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  1. This is one area where we have been blessed with good players , Zungu aside as he hasn't had long enough , however the future planning as players leave , either by transfor retirement will be crucial , especially in a possible C/L season , will be crucial .
  2. Much better second half than the walking football in the first . We always struggle against teams like today that are well drilled and don’t leave spaces in behind , we really missed Roofes guile today , but no damage done . Anyone who thought we would win every game was deluded , we have come out of this weekend with no damage done , the other mob are still shite and in turmoil , we have players , important players , coming back from injury . All in all it’s another game towards 55 , that’s all that matters .
  3. Fantastic result and on the whole a great team performance , as an aside anyone who thinks Lewis Ferguson is Rangers class is on drugs .
  4. The tv series was excellent , with George cloney .
  5. Favourite book , or at least in my top 5 .
  6. That was almost football porn from Kent
  7. It definitely isn’t Barkas , he can’t catch anything , boom boom ,I’m here all game lol 😂
  8. Celtic player tests positive ,was on twitter earlier that it was Julien and Lennon , but it’s one of those loonies that post about us 24/7 so ignored it .
  9. Just need another professional 2nd half performance , don’t give these thugs a glimmer of hope .
  10. Brilliant goal , we should win this comfortably now .
  11. brilliant from Morelos , bit unfortunate for Hedges , not intentional , but hey ho .
  12. Usual very physical opening 10-15 mins , but we are playing much better now
  13. to be fair , you could just have typed shaggers name and left the rest blank .
  14. Last Celtic shot on target was the 21st minute , yes our passing and play was poor however , when you look back we were denied a clear penalty , get it roond ye ya manky arseholes lol 😝 last last point , we thumb heid griffiths now has the same goals in old firm games as Eric bo Anderson and Conor Goldson , but he’s a superstar racist
  15. Not too shabby , win 1-0 and don’t have a shot on goal , they played well but fuck them they lost .At least they can get a suntan and a free holiday .
  16. The worst decision In the Hagi incident, is an indirect free kick , whether it's in or out the box it's irrelevant .
  17. Very merry Xmas when it comes troops
  18. The team has come together and the penny has finally dropped that we are a good team . The fragility and indecisiveness has gone , summer recruitment has been excellent , AA+++ just keep it going .
  19. we need to get this game put to bed , do not give the hordes from the east the slightest encouragement at all .
  20. The single most important goal he will possibly ever score, Big Cedric I love you 😍
  21. If we can keep all our players after January , and if we play to the same standard in Europe that we have these last 2-3 seasons , we will be fine , our biggest problem will be over confidence , something I don’t see in this team or this management team this year .
  22. Dun hibs deserved nothing from that game , when you need to use Craig Levens 6-4-0, tactics you get nothing and you deserve nothing . Your entire game plan was to fire aimless balls into the box with 2mins left , pathetic .
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