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  1. Of course your entitled to your opinion , I even said as much , but we have been playing 4-3-3 for years now , to great success .Tonight we were poor for 5 minutes and got punished for it , do I think you were way over the top , yes , it’s half time in a 2 legged tie , we have just had the greatest season in living memory , yet you come out with that , maybe your the one that’s best keeping your opinions to yourself .
  2. Honestly , some of the shite you read after a poor 10 minutes.
  3. And the award for season over reaction post of the year , has been won in the first week , we are all entitled to opinions , but seriously mate , get a grip .
  4. Very comfortable first half , yet 3 sloppy minutes turned the tie on it’s head , 2 nil heavily flattered this Malmo team , whom after 70 minutes were dead on their feet . SD ,s goal is priceless and no less than we deserved , we will win the 2nd leg , onwards and upwards troops , keep believing .
  5. A bit like last season , could have given it to 3 or 4 imho , first games are notorious and especially against a team with no interest in attacking .
  6. Very strong well balanced team , amazingly strong bench , this squad must be up with the strongest in our history , and best balanced .
  7. Some fans haven’t been able to print off their codes , so have sent them to family or friends to print for them , usually older fans that don’t have smart phones or printers at home . Technology is fantastic but the club can’t expect everyone to have phones and printers to hand .
  8. To be honest think we are all screwed , however moving forward this should help us all .
  9. ok i will start , anyone with a spare for tomorrow , please dm me , in hope and desperation along with approx 50,000 other bears.
  10. Can we pin a ticket thread ,for spares or anyone requesting etc etc , just a thought .
  11. What difference does it make having two friendlies over 2 days , this virus must be super intelligent 🤓
  12. The club have announced , they have written to the SPFL telling them they intend to raise the league flag on Sept 18th , Well done the club , a full stadium and a very emotional day .
  13. I really don’t care about the numbers , just as long as they keep going in an upwards trajectory as quickly as possible . Also hats of to the club , moving “Flag day “ to Sept 18th , very good move and every season ticket holder will be able to see what will be a very emotional day .
  14. I would not only carry you , I would make sure rose petals were spread liberally In front of you lolololol
  15. I have no issue if Goldson does as the article alludes to , he is perfectly entitled to do so , and IMHO has never let us down , infact last year was as good from a central defender as I can remember in my life time following our magnificent club .
  16. The way the club have treated Chris Jack , after everything he has done for us , is an absolute disgrace , the more you hear about our behaviour the more you get worried 😟
  17. As Compo , has stated , we really need to start getting players who are not required out the door , we have a massive squad at the moment and it needs trimmed down .
  18. I will be gutted if we let Hagi go , this young guy is just getting started , imho would be a massive mistake , you can’t have enough players like him at your disposal .
  19. The irony of irony is that it’s RM who is trying to get this mess sorted , given his part in setting up Rangers First and his part in the death of Rangers first and the creation of this monstrosity . All the warnings that were given at the hustings not only by myself but plenty others were ignored and poopooed by the usual suspects ably helped by James Blair , the only lawyer who doesn’t understand “ conflicts of interest “ . If it wasn’t for the millions that they control , this monstrosity should be killed off ASAP .
  20. Really hope young Lowry gets some game time , honestly think this boy will be a star .
  21. I have absolute trust in this D of F and management team , since we settled the squad their hits far and away outweigh any misses , replacing Stewart with Sakala and Zungu with Lundstram without having to pay any real fees other than the usual signing on fees is a great bit of business , albeit I hold the right to say I’ve not seen either play so am , playing my joker and the ability to say they are both rotten if that’s what it turns out to be in 6 months lolololol .
  22. This is being sold by the club as a way of putting money into the club and the opportunity to win gifts and experiences not available elsewhere , fine , I get that . However this is going to be a listed currency in an unregulated market where the value can and will fluctuate , Bitcoin probably the best known and most heavily monitized coin has seen its value fluctuate by up to 30% on a daily basis , this can be a really dodgy think to get involved in and I’m just really uneasy in the club promoting something that may leave some gullible fans with nothing to show for it .
  23. Don’t agree mate , just because other clubs are doing it doesn’t make it right , especially from a Turkish company , they have just had a guy called Ozer , who’s done a runner with 2 billion quid of investors money , and they will not get a bean back . Hopefully this mob we have teamed up with are on the level , but as I said this is totally unregulated . Remember the index where you could buy shares in players and as they were transferred etc their values moved , it went Pete tong as well and everyone that was involved lost the lot . Really disappointed in the club .
  24. Really really disappointed that we are asking fans to buy this stuff . It’s totally unregulated and as close to a Ponzi scheme as you can get . Crypto currencies should be banned for any amateur investor , and I already said I’m really disappointed that the club have put their names to this .
  25. The last game is against Brighton at Ibrox , one of my best mates is from just outside Brighton and is mates with Solly March , the Brighton players , dad .Hes been on looking for tickets , no laughing at the back .So they have been told this is happening .
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