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  1. I'll vote for you too Frankie, I'd prefer something tantalisingly right wing but I'll vote for you anyway. We can discuss appropriate kickbacks later.
  2. TBH I had no idea but it could have been ten years as far as I was concerned. These things become more important as you get older and I do have a very strong fukkit streak in me. Can't wait now though, missed it. I'd still run Murray down rather than swerve round him and risk uneven tyre wear.
  3. I can see the rebuilding take a couple of years at least with this summer being nothing more than a start. We need to remain realistic, this will be a work in progress for some time to come.
  4. Fuck me, you'd think we were the only club trying to sort out signings. Give the new team a break and hold this kind of criticism until there actually something to be critical about.
  5. Sincere well done Frankie, great effort. Have been mainly voicing my views elsewhere but wholeheartedly support your premise that this legislation is contrived, unnecessarily rushed, and entirely politically motivated - almost certainly a quid to quo for the acquiescence of certain organisations during the recent election. What a dreadfully sordid country we live in.
  6. Interesting to see which newspapers did not carry the Whyte interview. Oh Mr Jackson what have you done?
  7. Everyone has a right to judge others and few decline any opportunity. For some it's a free hobby while others frequently have a lot more riding on it. There's quite a lot riding on this appointment and my take is that this is a very sharp decision by Whyte. Smith has all the qualifications for the job that I understand it to be. He's intellectually able, experienced and articulate in football matters, engaging and makes friends easily, has a track record in transfer dealings from both sides of the fence, and is a Rangers man through and through. He's older than McCoist but not so much older that it should cause communication difficulties - the relationship between them will be important and Smith is bright enough and self-confident enough not to want to share the limelight and undermine the manager. Smith also understands the media landscape and being able to share this particular burden will benefit McCoist hugely. For those doubting Smudger on the basis of his SFA career, I'd say the comparison of a performance in a weak and essentially hostile organisation is all but pointless when assessing his suitability in a united Rangers. He is very well equipped and I expect him to be a great success.
  8. There's grass growing at the side of my house but that hasn't got anything to do with a Daily Record journalist either. Take it then that you don't actually know if Jackson was actually banned?
  9. I still haven't seen one shred of evidence that anyone has been banned from anywhere on the basis of a directive from Rangers. Until I do I'm afraid it all looks like so much bullshit and rumour to me.
  10. So what's the story? Was Jackson actually banned or not? Is he still banned?
  11. What a bunch of shrinking violets and pedants. Here you are fretting about the finer degrees of accuracy, completely missing Leggat's primary objective - communication. Need to seriously examine you priorities guys or we'll continue to be swamped by the dark side. Priggish indignation ain't going to do it.
  12. Leggat is probably reaching more people that Spiers now.
  13. David Leggat seems to be warming to his task. Apoplexy will by now be decimating the ranks of the bheast.
  14. In these circumstances, sometimes the only way to find out how the operation really functions is to get the top guy out of the way for a while.
  15. Can any one comment to what extent the Articles have been significantly changed as a result of the acquisition?
  16. Say what you like about the style of his writing or his use of language, David Leggat does more to raise awareness of the dark side and their antics than the rest of the media combined. Personally, I think he should be supported at every turn.
  17. It's the Murray legacy. Rangers fans had their gonads removed by promises of greatness, now the complacency and reticence has spread like a virus and no one remembers how to get anything done. I know you already know that but too few others have managed to open their eyes yet and self-deception remains rife.
  18. Good luck making that happen - how about if I check back with you in ten years or so to see how you're getting on
  19. I've been reading this assumed wisdom for a while but still can't quite rationalise the reluctance to ban members of the press pack from Ibrox. There seems to be a clear case being made that this would not be the smart thing to do but I'm buggered if I can understand what that case is based upon ... it's almost as if we've gone back to the old chestnut of threatening 'the Rangers way'. Maybe it's just my reactionary tendencies but I'm really struggling to see why this isn't exactly the course of action the club should be taking. The issue here isn't about rehabilitating the likes of Graham Spiers, why on earth would we see that as any business of ours? If he chooses to wage war on the reputation of Rangers, to the extent we are fined and sanctioned by UEFA, then if the club believes he is acting dishonestly or dancing to a deliberately aggressive tune, the club's priority should be to signal its position in the most unambiguous manner available. It shouldn't be a question of style but only as a statement of intent. Neither should it be done with a particular outcome in mind with respect to any particular journalist, such as persuading a change in his/her attitude. That would be too naive. It should be done simply to challenge and to punish. Rangers will exist quite happily without Graham Spiers but I doubt the situation is reciprocal. the common impression today is that Rangers are an easy touch and that will not change until and unless we change. To the greatest extent, it is more important for the club to demonstrate that change than to fret over the precise execution of that change. Everyone should stop fretting and Craig Whyte should start to show the leadership we've so badly been lacking.
  20. We all know it needs root and branch change and Whyte should be dictating that change in order to ensure it happens, perhaps with appropriate 'sweeteners' for a successful outcome. This is the time to do it and it's as much in the club's interest as ours that it's done properly and with sufficient consent on all sides. Whether he does it or not will tell us plenty but I believe anything else will leave us in the pointless mire we've been in for years.
  21. Frankie, while the sentiments behind the OP are not difficult to understand, there is perhaps an equally valid perspective that casts doubt on the likelihood of any meaningful outcome from consultation between club and support. For my part, I can see nothing in the last (say) five years that suggests the support is capable of anything but division and isolation. Of course, I'm referring to 'supporters organisations' if that term isn't in itself an inherent contradiction, rather than individual fans, many of whom are clearly able and willing to contribute to a closer and constructive alliance with the club. However, if I was Craig Whyte I would be very reluctant to deal with the support in its current guise. I would want significant structural changes before I'd be encouraged to pursue any significant engagement with the support. Rather than chivvying Whyte to open up to us, perhaps we need to be using the time to address our own very obvious disorganisation.
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