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  1. rbr

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Hibs vs Rangers

    3-2 Rangers ,fgs Morelos
  2. Simply massive 3 points , fantastic battling performance , this team is starting to get it .
  3. Much better , winning our 50/50s , andmichael stewart having a mini meltdown
  4. Could someone tell our midfield the games started
  5. rbr

    Solanke to Rangers?

    Sadie going back definetly , but we aren't in the position to keep spunkingmoney on loan players, if we go for someone make it a permanent deal then you get a player solely focused on us and not on where he might be in6 months time. We are going to have to replace a load of players again this summer ,we need some stability , we will defiantly have bids coming in for some of our players that we don't want to lose also , we are in no position to turn down bids that start in double million figures .
  6. rbr

    Solanke to Rangers?

    Don't want another player on loan , especially one who doesn't play week in week out, and unless we are going to play2 up top he won't play every week for us either ,.
  7. If that loss column is still imp tact come Friday morning I will be delighted
  8. Get yourself a loaded Amazon Fire stick , £90 for the year , includes the fire stick , every sport station you ever need .
  9. Never offside, a simply stunning team goal , wrongly chopped off , right Stevie get that defence sorted out .
  10. What a finish for an 18 year old on his first start in Europe .
  11. Yessssssssssssssss this is fucking mental
  12. Poor defending , pish , OK start again Rangers
  13. Just need to tighten up on our passing and we will be ok .

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