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  1. It's never a red in my honest opinion , as trublue states above , the action by Morelos is actually caused by Mckennas kick out .
  2. rbr

    Brexit - the big vote

    Socialism is a absolutely fantastic idea ,until you runout of other people's money
  3. rbr


    This just gets worse and worse , turns out my daughters boyfriend ,who is studying his masters in business something or other ,had a placement at Gartnavel with a management team that have been put together to look at waste in procedures etc etc, it turns out that Chemists and doctors surgeries get vaccines free and direct from the NHS , however should there be a problem with a fridge being left open over a set time , or basically anything that causes these vaccines to be considered useless , they get replaced free of by the NHS , with absolutely no comeback to who ever caused them to be ruined .
  4. rbr


    Cheers for that , I knew there was a 5 in there somewhere lol ,I think the straight A part was from a radio discussion on the topic .
  5. rbr

    [FT] Kilmarnock 2 - 1 Rangers (Defoe 12)

    Formation was totally wrong to play against of all teams Killie away ,we beat them before with width , absolute shambles .
  6. rbr


    She's been home 4 years mate .
  7. rbr


    I don't know the exact figure , it wasn't published, this was over a 4 year period , it came from the dept that deals with clearing students . Just a small point , but there are student halls in the West end of Glasgow , 100% populated with foreign students , paying a small fortune , these halls are owned and run by Glasgow Uni . My daughter , who studied at NYU , has just been accepted to Glasgow Uni to study law ,but they are trying to say she's an overseas student because of her degree , guess what her fees would be double .
  8. rbr


    It was part of the SNP budgetary briefing when they announced their plans for next year , plans which still haven't passed the Scottish Parliament
  9. rbr


    The reason there are so many Chinese / Indian student doctors is that they pay full university fees , under the SNP over 5000 Scottish straight A students have been denied a place for this very reason , shocking ,plus when they say we rely on Europeans , this is another reason , there are enough Scottish kids desperate to be Doctorsbut are denied under this government .
  10. rbr


    Mate , I could tell you stories that would curl your hair about what is prescribed on the NHS ,not only via GP,s but Dentists . when I stayed in Carmunnock , my next door neighbours were both GP,s in Blackhill , they had a contract with a local taxi firm to take junkies to a chemists as far away as Dumbarton to get methadone , it costs a fortune , my dentists when I stayed inPollokshields was in Pollokshaws ,he was an NHS dentist , however due to the influx of asylum and refugees he changed to private ,his fee for a check up was £17 approx on NHS ,private was £35 ,it was a no brainer plus he was allowed to give them everything even down to tooth brushes and toothpaste and charge the NHS for it .
  11. rbr


    The NHS , simply doesn't work , it's a system that was born for an age when personal responsibility and sense of community values were in every part of the country. Now we have a whole series of generations that believe everything is their , and a whole Load of politicians who fill them full of bullshit. In Scotland this year we will spend 47% of our national budget on healthcare , just think on that for a moment , then consider the fact that a free prescription costs the NHS/ Scot gov £10.80 each , by the time it goes through the system , we spent over £3 million on prescriptions for paracetamol that cost as little as 20p in the shops . The only people who are at fault for theNHS crisis are thepoliticians who fuck it up even more every year .
  12. Difficult to say , just a long ball mover the top , Katic and MacAuley were too far apart but it was a decent finish. I really struggle with how some people get in a froth over a meaningless friendly , it will bear no resemblance to wednesday
  13. Bar Celtic ,we had played 17 games more than every other team in the league , almost double what everyone else has played
  14. This break came at exactly the right time for us IMHO .
  15. rbr

    Where's Connor

    I all the 5 trainingvideosthere isno signofConnor Goldson,anyone any idea where he is or is he injured .

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