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  1. England's win looking better with each passing game. Scotlands looking worse right enough.
  2. Always came across as a good man who had time for the fans. As others have said, cracking player - I caught the tail end of his career albeit.
  3. Conditions playing a part @compo, it's been bucketing down all game by the looks of it. Great tournament so far. I'd like to see a 'smaller' nation reach the semi's tbh. England preferably 😉
  4. I'd be delighted with this signing if it happens. Looking forward to next season now.
  5. Reckon Goldson gets Umpires call v Celtic a couple of years back with this new Snicko.
  6. Problem is we'll miss the boat if we don't exploit markets outside of Europe before they explode. You've seen that to a degree with the amount of players that have come over from Asia and Australia to Scotland - the South American and African markets would be just as viable to recruit from imo. Bennetts spoken about being aggressive in his approach and this is evidence of that - it would be lazy for us to just solely recruit from Europe. It's not like the SPFL is at a level where these rumoured players couldn't play at either, respectfully. If Brighton can sign Alexis Mac Allister and blood him in the prem then I have 0 worries about the quality and how it transfers to British football.
  7. PGMOL, as ever when these big tournaments come around, look years behind the current trends and standards. SFA too.
  8. I just don't think Foden's kicked his arse for England mate. Gordon seems full of confidence so I'll let him slip.
  9. They've got a good first XI I think. Romania better coached by the sounds of it.
  10. Nah, probably not. Not because we aren't good enough, but because I've never been impressed by Southgate. For me I'd put Gallagher in for Alexander Arnold and Gordon in for Foden. And then pray Luke Shaw gets fit for the last game and KO's if we make it.
  11. England doing well enough so far, I'd have taken that at HT. Keep the clean sheet and the games won! The Serbs attempting to halve Bellingham whenever they can but him leaving those attempts for dead is how you should handle it. Brilliant player.
  12. Why on earth his legs collapse infront of an open goal from minimal contact I'll never know. It's an indictment of the mentality and physicality of today's game. Looked for a red, didn't get it and missed the pen. Fucking glad he did too.
  13. There's definitely been a 00's inspired stylistic choice with the kits at this tournament. Hungary's made me think so and so does this Spanish get up with the trims. I always thought kits in the 00's were universally hated. Even for us there were some ugly shirts from Diadora and Umbro.
  14. I'll let fly with an opinion I've had for awhile... Modric is the better player overall and has a bigger Madrid legacy than Zidane. Zidane wouldn't get in my top 10 oat. He was aesthetically great to watch of course but I find it baffling that people think he's one of the greatest to do it. I'll go one further and say Del Piero had the better year in '98 when he won the Balon D'Or too. Feel free to slaughter me.
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