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  1. There are fellow fans taking out legacy memberships , who have absolutely no idea what their money is going to be used for , where its going to be held , who has access to is etc etc , another cluster fuck by the 1872 board , absolutely no transparency , everything in a rush as per usual .
  2. Stevie , appologies for the tone of my replies , Ive been reading stuff on other forums and on twitter and the amount of ignorance on this subject is staggering . I agree 100% regards DK and his situation , its a very complex issue that no one really apartb from him understands fully , infact there was much conjecture around the time he stepped down , why he stepped down ,and this regularity issue with SARS and his inability to get money out of SA was given as one possible reason . The issues I have with Club1872 from a governance stance are valid IMHO , even more so wh
  3. Stevie , I attended every meeting and every hustings when the initial elections took place , I watched as the club themselves pushed certain individuals through the press and backed them to the detriment of others , at these meetings laterally board members lied to us the members , James Blair had an absolute nighmare where he couldn,t remember a conversation that a board member that was being bullied and threatend took to him only 2 weeks prior to this meeting , yet 30 minutes later repeated word for word a cobversation from over a year earlier . This does nothing in the bigger p
  4. And one more little point just to highlight the sheer hypocrisy of club1872 s board , guess which newspaper , the one that they have campaigned against for years , was invited to the launch yesterday . Couldnt mark their necks with a blow torch .
  5. Stevie , the negativity around this has been caused by Club 1872 themselves , they treat it as their own little North Korean empire , I haven't had a single email from them in nearly 2 years , I've emailed them on numerous occasions regarding the next AGM with no replies , today I've had 3 separate emails begging for money . Their inability to deal with their own governance , their inability to deal with previous issues such as the bullying of board members , their ties to James "the snake" Blair our slithering company secretary , all go against them . I was a massive s
  6. If its true that the Hibs game against septic is getting moved so they can fly out for a winter training camp then they should be ridiculed and derided for the sharlatans they are , never thought that even they couldnt drop that low , but there you go .
  7. all to do with interfering with play / phases of play
  8. And as an aside to those points above , over the 2 games , we were behind for the grand total of 22 minutes over 180 .
  9. For everyone justifiably disappointed by drawing at home against Benfica after being 2 up and having a stonewall penalty ruled out by the blind linesman , just pause and draw breath , think back to a small filed in Luxembourg a few short years ago. This team are amazing IMHO , I'm so so proud of them and love watching them , we had a midfield that cost 50 grand , not 50 million , 50 thousand pounds .just let that sink in , 1 more point seals qualification .
  10. Also another very good piece from the Heart and hand guys and Andy mcGowan on patreon , its free https://www.patreon.com/posts/44219139
  11. Delighted for Tavernier , but this squad just need to be enjoyed because we wont have a lot of these guys soon .
  12. Also this is a decent watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L
  13. Has it been shown that we actually have business interuption insurance and if so what amount will it cover .
  14. We need to forget the rhetoric here , this Celtic team have been beaten once , by us ,and have drawn against an Aberdeeen side playing at home who are on or were on a great run ,they are still a massive threat ,they have a wage bill of approx 3 times ours , money talks in football . But if we keep on winning there is nothin* they can do , hold your nerve fellow bears 🐻
  15. Now let me start this and be very clear I am not comparing teams or squads , however , and it’s only an opinion , not since Dick Advocatts era , can I remember a time where I simply don’t know our best team , I can’t pay this squad a higher compliment , they are awesome , I lovevwatching this team play .
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