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  1. Holt isn't good enough. He does a lot of the leg work and is an excellent pro but he's a just not good enough.
  2. Obviously, that's why he had to post some stats. I don't think there is a better centre half partnership than Baresi and Maldini. Certainly not since I've started watching football anyway.
  3. C'mon mate, you didn't think I was serious did you?
  4. Alan Curbishley is linked with job according to TalkSport.
  5. TalkSport had Alan Curbishley linked with the job.
  6. From another forum..... Got a wee buddy in Croatia but not much to say....... He was decent, played 2nd division here then moved to Slaven Belupo which is midtable club..media praised him always but didnt watch him enough He plays as cb and cdm Reckons he is a good signing though.
  7. Apparently Auchenhowie will be renamed Hummel Training Centre after Hummel bought the naming rights to it.
  8. What's work was being done to the roof of the Govan?
  9. Don't forget Anti Niemi. Infact, he's Scottish, not Finnish.
  10. Definately going to the Wigan game, possibly the Bury game too.
  11. I get the feeling Miller is trying his best to make as much bother as he can for the club because he wasn't offered a new contract. Bitter almost. As for Wallace, he's like the forgotten man. When did he last kick a ball for us?
  12. I don't want our squad to be overrun with loan players but Solanke is definitely one player I'd absolutely love up here.
  13. He's gone to rehab in Tiajuana? Good luck, Carlos. That place is like Easterhouse back in the 90s.
  14. Forrester played about 30 games for Posh last season so I doubt he was transfer listed because he wasn't good enough.
  15. I thought Pep and Yaya kissed and made up? Seems not. I hope Yaya blows Pep out the water. A successful manager because he's managed clubs who are expected to win the league. Zidane is more successful than him.
  16. Nah, not having that and certainly not for Benzema's first goal. Karius fucked up and was too quick with the throw out. I don't thi k concussion had anything to do with it.
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