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  1. So who else do we blame for complete lack of professionalism and throwing that ball last night? The club cat perhaps? Does the club have a goat? I'll stick with blaming the guy who actually did it. Seems the fairest thing all round.
  2. I don't think it's fair to say we're out due to Whittaker. I think it is reasonable to say he contributed to our exit in a big way. However you choose to see it, he let the club down very badly and it will be a cold day in hell before I forgive his idiocy last night. Frankly, he's a petulant, weak, self-serving wanker of the worst order and never in a million years what we need at Rangers. It wasn't the first time his indiscipline has cost us yet the first time anyone challenges his performances his confidence takes a ten week sabbatical. A five year contract, holy shit.
  3. So have I but I'm now a pillar of society. Your point is? :grin:
  4. Talented young player on a suitably long contract and in a position that we know will need to be filled. I've no sense of the disappointment being voiced elsewhere. Welcome to the Rangers Lee Wallace
  5. Andy 'Scotzine' Muirhead, the thick Rangers-hater and one-time Gersnet member. Seeing this archetypal plastic paddy get the run around from Leggatt is a considerable pleasure. No doubt fat Andy will see himself as even more of a cyber warrior now someone has actually taken notice of him.
  6. I tend to disagree. Spiers should be mocked and ridiculed at every opportunity.
  7. Are you a full time Wanker or is it just a hobby?
  8. The doubt is how McCoist will cope when things turn to shit and there's no one else there to take the strain. That's when he'll need steel, when no one loves him.
  9. So if Miller returns to the UK before April 2012 does he have to pay half of his million quid to HMRC? What tax is he paying in Turkey?
  10. FlyBe to Southampton on Thursday, back Friday evening. Great old hotel at Poole harbour. Business class to Abu Dhabi 8th August. Albeit as a distant observer, McCoist has never convinced me he has the steel to lead Rangers. Hopefully the facts will change my mind.
  11. Me neither as it happens but it's got bugger all to do with lack of experience.
  12. In my life it's been evident that managerial ability is far more important than managerial experience, the two commodities frequently being mutually exclusive.
  13. Put a brave face on it all you like but the season starts in 12 days and the squad looks nowhere near ready for the new campaign. There's still time but not a lot of it and the prospect of Weir and Broadfoot in central defense is increasingly looking like a dreadful possibility.
  14. Crass and unoriginal? Please fuck off and be precious elsewhere.
  15. Would that be the same 'not good enough' Alexander who took us to a UEFA cup final?
  16. I love David Leggat's blog, almost as much as I enjoy the indignation of some Rangers fans that he hasn't quite caught the true essence of the issue or that his use of language might not have climbed the summit of Shakespearian tradition. Most of all I like Leggat because he has found a way to challenge on a daily basis some of the madness that surrounds us, which is more than anyone else has managed so far. More power to him.
  17. �£12m? Take it before they wake up and realise what they're doing.
  18. It's only an uninformed opinion of course but I'd say you're pretty fucked up.
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