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  1. Always feel sorry for the managers getting dragged to these , they sit there wishing they could be anywhere else , and given that he’s just in the door I thought it would have been better use if his time to be on the training ground .


    Also dont understand where the “£7.5 million required has already been met “ statement , has now developed into , its been covered by the investors , that wasn’t my hearing or understanding , but could be wrong , I was too busy keeping Brahim  Hemdani in check lolololol 

  2. This season has all the hallmarks of 1998 , a very decent squad playing below its level , managerial upheaval midway through the season , the inability to shake off a poor Celtic team .


    This season is far far far too important to go down the project route , we need stability , a manager who plays or his football philosophy is the same as how we currently play , and a manager who would get the respect of the players .


    Van Bronckhorst ticks all the boxes , plus , and this might cause a bit of discussion , I would argue he is a bigger name in European football than Gerrard , certainly more successful .Though that’s really neither here nor there .



  3. We really need to break out of this lethargy we are playing just now , we need to up the tempo when we play high tempo , no one can lay a glove on us , that we are getting dragged into these brutal dig fights is mental .


    Given that Dundee never really threatened bar a couple of headers , we need and can do so much better , Thursday is going to be massive for us .

  4. This is a really difficult one as I am in a very small percentage that though we were really poor , might be , as I said last night , due to my seat and viewing angle ,but there you go .probably just Balogun but that’s just because I like voting .

  5. Ok some thoughts, after eventually getting in because my QR code wouldn’t work , and getting really good service from the ticket office , the guy printed out all the tickets in paper form for me , from 15 mins on I thought we looked ok , neither team looked spectacular and both were quite pedestrian . 

    However if we , quite rightly praised Tav for his goal last week , the Lyon boys curler was top drawer , the bend he got in that was unreal .

    I was sitting in the Copland rear and after the main stand for so many years it’s hard to get any form of perspective depth wise on our play , we certainly lacked width for long spells and our tempo was way way off , something we always struggle with , our tempo is slow we play poorly , Europe or domestically .

    We also were guilty of taking an extra touch every time , allowing them to close us down quickly , I’ve seen a lot of comments praising Lundstram , from where I was sitting he and the rest of the midfield were awful , Kamaras worst game in Europe , however that could just be my bad.


    I was convinced Roofe had a 5 match ban , that’s how out of it I was , anyway it’s over , we need to improve and , all I really really want for Xmas is for us to spend some real money on that midfield .

  6. 2 hours ago, the gunslinger said:

    this is about getting vaccine numbers up. 


    personally i support that. 



    The vaccine numbers are very very high , given they are shutting vaccination Center’s it simply doesn’t square , also they have made a complete dogs dinner , using a Californian company to run the mailing has been nothing short of a shambles , one they have tried very hard to keep quiet .

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