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  1. We need to stop looking and comparing what goes on between EPL sides , it defies logic , business sense and any rational , we just need to look after ourselves and conduct our business as we have done over the last couple of years , anything we get serious transfer wise is a bonus .
  2. Belated Happy New Year guys and gals
  3. There is simply no justification for these draconian actions , no science , no increase in hospitilisations no increase in deaths , this is wholly about being different from Westminster , we live in dark dark times im afraid , and the increasinginglyaggressive tone towards those who have made the choice not to get vaxed or take the 3rd jag ( I for the recored am jagged but do not believe I have the right to tell someone else what to do with their body/health etc) is becoming increasingly worrying and aggressive in tone .
  4. We will now get linked with numerous Dutch talents , just like at the start of the Gerrard era , when it was numerous Liverpool youth players , lazy journalism and click bait .
  5. Always feel sorry for the managers getting dragged to these , they sit there wishing they could be anywhere else , and given that he’s just in the door I thought it would have been better use if his time to be on the training ground . Also dont understand where the “£7.5 million required has already been met “ statement , has now developed into , its been covered by the investors , that wasn’t my hearing or understanding , but could be wrong , I was too busy keeping Brahim Hemdani in check lolololol
  6. Only time will tell , lets wait and give the new management team a bit of time to implement their ideas . What we need is to go on a run till the winter break that allows us some breathing space , hopefully some players will depart and be replaced by Gios choices .
  7. You might get away with giving a team a 1 goal start , but 2 hmmmmm
  8. This season has all the hallmarks of 1998 , a very decent squad playing below its level , managerial upheaval midway through the season , the inability to shake off a poor Celtic team . This season is far far far too important to go down the project route , we need stability , a manager who plays or his football philosophy is the same as how we currently play , and a manager who would get the respect of the players . Van Bronckhorst ticks all the boxes , plus , and this might cause a bit of discussion , I would argue he is a bigger name in European football than Gerrard , certainly more successful .Though that’s really neither here nor there .
  9. We are simply not able to string to games together of any decent quality , it’s so so weird .
  10. This ref is rank rotten , you can actually see him giving decisions before they are played out
  11. I believe Goldstons omission is due to him having Covid in his system from when he was positive a few weeks ago , he is clear to train and to play , the issue arises from him not being able to fly .
  12. We really need to break out of this lethargy we are playing just now , we need to up the tempo when we play high tempo , no one can lay a glove on us , that we are getting dragged into these brutal dig fights is mental . Given that Dundee never really threatened bar a couple of headers , we need and can do so much better , Thursday is going to be massive for us .
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