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  1. We don’t have the mentality we used to have , this is IMHO a totally different types of team , led by a completely different type of manager
  2. How many games in Europe is that , and yet to be behind for a single second of any game , now that’s impressive
  3. Some fans need to remember how far we have come , this was a very comfortable and very assured performance away in a very hostile atmosphere , yet we never looked under any serious pressure . our interplay moving the ball out of danger and around in midfield was immense , Aribo has walked into that midfield as if he has been playing with Davis and Jack ( who were both immense ) for years . lets see how they deal with an intimidating atmosphere at our place .
  4. Really good performance and result , the management should be really pleased how far we have come in such a short space of time .
  5. Sorry but I think the defending has been first class lads
  6. Very assured performance so far .
  7. Terrible pitch , terrible conditions , job done , move onwards and upwards.
  8. I actually found tonight incredibly frustrating, at times some of our inter play was brilliant , we can take the ball in tight and play our way out so easily it beautiful to watch , but when we sprung forward our final passes time after time were either under or over played . I know I’m being ultra picky and the Danes are a decent team but we play slack like that later on and we are getting punished for it . Thought both CBS were excellent , don’t know really what all the fuss is over Goodson ,thought he was tremendous tonight and big Nico was excellent also , poorest performers imho were both full backs , but you can’t play brilliant every game . Last point , if Ojo can find a bit of dig and aggression he will go on to be some player , just feel he needs to want it more if that makes sense .
  9. Don’t worry someone must be ineligable
  10. Beaton had another shocker, the guy is simply not up to it .
  11. One last point , don't know if its been mentioned , but the distance Joe Aribo made up for the 2nd was sensational .Going to try and find it on twitter
  12. We as a support need to seriously calm down and trust this management team , they are n the right path , we simply do not have the money of other teams and we are building slowly but surely . Some of the absolute drivel on other forums this afternoon as the Epl and championship windows shut was embarrassing , Mark Allen was getting it , Gerrard was getting it the board was getting it , the only one escaping was Jimmy bell and he always gets it lol .
  13. Katic's goal was a thing of beauty , from Kamara's header to alfies lay off to the outside of the boot finish , superb football . Still worry about Ojo's urgency and lack of aggression/desire , I know I am being hyper critical but he needs to understand now what is at stake playing for us .
  14. That was simply fantastic , apart from Brahim sending me whatsapp messages and ruining the game before I realised there was a lag . Prick lolol
  15. Anyone know when these go on sale , surely it hasn't been already , website showing sold out ???????
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