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  1. Ramos is a born winner. I'd love a player like him in our team. He'll do whatever it takes to win a game.
  2. Nice sentiment from Ronaldo but SAF hardly taught him how to kick a ball.
  3. One positive to come from this is that Miller won't be offered a new contract and will leave in the summer.
  4. Who said anything about the money raised from thr share issue being our transfer kitty? People jumping to conclusions as per usual.
  5. I don't know what's worse, the thought of them frolicking with one another or the state of the facebook page.
  6. Alves has been a total let down. He's either injured or getting kept out the team by Russell fuckin Martin.
  7. Very well spoken and it would appear he suits the suit and Brown brogues. Thumbs up from me.
  8. Hitler is standing down to fight anti-semitism.
  9. The silence from Auchenhowie this week has been fantastic.
  10. What ablut granny's who are football fans?
  11. Is she giving the middle finger?
  12. What a total red neck.
  13. It's the idiots who travel on the roads when they've been told not to. Yesterday 6 cars were stuck in a side road. The snow was drifting across the road and in parts it was a metre deep. One female said to me "my Fiat 500 isn't scared of the snow." Grow up. One couple went out a drive last night just to see what the road conditions were like. Madness.
  14. I doubt he'll get another managers job now.
  15. He'll be out for the foreseeable. You could tell it was bad from Murty's tone when asked about it.
  16. Probably because the article above is the truth.
  17. He's apparently knocked back a contract extension. His current deal runs out this summer.
  18. Headline is a bit misleading. Just because he has signed a new contract doesn't mean he'll be here until 2021.
  19. Is he famous or something? Who is he?
  20. McLeish confirmed as the new Scotland manager. Stuck in the past. Shocking.
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