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  1. Any Scot Cup tickets going , feel free to DM me , I'm having absolutely no luck anywhere , horrendous 😢
  2. At some point we are going to have to give some of these young players , our own youth , a chance . We need to stop bringing in EPL youngsters on loan and paying fees . Our youngsters were all excellent today .
  3. Your missing the entire point of this , its flown entirely over your head and your either too thick , too stubborn or too short sighted to see it .
  4. In your opinion , if you think Rangers staff are required to set up anything your deluded .
  5. We have limited resources my arse , listen to SRs presser today, this run has brought in more than if we had qualified fir rhe C/L group stages , his words not mine , add in Gerrard and staff compo plus Pattersons transfer fee , most of which was paid upfront. Fans would gladly have paid to get into Ibrox .The costs would have been easily covered.
  6. Funny how we managed it in 2008 , and out of the 6 teams in the 3 finals , we are the only one doing nothing , and in this our 150th year , its shameful .
  7. Not at all , infact it's you who wilfully misrepresenting the current situation .
  8. Why not ask him , he's not setting the bloody team up is he .honestly .
  9. Funny I thought it was the manager that achieved this , hmmmmm my bad .
  10. We have been in Europe for ages , any forward thinking club would have made enquiries and plans from the quarters .
  11. Its only not possible because of lack of preperation , they could have gotten outside staff /contractors to do this , for gods sake theres a Harry Stiles concert in a few weeks . dont tell me they need Rangers staff to set it up .
  12. This just typifies everything this current board does towards the fans , theCastore deal and Castore have never been held to account over the poor quality of certain items and lack of stuff in the club shops , the leaks and poor strip designs . The 150 th celebration was virtually and entirely the Union bears and fans , Edminston house has ground to a halt and wont be completed this year by the looks of things . And this situation should havce been thought about from before the semi final stage . to suddenly have this upon us and not have anything prepared is horrendous but no surprise . Even Argyll house couldnt tell me yesterday whether they would or wouldnt be open on the 18th , its a shambles .
  13. This seems to have split opinion on twitter , at 33 , I think it makes sense .
  14. This game is in 11 days , the players aren’t going to lose any sharpness by not playing 3 games in the next 7 days , Sunday , Wednesday , Saturday , they are however far more likely to pick up injuries imho .
  15. So you are willing to risk players getting injured and missing the Europa final and Pot 1 , for a potential league win ( highly unlikely) and pot 2 at best , am I getting this right
  16. This has split opinions amongst guys I know and work with , my opinion is we rest the players for the 18th ,forget the league and concentrate on the Europa league , thoughts .
  17. Lundstram all night long , absolutely immense , but as were many others
  18. We need to wrap this team in cotton wool for the final , if/when we win , its Pot 1 of the Champions league baby 👶
  19. Simply unbelievable, this team thoroughly deserve to be in the final , what a performance
  20. Absolute gentleman , Huge loss to the club .
  21. Been let down for a ticket for Thursday night , anyone who has a sniff if one please take it and DM me , much appreciated , in hope .
  22. This has been such a disciplined performance so far , in fact we have been on the front foot more than I thought , all we need is something to bring back to Ibrox , please .
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