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  1. That’s actually my point , we have the vast majority signed up bar Goldson and Kamara , 12 months left , the rest have at least 24 months bar the older players , none have cost us serious money ........
  2. I keep on hearing we need to sell players , however given where we are financially right now , what is the best route to go down ,buy up and coming players from well known leagues , Kamara, Aribo , Balogun , Helander , etc etc and keep them in a successful team for 4 or 5 years and let them leave for a small fee , or cash in and take the risk of buying potentially better players for inflated fees ......... discuss
  3. I fully support Robert Marshals latest efforts , however given his part in the Rf debacle which allowed club1872 to start its quite ironic how this has turned out. Ive passed my details onto him so hopefully he gets enough support . I have absolutely no faith in this current board , the whole debacle around the Craig Houston affair ended it for me , since then there has been no meetings , virtually no correspondence and no elections , or at least that I am aware off.
  4. There is going to need to be a serious uptake from the other clubs next season , the points won are now divided by 5 instead of just 4 , for our country coefficient, it makes a huge difference . That’s why some of the smaller countries do so well , their small teams pick up loads of europa league points , will be interesting to see how this knew competition affects things .
  5. Unfortunately, whataboutery simply won’t help us in this current situation .Until the club actually take one of these hating bastards all the way through the courts , they will simply keep on coming . What doesn’t help is the fact that , the fake video aside , we keep on giving them a free hit , Saturday was so obvious , anyone with half a brain cell could see it coming . We never learn , Manchester is a case in point , 2 weeks prior to that final and the authorities were still adamant they weren’t putting on fans zones , no matter how many people and authorities told them otherwis
  6. rbr


    Congratulations buddy , hope you have an amazing day .
  7. Simply superb , didn’t need to get out of 2nd gear .
  8. The undefeated thing can be put to bed as well , really don’t care about the last few games , Celtic or not , seasons done and will have no bearing on next year .
  9. rbr

    This season

    As gutted as I am at tonight’s result , this season will go down in history as one of the greatest ever , we have not only seen off Terry Munro , but his general Lawell , captain lennon and private brown , as well as various other non descripts, we have performed above and beyond in Europe and the future is red , white and blue . We are only 3 years into this and have a squad worth millions , and a potential route into the Champions league , we need to stay sane and true , if we win the league next year we are guaranteed a direct spot . The opposition have no manager ,
  10. This is where we miss a midfielder than shot on target from 30 yards , first time we have failed to break a team down all season , credit St J .
  11. Need to up the tempo , hopefully fitness and desire shine through , they are looking shattered . keep the ball moving and keep them moving .
  12. ok heres my 2 bobs worth . Firstly I am and was totally against any closed shop league , whether it super , dooper or whatever , there must be relegation and promotion irrespective , its one of the things that makes football great no matter how poor you may be , theres always the chance you just might succeed , also no matter how good you might just crash and burn , its what gives us the fear in big games and I love it . Second , this mock indignation , that was shown down south last week was nothing other than covering their own arses , they give not a jot about the fa
  13. Screen froze and missed the goal , damn it .
  14. We need to remember , they had 2 weeks to prepare for this game , were fully fit and as close to full strength as possible , we had players missing and players drained after the midweek game and the resultant racism storm . We were never in trouble in this game , we were never run off our feet , we were not out played , we were not out coached . They were desperate to win this , make no mistake , their after match comments were pretty pathetic , given Eduardo 2 dives , only 1 yellow , how strange . Next year they will have only half that team on the park , who knows what
  15. If you mean the red , he’s correct , dangerous play , end off .
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