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  1. Rangers 1 - 0 Bayer Leverkusen FGS Morelos
  2. Yes I agree with your choice. But the point I was making was that these guys are available now. I also agree that SG will probably make the choice.
  3. No you would not, not my party, never said sack him said he should go.
  4. As usual politics comes into the discussion, pathetic.
  5. Not my thinking but at last weeks game it was suggested to me that our winter break seems like another pre-season, while others are light training in the sun. Is that possibility?
  6. Im not asking for any of them, just showing that there are managers out there. I’m not a great fan of Allardyce but his teams would not be bullied.
  7. SG is correct, his team are nothing like he was as a player. But he signed a good few of them.
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