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  1. Klopp has stated that Kent will be sold and not loaned out due to his age. I think we can wave Kent goodbye.
  2. According to Gerrard we haven't received any satisfactory bids for Grezda.
  3. Not up here it's not. I don't understand your comment the Police rarely act on it. If no one talks to them or information is held back from them what can they do?
  4. Hope he's ok but why wouldn't he want to make a complaint and get the guy done? I'm sure there would've been plenty willing witnesses happy to give police a statement. I hope this isn't the start of something - idiots now wanting a pop at Novo because they know he won't make a complaint. Hopefully someone comes forward to make a complaint on Novo's behalf and the guy is traced and charged. Assaulting anyone just because of the team they support, the team they played for or their religion is vile.
  5. I think becoming a parent has taken her eye of the ball in a working sense.
  6. Not a cricket fan but England should absolutely hammer Australia.
  7. 5k is a start but I feel we need a steady couple of years without any uncertainty to see how attendances continue. We're on a crest of a wave just now with the Gerrard factor and the team doing well but I've no doubt something shit will happen and it will be how the crowds react that will determine if we still have a requirement to expand.
  8. Bale rumoured to be signing for some Chinese club where he'll earn a decent £1m per week!!! 🙈
  9. Gazza_8


    Aye because it's female cyclists showing some tittai.
  10. Learn how to do it yourself. I did.....then forgot how to do it.
  11. Gazza_8


    Nothing the matter with organised road races....
  12. No danger I'd take a drink from a drinking fountain in a concourse at any football stadium. The amount of dirty people in this world is frightening. I know your lips dont actually touch the fountain itself but still...🤢
  13. Ozil is a shitebag on and off the pitch.
  14. Gazza_8


    What pisses me off about cyclists is that they don't think they need to stop at red lights. They pause, have a look and if it's safe they continue. I'd love to see one being pulled over.
  15. We could swap Tav's goals and assists for someone who is more defensive minded but attacking wise is non existent. His assist record alone is irreplaceable. When was the last time we had a player who had 20 assists, let alone a defender?
  16. One bad game and the knives are out for Tav. What he brings to the team can't be replaced. If we do sell him it'll need to be for a ridiculous amount.
  17. I don't know why some Rangers fans are surprised when a 'journalist' writes a negative story on our fanbase. Its been happening for years. Why it's constantly us being targeted is baffling when every club has a moronic support. For example, a Lanarkshire club has a youth ultra setup on the go (it's basically wee boys aged between 13 and 17 who think they're tough) and the havoc they cause before and after matches is horrendous but because they support their team during the match the media don't see the stuff that's happening outside the stadium in and around the streets.
  18. A bit late but if you're over 5ft 10 then you'll walk away from your seat like a crumpled up crisp bag. Far too tight and cramped up there.
  19. The Pompey fans love him already. My ex work colleague now lives down there and has decided to follow Pompey. Every time we speak or text he always raves about McCrorie.
  20. 4lads stating AC Milan had scouts at the game last night to watch Morelos.
  21. More empty seats at Pittodrie then. Scottish football is blooming right enough.
  22. A very strange performance last night. We could've won by a barrel load but also drew 2-2. First half we were fantastic. From the whistle we were in their faces playing that high pressing game, quick passing and a high tempo with the ball. Second half we seemed to lack ideas or any urgency and were lucky not to concede. McGregor's handling worried me. He seemed to flap at a couple of 'easy' catches although he did make a fantastic save with his legs. Goldson must have scuddy photos of Gerrard's wife on his phone. He shouldn't be 1st choice ce
  23. England were impressive for the 1st 20 minutes of the game. Other than that they huffed and puffed without doing much.
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