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  1. Forgot all about this game with all the transfer talk going on.
  2. My excitement has passed. It's all talk and nothing official.
  3. Just checked. Brown never got away with it, he was booked.
  4. Exactly as Craig says. Not dangerous and no malice, just late. I take it he was booked?
  5. Let's not kid ourselves, Rangers fans are just as bad at obsessing about them as they are with us. It's the fans mentality.
  6. Will add a few more pennies to the bank balance?
  7. They'll never move from Hampden. It's the easy choice and less hassle.
  8. Women's rights groups are a pain in the arse.
  9. Or maybe it happened this season, I can't remember.
  10. A few sources now saying there was no offer from China and that a Glasgow PR company initiated the rumour.
  11. That's happening next season I believe down in England.
  12. The Chinese window closes after ours so we could end up selling him for £50m but unable to sign anyone.
  13. Arsenal should give Dortmund Lacazette. He's been such a let down.
  14. Apparently the £6m offer has been rejected. Great news.
  15. They won't miss Griffiths as Dembele will come in and score for fun.
  16. It looks like Police Scotland are celebrating with the players and fans too.
  17. Candeias has had a huge impact on Tavernier. They seem to have some sort of 6th sense. Tav improved under Pedro and has continued to improve under Murty. I like him and he seems to be really enjoying his time up here. We need to get him tied down to a longer contract with a better salary. He deserves it.
  18. I remember seeing an article in a newspaper about a male cop who was a baw hair over 5ft. His shift named him Laptop because he was a small PC.
  19. He's spot on. We're just jealous that our manager and board aren't making this an issue too.
  20. I was wondering this too. Does he really care if he doesn't represent Scotland or play in the Champions League? It seems that he thinks money is more important that ambition. If that's the case he made the right move.
  21. The American education system is rotten. Poor decision by his wife if true. They'll probably go private due to their wealth but I don't know if that's any better.
  22. The amount of cops in offices drinking tea and answering phones is huge. Meanwhile, frontline police officers, the most important police officers, are the ones being shafted. The amount of cops on operational front line duties is bordering is a joke and the senior management wonder why morale is so low. An email or 2 off the divisional commander won't change that and it's cringeworthy to think that they think it will. Cops are shat upon and the hierarchy don't really care. My sub division is huge. It goes from Law, Carluke all the way down to Elavnfoot which borders the Scottish borders
  23. He'll enjoy a decent lifestyle out in Colorado. I can see the lure but his ambitions stink.
  24. As much as I like Kenny Miller i hope he doesn't play this weekend. We have far better options than him now.
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