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  1. Yes it is. You can attempt to disguise it in any terms you wish but thats exactly what it is. "Attempt to normalise offensive behaviour" is an absolute belter. Spurious vagueness wich enables the PC exponent to be offended at whatever they like, even to take offence on others' behalf, as you are now doing. Whats this "normalise" you are talking about? If you don't agree with the the way you think things should be expressed then you're in some way abnormal and should is some way be normalised? What are you thinking of here, lobotomies, electric shock treatment, slapped into a gulag. I think that was tried by the left and abandoned.
  2. That's just political correctness. Who decides what should or should not be said?
  3. Before this becomes a debate be assured that the sack the board version is an edit of the back the board version. It appeared on FF after a poster asked photo shoppers to get to work on it. Let's just say I know this for sure, definitely and without any chance of doubt.
  4. Hello all, lurked for a while, first post. The MG05 shown on this thread is nothing to worry about. Firstly it is page 1 of a 4 page document. The other 3 pages make it much more clear what it is. If you want a look at a blank, Google "MG05s". This one looks like the removal (release) of a floating charge held by the BofS since 1999. It would have been security for loans and overdrafts which as we know ended up as a reported £18M. When this was cleared in May of last year (and that's the document date) the BofS, by then LLoyds, no longer required security as they were owed nothing. This document was raised to remove the floating charge. IMO now a complete red herring. Unfortunately, I have no idea what Whyte has done subsequently.
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