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  1. just hope the players have sobered up by thursday lol. In all seriousness this is going to be a very hard game.
  2. Congratulations to a fantastic team and a great wee forum, so glad I could spend the journey with all you guys , hope your having a ball .
  3. Games done , just get through this with no injuries .Playing some beautiful football here .
  4. We were never really in any trouble, however when Joe Aribo struggles to control the ball , you know the surface is shite .
  5. This is just going to be a horrible slug fest , terrible place to play football
  6. Absolutely amazing , crazy night , Alfredo unplayable , Patterson a very lucky boy but what a way to pay your manager , teammates and fans back . Only downside is Shaktar winning and Kiev playing at 8 pm .
  7. That Antwerp team are far better on the attack than defending , we were miles better than them . But for a very lenient ref and some dodgy VAR decisions we would have won that out of sight . hope Tav is ok , we need to take time and get to the bottom oh Roofes calf issues for next season . lastly , don’t you just love the Rangers .
  8. Today was the most walteresque performance of the season , it actually brought back memories of yold . Its coming home , 10 years of pain is over , plus they have imploded , raise a glass troops #55
  9. We have a section amongst our support that really need to calm down , we dropped points at a place that’s horrendous to play football at , should we have won yes , did we ,no . we simply move onto the next game , this league is won , sometimes a wee kick in the arse can be a good thing .
  10. I will say this again , you never get a decent game on this ground , ever , ever , they are always brutal . Take any win , thank you , move on .
  11. You very rarely get a good game of football on this pitch , will be a scrappy game , hopefully we win 1 or 2 nil and no injuries .
  12. At some point we were going to need to try a different combo , injuries will kick in at some point and these players need to play together in different situations , todays as good a test as any .
  13. We will win this before the split.
  14. That’s Ryan Jack 16 league games played , goals against ..........0
  15. Hagi has really grabbed his chance since he came into the team , not just his goals , but his all round play , great desire .
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