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  1. BT wanted the Hamilton Rangers game at the end of November to be played on the Friday evening. After some discussions it was put back to the 24th.
  2. No way will we command or get £3m for Wes. He's hardly kicked a ball in the last 14 or 15 months.
  3. A disgruntled sheep fan?
  4. That was so easy today. It was 5-0 going on 9. Absolutely dominated them for 89 minutes and taught them a lesson. Barisic's cross for Morelos was perfection. Pace and accuracy and a very good header from Morelos too. That goal got the biggest cheer today. I hope their fans have a shit journey back up the road.
  5. I can't see Gerrard making that many changes. Fod and Defoe are definates to start and probably Kamara too.
  6. Now there's a question...what's your favourite Super Ally goal?? Mine has to be the header against Celtic at Parkhead back in 1998 I think it was. Albertz set it up with a cross from the left.
  7. This is getting a bit boring and repetitive now. Jack again.
  8. Gazza_8


    This kid is a pain in the arse. Get her to fuck off the news and social media and give me peace.
  9. Gazza_8


    Out with Rangers games I enjoy watching the Edinburgh and Dundee derby. Pure blood and guts.
  10. A very resounding victory after a very slow and pedestrian start. Ryan Jack was immense again today and in felt Barisic put in another decent performance too. Yet again though the main talking point is the goal that wasn't a goal yet the our penalty claim seems to have been forgotten about.
  11. We beat Feyenoord with Ojo in the team and 4 midfielders and lost to Celtic with 5 midfielders and no Ojo. That's not my arguement though and you know it but to say that Ojo wasn't the difference when his goal was the difference is laughable.
  12. It's not. Ojo is a winger. What he isn't is a midfielder like Jack, Davis, Aribo and Kamara.
  13. I don't think Morelos has the accuracy or composure to take penalty kicks. If Defoe is on the pitch I'd 100% give him the responsibility. If not, then I'd let Tav keep hitting them, for the time being.
  14. Nope. Unless you count Ojo as a central midfielder, which he isn't.
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