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  1. As for this article, it's not surprising to see this rhag drudging up some dud foreign manager to take a pot shot at one of our flair players just as he starts to show some form. Neither is it surprising to see so many on here lapping it up and turning it on our manager.
  2. Most managers don't make substitutions until later in the game unless they're forced to, whether it's tactical or due to injury. At the weekend Ally made two substitutions before the 60th minute in response to us going behind for a second time. It could be argued that MacLeod was injured but regardless Ally made the right changes at the right time and we got the win as a result.
  3. Easdales aside with an investment committee chaired by Laxey's man Norman Chrighton, I don't think there will be any rush for a new share issue unless their holding is protected.
  4. Aye, if the spivs didnae pocket it all
  5. It's 29 pro youths to be precise and that's not counting the 4 under 20's in our 26 man first team squad.
  6. Mitchell was a decent prospect and was a standout in 2 or 3 of his 9 competitive appearances for us. Such a low number of appearances speaks volumes as to where he's fitted into our plans though. He was also one of five players who's contract expires in the Summer and his services were unlikely to be called upon in the remainder of the season. It makes sense for him to move on now. Best of luck to him
  7. Last I checked Durie was our U20 / Reserve team coach and doing a decent job of it too.
  8. Our opposition at this level are often credited with raising their game against us as though they were playing a cup final. Just for the sake of it I decided to check our stats on cup games against lower league sides... Rangers last 50 games in domestic cup competitions against lower league sides. (1997-2013)* Wins - 43 Won by a single goal - 12 Won by 2 goals - 7 Won by 3 goals - 9 Won by 4 goals - 6 Won by 5 goals or more – 9 Draws - 4 Defeats - 3 Lost by a single goal – 2 Lost by 2 goals – 1 * Not counting Ramsden Cup games. Lower league sides = Not SPL.
  9. I can't see it happening this season unless forced, but I'd like to think we'll see regular 'rests' for Jig with Faure being phased in at CB next season.
  10. I think it depends on the reasoning behind moving players on. In some cases terminating a contract will be cheaper in the long term but very expensive in the short term. Reading between the lines in comments from CEO and not forgetting the '£1m left by April' quote from Stockbridge I don't think we can afford to be paying too many players off. Among the cheaper candidates on this front, Cribari is certainly surplus to requirements, is probably on a reasonably high wage and his contract is up in the summer. It possibly wouldn't be too expensive to reach an agreement for him to move on in Ja
  11. A few oldies I somehow missed until recently which I'd recommend: Pusher (1996) Pi (1998) The Salton Sea (2002)
  12. Disappointing sequels of the year: Insidious Chapter 2 Machete Kills Kick-Ass 2 The Hangover Part III Iron Man 3
  13. My top 5 new shows in 2013: Dracula The Blacklist Hannibal Mob City Almost Human
  14. It can't be denied that there is an anti-McCoist element amongst our support who'll howl for his head whenever a result doesn't go our way. It's nothing new. However, what I would say is that over the past ten days or so the usual suspects and various other shit stirrers in the press HAVE clearly had 'the knives out' for Ally. Keevins obviously couldn't find a way to have a dig at Rangers while somehow shoe-horning Celtic into that story though, so we get this instead.
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