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  1. Some if the reaction , not so much on here , but the other two main forums , is absolutely mental . The Scottish league is notoriously difficult to win. , there are only two teams capable of doing it , and every single point dropped is treated like a death in the family by some , there is simply far too much football to be played yet and there will be players coming in and others leaving , let’s see where we are around Xmas , however the next 3 games are massive .
  2. Ok so we have blinked first , need to get reinforcements for midfield , Gerrard can’t be clearer in sharp he needs .
  3. Next 4 games are massive , it’s the old adage “ make or break the season “ , also if you look at our bench today it shows how stretched the midfield is , only Barjonas available .
  4. Can’t believe some are talking about the last round , this Willem 11 are quality .
  5. Just want us through this tie , no injuries , on to Sunday then Thursday .
  6. We need to stop being so sensitive regards social media posts by non players .
  7. It’s actually been very funny listening to the usual useful idiots trying to argue their points despite doing a 180degree on this tackle compared to their reaction to Ryan Jacks .Funny but quite sad at the same time .
  8. To be honest ever signing is a gamble at our level , however I think our batting average under Gerrard is very decent .
  9. I actually said pre match to Brahimhemdani , yes he is still alive , well and pedantic as ever , that I coudnt see Arfield contributing much this year , how wrong was I , superb when he came on , a bit like the Scott Arfield of 2 years ago as Alexscottlegend said above .
  10. very very good team performance , some lovely goals , great interplay and apart from a sloppy 5 minutes we simply don't look like losing goals . The Utd player must surely be up infront of the disciplinary for that shocker on Alfie , best decision Clancy made all day was not booking him , if he had he would have got off with a yellow .
  11. rbr

    Tunnel Refurb

    I really really like this , though its going to be marmite to our support
  12. I honestly believe you need to give Castore a bit of a break on some of the issues , we are in the midst of a global pandemic , they had little time from getting the deal in place to actually delivering the stock , mainly due to the issues we are all aware of . If however these issues repeat themselves next year , then as they say “ Houston we have a problem “.
  13. Adidas like Nike tend not to take 2 teams if they are in the same city , very rarely happens , plus the money involved means this is actually a better structured deal for Rangers .
  14. Ive taken this from FF from someone at the meeting . The guys user name is Budd sidewinder just incase anyone knows him and to give him credit for a very good summary . I was at the meeting tonight and I am just home. The meeting was attended by James Bisgrove, Marketing and Commercial Director, Natalie Nairn from the Marketing Team, Greg Marshall SLO and Andy Cole, Head of Partnerships from Castore. There were 10 supporters there all with a variety of positive and negative experiences and everyone was given the opportunity for an open and frank discussion. No one from the club bri
  15. Not really , both are very valid points , club1872 came about because of the success of RF , certain people namely James Blair wanted to control it , he got his way with the help of certain people within RF , those are not up for argument they happened . Club1872 was meant to be an independent fans members led group that were totally independent of the club and to hold the board to account , again this quickly changed once certain people were elected , they became very close to the club and did as the club wanted , remember buying shares from a certain person without asking members , freq
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