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  1. Delighted he's staying. He loves the club and the city and he's improving no end.
  2. Watched him on tv, working at the match and I listen to my level headed mate who supports them. If Tav can finish off this season with standout performances and take the same form into next season then I'll begin to wonder.
  3. The thing with Tierney he's done is for longer. Tav can be good for a couple of games then really poor.
  4. You got a hard on for Kevin Thomson,[mention=10]Craig[/mention]?
  5. Funny how they forget to mention that he same season saw Diouf lift two trophies and reinact the Broony with trophies in hand.
  6. The guy's a cock too. It seem the money has gone to his head. A disgusting amount of money for someone who is head of a union.
  7. I forgot he left. Says it all really.
  8. Fans are hypocrites. They give out pelters but get all offended when they get it back.
  9. There's a lot been made about this. See as long as he keeps setting up and scoring goals, he could cross himself on the pitch for all I care.
  10. I'm already signed up. £1 a week is peanuts. Infant believe more people haven't subscribed.
  11. I think Malky Mackay is a safe bet for the job.
  12. What's a nueropraxic injury? Not good that Wallace and John .Right be out.
  13. Ended up booking a hostel. The reviews are good and the price was decent.
  14. I'm going to London with a mate to see the Foo Fighters in June. He's booked the train and I said I'd book the accommodation. It's not cheap. Premier Inn's, Travelodge's and Holiday Inn Express are wanting over £400 for a 2 night stay. I had a look on Air BnB but a lot of the more affordable places don't have great photos of the accommodation. Hostels are an option too but I'd rather go with a hotel or an apartment. Anyone been recently and managed to find somewhere at a decent price?
  15. Ally McCoist was on TalkSport this morning talking about this tackle. He said he was shocked Brown was booked and he didn't think it was even a foul and that's after watching it 5 or 6 times.
  16. 55 years old and doing that. What an absolute moron.
  17. He doesn't get away with tackles like that every week. If he committed that tackle again next week he'd be booked. He does get away with some late tackles but not like that one above.
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