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  1. That was almost football porn from Kent
  2. It definitely isn’t Barkas , he can’t catch anything , boom boom ,I’m here all game lol ?
  3. Celtic player tests positive ,was on twitter earlier that it was Julien and Lennon , but it’s one of those loonies that post about us 24/7 so ignored it .
  4. Just need another professional 2nd half performance , don’t give these thugs a glimmer of hope .
  5. Brilliant goal , we should win this comfortably now .
  6. brilliant from Morelos , bit unfortunate for Hedges , not intentional , but hey ho .
  7. Usual very physical opening 10-15 mins , but we are playing much better now
  8. to be fair , you could just have typed shaggers name and left the rest blank .
  9. Last Celtic shot on target was the 21st minute , yes our passing and play was poor however , when you look back we were denied a clear penalty , get it roond ye ya manky arseholes lol ? last last point , we thumb heid griffiths now has the same goals in old firm games as Eric bo Anderson and Conor Goldson , but he’s a superstar racist
  10. Not too shabby , win 1-0 and don’t have a shot on goal , they played well but fuck them they lost .At least they can get a suntan and a free holiday .
  11. The worst decision In the Hagi incident, is an indirect free kick , whether it's in or out the box it's irrelevant .
  12. Very merry Xmas when it comes troops
  13. The team has come together and the penny has finally dropped that we are a good team . The fragility and indecisiveness has gone , summer recruitment has been excellent , AA+++ just keep it going .
  14. we need to get this game put to bed , do not give the hordes from the east the slightest encouragement at all .
  15. The single most important goal he will possibly ever score, Big Cedric I love you ?
  16. If we can keep all our players after January , and if we play to the same standard in Europe that we have these last 2-3 seasons , we will be fine , our biggest problem will be over confidence , something I don’t see in this team or this management team this year .
  17. Dun hibs deserved nothing from that game , when you need to use Craig Levens 6-4-0, tactics you get nothing and you deserve nothing . Your entire game plan was to fire aimless balls into the box with 2mins left , pathetic .
  18. rbr

    Alfredo Morelos

    Personally I think he is more of a team player, last year and the year prior , we relied on this young guy to take on defences single handedly, mot any more and its paying massive dividends.
  19. For the long term Coefficient points this would also be the best option , we are ahead by about .4 so if we could deal with them and Shaktar gets a rotten draw it’s happy days . As an aside , if we get anymore points we actually go above Celtic , which is an amazing achievement on its own , they are currently on 34 points but have 7 dropping off from 5 years ago , we are on 26.5 with no points to drop off , makes the last 2 years all the more remarkable and shows how rotten that mob are in Europe .
  20. Now that’s actually witty . apologies for my rudeness , we just need to agree to disagree , plus English never was my strongest subject ,lol
  21. Laura was extremely clever in the way she answered Steveies question , because she knows damned well what the outcry would be if she made it public , there have been numerous member emailing into club1872 on this issue , not one has had a reply to their questions .
  22. Titter , what age are you 14 , grow up.
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