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  1. He is 19 and cant speak English. I can understand him taking a while to integrate and settle. I think another year of him may be good for us with a full preseason under his belt. Problem is ten Hag may want to see him in pre season for United before letting him go out on loan.
  2. I quite like the Rangers review, Derek Clarke and Joshua Barrie love football, know all about the game in general. Seem like they enjoy it and seem to attend loads of games wherever possible. I like Clifford and the other lad they have on from H&H at times (bald lad cant recall his name). But McFarlane is a grifter. Barely goes to games. Didn't go to Seville or even any of the big euro away games. Lacks any real general football knowledge (he thought Man U signed Bruno Fernandes from Benfica ffs) and was openly a hibs fan for years. He seems to be the head Rangers guy at the RR but adds the least value. I'll continue to enjoy the free content where he is not involved but I'll never subscribe as its herald group ran. But also because of McFarlane.
  3. Kirsty is a creepy wee weirdo that was fortunate enough to attend private school. And unless I'm missing something was a councillor and MP without ever having had a real job. IE a 'career politician'.
  4. Going to get it at some point but going on holiday next week so if i order it online it wont be here on time. Castore have not mastered next day delivery. Not sure why they couldn't have a Glasgow based distribution bub for short term new kit launches. Its not exactly rocket science. They will have a rough idea of how much they will sell after the past couple of years. Ho hum.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-61906236 More strikes coming with BA staff looking to strike. This is catching on.
  6. https://www.90min.com/posts/brighton-interested-in-rangers-ace-glen-kamara Hasn't really played to his potential under Gio so wouldn't be too upset to see him moved on.
  7. My stocks and shares ISA is down 13%. Much pain. The pension funds getting hit is going to be very bad.
  8. Another lefty hypocrite, wonder if he took any refugees in the end. Didn't he also go down the bankruptcy route to stop his first wife getting some of his estate in the divorce. Surprised he didn't get 'cancelled' over this. Maybe all those refugees he took in has got him some credit in the lefty social justice bank.
  9. Like the Mayo deal. If he has a good year at Killie he is back next season to take Helanders spot in the squad (contact expires after this year iirc). If he doesnt then its no big loss. Club clearly have confidence in the lad. As does McInnes.
  10. Jake Hastie reportedly going to Hartlepool. A roll of the dice that didn't work out but worth a try at the time. He had a terrific 6 months at Motherwell prior to joining.
  11. True, but personally I don't believe Jon McLaughlin is the answer like some others do. Perhaps the management and coaching staff agree. Perhaps there is a plan to replace McGregor next season. This might be the successful transition. We just dont know what it is from the outside.
  12. Twitter actively promotes that POV. Its employees are mostly all these sad little they/thems who get upset at everything. American big tech and its little people should not hold as much sway as they do. Hopefully that changes if Musk takes over but i doubt it.
  13. Does this seem odd to anyone else? People are being killed, raped, bombs being dropped on hospitals. millions of weapons are being donated to them to fight off the Russian invasion. But Kiev have Dnipro away on Tuesday so hold off on that. Have visions of a tricky left winger dodging land mines and mortars. Is getting ~10k Ukrainians in a football stadium to watch a game of footy sensible during an invasion? Then you have this guy crying that his club will lose players, shouldn't he worry more about his club being repossessed by displaced football obsessed Russian Oligarchs?
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