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  1. This site has only been up and running for about 5 hours Jim.
  2. Spill the beans Lynds, this sounds interesting.
  3. Heh! Thought I'd see how far I could take it before you realised I was having a laugh.
  4. Does the SAF think that 60,000 tickets will be sold for a Scotland Faroe Isles game?
  5. There was other stuff too that can't be repeated on a family minded internet forum.
  6. The Sneck? What the fook is the Sneck? Another typical chuchter saying!
  7. Gazza_8


    When does the SPL publish the fixtures for the new season? I always seem to remember it being a month/month and a half before the new season starts. I always look forward to see what away tickets I get.
  8. Don't worry yourself Gribz, nothing will ever come of it and Colshy is just trying to shit stir to get a reaction from the likes of you and me.
  9. I'm a bit disappointed with the SFAs decision. Ibrox is a 5 star stadium, Porkheed is a 4 star stadium so why have they given the game to "them"? I'd have gone if it was at Ibrox but no fookin danger am I sitting at Porkheed when it ain't Rangers who are playing.
  10. You were saying that you wanted to get me into bed and "teach me a few things"
  11. Aye aye aye, great idea Jon.
  12. Jon ya English bastard! What do you mean Lynds you couldn't understand me? Could you understand my mate? You phoned me about 2am on Saturday morning or was it Sunday morning
  13. Gazza_8


    I think there should be a 'Colshy Section' where he can go and fight with himself about how good/pish Chelsea are.
  14. No you didn't, you're just TRYING to be funny.
  15. What age is she? Is she hot? Does she smell nice? Prison Break finishes tonight on C5. I wonder if the fuckers will escape?!?!?! They should've just served their time, they'd get out quicker cause they're useless at escaping.
  16. I haven't done mine yet, I can't be assed! I think the deadline should be a week on Friday (16th June).
  17. I haven't done mine yet, I can't be assed! I think the deadline should be a week on Friday (16th June).
  18. I agree with Colshy, women know very little when it comes to football.
  19. Lynds, it's saying you're a 'senior member'.
  20. And I wouldn't knock you back either although you'd have to say please.
  21. I haven't a clue where to start when it comes to designing one. We should go for a tongue in cheek one with Zidane, Adriano and Riquelme on the banner.
  22. I can't get my avatar to work. It doesn't even give me the option of having one.
  23. When I browse the forum sometimes the 'page cannot be displayed' but I just refresh the screen and it works again. It's happened about 10 times in 30 minutes. Other than that, I'm liking this new style.
  24. So is http://www.gersnet.info no more? This is the official gersnet site now?
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