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  1. But you could only use that link if you signed up to RTV before 6pm tonight. They need to sort it out quick.
  2. The only reason I haven't signed upto RTV is because the matchday coverage and reliability is shit.
  3. There seems to be a total change in his mentality but I still get a bit nervous when he takes the huff. He does seem to have turned things round though. His biggest test will be in 10 days.
  4. Villarreal, Rapid Vienna and the Russian mob all led against us or do you mean this season?
  5. It was just more of a general question. I remembered them finding Sala's body but couldn't remember anything about the pilots.
  6. I didn't think Tav had a good game. He wasn't poor but he really needs to try and find last seasons form again. I do think not having Candeias in front of him is an issue for him.
  7. A good result against a very decent, well drilled side. For whatever reason, some of our fans thought we'd win tonight comfortably. I'd rather be in our position than theirs.
  8. He was on the Football Daft podcast last week doing his usual shouting over the mic. Fuck knows why they decided to get that clown on and ruin all the good work they did in the previous 11 episodes.
  9. It's sad that someone that age has opinions like that and lets their mind become so warped.
  10. Airdrie v Bohemians will be a belter of a game. After last seasons cup match between Celtic and Airdrie and the chaotic scenes before, during and after the match, it could be seen as a revenge match for the Green Brigade. Celtic have a huge affiliation with Bohemians. Just incase anyone is interested.
  11. According to a Celtic supporting mate of mine, Rodgers is sending King, sorry 'Agent King' to Rangers to disrupt us and cause unrest.
  12. The worst ever CL Final for me was at Old Trafford back in 02/03. Milan and Juve played out the dullest of dull matches. It was awful. I cant even remember who won on penalties. I see a lot is being made of the female referee and the female assistants who have been picked to officiate. I doubt the players give a fuck in all honesty, just like the match itself.
  13. I'm assuming Celtic don't require as many cops internally as we do. Clubs aren't charged for cops who work out with the footprint of the stadium.
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