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  1. Sorry but Club1872 is as dead as a dodo and it’s all their own fault , no amount of constructive criticism could change their minds , an absolute waste , yet again and again it’s our own fault .
  2. He’s not very well thought of by the Saints fans , in fact they have been wanting rid of him for months going by their forums .
  3. We played ok last night , the fact Young boys tried to play at a higher tempo than they usually do is testimony to how they rated us , first half was very patchy , second half was unfortunate , yes Tav was to blame for the first , however the ref made several really pooor decisions , definite sending off and penalty , as for the winner Tav slipped end off , it was happening to all the players all night , these things happen but some of the drivel I’ve read is as per usual way way way over the top .
  4. We said all of this last year , when a bid comes in I’m sure the club will evaluate it and either accept it or reject it .
  5. We were very comfortable tonight on a yet again terrible surface , that we gifted them 2 goals is sore , however given we should have had a penalty and they should have had a player sent off is just football , I still think we will beat them over here , Porto getting beat might be the sting in the tale though .
  6. Cheers mate , just that I haven't seen anything previewing it .
  7. Am I correct in thinking that because they won their league , they represent Scotland in the equivalent of the champions league ,has this started or were they knocked out , seems to have went very quiet .
  8. At times that was no more than thuggery , how these refs continually get away with these displays is beyond me .
  9. Lolololol I can see where your coming from , but he’s never been one to bother about being friends .
  10. Brahim brought this to Stewart Robertson’s attention months ago and was blown off , for all people criticise him , Alan has always had his fellow supporters at heart and in matters such as these is never far from the mark , he would have been an excellent SLO ..
  11. Just saw that other angle , correct , no goal , even better lolololol .
  12. Should have been a St J goal , but fuck them , if the refs assistant can’t see it the ref can’t give it , need VAR for these incidents , but then we would have had a penalty , ohhhhh 4-0 lololol
  13. Seemingly the BT ref says it wasn’t a penalty , oh 3nil lolol
  14. Seriously , how can the ref say that’s not a penalty .
  15. Amazing what happens when the opposition need to open up , some of our link up play has been an absolute joy to watch .
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