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  1. David Holmes the much respected chairman who was the brains behind the Rangers revolution has in the past credited hugh Adams as the man who paid for the stadium , if holmes gives him the credit I aint goin to argue with him, also i am not arguing that I may have been wrong with my quote on the �£28 million , also with regards to what we spent remember we went from 15,000 season ticket holders and crowds averaging 22000 t over 33000 season ticket holders and average croeds above 42000 in the first season , murray didnt appear for nearly three years , but dont let that spoil the Murray is mr rangers story. One final thing in the very early 90's we were in profit and didn't have any debt until 1999 so though I may have been wrong with regards my times I am certainly right with regards to us having money in the bank , which davie certainly spent
  2. I wil take your word on that as I cannot recall the exact figures or dates , not trying to justify my point but i do know that there was very little debt as the rangers pools was still making huge contributions to the club at that time, in fact they all but paid for the new stadium , and but for changes in legislation which all but destroyed the pools , it wold still be generating huge amounts for the club
  3. I honestly cannot answer that 100% , however I am 100% sure lawrence marlborough only sold his majority holding in Rangers , he did not sell the club ,there is a big difference If you like it is like the Glazers borrowing money to buy man utd which they then transfer back onto man utd's books but in reverse Also Murray has increased his share holding over the years he did not start out with anything like the 91% he has now
  4. Right Craig lets have a wee look at bhis 20 years . When he took over in 88 the stadium was already there , the bulk of the team and manager were in place and we had over 30,000 season ticket holders and also were cash rich with approx �£28 million in the bank , against that celtic were being run by the whites and the other family I cant remember and they were willing to spend nothing , english teams were out of europe and sky was a distant dream. If ever we were in a position of power this was it , a scouting network should have been set up , and wasn't . The next few years went by domestically everything was rosey , in europe a disaster , walter was in charge , basil was left back , big dunc was on the left wing etc etc Then septic got their act together by a wee guy with a bunnet and a squint , he rebuilt their staduium bought players gave them belief and eventually because we never strengthened and brought in fresh younger players we were gubbed ( sounds strangely familliar ) This really angered davie boy so what did he do ,he got a cracking manager and went mental , now I dont get on his back for backing advocatt but I do know he was personally responsible at that time for the contracts and what was happening was shocking , agents were not even asking for amounts they were waiting to see what they would be offered ,this came straight from an ex player and now an agent , Murray was like a footballing santa When the inevitable happened we went through a period of downsizing with McLeish , a guy who was just happy to be in the job , then plg who should have been backed to the hilt , instead murray panicked and brought bavck his last throw of the dice wattie , now we are back to where it all started , old players played out of position and humped out of europe , in my opinion we are now worse off than we were 20 years ago . some facts , Murray has never put his hand in his pocket . ENIC , joe king and others have and been burnt but not davie Smith in all his years has never managed to sign a striker that made it . he inherited Hately and McCoist If you want another 10 years of mediocrity then fine I dont we should have been out of sight but are now far behind celtic and it breaks my heart
  5. The reason I posted this is that it was brought up at an agm a few years ago , and many posters much more in the know than my self who are also shareholders have ridiculed the valuation , remember this is not put on for selling purposes it was put on to make the books look better nothing more , yet more smoke and mirrors i'm afraid
  6. sorry but the money raised was on a one for one share basis , �£1 for one share valued at �£1 , so therefore that is the reason Murrays holding increased to over 91% , the amount on the company accounts showed a year later a reduction in debt payements of over �£4milion pounds , therefore we did have more money avaiable if needed and also the abiity to raise money is totally independant to the share price unlike celtic who must make a statement to the stock exchange prior to changes or any major announcements
  7. dont know if this helps but Murray had Ibrox revalued at a ridiculous amount , a bit like getting your house which was worth �£100,000 , valued at �£150,000 , I'm not saying that the valuation of ibrox was the same as the example percentage wise but it certainly was overvalued
  8. cheers for that i wasn't 100% sure it was aim but had never heard of PLUS
  9. that seems to be the trouble , Murray owns 91% which equates to roughly �£50 million give or take a couple of hundred grand however what he actually wants is anyones guess , considering he took over as custodian ( his words not mine ) for a price of �£6 million and the club were cash rich at the time it's anyones guess what the greedy bastard really wants
  10. sorry but that would not have affected our share price by that much , we are not listed on the ftse but on AIM which is much less unstable , usually a change like that would be due to share s being sold
  11. one thing is for sure , someone is going to have to pay a premium because the share s fell 14 pence to their lowest for a long while , and as they are not widely traded and not subject to the same fluctuations of the ftse something must have happened to cause this down turn
  12. le guen desperatly wanted to sort out the team , it would have taken a strong chairman to back him, murray bottled it , ferguson won we are where we are because murray is drinking at the last chance saloon . why people cannot accept that the past 20 years have been wasted is beyong me , murray took over when the stadium was rebuilt , the club had money in the bank , a great manager , the england team captain and a purpose . The english were banned from europe and sky tv was not even a distant thought .A few years later they had celtic within 24 hours of going bust , and players of the standard of laudrup and gazza , then the wheels came off the bogey ,murray personally offered salaries way above what was being asked , in some cases agents were not even asking for specific deals they waited on murrays offer ( this I know for a fact ), and we paid the price ,we have been on a downwards spiral ever since whilst our biggest rivals get stronger and stronger , in fact but for two last day wins they would be on course for 7 or 8 in a row , yet some still think murray has done a great job , like i said earlier 20 years and no further forward and not 1 penny of his own money invested in Rangers
  13. down and out , till the current regime leave we will never move forward
  14. rbr

    The JJB deal

    cheers bluedell , and as far as the worldwide availability of strips , I was in New york and Miami in april and I can guarantee there were no major displays of celtic strips in any Nike store I was in , and I was in plenty , it was the same years ago when we were sponsored by nike we were in Florida and there were no strips available in any of the nike superstores
  15. rbr

    The JJB deal

    that is a load of bollocks , sorry but just where do you get your information from , our deal was �£18 million up front plus �£3million per season for 10 years not including bonuses which could take the deal to near �£75 million plus we still own our own licences . The money is guarenteed and we have no overheads , they recently announced that profits would be down as costs increased yet they are still credited with a better deal , unbelievable
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