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  1. Just watched the clown that is Jonny McFarlane yet again rubbish our players and their values , why this absolute idiot gets minutes on social media and YouTube is beyond me , he’s an absolute joke of a so called fan , really disappointed in stevie Clifford not calling him out on this .


    That he uses Bruno fernandez as a special player , Jesus h Christ .

  2. The bottom line is we have a very good squad when everyone is fit , we don’t have a very strong squad when 5 or 6 key players are unfit .


    We do not need a rebuild unless 3 or 4 first team players are sold , but we do need options upfront to replace Itten , wide right and a goal threat from midfield , any more than that any players like Lowry simply won’t get game time , if anything we could do with getting rid of a few more first .

  3. 30 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:



    Why doesn't he continue to post on Gersnet?


    There is room for everyone, including bunnet hustling Nationalists.


    We have everything on here, conspiracy theorists, Putin apologists,  former Royal Marines(spit), cnuts from Ershur and the Loave(ians), ........... etc. They all find comfort applying their tongues to a vast expanse of glass. Encourage Brahim to re-enter the fray, we deserve to be entertained.


    Talking of the barking, whatever became of the Star Wars archer? Just as well R2D2 didn't trap at Agincourt.

    I’ve asked him numerous times , but he’s a stubborn old bugger .

  4. 5 hours ago, Bluedell said:

    Didn't know that. He's really gone down in my estimation.

    I keep in touch on a regular basis with Alan , no matter your opinion on him regards football or otherwise , he’s nothing if not his own man and not easily swayed . Let’s just say we had a very open and honest discussion on this topic .

  5. 3 hours ago, RANGERRAB said:

    I’m trying to WFH atm but it’s no use. Can’t concentrate on anything.

    Just hope we don’t miss Morelos tomorrow night. This team do concede goals so he’d get opportunities his way.

    And, controversially maybe, I’d start with Ramsey. I just think we have to hope his quality could be the difference on the night if he’s fit.

    And McGregor’s indifferent form is in the past for rest of this season 

    Rab , I can see where your coming from regards Ramsey , however I'm at the other end of the spectrum , I don't see him as doing anything for us , he's very slow , he can't track runners and he's there on past reputation as far as I can see , we need every players on it tomorrow night .

  6. 2 minutes ago, ranger_syntax said:

    Not sure what that implies but, unless something unlikely happens, I think we are about to see almost everyone accept it.


    For what it is worth I will accept the absence of a beam back every single time that Rangers reach a European final.

    Your missing the entire point of this , its flown entirely over your head and your either too thick , too stubborn or too short sighted to see it .

  7. 39 minutes ago, ranger_syntax said:

    What did I misrepresent?


    The facts are simple. We have limited resources allocated to higher priority tasks.

    We have limited resources my arse , listen to SRs presser today,  this run has brought in more than if we had qualified fir rhe C/L group stages , his words not mine , add in Gerrard and staff compo plus Pattersons transfer fee , most of which was paid upfront. 


    Fans would gladly have paid to get into Ibrox .The costs would have been easily covered. 

  8. 1 hour ago, ranger_syntax said:

    That concert has been in the pipeline for ages.


    We've had two weeks to organise an extremely low priority beam back while resources are allocated elsewhere.

    We have been in Europe for ages , any forward thinking club would have made enquiries and plans from the quarters .

  9. 1 minute ago, ranger_syntax said:




    Robertson has said that it is not feasible due to a lack of staff.


    Surely we all accept that any beam back is a far lower priority than the match itself.

    Its only not possible because of lack of preperation , they could have gotten outside staff /contractors to do this , for gods sake theres a Harry Stiles concert in a few weeks . dont tell me they need Rangers staff to set it up .

  10. This just typifies everything this current board does towards the fans , theCastore deal and Castore have never been held to account over the poor quality of certain items and lack of stuff in the club shops , the leaks and poor strip designs . The 150 th celebration was virtually and entirely the Union bears and fans , Edminston house has ground to a halt and wont be completed this year by the looks of things .


    And this situation should havce been thought about from before the semi final stage . to suddenly have this upon us and not have anything prepared is horrendous but no surprise . Even Argyll house couldnt tell me yesterday whether they would or wouldnt be open on the 18th , its a shambles .

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