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  1. Just now, JFK-1 said:

    Yes I feel it might not be so clear cut despite what it looks like on paper. No one aside from the yahoos has beaten them by any more than a single goal and that was a 3-1 at the piggery. We have better players than them in every position but you just never know.


    I watched Motherwell beat Hearts at Tynecastle earlier on this season and Hearts were awful but they'll be absolutely up for this tomorrow. Levein will have them fired up. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Rousseau said:

    Touche. :D 


    But my point stands: There's no way Ojo's inclusion -- a man who does virtually nothing for the whole game, other than pop up to score -- was the difference between a fast, tough-tackling, aggressive, pressing performance against Feyenoord and whatever that was against Celtic, which displayed the complete antithesis. 


    And, it was certainly not simply because we had "5 central midfielders". Such a lazy argument. 



    We beat Feyenoord with Ojo in the team and 4 midfielders and lost to Celtic with 5 midfielders and no Ojo. 


    That's not my arguement though and you know it but to say that Ojo wasn't the difference when his goal was the difference is laughable. 



  3. 17 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

    Ojo's not a winger, or a forward; and, he's barely more attacking than Aribo. 


    If your argument rests on the difference Ojo makes in the team, then it's not much of an argument; it was lazy to begin with.

    It's not. Ojo is a winger. What he isn't is a midfielder like Jack, Davis, Aribo and Kamara. 

  4. I don't think Morelos has the accuracy or composure to take penalty kicks. If Defoe is on the pitch I'd 100% give him the responsibility. If not, then I'd let Tav keep hitting them, for the time being. 

  5. 3 hours ago, craig said:

    So "naughty words" result in 3,000 people being unable to attend the game - but the potential of actual physical harm results in a paltry fine.


    UEFA aren't fit for purpose !

    Playing devils advocate here but sometimes "naughty words" is worse ie when its racist. 


    But I agree, that fine is pathetic. It's hardly a deterrent.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Bill said:

    “It’s morons like you”


    A bloke would have to be very sure of his moral superiority to make such a direct personal attack on another member. 

    I know how it works while some people have absolutely no idea and as a result, come away with some absolute bullshit and nonsense. 


    Anyone with any self respect at all wouldn't post something as embarrassing as that. 



  7. 22 hours ago, cooponthewing said:

    Feynoord fans are mental and could have given the Scot squad a proper leathering! Landing punches in them immediately with no reply from plod😂 Useless doesn’t cover it!

    Hilarious. The Police are there to protect you and everyone else in the stadium and you're laughing at them being assaulted? 


    Can I ask what you expected them to do at the time bearing in mind they were severely outnumbered? 


    It's morons like you with that attitude who cause this country no end of problems. 

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