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  1. That clip is from last year , players don’t report till t9morriw
  2. In that case they are in the wrong Union , employees are the union , if they do not make the decisions then they are as you say just cattle .
  3. Cheers Bill , what if it’s best for your colleagues , I’m 52 , and my entire working life I’ve stood by one principal , that the conditions I leave my work should be as good if not better than when I started , the conditions I enjoy were earned by others before me , if we do not take a stand , it’s a race to the bottom .
  4. Modern life styles lead most people to only think of themselves , which I fully understand , there is no social cohesion anymore and I believe this is shown no where greater than when workers take strike action
  5. Again thanks guys and especially Gonzo on the effect of public support , I’m sure you have guessed I’m pretty close to this , and am just wondering what effects the media coverage , social media has on people forming opinions on this type of action . Should striking workers have the right to comment on social media or should employers have the right to sack people for commenting on industrial action .
  6. Cheers Gonzo , with regards to the aberdeen and Glasgow airports staff , thoughts .
  7. Just want to take a wee thread view on the views of guys on here , on people who take strike action , if anyone wants to add anything of interest I would appreciate it , I will explain later on . please any trolls or any one at it please don’t post .
  8. Looks like a meeting to convert debt for equity and fulfill takeover panel requirements. https://rangers.co.uk/news/club/rifc-plc-notice/
  9. I simply don’t understand how people can vote SNP , health , education , the fire and olive services are on their arse , university places for Scottish kids are capped , we are the highest taxed art of the UK , I must be missing something , maybe I haven’t watched braveheart enough .
  10. Thank God for that , he was a disaster first time round imho
  11. Hearing on Twitter he won his appeal
  12. Seems Scot Gray is going to America on a scholarship , good luck to al of them .
  13. Frankie , get that on Twitter , that’s a phenomenal set of stats
  14. They got him with in minutes of this being posted , nice touch
  15. Does anyone know where we can get info on any young player being released , I’ve seen a few on twitter saying their goodbyes but not seen anything official , Kyle Bradley , Scot Gray being 2 .
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