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  1. She made it sound like she was buying votes , so let’s be crystal clear here , she Was buying votes . Shes just as bad as all the rest of them .
  2. Just a small point on this request that the SPFL and SFA have supposedly sent regards postponing the transfer window opening in Scotland . I believe there are numerous clubs who have released players and simply don’t have enough to start the league , what happens to them , can they only sign frees .
  3. Yeah but your basing this on replica shirt sales , I am not , we will make a massive amount of money off Castore/Rangers branded leisure wear , but the point I’m trying to make is you cannot access these anywhere on the high street at the moment . i don’t shell out 200 bucks on anything I haven’t physically seen or tried on first , that’s my point . Everyone knows what a replica shirt looks like , feels like etc etc , it’s in your nature to buy them irrespective , it’s the other stuff I’m on about .Thats what will bring in the big bucks imho
  4. A massive part of this will be fans physically touching and looking at the new Castore clothing , to see the quality fit etc, I don’t want us to end up going to a mega store full of tat
  5. One last point , but I think it’s very significant , the stadiums and clubs that Tom mentions that they have been to , Barca , Real , Milan , Liverpool and Man Utd to name some , when he talks about their club shops , what he doesn’t mention is the sheer footprint of these things , Real’s is 3 floors and every floor is massive . The footprint of the “megastore “ at Ibrox is tiny , and unless they are thinking about moving to where Edinston house is , I just don’t see how we capitalise on the demand that’s about to hit them .
  6. If you watched the interview , the guy actually said it , that's why I quoted him , and I'm not getting at you , it's a general response to what I'm reading across social media etc
  7. Also worth reflecting on this quote from Tom from Castore “ Rangers are now at the center of the Castore Universe “ , they are going to throw everything at this and also worth noting they aren’t going to rip the piss in strip prices .
  8. If we can get in with a brand at the start of their journey and through a partnership benefit both us and Castile , what’s not to like and benefit from , seriously this could be the beginning of something great , the constant drivel and negativity from some with in our support is pathetic , no one makes you buy anything .
  9. In the season at the moment , Leicester city’s shirt deal is worth ......... £4 million per year
  10. Plus getting a wee mention helped lol , thanks Stevie .
  11. Really enjoyed that , what a difference when you have rational people discussing these issues , with no agendas .
  12. Why don’t we just wait a little while before ripping this to shreds , and just as an aside , at the height of our retail our best ever deal vis JJB was worth £4.8 million a year , £18 million upfront and £3 per year , when Murray sold our entire retail operation .
  13. At the end of the day , I really don’t care regards who makes our tops or even distributes them , as long as they pony up the money and do everything that they promise in the contract and the club make money , happy days . adidas , puma , Nike , Umbro , Hummel . Every pound they offer is equal to the pound from the other , at the end of the day .
  14. I believe what he’s trying to say , is that this is what the SPFL board told all clubs prior to the vote to pressurise them into accepting the shoddy deal on offer , along with withholding the fact they could get loans , also the Patrick thistle legal advice states that under the SPFL rule book there is no means to call a league if the required amount of games haven’t been played .
  15. Mondays a bank holiday , how could they pay out on a bank holiday
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