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  1. That was an enjoyable watch today. Ryan Jack and Steve Davis were both fantastic and wee Jermain Defoe is deadly although he missed a few I'd expect him to at least get on target. Brilliant though. I'm looking forward to Tom English's headline.
  2. A waste of time and money. I preferred it when ref's got things wrong, at least the game kept moving. All this stop start pish is ruining the game.
  3. What about the 2 or 3 times last season Scott Brown should've been sent off but was only shown a yellow card? Selective memories.
  4. The Sheep fans aren't happy with McInnes or McWinless as they're calling him. Some of their tweets last night were brilliant to read.
  5. David Bates signs for Sheff Wed.
  6. Well that was unexpected. I've read that the Danish mob have a tight defence and well drilled defence but the game, 2nd half especially was extremely open. Special praise to Jones for his direct run and pass to Aribo for the 2nd goal and a very well taken goal too. Katic's finish was fantastic for a centre half. That may be Morelos' best performance in a Rangers top. Was delighted to see Flanagan start tonight. A hard, tough tackling, bo nonsense defender.whi wears his heart on his sleeve. Great result. We got a bit sloppy in the
  7. I'm not lording Kent up to be the all singing all dancing winger that we need, simply defending Ojo for not hitting the ground running. Kent was good. Is he better than Ojo? Possibly but we've got another 8 or 9 months to decide.
  8. Aah, ok. Been away from the forum for a few years so not used to things. I'll give it a listen.
  9. Haven't got the time to read the article just now but from your headline alone, I'll respectfully disagree with you about Ojo. Last season, Kent took until the home game v Hearts in October before we began to see glimpses of what he could do. Let's be honest here, Ojo is a young player who is inexperienced. He, like Kent, may take time to settle. Let's give the guy time before questioning if he's been a success or failure after what, 5 competitive games?? Four of which were like a heavy bounce game. I'll give him another month or two before judging him.
  10. I'm doing good. You still in sunny Singapore?
  11. I wonder how the red tops will twist this to make Gerrard out to be the bad guy.
  12. I'd take Flanagan in the starting XI before Barisic.
  13. If that's what my analysis results in then yes, I'm casting doubts on our manager. It's not a huge doubt, just a slight one. I'm also casting doubts on the suitability of Barisic.
  14. I assess managers and players throughout the season. My opinion isn't just after 1 league game and 4 qualifiers this season.
  15. Arsenal attack v Arsenal defence.
  16. What our fans did yesterday on the roof of the disabled section was pathetic. Absolute fuckin cunts. Killie should charge Ranngers and Rangers should bill the fools for the repair and then get them done with a vandalism. Morons.
  17. I have a worry in the back of my head with Gerrard. We seem to blow hot and cold. We're good at home but so unpredictable away from home. He seems to have 2 sets of tactics and doesn't know what his best XI is. There's just a doubt in my head with him. It's a small doubt but a doubt none the less.
  18. Jack for me but Goldson was a close second. I actually thought Katic played well yesterday and won a lot of headers.
  19. Let's be honest, Morelos should've also been booked for continually fouling.
  20. That was a tough watch today. A lot of the ball but no creativity. No spark. No urgency. We get the ball into good positions then slow it right down and lose the good position we got into in the first place. Katic is like a chance a game from corners and Goldson's header was like a bullet but we can't rely on set pieces all season. Ojo reminds me of how Kent started off at Rangers. He took time to find his feet and often wasted possession and look how he turned out. I'm hoping Ojo turns out the same. Jones looked more direct in the small amount of time he had on the p
  21. I had no idea Bilic was named manager at WBA and only found out Cocu was the Derby manager when we played them a week or so ago. I've always had a soft spot for Sheff Wed so I'd like to see them have a good go at it. Other than that, I'm not that fussed.
  22. Dortmund v Bayern Munich in the German Sup Cup Final. After 80 minutes it's 2-0 to Dortmund. What a game it's been. German football is the best. It's fast, technically brilliant and entertaining. The referee and VAR are having a stinker though. Ref's seem to be shit everywhere.
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