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  1. Are the figures quoted by M. Stewart wrong?
  2. Ok maybe the word is not lackadaisical, but Tom Miller mentioned the fact he let the ball bounce rather than head clear.
  3. Had a look at Spectator website, cannot see the article you mention. What section and journalist?
  4. GERS is a set of regional accounts for Scotland as part of the UK and not a set of accounts for Scotland as a independent nation. As far as I can see amounts are attributed to Scotland assuming an independent Scotland would spend the same e.g. Trident, Defence, Embassies & consulates, HS2, London Cross Rail, interest on UK debt etc. The GERS figures show that 8.3% of the UK population are responsible for over 50% of the UK deficit, if that is true it shows you how badly our economy is being damaged by Westminster. Why do the Tories fight so hard to keep us? It cannot be for economic or political reasons, they are doing a disservice to the people of England who would be £12B to the good if we left. They wish to keep us for a reason and it’s not philanthropic.   
  5. I was watching my team play a European football tie in Poland, that’s what real Rangers fans do rather than spend time trolling on the Internet.
  6. Goldson is a worry for me. He seems to be a favourite of SG but too lackadaisical at times.
  7. Cannot get on to either link, paid yesterday. ☹️ Success 😀
  8. Good, feel free not to reply to any of my posts in future. You made a statement that you cannot back up. I will give my views on GERS shortly.
  9. What you actually said. “The SNP pretence that Scotland could swap one union for another, giving away even more of its sovereignty in the process, while reasserting any independence is a pure fantasy. Worse, its gross dishonesty.”
  10. Why would Prince Andrew renew his friendship with Epstein after the paedophile was released from prison?
  11. So let me repeat I will give my thoughts on GERS after you give the evidence for your assertion that an Independent Scotland would have less sovereignty in the EU than it has now. Couple of points just to save you coming back with more deflection, I'm not a SNP member, nor a economist and voted leave therefore no fan of EU.
  12. Sounds a bit like your hero Boris Johnson. Who said the SNP were using this guy? Another made up assertion from you.
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