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  1. This game is in 11 days , the players aren’t going to lose any sharpness by not playing 3 games in the next 7 days , Sunday , Wednesday , Saturday , they are however far more likely to pick up injuries imho .
  2. So you are willing to risk players getting injured and missing the Europa final and Pot 1 , for a potential league win ( highly unlikely) and pot 2 at best , am I getting this right
  3. This has split opinions amongst guys I know and work with , my opinion is we rest the players for the 18th ,forget the league and concentrate on the Europa league , thoughts .
  4. Lundstram all night long , absolutely immense , but as were many others
  5. We need to wrap this team in cotton wool for the final , if/when we win , its Pot 1 of the Champions league baby 👶
  6. Simply unbelievable, this team thoroughly deserve to be in the final , what a performance
  7. Absolute gentleman , Huge loss to the club .
  8. Been let down for a ticket for Thursday night , anyone who has a sniff if one please take it and DM me , much appreciated , in hope .
  9. This has been such a disciplined performance so far , in fact we have been on the front foot more than I thought , all we need is something to bring back to Ibrox , please .
  10. rbr

    Next Season

    He deserves a chance to bring India own players and ship out the players who are either too old or simply not good enough . MacGregor , Davis , Arfield , Goldson , Balogun , Ramsey , Itten , firth ,Simpson ,Ahmad , that’s just from the first team squad off the top of my head . God knows what money they are on , only Goldson and possibly Arfield and Davis I would keep , on top of that , Aribo , Barasic , Kent , Kamara and Morelos will again be the subject of transfer speculation , and my dark horse is Bassey as he is absolutely perfect for the EPL . This is a massive summer for our club .
  11. There can be only 1 surely Big Bad John , outstanding and not 2 fucks given
  12. Absolutely outstanding from the team , amazing that they looked the fitter team .
  13. They thoroughly deserved this , some of their play was excellent .
  14. rbr

    Next Season

    There were rumours that’s he’s about to sign a new long term contract , no idea if true .We can only hope .
  15. rbr

    Next Season

    This upcoming preseason is going to go down as one of the most important in our clubs history imho , we need to get our player trading spot on , this is simply stating the obvious I know but the fact remains the same .
  16. rbr

    Next Season

    That may not have come across in my initial post , but your reply was what I was trying to imply . We simply need to do things better .
  17. rbr

    Next Season

    Ok now that the leagues gone , the question must be asked ,will we learn from the mistakes made this year . Now we live in a world where players and their agents have so much power and control , this is going to make recruitment and player trading very very awkward .Last preseason we simply didn’t recruit well enough , either because of over confidence or because we didn’t get bids that matched our valuations , this preseason I would argue most valuations will be lower which will not help . Our free transfer recruitment simply didn't pay off , Lundstram has only recently secured a starting berth and looks a first pick , Sakala is a lovely guy but no where near the standard we require , Ramsay and Diallo have been worse than useless . So next season we will see umpteen first team players plus squad players leaving as their contracts are ending and are surplus to requirements , plus we need to sell at least 3 for decent money . I don’t think the answer is sacking Ross Wilson as seems to be today’s common twitter answer , however he will need to really get this right , as will GVB . The board lost massive backing over the “ friendly “ debacle , their handling of the 150 years celebrations hasn’t been great , and now losing the league , plus that mob can win another treble , something that was unthinkable at the start of the season . oh Rangers how I love you , but there are times you simply break my heart .
  18. Really really enjoyed today , was sitting right behind Neil McCann and was asking him why he wasn’t out there , turns out he was asked but has no cartilage in one of his knees , however the thought must have gotten the better of him as he disappeared from the gantry 10 mins into the 2 nd half . Watching some of these players was a delight , however Paul G is a poor poor soul , the reception and love shown though amazing hides the reality of a broken body and soul , god bless you and look after you Paul . Lastly , to the parents of these kid , your a fucking disgrace , the club had 4 warnings about letting the kids on , yet they couldn’t help themselves , instead of the players getting warmly applauded and possibly even a lap of honour , which would have been thoroughly deserved , they had to scarper up the tunnel . I saw at least 7 older fans in handcuffs getting led away , what is it with these idiots , why can they not just behave , they always need to ruin it for the rest .
  19. This break has come at the right time for us , anyone who thinks back to 2008 , should realise how tough this schedule is . We just need to keep going and hope Lady Luck shines on us .
  20. Fantastic team performance , but thought Tav shaded it , there were a host of notable performers , just hope we can keep this going and start getting some breaks in the league .
  21. Absolutely buzzing with that, VAR when used properly is brilliant , Red Star are a good team , but surely 3-0 is too much for them , surely .
  22. Cannot believe the board , full of Rangers supporters , can get something so basic , sooooooo wrong . Shows how out of touch they actually are , a fucking friendly against a club that can’t even use our name , I’m beyond angry .
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