discussions with Craig Whyte today. Just saying.
  4. This may not satisfy the argument but I've seen the arrangement before where a company has it's main board overseeing an "operating board" comprising what were referred to in an informal sense as "operating directors". Is the issue here one of language rather than the substance which is plain to see ......... Directors of The Rangers Football Club Limited Whyte Whithey Betts King (Greig) (McClelland) Directors of The Rangers FC Group Limited Whyte Ellis Betts
  5. Thankfully my contact with the police is infrequent and certainly hasn't involved punching or knives. I commented on the standard of service and ability of officers I've dealt with recently. Nothing more or less and not based on looking at anything more than my own direct experience.
  6. Blame? Not blaming anyone. Simply giving due recognition to the declining standards of the police service whose salaries my taxes pay for.
  7. Forty years ago the police wouldn't have been stupid enough to try this shit.
  8. Hunza Yousaf wouldn't know the truth if he fell over it. Nothing but a blatant liar.
  9. Ditto - who do we write to?
  10. He probably has more idea why he's wearing that black tape that the average policeman has about his objectives in policing a football crowd. Sounds like you've finally crossed the line.
  11. Take the bottle off him, give him a warning not to do it again, now sit down and enjoy the game, end of story. Instead it becomes a fucking soap opera because neither police nor stewards have a clue how to take sensible decisions and are completely bound to policies and dogmatic rules. In the course of business I've had cause to consult police on a number of occasions recently and each time found them to be immature, inflexible and utterly dependent on the rulebook. They seem to have lost all ability to make judgements or take independent decisions. Hopeless twats.
  12. Have you noticed that Bheast FC often has more problem staying in front that coming from behind. No particular pun intended.
  13. I haven't been uncivil in such a long time and you know how these OF games corrupt the fabric of Scottish life. In fact, between the mandatory wife-beating and general disorder I'm compelled to commit four times a year, a little lapse on GN is surely an indulgence even Roseanna Cunningham might have overlooked. N'est ce pas? And where's that fekkin button?
  14. You know, I've lost track of all the asswipes who've come on here over the years spouting the same claptrap about the RST and its magnificent work. I used to jump on their bullshit at every opportunity, now just feel sorry for people like you. I'd rather cut my nuts off than engage in debate with you but I would like at least to have the satisfaction of asking you to take your RST imaginings and fuck off elsewhere.
  15. As in every previous upgrade, the forums are left without convenient navigation. Why does this happen every time? Pain in the arse.
  16. Funny how you eventually just accept even hopeless players like Edu.
  17. Fuck me! What a depressing discovery, that the RST is still on the go and, even worse, is still being discussed. For me, the RST sits alongside David Murray - something unfortunate from the past that would be better not to be part of our future. Perhaps best remembered as a complete waste of time and an opportunity lost amongst egos and idiots.
  18. Like our politicians, the police are fortunate the majority of people are probably gullible enough to swallow this shite. For the rest of us only frustration and anger lies in wait.
  19. There you have it, nothing else to be said. rbr straight to the essence of it, as usual. Well said.
  20. I suppose the real bottom line with Craig Whyte is that there is only Craig Whyte. No one else, not even those on the old board who so readily criticized his arrival, was prepared to take his place.
  21. No. There were years of accumulated reason to want Murray out. Craig Whyte has almost no track record to criticise but from what I can see he's already a far better man in charge than Sir Shithead who buried the club in this fucking mess.
  22. It's impossible to second guess a situation like this without knowing a great deal of the facts but if I put myself in Craig Whyte's situation I'd also be doing everything I can to limit the funding of the club. I would make sure there was little to suggest that HMRC would ever get their hands on a significant payment from Rangers. Any funds I intended putting into the club in due course would be held back until the tax issue is finally settled. HMRC know this too of course but they can only suck what blood is actually in the stone. So far, I see nothing at all to criticise Craig Whyte for.
  23. Appallingly written? The bastard, how dare he! For fuck sake, is this really how we assess and condemn these days? Sorry Danny but you write like a complete arse.
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