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  1. match day 2 and zero points!! please any takers for zero points for match day 3
  2. its a start on the long road to recovery if you don't mind me saying? audited accounts are very important
  3. i returned my black training top last month after the blackthorn sponsor started peeling off after about half a dozen washes
  4. just had to change the password with no problems at all
  5. Can't wait for Barcelona to give them a hiding in their own backyard!!! 2 Games zero points!
  6. for a start the player wage bill is through the roof time to take a pay cut people! and maybe the board should do like wise!!
  7. tonights result effectively put celtic 4+ years in front of us financially
  8. must be a lot of flies in your work place mate lol
  9. Im heading over to the Rangers store tomorrow to return my black training top as the the blackthorn logo on it is starting to break off and come away from the top im disappointed but may just be one of those tops but after half a dozen washes the logo should not be coming away from the top
  10. tried it pre match during the brechin match and no joy??? was it even turned on?
  11. suspended on full pay pending an investigation and then sacked! what a complete tool of a guy doing this
  12. Id rather we make mistakes in pre season than in the competitive matches and the matches that matter! still all the same a few new players on board and building a better stronger and fitter Rangers for the challenges ahead! support were a credit tonight and positive vibes all around now the hard work begins on sunday and like most on Gersnet looking forward to the new season and another successful one
  13. Just the anti rangers Scottish media mixing it with the big wooden spoon!!
  14. Surely these buses should be parked at either Murray park or ibrox in future when they are not being used! Disgusting mindless fuckin morons filled with bitter hatred & we are on the up but these idiots want to keep us down!!
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