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  1. Due back in training end of the month I'm sure Gio said in an interview the other day. Good news. Hopefully he can get back to it.
  2. Great to have had him on board. Good luck JD.
  3. I love both Helander and Roofe as players. Both top quality for us. But I'd be lying if the persistent injuries they pick up doesn't annoy the life out of me. I know players get injured, but these two seem to have a real issue with it.
  4. Scored a couple of goals but didn't get much game time for a very very poor side. 12 appearances in total so far.
  5. He has been linked with West Brom recently. He is certainly better than that.
  6. Roofe posting on Instagram getting acupuncture on his calf. Never a good sign. I think Itten deserves another chance as a central striker/Number 9. I'm unconvinced on Soutter but low fee and moderate wage makes it less of a risk.
  7. On the impact of his career I assume he has legal obligations with sponsors etc to fulfil attendance in these tournaments. If he decided to not bother attempting to play due to his vaccination status would this make him liable to them in any way? At least if he tries to attend but is refused by the host nation he has done his part. In the link of the athlete being diagnosed with Myocarditis after 3 vaccinations and being unable to compete due to the condition. That's not to say an athlete cant contract covid and develop Myocarditis as a result of the infection. Its a tricky one and i know many professional athletes have declined to take the vaccine due to the risks of side effects. I am in favour of vaccines myself and have had two. Will take the booster at the end of the month. But as long as I can sit at a desk I can earn. Not really the same for an athlete so can understand the hesitance in getting fully vaccinated.
  8. Suppose they need to be seen to be making a stand against a high profile non vaccinated individual given how they have treated the population this past two years. Then you read things like this and makes you wonder if for an athlete its worth the risk.
  9. Just another link i don't think has been mentioned on here. We are supposedly interested in signing Benjamin Siegrist from Dundee United on a bosman. Southampton also interested. As a backup I'd take him. Give him a chance to be #1. We have been linked with Zander Clark but i think Siegrist is probably the better of the two. Would like Robby McCrorie can step up too.
  10. I hope Kent extends. I don't think his recent form gets him the move he would ideally want in the summer. He was linked with Leeds after last season for example, i don't think that link will be there in the summer unless he ups his performances.
  11. Agree on the first point. Skov Olsen has all the markings of a player lined up for a loan to buy. Trouble is Bologna aren't flush with cash and will much prefer to sell. But they don't use the player in the correct position and he wants first team football so will likely move. As you state the other teams in for him if serious will force our hand. I think Doehki would rather see the next 6 months out at Vitesse and take the 2 million(as an example) as a signing on fee rather than move now, see Vitesse take a big chunk of that 2 million. I'm sure Stewart Robertson admitted the Aribo transfer cost us over 2 million despite the player only costing about £200k in development fees. I'd guess that the reason Lundstram is on such a high wage(if the rumours are to be believed) is due to us not having the finance to give him a big sign on fee in the summer. So we broke it down over his contract. I think ideally we would give a signing like that a big sign on fee and lower wage. Its a much lower risk.
  12. In the summer when they have 1 year left(both contracted to 6/2023) and don't want to renew not sure we will have much choice but to sell and replace them. Or lose on a free.
  13. I think we might get him on a loan to buy then buy in the summer after selling some players. Perhaps kent and Aribo.
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