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  1. If your are going to make a comparison then at least do it properly and don't pick one age group to suit your argument. Rangers best age groups are U17 & U18 and we are on a par with Celtic at these ages and games would be close. 6 to 2 isn't really a true reflection as two of Celtic's players from this age group are in the U19's squad, playing a year up. The 17's squad is announced also and the stats are 7 to 3 the other way. A proper picture is when you look at the latest squads selected from U16's through to U21's. Rangers have had 13 selected, an average of 2.6 per squad. Celtic have had 28 an average of 5.6 per squad. Another damning stat is that there have been 12 players selected who were previously at Rangers. So an average 2.4 either released or bought by another club. We got fees for Rhys McCabe, Dylan McGeough and Joe Thompson, the others were released. A bit about each player, Fraser I'm sure you all know Blair Currie - Pretty sure he is an 1994 so a year older, been at Rangers since a young age, Played a few 1st team games for Hamilton when on loan last season. Contact up at the end of the season, heard recently its not getting renewed. Stuart Urquhart - Left sided footballing centre-back who came from Hamilton Accies, occasionally features in midfield. Was injured at the start of the season since coming back has got quite a few reserve games. Andy Murdoch - Been at Rangers quite a few years and captained various age groups, anchorman in midfield and occasionaly played a right back. Darren Ramsay - Another who has been at the club since a young age, played centre back at younger age groups. Now a fixture in midfield and an all round midfielder. Charlie Telfer - Been at Rangers eight years since coming through the Rangers soccer schools, a skillful creative midfielder who can see a pass. Highly rated by Mark Wotte. I believe his contract is up at the end of the season.
  2. I wasn't at the game but Youths drew 2-2 with Dunfermline in their latest bounce game Blair Currie (Liam Kelly), Craig Halkett (Kris Gibson), Jordan Wilson, Luca Gasparotto, Trialist, Stuart Urquhart, Travis Gregory, Andy Murdoch, Jamie Burrows (Sergey Kundik), Charlie Telfer, Matty Clarke. 2-0 with twelve minutes to go with goals from Jamie Burrows and Matty Clarke. Swapped keepers and decided to move Gasparotto into midfield and Urquhart to centre-back, within 5 minutes it was 2-2 and then they swapped back.
  3. A bit of positive late news Rangers Will play in Reserve League Cup. This wasn't on the SFL website a couple of days ago. Time will tell if the 18-20 age group will get much game time in this competition. Fixtures not on the Rangers website yet. RESERVE LEAGUE CUP - SEASON 2012/13 Fixtures will start week commencing Monday, 11th February, 2013. East Section – This section will consist of five clubs each playing their respective opponents twice, (giving each club a total of eight matches), resulting in each club having two free weeks. Thereafter, the top two clubs in this section will proceed to the Semi-Finals which will be played over one leg with the winner of each Semi-Final tie contesting the Final, again over one leg. West Section - This section will consist of eight clubs each playing their respective opponents once, (giving each club a total of seven matches). Thereafter, the top two clubs in this section will proceed to the Semi-Finals which will be played over one leg with the winner of each Semi-Final tie contesting the Final, again over one leg. Semi-Finals Winner of East Section v Runner-up of West Section Winner of West Section v Runner-up of East Section These matches are scheduled to take place w/c Monday, 22nd April, 2013. Final – This match is scheduled to take place on Monday, 29th April, 2013 and the Draw to determine the home club will be made in due course. EAST SECTION Cowdenbeath East Fife Livingston Raith Rovers Stenhousemuir WEST SECTION Airdrie United Annan Athletic Ayr United Morton Partick Thistle Queen of the South Queen's Park Rangers There was an SFL under 19 league, Rangers didn't enter it. Like the Reserve League it consisted og 14 teams playing each other once. Queen's Park won it with only Airdrie providing a challenge, Livingston who have been decent at this level in recent years didn't enter either. Overall standard wouldn't have been great but we could have fielded a younger team U18 for example. There is an SFL U19 League Cup which starts soon, we didn't enter that either.It has a similar format to the Reserve League Cup. Hamilton Accies have entered and they should be one of the favourites with QP & Airdrie.
  4. As I said on a previous post the club have said nothing on this. I also said if we were denied entry I am sure Charles Green would have made sure it was public knowledge. The decision would have been from the top I'm sure.
  5. Not the only one and just heard Matty Clarke's request to be released has been granted.
  6. Rangers have said nothing on the subject, so what makes you think they would make me a special case and tell me ? People in football, at other clubs have told me Rangers declined. I am pretty sure if Rangers were in anyway blocked from entering this competition Mr Green would have made sure everyone got to know about it. Not that dark ? Really ? Is one season where players are not getting the game time to develop not dark enough ? I can assure you that a significant number of parents of this group and the groups following see things as pretty dark at the moment. From your comments it pretty clear you don't really get to see the youth teams much, take a visit to Murray Park, watch and listen to what's going on you may get a shock.
  7. A concern about our players in the 17-19 age bracket http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2013/02/04/game-time-player-development/
  8. Report on this morning's U14 game at Murray Park http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2013/02/02/14s-see-off-accies/
  9. I think the only other out on loan is Kyle McAusland at Ayr United
  10. Callum has move to Alloa on loan till the end of the season, Paul Hartley was raving about him after his first game.
  11. Report on tonight's U16 game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/16s-edge-out-hibsm/
  12. Just taking the four players Montrose have on loan John Gibson, Ricky McIntosh, Leighton McIntosh and Martin Boyle all have less experience than any of the Rangers lineup. None of then have played in a youth International never mind an U21 International, unlike most of the Rangers team. I'm well aware we have a few successes in the past which are now irrelevant, its what happens now and in the future that matters. Rangers beat Hearts 3-2 in a friendly at Murray Park today with goals from Charlie Telfer (Pen), Travis Gregory and Tom Walsh. I don't know the lineups it was listed as U18, Travis Gregory is either a 1993 or 1994 which makes him a year or two older.
  13. It seems some are misunderstanding the point I am trying to make, I am not saying we should have more young players in the team. What I am saying is that it shouldn't be used as an excuse. We may have a young team in term of Rangers, but not compared to quite a few other clubs all playing in a higher division.
  14. First of all let me say that having watched the youth teams on a regular basis nobody enjoys seeing a youngster progress to the first team more than me. A couple have done really well this season and the others have let nobody down and done okay. The facts are we are in 3rd division and if we couldn't promote a few youngsters then we really would be in a bad way. There seems to be a perception that we have a very young team playing against lower league journeymen, if you actually look at the facts you will find this isn't the case. Our starting lineup on Saturday had an average age of 24.9 with one teenager in Lewis McLeod, our opponents Montrose average was 23.2 and they included three 19 years olds, Ricky McIntosh (on loan from St.Johnstone), Leighton McIntosh and Martin Boyle (both on loan from Dundee). With most teams in this division having loan players teenagers in the opposition is not unusual, even Queen's Park started with a 17 and 18 year old in our recent meeting. On Saturday Hearts reached the League Cup final with four 19 year olds in their starting line up, Fraser Mullen, Jamie Walker, Callum Tapping and Jason Holt, another 19 year old Kevin McHattie has been playing for their first team on a regular basis. An indication of where our young players are with Hearts can be seen in the last four youth league results. 5th Nov 2011 Hearts 4 Rangers 3 27th Aug 2011 Rangers 0 Hearts 2 22nd April 2011 Hearts 1 Rangers 0 1st April 2011 Rangers 1 Hearts 4 You have to go back to 14th February 2010 when goals from Kane Hemmings and Kmail Wiktorski gave Rangers a 2-0 in a youth cup tie. There can be three reasons for this, Hearts had/have a better group of players, they were coached better or a combination of the two. Its probably a combination of the two with a bit of emphasis on the middle one.
  15. Report on today's games at Murray Park http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/youth-updateu/
  16. amms With the exception of a couple every player you mention was recruited by the previous youth setup and before the "give me an athlete and I'll make him a player" ethos of the current regime. der berliner I agree we are in the 3rd divison and don't have a great record on youth development, so we should just accept that and give up ? We could certainly do it a lot cheaper then, the current full time coaches and scouts at youth level are costing around 400k a year, a lot of money for a third division club. Its a fact of life that all decent players will eventually move to England, but the number that move directly to an English club is minimal. Players can only sign for English clubs once they are 16, those that have come through Scottish clubs systems and chosen to go to England are few and far between probably less than 1 each year, I can only think of Islam Feruz, Darren Ferguson, Danny Galbraith and David Gray in recent years. The last Rangers player to come through the youth setup and sign for an English club rather than Rangers was Brian Hodge who signed for Blackburn and is now at Stenhousemuir, The compensation rules between Scotland and England have changed since then and English clubs would have to pay a significant fee for a 16 year old that has been in the system since the age of 11. Rangers should be the first choice for the majority of youngsters in Scotland whether we are in the third division or not. We still have the best facilities and should be getting better value on the money we spend at this level.
  17. I just thought it was an interesting article and we should be taking on board anything that appears to work. I am sure we can learn something from them and others that work on a different scale, such as Falkirk, Hamilton, Crewe etc. I do realise Messi was scouted and bought for a fee. Our current regime has scouted and bought 19 players from other Scottish clubs, only 4 have made it to pro youth contracts (5 if you include Danny Stoney who was released then bought back). Two are still at the club and may or may not get a contract, the other 12 were released without getting a pro contract. The latest two only lasted 12 months at the club. I realise its not an exact science but 4 from 17 is not good figures, remember this is not players progressing to the first team but players progressing to their first pro contract. Just read today the Hamilton's Gary Fraser looks likely to get a move to Bolton, he was released by Rangers joined Celtic before being released by them too.
  18. Three points stick out for me How important are the results? A lot. Pep Guardiola says that you cannot separate training and competition. You aren't there not to lose: you are there to win. Winning or losing is part of the comprehensive education and the club looks to win always, but through a set way to play. In this they are ruthless: you have to do everything possible to win, but with an undisputed way of play. How are the players chosen? What skills do you want? Technique, tactical intelligence and mental speed. These three traits are the ones that matter. Players with very good technique, who are able to understand the game (not just play, but also understand it) and speed of mind. Is physical strength and height given much importance? None. Barca does not care about the size of the player. The three parameters I mentioned are the only ones that matter. Not even if you stand out during a tournament. Indeed, Barcelona often signe kids that have gone unnoticed in a tournament, but have those three potential features. I wonder how this fits in with Sinky's philosophy. http://www.blueprintforfootball.com/2012/04/inside-footballs-talent-factory.html?m=1
  19. Standard and style of play are right through the club until you get to U13's, but Sinky will soon change them too.
  20. Look like Rangers could be going to The Foyle cup in July. The report suggests at U15 level, not sure of the standard at this tournament, but the 15's who lost 2-1 to Falkirk at the weekend are not our best age group. http://www.derryjournal.com/sport/football/rangers-to-debut-in-2013-foyle-cup-1-4706625
  21. Report on today's 13's game at Murray Park http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/13s-hit-double-figures/
  22. It will get played, the other outstanding game against QOTS is scheduled for next Tuesday at Palmerston KO 7.30
  23. I have always said we have a good batch of 1995 & 1996's. The problems are 1997's to 1999's where the overall standard is not so good. The big problem for these players is competitive games if they are not U17 (1996) or in the first team they don't have any competitive games to play in, how does that help their development ? Charlie Telfer(1995) has been at Rangers eight years, he is a skillful, creative midfielder. Best central or behind the main striker, tends to be shunted to wide right, but better central. Darren Ramsay (1995) also been a Rangers since a young age, an all round midfielder and probably next in line for a midfield place. Ryan Sinnamon (1996) another who has been at the club a long time, right-back and if I had to pick one to for the future it would be him. At 16 this season may be just a bit early. Danny Stoney (1996) I believe Danny was at Rangers then was released and was resigned a year later, best position is just behind the main striker but can play as the main striker too. Greg Pascazio (1996) A rare success among Sinky's purchases ( at least 11 have been bought then released before securing a youth contract). Centre back Greg joined from Stirling Albion and the progress he has made has been astounding, this season may be just to early for him. Luca Gasparotto (1995) Luca has been exceptional since joining Rangers from Canada, he has already captained the reserves. At the head of the queue should a centre back chance arise. Lack of competitive games and the recent "closed door" policy makes it difficult even for their parents to track their progress.
  24. Report on today's U13 tournament at Stenhousemuir http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2013/01/13/13s-at-stenhousemuir-tournament/
  25. At the time Rangers couldn't afford it. It now been over taken bu UEFA, the 32 qualifiers for next season's CL will be invited to take part in a parallel youth tournament. http://www.uefa.com/uefa/mediaservices/mediareleases/newsid=1905480.html
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