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  1. I used to love sitting down on a Sunday night to watch the live Italian game. Sunday's just aren't the same since some two bob channel won the rights.
  2. Brown is often booked for challenges that merit red cards. That back my point up, the standard of referee in Scotland is poor. That said, fans down south believe the standard of referee down there is shocking too.
  3. No. All clubs are disadvantaged due to referees incompetence. I don't think ref's are out to get us, they're just awful at what they do.
  4. Fans at every club up and down the country moan about referees being corrupt and biased against their club. Fans from the smaller clubs moan that Rangers and Celtic get all the decisions.
  5. The only place I see those flags is at Celtic Park or hanging off the shoulder of a Celtic fan at festivals. I can honestly say I've never seen one flying in a back garden or from the window of a house or wherever else.
  6. Jeez, that was a hard watch. Our creativity is really poor and we were so slow in our play also.
  7. Hahaha. Amazing how a word can change the meaning of a sentence. Genuine mistake.
  8. Yeah I remember that and I get what you're saying but I firmly believe that any referee would've made the same decisions because they are so poor at what they do.
  9. Apparently the Morelos to China deal was 100% false and made up.
  10. If selling Morelos meant we could sign Kent permanently, I'd rather keep Morelos.
  11. No matter who was named as the referee for our game on Sunday, our support would moan. I think the same goes for every support in Scotland when referees are announced for the forthcoming weekend fixtures. Referees up here are shite and are equally shite towards every team.
  12. I used to like Killie as a club but they're going down the same route as Aberdeen for me.
  13. 'The people who have the final'. I don't understand, sorry.
  14. The final say has nothing to do with the Police. Like I said, they are asked for their opinion and then the council take that on board when making their final decision.
  15. The Police have little or no impact when it comes decisions like this.
  16. The Skrtel rumour is like the Alan Smith rumour that always seemed to resurface during every transfer window.
  17. So one of the pensioners only has Rangers and his dog for company. Why does he feel the need to hang a Union Jack flag on the outside of his sheltered housing accommodation? I reckon there must be a Celtic supporting pensioner and the local drop in centre they're wanting to wind up. I wouldn't want my neighbour to fly any flag outside his house.
  18. The SPFL proposed the dates and asked for Police opinion. I'm just waiting on the SPFL coming back to me with the confirmed dates so I can begin planning and resourcing the Motherwell Hearts game.
  19. Yeah, I know. Was a shite attempt at humour.
  20. Portuguese centre half who's close to retiring. Likes a red card or 8 too.
  21. It's not exactly hard to do that.
  22. So it would appear the Motherwell Hearts game is being shown on BT Sport on Friday 16th August and the Rangers game has been moved to Sunday 18th for TV purposes.
  23. BT Sport had two live games on over he weekend in the Betfred Cup - Elgin v Hibs and Dundee v Inverness so I'd hazard a guess and say BT Sport. I'm thinking it might be Motherwell Hearts that's shown live in BT. Empty at Tannochside Bears house for the match.
  24. Have your lunch before you go to the game and buy a can of coke before you go into the stadium. But we should all complain about the sub-standard food and drink and the prices within Ibrox.
  25. I don't think we will and I don't think Gerrard knows either. He seems to be a manager who likes the rotation policy.
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