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  1. Unfortunately it isn’t that simple , we need other teams to step up , we also want them stretched by Thursday , Sunday’s like we will be .
  2. Why , what has tonight got to do with Sunday , seriously . Do you not think these players are capable or our management squad capable .
  3. We are really lucky this mob are rotten
  4. Unless the club paid for them to be , why would they , they would be in the pecking order , age etc as every other member is society , unless as I said earlier the club accessed and paid for vaccines .
  5. We were very fortunate last year , Covid is with us forever and we just need to get on with this until a sensible outcome / protocol is sorted , because what we are currently doing not just in football but the wider community is madness .
  6. If that's the case then shut down the youth dept because the same applies to every up and coming young player .We simply need to start trusting youth at some point .
  7. Good all round team performance , some of our play showed we are back to near our best . The two goals were both disappointing and unlucky , especially the penalty , but we have had the decisions on these go for us so we just need to suck it up . Biggest disappointment is the idiots on the bus that was posted on line , singing the old , Nakamura dog song , why they sang it , why it was posted online god only knows , but bans will have to be swift and plentiful , you simply cannot get away with that shit , there’s no place for it , same for the Celtic fan calling Alfie a “ M*****” when he scored , filming it and putting it online , what’s wrong with these idiots .
  8. Long term we would be better selling Tav and keeping Patterson .
  9. Totally agree and it’s a very thin line , as for Gerard’s reaction , many great managers use the press conferences to their advantage , let’s wait and see how this plays out .
  10. The great debate just now about what player is out of form etc etc , we as fans tend to go on game by game-basis when rating players , apart from that pair of arseholes I had to sit beside last night who gave every player it right from the first whistle , where as managers and coaches tend to look at the bigger picture and how things tend to even themselves out over the course of a season . we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes or in training, we either trust our management team or we don’t , some fans seem to have reached def con 12 already .
  11. Very close between Hagi and Bassey , but opted for Hagi as his desire and willingness not to hide was so so obvious , however Calvin ran him very close
  12. I understand your point , however Malmo are a champions league regular and the Swedish league is 15 games in , yes it was very very disappointing , however this mob tonight were truly awful , and we weren’t much better , like I said , imho and it’s ony my opinion , that was the worst 45 mins in Europe under SG . How angry he was in the post match interview sort of backs that up , these players need to sort themselves out , I don’t know what’s happened to Ryan Kent , is it his brother that’s playing , god knows .
  13. Can’t see us going for this guy , unless two or three are finished and or moving on , we have a plethora of midfielders , and we only play a 3
  14. Craig I agree , the silly thing is they haven’t actually played anyone decent yet , in any competition . Even Hearts ain’t very good .
  15. That was absolute torture , topped of by my seat , sitting right beside 2 absolute bellends who berated every player from kick off , luckily one went to the Louden at half time , seriously why some people go to games is beyond me . Now I am , or I like to think I am , a patient bear , however I just don’t see what John Lundstram brings to our midfield other than confusion and slowing the game down , maybe him and Davis just can’t play together , time will tell . That team we’re pissibly one of the worst football teams I’ve ever seen , that we didn’t batter them is cause for concern , in fact the first 45 mins has to go down as THE worst in Europe under SG , normally we are so controlled , we were all over the place . 2nd half , standouts , Scottie Wright , Ianis Hagi and Calvin Bassey , take a bow lads , outstanding , oh and Mr S Davis , the rest need to seriously up their games , especially Ryan Kent , who did a fantastic job of impersonating the invisible man , anyway onwards and upwards .
  16. Does anyone know when the public sale for next thursdays European game is going to be .
  17. I’m actually in a state of stunned shock at that 2nd half display , I thought we were excellent for the vast majority of the first half and absolutely abysmal 2 nd half , I have a feeling this just might be a rough old season . We really need the midfield sorted out pronto .
  18. rbr

    New third strip

    We have played 4 times in lilac , scudded every time .
  19. I’m not even going to post a picture of this monstrosity , and supposedly we are wearing it tonight , I don’t usually get too bothered by strips , I generally am supportive of all our strips , but who ever ok,d this should be sacked , what the board were thinking . 3 months later and it will be the best selling 3rd strip of all time and I will look like a tool ............again .
  20. Candieas was a fantastic player for us , and still would have been , I wish he was still here .
  21. Any spares for tomorrow night , feel free to DM me , thank you in advance , though still hopeful of getting through on the public sale at 3pm .
  22. One last small point , at no time in the game did Dun Utd cut us open or put our goalie under long spells of pressure , they scored from a deflected pass that fell luckily into their players path , and he finished well . I keep reading about how our players never tracked runners etc , the guy was never the intended target , the goal was in many ways a fluke and we got beaten , very similar to Malmo , the second was a comedy of errors , we cut those out we will be fine , we don’t it will be a long season , but that’s the same for every team .
  23. I really don’t understand why all the wailing , gnashing of teeth and self abuse is coming from ,apart from last year , traditionally we never start like a rocket , and as has been posted elsewhere unlike previous years we haven’t had a set of Euro qualifiers to bed us in , every team will go through a rocky patch , calm down troops .
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