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  1. I take it you're allowed to call other posters a "wanker" on here then, yeah? Anyway, get back to me if you need me to explain what I meant again. I honestly don't mind trying to help you out with stuff you're struggling with, even if it's elementary. Such irony is rare, but have you noticed that your chosen smiley is the corollary of the final word in your post?
  2. Good piece. I do agree with the model of key links to associates, it's a far cheaper and possibly just as effective way of scouting. I would also like to see the setting up of soccer schools across the globe though. We don't have to buy building etc - we just need to rent places and pay people to coach kids. The world of agents is still a mystery to me tbh. But it seems that they have control, which is the wrong way round, surely?
  3. I agree. It's an interesting development - the Assembly backing the Trust up, and issuing as statement challenging a specific journalist as well as standing behind the raising of the Spiers issue directly with the club. No doubt those calling for closer collaboration amongst Rangers fans' groups will be along to express their approval. I do feel the Spiers issue is something worth raising - everybody can see what he's up to now, if there was ever much doubt. It'll be interesting to see what unfolds; from Walker, Rangers and Spiers.
  4. I think it's you who's having the difficulty. We have a variety of views & divergent opinion. Prevents 'group-think' = healthy. Our divisions dilute our effectiveness. Stifles teamwork = unhealthy. Please try not to get mixed-up by confusing a bit of elementary multi-perspectivism with indecision.
  5. Recent Media Articles News - Assembly News Two recent media articles have caused much concern for Rangers fans. The first was an article by Michael Walker in the Daily Mail on 2 October and the second was an article by Graham Spiers in The Times on 5 October. Colleagues in the Rangers Supporters Trust have liaised with the Assembly and the action taken is fully supported by the Assembly. In the case of the Daily Mail, there has been direct communication with Michael Walker to the effect that he has been "sussed" and Rangers fans will look elsewhere for objective reporting. W
  6. And on that we agree mate. Ignoring him = hoping he'll go away IMHO. Well, he's still here.
  7. The challenge is to tell the truth and reach a mass of people which SG reaches every day. About 50-60 people read this board every day and probably 10,000-20,000 read his column. His audience is small in comparison to the Sun or if comparing Clyde to 5-live once a week, but it's large in comparison to what Rangers fans have to offer. That is just fact.
  8. My personal opinion is that things are more complicated that they might be - but also that it's understandable in a way. For example, my position is that it is quite astounding that Rangers fans sing "f*ck the pope and the IRA" during Simply The Best - because they must know that it will eventually lead to bother. But a lot of people do not see it like that; they think "f*ck you" to authority, or feel victimised, or feel singled-out, or don't care, or believe that no harm will come, or are too pished, or don't know, or disagee, or have a plan, or .... etc ...etc ...etc. Rangers fa
  9. One of the first notable themes to emerge from Rangers fanzines (which preceded message-boards and websites by some way) was the question of media bias. Obviously, until then, one never heard of it in the media, be it TV, radio or the press. ââ?¬Å?Weirdââ?¬Â, I thought...... By the way; for media ââ?¬Ë?biasââ?¬â?¢, read ââ?¬Ë?agendaââ?¬â?¢. They may not literally be the same thing, but for all intents and purposes, an agenda (if there is one and it can be classed as slanted in one way or another) and a bias is the same thing. They each represent a skew towards a specific view, opini
  10. Like it or not, he made trouble for us before and he's clearly intent on causing further embarrassment to Rangers FC.
  11. Big Spliff


    He's just not worth the money tbh, he's a waste of a wage and thats why he doesn't play.
  12. OK. So the question is; can we score too? Or two?
  13. Id hope for a win but am not necessarily confident. I'll take the draw if I see them at Ibrox and they look top class. Basically I can't honestly say. So sort your poll SA.
  14. Kaunus. We need to be on our game, that's all I'm saying.
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